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Nao Minami

A half body sprite of Nao in the Collar x Malice art style.
A two frame animated chibi head of Nao, alternating between a neutral expression and a flustered blush. they/them | 25 | Collar x Malice

TLDR: My coffee addict kuudere fan character for the otome VN Collar x Malice.
(Shipped with Takeru Sasazuka.)


Ex-office worker turned part-time private investigator based in Tokyo. Nao got severely burnt out of their corporate job a year or so ago, called it quits, and picked up freelancing. When they aren’t researching a case, they are holed up in a coffee shop trying to meet writing deadlines.

Nao is a stick in the mud, fun to pick on, and in a word: KUUDERE. They are a quiet observer who prefers to blend into the background, but don't want to be left out of group activities. :( Their chaotic bestie and fellow investigator, Celes, does a fantastic job of dragging them both head first into trouble.

Usually has a cafe drink in hand. Probably iced coffee. Will cry a bit if you treat them to lunch because they are bad at remembering meals.

Nao collaborates often with Aiji Yanagi’s detective agency and enjoys picking fights / trading verbal jabs with Takeru Sasazuka.


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Character relationships (click to expand):

Takeru Sasazuka Celes (Accelera) Ren Cy Enji

Event CG or something

A visual novel CG style illustration of Takeru and Nao sitting shoulder to shoulder, conspiring together. Takeru has a serious expression while Nao has a smug smile.

Tokyo Apartment Life

A detailed illustration of Nao’s studio apartment. It feels a bit cluttered but cozy.


Ref sheet & outfit variations

A reference sheet of Nao’s design, with two front and back full illustrations, a headshot in profile, and a second headshot with their typical smirking expression.
A sketch of two alternate streetwear outfits.
An illustration of two street fashion alternate outfits featuring crop tops in two flavors - techwear and casual gothic.

Sketches & with my other OCs

A monochrome sketch of Nao with an angry expression.
A doodle of Nao in a casual outfit with a surprised expression an the text 'Uh. What.'
An illustration of Nao and Enji in casual outfits, looking at their phones in disappointment.
An illustration of Nao and Celes hanging out with cafe beverages.

Canon x OC interactions / doodles exlaimation bubble

A colored sketch of Takeru leaning over Nao’s shoulder, trying to grab the phone they are holding. Takeru has an unamused expression, after seeing Nao’s ordered him an extremely bad custom matcha drink.
A colored sketch of an annoyed Nao grabbing a smug Takeru by the front of his shirt. The text above Nao reads ‘wtf??’ and Takeru goes ‘lol’
A WIP painting of Takeru and Nao sitting at a diner style restaurant. Nao has an incredulous look as Takeru sips at an over the top donut milkshake he ordered.
A sketch doodle of an enthusiastic chibi Nao and a nonchalant Takeru. The text above Nao says ‘yes yes, we are boyfriends now’. The text by Takeru says ‘sure’.

Commissioned Art

Self indulgent canon x OC!! exlaimation bubble

A half body illustration of Nao and Takeru scheming together.

Commissioned artwork by Silkirose @ tumblr!

A half body illustration of Nao asleep at the office couch and leaning on Takeru’s shoulder. Takeru gestures to be quiet.

Commissioned artwork by Meikkochi.art @ instagram!

A chibi Nao face.

Commissioned artwork by Babyduckenema @ instagram!

Gifted Art

Art from others!! heart icon

A painted illustration of Nao with wind wispy hair.

Art fight 2021 attack from SplepyTwo!

An illustration of Nao with a pensive expression.

Art fight 2021 attack from Archituck!

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