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Player | Ange
Joined | 2022.10.26
Status | active ()
Level | Water
Cards | 11301

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Current (#86): 6/20
Completed Turned in: 85/85
Recycled Art: Sundays

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2023.04.18 - Pending trade with Trina:

2023.01.23 - Gift on hold for Will / fruitscones:

2022.12.28 - On hold for Riku's Favors 27:

2023.04.16 - On hold for Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 243:

2023.04.30 - On hold for April POG:

On hold for Riku's Favors / Swap Station:

2023.05.06 - Pending Recycled Art claim (40): alone08, androphilia18, commandteam14, eyepatch18, fists04, fists13, fortunes04, fortunes06, gunman01, gunman12, javelin14, lhantmanor17, lhantmanor18, mafioso01, mafioso02, mafioso04, mafioso05, mafioso09, mafioso10, mafioso14, mafioso16, mafioso18, masochist09, masochist16, morning19, noona19, notlost03, notlost06, notlost14, notlost19, trapnest01, tristan08, homeworld03, homeworld09, homeworld12, yourbook04, yourbook10, yourbook13, yourbook15, yourbook17

2023.05.14 - Pending Recycled Art claim (40): outstripped01, outstripped13, outstripped16, outstripped18, revolt01, revolt03, revolt07, revolt08, revolt09, revolt11, revolt13, revolt16, revolt17, revolt18, revolt19, search02, shikinjou01, skill07, thiers20, fivedays12, fivedays13, fivedays16, yourbook10, yourbook18, yourbook20, thieves10, thieves13, older02, older03, older04, older06, older08, older11, older12, older16, older17, older20, younger01, younger05, younger20

2023.05.21 - Pending Recycled Art claim (40): baumkuchen04, baumkuchen07, baumkuchen14, baumkuchen19, idols02, idols04, idols09, idols10, astronomy03, astronomy04, astronomy06, astronomy07, astronomy15, aggressive06, aggressive13, aggressive16, aggressive17, aggressive20, agnosia03, agnosia18, animation19, animation20, antoinette02, antoinette03, antoinette04, antoinette05, antoinette06, antoinette08, antoinette09, antoinette10, antoinette11, antoinette12, antoinette13, antoinette14, antoinette15, antoinette18, antoinette19, antoinette20, arphage01, arphage02

2023.05.28 - Pending Recycled Art claim (40): failure02, failure10, failure14, failure16, failure19, idols10, scarring08, scarring20, social07, rafflesia05, rafflesia09, rody08, rody09, rody10, rody11, rody12, rody16, salvage01, salvage03, salvage11, salvage19, shoeless17, swordsman03, swordsman08, swordsman12, swordsman16, gentletype01, gentletype02, gentletype04, gentletype06, gentletype07, gentletype08, gentletype09, gentletype14, gentletype15, gentletype16, gentletype17, gentletype18, gentletype19, gentletype20

2023.05.28 - (+13, =11301) Mastery Chain for Holy Love (FM), Fantan (FM), and Lycoris. Received: lycoris17, lycoris19, peregrinus07, iinchou15, shinma02, attendant11, vermouth09, greatchief19, cheri04, 1 green crayon, 2 purple crayons. Additional choice card coupon (use #5 of 5): lycoris20.

2023.05.28 - (+13, =11291) Received from Little Spell Academia 263: holylove18, viatrix01, fantan14, lycoris08, fantan15, holylove19, lycoris10, deadmans02, lycoris14, fantan17, fantan20, lycoris16, holylove20.

2023.05.28 - (-3, =11278) Exchanged in Riku's Favors 46: ectoplasm05, ectoplasm13, likeapanda02, nemesis03, withwind04, withwind18. Received: fantan13, holylove12, holylove16.

2023.05.28 - Exchanged in Natsume's Book of Cards 142: hookshot06, hookshot17, kakusei01, kakusei16, kakusei17. Received: debut01, debut02, ecchan03, ecchan05, ecchan06.

