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Cyrille Thayden

A half body portrait of Cy who wears a simple dark short-sleeved layered outfit and a smirk on their lips.
A two frame animated chibi face of Cy, alternating between neutral and unamused expressions. aka Cy or Cyan
they/any | 22 | Cupid Parasite

TLDR: My deadpan goth fashion blogger/designer who suffers in the Sillywood industry of Los York.
(Shipped with Ryuki F. Keisaiin)


A fashion blogger, indie designer, and a completely average human amongst the mythological shenanigans of Cupid Parasite.

Cy works as a nail tech/makeup artist by day in one of the trendiest salons on 7th Avenue in Los York. With a hectic schedule including working at fashion shoots and Cupid Corporation events, they’ve had to put their own indie fashion label on hiatus. They have a calm, cool, professional demeanor, though it often comes off as complete deadpan.

On the rare occasion they have a day off, they enjoy catching up and talking shop with Ryuki F. Keisaiin, their fellow industry colleague and frequent collaborator. Cy takes their nickname of “#19b5a1” in stride, but maybe one day “Cy” will stick in Ryuki's brain. (They attended the same fashion college at some point, but Ryuki has absolutely no recollection of them from that time ofc.)


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Ryuki F. Keisaiin Lynette Mirror Celes Nao Enji

Event CG or something

A visual novel CG style illustration of Ryuki and Cy discussing several pages of fashion designs that are spread across a table.


Ref Sheet

A profile page of Cy in the style of Cupid Parsite’s official guidebook. Included is a game-style sprite and three expression sketches.
Two full body illustrations of Cy’s typical outfits. They typically wear gothic fashion in all black with some silver toned accessories.

Sketches & with my other OCs

A headshot sketch of Cy and Nao discussing something in secret. A painted portrait of Cy with slightly shorter hair, hair clips, and a dark cold shoulder sweater.

Old Expression Sheet

An old expression sheet of Cy in a semi-painted sketch style.

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