A sketched illustration of Ren, sitting on the ground.
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TLDR: My VK guitarist son.


The lead guitarist of visual kei band Resonance Dissonance. He's usually the quiet and calculating brains of the group, but his natural charisma shines when he takes the stage. Wears a lot of ouji-style fashion.

In real life, he’s the very reliable but high-stress workaholic friend. He typically holds all the braincells of the group, but everyone else has to routinely remind him to eat properly, get actual sleep, and not keel over from exhaustion before their next show.

Design Notes

Ren's look is inspired by Gou from Megamasso's White White era. :p
An animated gif of Gou from the visual kei band Megamasso.


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Character relationships:

Nao Minami Celes (AU) Kanon Lilianna



A sketched character design lineup of the members of the band Resonance Dissonance
A half body illustration of Ren in his usual visual kei outfit.
A sketched drawing of Ren in casual clothes and a tired expression.

Gifted Art

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A digital illustration of Ren against an abstract zipper pattern background.

Art fight 2021 attack from Fleuri!

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