2023.05.28 - Received from Coloring Book 302: 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon

2023.05.28 - (+30, =11281) Received from Puzzle Chains 261: kiev17, destreza17, hypnosis14, madprince04, enigmas10, familiar04, melnics11, submit10, ctarl01, dummy04, elucidator02, ultimate03, viy15, vagabond12, firstaider03, qualia20, nes08, shizugatake03, usss07, foundation09, veneer17, murderhotel08, hesitation05, firefist11, musicbox07, egystagram14, anterograde11, chelidon20, compy18, gremlin10, 1 orange crayon.

2023.05.28 - (+8, =11251) Donated to Silly Blanks 163: insect10, begging02. Received: djinn01, alice01, coo05, alltrades13, enmity11, trygle15, entropy15, dwn-04418, xxxx03, fd3s06.

2023.05.28 - (+16, =11243) Received from Go Fish! 360 - Special Round: edits13, backdraft07, loyalblade17, absent07, telepathic10, stickfigures04, odachi20, sniperpride09, poland09, machina04, stitching08, doubles06, ghostgirl18, haven06, griffolyon07, theod20, 1 green crayon, 1 brown crayon.

2023.05.28 - (+38, =11227) Turned in 19 sketchpads at the Art Shop and received: puppeteer11, bluedot16, saiko03, racerx20, gasmask20, proven20, mypleasure03, theguard11, prickly07, moe06, arsla14, cheri04, predict08, snobbish07, houdai08, pitviper20, aware16, rewrite20, suihakkei08, totem-sama15, incapable02, loveberry14, thisisit05, windward15, deathgod10, al-thamen02, boundary10, whiteeyes14, newgen11, hairclip16, dum05, sparkball17, zanbatou05, confined02, succession16, vagrant10, circle17, cureetoile15, 1 red crayon, 2 orange crayons, 4 yellow crayons, 5 green crayons, 2 blue crayons, 3 purple crayons, 2 brown crayons

2023.05.28 - (+25, =11189) Received from pick a color 236: forgiveness11, humandrug16, kararagi12, garland03, radio06, beatcall19, 100thestate02, speedstar18, scold11, petite12, rental13, healspirits10, sakurafubuki17, dynamaxband07, bass12, betray17, hacker03, redcandles07, silentboy10, ticktock17, machinery19, rallyingcry18, marine10, bojutsu16, snowfield11.

2023.05.28 - Exchanged in Swap Station 209: bloodbank01, blooddevil03, haymaker02, holylove03. Received: bloodbank20, blooddevil11, haymaker06, holylove13.

2023.05.28 - (+32, =11164) Donated to Coloring Book 303: blue crayon x1, gray craon x1. Received: onpu03, doloris18, ragingwave15, shishou02, stonebody01, stonefree08, resonance09, dwn-01020, pointguard06, computerlit05, pharmacy20, computerlit11, wonderofu09, happyend15, pfpth11, unnamed05, whatapain04, chibidragon20, lollipops12, speaker06, silentboy19, deron18, doha05, tartar03, zumama19, multilayered11, entangled11, sanpaku19, piccolo20, zaiwei15, level111, kapow06.

2023.05.28 - (+28, =11132) Donated to Stamp Card 043:
chu202, swordplay04. Received: kazoku14, mischievous16, ribblades10, ayingott20, skywalk05, fortunes07, godswill20, lucille15, innocent16, bow13. Received as game completion bonus: onihime11, photos19, devout04, lipreading14, newrecruit05, sox16, windworks09, catlover10, croquettes18, scar06, roadside14, eggs11, adrestia13, vacuum11, jetstream16, inkblast05, snowdrop02, theend15, bears08, benishigure20, 1 blue crayon, 2 purple crayons

2023.05.28 - (+5, =11104) Received from Most Wanted 66: loops05, 5minutes18, spoons16, uzumaki20, irontiger06

2023.05.28 - (+9, =11099) Donated to Crazy Colors 239: valentines11. Received: futureeve10, analog10, gourmand13, disaresta04, dqo08, homicidal16, royalty16, carrot16, amphilyon08, stillalive15.

2023.05.24 - (+3, =11090) Mastered Briar Valley (FM) and received: holylove11, aquacrew04, familiars15, 1 brown crayon.

