Portrait of Accelera, crouched and observing something in the distance. A wry smile is on her lips.
chibi Accelera face with smug expression aka Cel/Celes
she/her | 19 | original / Tales of the Abyss

TLDR: My favorite awful edgelord daughter and one of my oldest, dearest OCs


A smug information trader who has a track record of stirring up trouble. Very lively and charismatic company. She can easily talk your ear off while extracting the info she needs right under your nose. She’s calculating and meticulous with her work, but her pride and know-it-all attitude often give way to recklessness.

When she does end up in a sticky situation, she has a few ice and wind-based magic artes up her sleeve to make a quick escape. Her fighting style relies on catching her opponents off guard, and she’d rather talk herself out of a situation instead. Her teammates have gotten used to bailing her out of ugly fights.

She is absolutely the type of friend to bribe you with your favorite food whenever she wants to hang out. It’s almost an even trade-off for having to deal with her teasing and antics.

Design Notes

Her main design sheet is loosely based off of the Tales of series by Namco Bandai. (Tales of the Abyss primarily, where she’ll find any excuse to ditch her archivist duties in Daath.)


Her modern AU version goes by Celes. She un-ironically loves expired meme formats and provoking people with crusty 2000s emoticons. She’s somehow besties with my other OC Nao Minami.


Art Fight page | playlist...?

Character relationships (AU version):

Nao Minami Ren Cy

Tales of Style Mystic Arte Cut-in

Anime-styled “cut-in” attack illustration of Accelera ready to deliver a finishing blow, surrounded by flecks of suspended blue energy.


Ref sheet & original artwork

Full body character reference sheet with three different rpg styled outfit variations.
Accelera charges up an ice spell with blue energy glowing from a circle at her feet.
Accelera in an older design, crouched near the ground, waiting impatiently.

AU artwork

Alternate universe variation in all black techwear.
Alternate universe casual outfit.
Alternate universe illustration of Celes and Nao hanging out, each with a different coffee drink.

Old AU sprites

Half body animated visual novel sprite. Celes smiles and grins. A second animated sprite. Celes looks around with a neutral expression. A third animated sprite. Celes frowns and scowls.

Gifted Art

Art from others!! heart icon

Portrait of Celes in her casual AU design.

Art fight 2021 attack from Amarithecat!

Cropped illustration of Accelera, chatting with two other Tales of Series OCs at a tavern.

Art fight 2021 Tales of mass attack from ColorSpectrum!

Portrait of Accelera in her usual outfit.

Art fight 2021 attack from Kazuha/Marumori!

Portrait of Accelera in her casual AU design.

Art fight 2021 attack from Yyuuraii!

Full body illustration of Accelera casting an ice spell to make a quick escape.

Art fight 2021 attack from McJusti!

Half body illustration of Celes in one of her AU designs.

Gift art from Linkakami @ twitter!

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