A full illustration of Enji that mimics the Promare official art style.
aka NG ("yeah, it stands for No Good lmao")
mid 20s | they/them | Promare

TLDR: Hi, it's my Burnish-sona :')


Outwardly calm. Internally overthinking. Permanently in a "waiting for that last coffee to kick in" exhausted state. Previously an office worker, Enji's burnish powers awoke from VFX OT hell. Their bike/armor goes by the name Santa Monica.


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Character relationships (aka exhausted day job worker club):

Nao Minami Cy


Ref sheet & artwork

A reference sheet of Enji’s design, including 3 different expressions.
A painterly style sketch of Enji with a tired expression, arms crossed and leaning on a table in a dimly lit room.
An anime cel shaded portrait of Enji with a serious expression.

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