2023.05.24 - (+13, =11087) Exchanged at the Art Shop: purple crayon x 13. Received: briarvalley08, briarvalley09, briarvalley10, briarvalley11, briarvalley12, briarvalley13, briarvalley14, briarvalley15, briarvalley16, briarvalley17, briarvalley18, briarvalley19, briarvalley20

2023.05.24 - (+25, =11074) Leveled up from Mercury to Water and received: briarvalley02, briarvalley03, briarvalley04, briarvalley06, briarvalley07, lyfjaberg11, alive14, indecisive08, accountant17, reserve10, mononoke20, wushu10, officelady12, blacklynx14, kon19, goals07, fellpool06, movement08, bounce10, patch16, thread04, rental05, amour01, tart18, enamored20, 2 orange crayons, 2 green crayons, 1 brown crayon

2023.05.24 - (+14, =11049) Received from Release 157 - May part1: nodamage01, mantichora01, paradisaea01, rtawahist01, yuegui01, mistpillar01, b-komachi01, briarvalley01, diasomnia01, moontourism01, 10s16, sig_ange, paradisaea05, briarvalley05

2023.05.21 - (+10, =11035) Received from Little Spell Academia 262: peregrinus01, peregrinus02, holylove08, fabulae01, holylove09, peregrinus03, peregrinus04, peregrinus05, holylove10, peregrinus06

2023.05.21 - Exchanged in Natsume's Book of Cards 141: enigmatic09, enigmatic19, sirix04, sirix06, siva11. Received: mars01, mars02, madamered01, madamered02, sayo01

2023.05.21 - (+30, =11025) Donated to Release Roulette 005: dln-00607, dwn-01817, dwn-02005, dwn-02109, dwn-02212, dwn-03320, dwn-03404, dwn-04015, dwn-04211, dwn-04315. Received: glomp04, samurai11, icequeen13, monkey01, 66713, gretel19, barcode20, mercenary06, barcode13, wakening18, delusions20, summoner14, shy07, 098803, latvia13, ladyluck20, mop17, valentines11, ring08, blackbird02, ore-sama15, frog09, desserts13, pyrokinesis04, submissive09, platinum16, summoner20, viola01, mobile17, vodka19, blackrose17, peacock04, takatomon16, submissive12, sweets15, jealous19, magician03, blank05, blackbird02, samurai08.

2023.05.21 - (+12, =10995) Received from Hi-5 Radio 201: famicom03, admiral01, pheromones17, spiritual20, synthesizer19, lovermode11, spot12, barrels17, conman13, detached01, threetails08, narcissist05

2023.05.21 - (+24, =10983) Received from Lady Luck Slots 105: banjul08, natureesp19, jkd18, trumpet14, slumberland09, vaccaria12, lifeenergy01, insect10, unrequited19, bucket06, hirazen14, 3moles20, herbs16, beaker20, analyzedata15, isopod18, domineering08, leeks14, dwn-04204, thatched07, nevassa10, harvest08, patience07, zelda07, 2 green crayons

2023.05.21 - (+190, =10959) Received from Seiyuu Guess 600 - Jumbo Round!: chu202, hougu17, phagocyte08, dreams18, mjolnir06, respected14, worry20, futuresight02, juuhachi-ban01, dagger16, greenday07, hell13, isolation17, dwn-01707, musselback03, traverse15, unpopular11, names01, ise18, deckbuilder09, maddog03, bigbear01, uchuu14, paint08, conventional18, mutterings10, bigsis18, danderes19, anima16, highentia05, unmarked01, ousaka12, libido11, submarine14, thorn04, anxiouswhite14, chronicle08, lure17, gifted03, mameshiba09, chuunibyou06, dreadnought12, wanted01, saddawn03, gentletype05, pact05, gemknight18, countzero11, newstar08, pharaoh16, walking13, mist15, revolution03, shibainu18, bugs12, biracial04, godforce12, idea16, mahapralaya06, nadeshiko07, cross05, tragedies20, netop05, wildkat08, silicate15, ageha09, temperance19, regenerate06, nosebleeds10, horseriding01, foster09, introvert15, horror14, slob04, videogame09, touou12, mma18, blueangel17, hocchan02, unobtrusive10, winter20, bluering06, deadface15, ganbaruby14, boxer13, beatboxing06, wolborg07, forgive09, tsuntsun14, gravityflip18, monomane20, avalken13, 80pitches16, freespirited05, captain14, asobot07, rallyingcry09, maestro02, barielle13, meganes06, puku19, sakurafubuki10, mermaid04, soul-getter01, roommate04, runes05, ogikubo17, idolclub17, executioner15, zura14, kakaka04, kleio20, phoebus20, mental17, descended11, foxmask02, marketing17, fugit20, lonetiger07, failure04, busty19, sociopathic05, lady02, letranger01, dwn-03418, banana09, analytical01, wamaid02, zanei01, harvard01, evasive05, cucumber05, potatopie09, serenes01, mermaid01, bitterherbs03, hundred03, wolborg03, portalstone06, laurentina02, stranger18, unwritten04, consultation09, tuxedo13, bakedapples18, setz07, dwn-03911, yewfelle16, peachpie18, finalboss10, oranges19, reflex11, baxia13, heartstring09, rakuen17, forest15, shinai10, disharmony18, suzunari16, inadequate14, wild06, customer08, fractale13, telophoroi11, cerberus05, breathefire15, paperwork10, bossy16, mediator19, inventor03, mateba17, childish11, roof16, fanclub05, hachitendou08, zafkiel19, oshi-san16, collections03, leominor04, candy05, forazsaiqa14, drillspear15, countering20, hitsuzen10, innovative03, 89th02, switzerland08, tennis17, selfish11, hello20, 2 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 2 yellow crayons, 2 green crayons, 2 blue crayons, 2 purple crayons, 2 brown crayons, 2 gray crayons

2023.05.21 - Traded with Wyatt: class13, dreamsend08, gaiseric08, hereditary17, iithfleet12, iithfleet14, jockey05, kindness02, knife-throw08, mainstream15, pisky05, raider04, slaughter18, splat04, splat16, stickynotes12, thefool02, theod05, vice02, vice09, vice12. Received: aloupeeps01, angelpowder07, archaeology07, blueeyes10, chosenhero12, detect02, dogtags05, donutpond10, eggshells02, eros10, maintenance10, oar09, prettygirls20, quick19, sagitta10, shikinjou10, skullstomp06, sullen14, synchronize17, uranohoshi09, uranohoshi10.

2023.05.21 - (+8, =10769) Donated to Silly Blanks 162: dull01, forks15. Received: fugaku09, gizoid06, paggy13, obnoxious05, cruel20, ironheart07, loner11, shadowless14, badfuture19, masamune18.

2023.05.21 - (+7, =10761) Received from Go Fish! 359: lend07, scarydriver01, design01, liger15, grannvale09, redbean05, worrier07, 1 yellow crayon

2023.05.21 - (+10, =10754) Received from Stamp Card 042: overload19, purplehaze14, cola12, sailor12, byhook01, rody13, glintarmor07, drossel02, miroku19, haymaker02.

2023.05.21 - (+7, =10744) Received from Host Club Giveaway 237: quilt15, chef10, scientific13, krik19, 3-e02, thepawn12, brassband18.

2023.05.21 - (+7, =10737) Donated to Coloring Book 302: distance20. Received: sweetfood15, presidente14, achoo20, porcupine15, pantsed04, nso07, spearfishing11, hecate18.

2023.05.21 - (+8, =10730) Donated to Stamp Card 042: railgun05, species10. Received: allnight01, meek20, snapshot07, netsafety10, crt10, sweat10, nenthreads16, atelier01, sphinx107, jikochuu13.

2023.05.21 - (+5, =10722) Received from Most Wanted 65: ascension09, kotobukiya17, demikids03, prolongation15, winds12

2023.05.21 - (+15, =10717) Received from Pokeradar 320 - Special Round: gergo16, sigmund20, sheep09, littlebird13, upbeat05, arborea02, mokuton19, jealous17, theripper17, corpse06, charmer06, strategic16, bloodelf18, voltage19, valentines19.

2023.05.21 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 214: danganbeat07, challenge12, gian04, goldking06, gentlegiant16, airhead15, bushin06, logical03, schoolnurse10. Received: hellguide07, deathangel07, visualnovel01, fimbulvetr15, yourbook06, hesitation02, hotel18, aries16, idols02.

2023.05.21 - (+18, =10702) Donated to Crazy Colors 238: appetite15, useless13. Received: flameslash15, valentines05, herooftime13, redshoes20, biblestudy18, tsunpo03, vector12, iceprince12, fighting05, curestar20, gallian16, actress09, yogsothoth13, gaedearg07, bittersweet09, bendback18, shutter14, imanity08, salieri04, boneclub05 .

2023.05.21 - (+14, =10684) Mastered (on 05.14) divinelove, likeapanda, 2-a, crossdressf. Received: likeapanda20, holylove07, acdc14, descendant04, cheerfuldays11, thekangaroo08, 1 yellow crayon, 1 purple crayon, crossdressf17, josei01, lanling01, 77716, murakumo17, unease04, gaming12, scarring15, 2 yellow crayons.

2023.05.16 - Traded with Chives: meruhen09, kirarin12, crystaltower16, foodpuns07, toilette18. Received: feral07, maschera18, nyctereutes08, phones17, ratio06.

2023.05.14 - Exchanged in Natsume's Book of Cards 140: emulate10, emulate10, emulate20, watchguard03, watchguard14. Received: fivedays01, fivedays02, fivedays03, floral01, floral02.

2023.05.14 - (+30, =10670) Received from Puzzle Chains 259: slender08, seaotter06, intimidating20, hellfire14, shadowsword07, rumors20, sororicide02, baumkuchen01, latent08, words04, esper07, victim06, mochi20, forcemetal08, sixgravity20, precision05, looking-glass10, xgp01, vegetation08, escort06, werewolf17, process19, god-striking08, curestar02, monado08, sadist12, ritsu10, thewall11, masterwolf19, troublesome14, 1 orange crayon

2023.05.14 - (+8, =10640) Donated to Silly Blanks 161: glare16, ladybug13. Received: nabata01, defends16, fragrance11, crystaltower16, starfox04, swordia12, ceruleum16, ambitious13, unkillable16, libido06.

2023.05.14 - (+7, =10632) Received from Go Fish! 358: magical03, thecow12, desudesu11, gentleman01, doubt18, mustache19, blackdirty10, 1 orange crayon

2023.05.14 - (+18, =10625) Received from Hi-5 Radio 200 - Special Round Part 2!: redcomet07, benishidare15, phoenic09, save05, dango10, kingswand19, moscow18, maxwell17, flamenpink13, tekigousha01, phonecalls15, oneshot09, kimaris02, temper17, matterwaves13, jumeau09, peacekeeper04, heartsgame15

2023.05.14 - (+30, =10607) Received from Colors Concentration 009: gouki15, meruhen10, netopia15, fantastical20, friedeggs14, postman02, canada02, lesson15, electricity17, grand04, 3moles08, producer10, running19, chameleon06, venoshock19, gatlingpin01, incantations05, summon20, offering08, katamari01, greekgod15, sakura11, honeyflash19, kamatari03, natural05, realities17, morals01, quicksilvers09, angelo14, strong18, 1 blue crayon

2023.05.14 - (+5, =10577) Received from Coloring Book 301: buxom07, revengeplan12, synchronize16, tohth10, magnetic20

2023.05.14 - (+24, =10572) Received from Lady Luck Slots 104: c-virus13, invibelle11, franchouchou04, fontech03, wind-up04, yasakani20, three13, squirrel14, kyudo09, deathangel20, robberfly07, sunshine16, mutsu10, poacher20, controlteam16, minami18, gergo02, 77718, boilerroom10, lander02, volcanologist15, gohyaku07, dark12, hari20, 1 red crayon, 1 brown crayon

2023.05.14 - Received from Colorseum 57-2: orange crayon x1, green crayon x1, purple crayon x1, brown crayon x1.

2023.05.14 - (+5, =10548) Received from Most Wanted 64: dressupdoll11, sanpaku20, kiheitai19, isopod10, pavo17.

2023.05.14 - (+10, =10543) Received from Pokeradar 319: courage13, walhalla18, incarnation14, fashionable16, shikon13, plankton01, solami08, zwei08, tengumaru10, flyinghawk11.

2023.05.14 - (+32, =10533) Donated to Coloring Book 302: gray crayon x2. Received: investigator16, bungo18, miroku02, slimes06, puzzlesp03, hotice01, marker18, words19, whiteguard01, entangled11, zumama18, multilayered01, ofruin01, typhoon13, elegant02, unite03, stfreya06, morethan10, cuter12, cognitive11, thefool09, cgi01, daggers16, cursed17, zumama02, jovial06, bustersword11, bustersword10, substitute07, einzbern09, gaebolg03, anagenesis18

2023.05.14 - (+8, =10501) Donated to Stamp Card 042: axolotl02, knotroot04. Received: tent20, stepforward03, caged15, beaker02, kirarin12, marshmallows20, causation01, hiroya08, breast09, housecat12.

2023.05.14 - (+18, =10493) Donated to Crazy Colors 237: oarfish16, seventeen02. Received: luckystars09, intern14, physical20, vuomo17, uncertain15, lenshunter18, dum13, terpsichora11, nursing01, sticks09, darkmoon14, marionettes15, ploys17, crescendo20, forkceo18, tough09, spotted10, nike09, carrier11, talk09.

2023.05.14 - (+10, =10475) Received from Little Spell Academia 261: likeapanda18, cursed04, lycoris06, divinelove11, divinelove12, divinelove13, lycoris07, divinelove14, divinelove17, divinelove18.

2023.05.10 - Traded with Tomoe: 58yearsold07, azran08, casual20, corecrystal11, eraserhead02, fodlan19, fodlan20, grandmas11, grandmas17, icyhot20, seance16, smol17, yourboy04. Received: 2-a09, abusive14, angelichowl19, bark09, bark18, bell08, bell15, blocker01, bloody08, bloody16, magic05, vampirecat10, youtuber01.

2023.05.10 - Traded with Ares: ghosthand12, lazy13, paired02, riceball06, riceball17, supreme19. Received: deadmans12, deadmans13, hell07, pavo14, ruby20, whisper06.

2023.05.10 - Traded with Kyuu: aetherial01, confessions15, droopy16, earthmagic01, moogle13, moonblast13, recitals10. Received: aphros11, calamitas01, flabellum02, jovial08, nonbinary18, viator13, victormare17.

2023.05.10 - Traded with Lenga: 92fs07, archangels04, cat03, dranzer08, galux08, kitchenknife19, kokkuri05, kokkuri16, kokkuri17, megaphone15, paired15, passes07, recordteam07, sefirot07, snakes12, sniperrifle20, trouble03, welfareteam19, wyborg14, x-iii04, x-iii12. Received: abettor01, aries17, belderiver02, belderiver13, blush16, commentator13, conman08, ecchan02, ironmouse09, ironmouse17, juniorarmy04, matoi04, netrunner08, nonbinary16, quick12, tokunaga08, tophat18, unleashed15, unleashed16, yo-yo10, yo-yo13.

2023.05.10 - Traded with Mini: highjumping15, polluted15, santamaria13, fiercemien20, petit07, shirasagi11, divinebeast15. Received: divinelove15, holylove14, 90s08, 90s16, agape02, agape14, agi15

2023.05.08 - (-1, =10465) Gifted to Ares: orpheus19

2023.05.08 - (-2, =10466) Gifted to Wyatt: artisabang01, melonpatch14.

2023.05.08 - (-1, =10468) Gifted to Lenga: kitchenknife08.

2023.05.08 - (-1, =10469) Gifted to Tomoe: gliese09.

2023.05.07 - (+120, =10470) Donated to Release Roulette 004: dwn-01301, dwn-01314, dwn-01320, dwn-01702, dwn-02405, dwn-02409, dwn-03608, dwn-03618, dwn-04418, dwn-04518. Received: barehanded07, insignia04, erase08, animator01, return04, good11, bullmask20, unemotional13, liars14, bullmask03, erase04, platitudes12, all-seeing20, yesyesyes08, insignia04, sil8013, astray03, animator05, salon11, ppse13, trident15, all-seeing08, overnight11, lalalulu19, cream06, handicraft09, staging12, tenyears09, talentscout09, aqours06, soccerclub20, animator01, ppse12, seitokai20, bullmask02, tenyears08, talentscout10, hopespeak06, staging02, forebodings10, forebodings10, chemicals14, melonpatch14, soccerclub20, forebodings12, barusu02, idolfangirl13, liars06, shingyo03, trident04, idolfangirl11, chuusen04, vice12, animator10, metatron06, crossraven01, animator15, ppse19, sil8013, vice09, superheroes15, dewicious07, diving03, all-seeing11, seitokai01, animator19, camelot18, astray12, chuusen20, introverted02, fortunelove06, danganbeat16, thousand14, fortunelove12, lugnica06, overnight17, overnight17, respirator05, hopespeak10, thousand03, yohane17, erase10, farmer06, danganbeat07, therapist08, morikawa20, liars05, good16, farmer18, housekeeper01, salon02, reinherz05, crossraven20, dewicious07, metatron04, bigdipper10, spices01, shingyo17, vice02, imposter02, astray06, erase14, miraizura03, staging16, return09, esmerelda15, liars09, overnight05, astray02, liars07, lalalulu01, tenyears06, imposter16, handicraft07, spices20, melonpatch14, cream04, thousand08, thousand19, yesyesyes19, yohane07, hopespeak17, liars15, morikawa06, soccerclub10, introverted13, metatron03, housekeeper08, ppse15, ppse02.

2023.05.07 - (+30, =10350) Received from Colors Concentration 008: firepiece17, dedicated03, crystalball06, hairloss14, mofu10, crazym18, prophet02, doggystyle05, shamanking10, cinephile04, countess09, zombie19, glomp15, ritsu12, maschera10, vengeance19, dualwield10, bouncer14, qipao18, tolagido04, narcolepsy09, beastmaster08, comrades01, psychiatrist20, aaa04, 2wink18, whitewhistle17, komachi17, greekgod16, feminist05, 1 blue crayon.

2023.05.07 - (+24, =10320) Received from Lady Luck Slots 103: woodsman08, beecontrol12, claws16, mechanic09, dynames03, attractive12, katsudon08, merchant09, loud08, enmember13, whiteeyes20, greatfox09, friends04, gone08, ohao02, eterna11, cuties05, ikebana14, phosphate18, identical10, incantations07, verbose15, ghosthand12, resentment01, 2 green crayons.

2023.05.07 - (+30, =10296) Received from Puzzle Chains 258: charao19, chibimoon10, conman09, pluses07, iai18, double18, titrel05, whitenight18, revive09, ambitions05, rightearring07, 142cm08, saurian16, meibe13, holywater15, 555504, holyknight20, kyokugenryu10, motherly11, piercings06, hat09, pc-9816, highclef04, vaccaria10, schoolgirl02, exactly14, social19, belderiver18, thiefking06, edin15, 1 green crayon.

2023.05.07 - (+2, =10266) Exchanged in Switch It Up 213: biker10, biker13. Received: gluttony13, archer16, belittled17, satchel07.

2023.05.07 - (+16, =10264) Donated to Coloring Book 301: purple crayon x1. Received: miasma14, ribs14, hatter17, innocence09, brokenfaith08, jerseys08, pyrokinesis20, samsara20, kitchenknife19, koukaotaku12, kitchenknife08, holykey01, blacksmith01, southern02, sugarheart18, injury12.

2023.05.07 - (+11, =10248) Received from Little Spell Academia 260: cursed02, divinelove02, fantan06, cursed03, divinelove05, divinelove06, fantan09, fantan12, divinelove07, divinelove08, divinelove09

2023.05.07 - Exchanged in Natsume's Book of Cards 139:

socialclub14, socialclub14. Received: blueangel01, blueangel02.

2023.05.07 - (+6, =10237) Mastered Nen Threads (FM) and K or K (FM). Received: kork20, likeapanda17, madness19, musicsense08, saluki02, finance17, 1 green crayon, 1 brown crayon.

2023.05.06 - (+17, =10231) Received from Release 156 - April: implexi01, synchronize01, inazma01, sharkdance01, jovial01, solemn01, antenna01, lulua01, canvas01, magicpaint01, purememory01, sig_ange, 90s05, kork17, kork18, likeapanda12, likeapanda16.

2023.05.06 - Received from Colorseum 57-1: red crayon x1, purple crayon x1, gray crayon x2.

2023.05.06 - (+10, =10214) Received from Stamp Card 041: caps08, frail20, tune06, pig08, seinen17, grudge13, pe12, grondement03, symphony09, valetudo05

2023.05.06 - (+15, =10204) Donated to Silly Blanks 160 - Special Round: daisy06, kicking01, ugly02. Received: calamity10, sniff12, thavas10, flashy17, no18, proud09, heartbuns18, futari01, stamina02, saurian15, loveme19, shadowyato14, visage13, undergrad15, commandant05, thebomb05, marker14, badjokes19

2023.05.06 - (+9, =10189) Received from Go Fish! 357: airsoft10, lipreading08, dewville19, roommate13, desudesu08, brinstar12, betrayal08, goblin04, marksein12, 1 purple crayon

2023.05.06 - (+8, =10180) Received from Guess the Color 315: amaranthine15, lotussoup11, kattelox06, godknows19, darkdjinn05, pistols08, josei11, levanguard18

2023.05.06 - (+15, =10172) Received from Beauty Pageant 144: cloaked01, collected16, potential07, shade06, balmung07, seiyuu15, dragonhead20, jobs06, elmeth11, bigisland03, gemmy20, alter-chan15, heat18, shujin17, monkey09, 2 blue crayons

2023.05.06 - (+8, =10157) Received from Guess the Color 314: scald20, peddler10, number218, meimei03, masochist14, redoni07, shadowtag01, macrocosmos17.

2023.05.06 - (+16, =10149) Donated to Coloring Book 301: blue crayon x1. Received: onett16, minarukamui12, bestsmile15, fightmoney04, sickness06, koko10, tuner09, fingerguns06, windblade07, 00s08, pantsed17, bloodpact20, parasitic09, girls08, opposites07, lostvayne06.

2023.05.06 - (+5, =10133) Received from Most Wanted 63: quantum07, orpheus19, pavo16, jpx4808, braids19.

2023.05.06 - (+7, =10128) Received from Host Club Giveaway 236: moe09, iithfleet12, sins08, bluekimono20, willbeokay03, speaking10, ingredients06

2023.05.06 - (+18, =10121) Donated to Crazy Colors 236: silverknight02, lightbringer17. Received: lovespells07, skazka05, fragile20, cauldron06, serpent13, editor05, hitman19, wavemaster02, heartshaped13, endoscopy11, meishanyu07, extinct09, seawitch20, locket16, hatched08, no7917, cancer11, forever13, knave02, akuma03.

2023.05.06 - (+4, =10103) Exchanged in Switch It Up 213: gacharolls03, gatoya04, nolife07, oilpainting13, bastion07, axe07, dressup09, eye10. Received: wildgeese19, aggressive09, pharaoh02, littlebuddy19, homeworld18, tvidol11, orifiel07, clothespeg17, comedy07, violin12, sakigasuki11, yourbook14.

2023.05.06 - Exchanged in Natsume's Book of Cards 138: atera01, atera07, atera12, galaxydive06, galaxydive06. Received: goldie01, goldie02, goldie03, provisions01, provisions02.

2023.05.06 - Traded with Lex: aglaia13, asrun07, brickbreak10, diamondsgame18, diamondsgame19, divinerose04, egawa07, faintattack10, fingerprint08, fingerprint13, greatninja16, harus13, innerlight09, innerlight10, innerlight19, junction08, onceupon09, paperwork18. Received: blackrings17, castle17, cheese07, commentator05, crater06, crossdressf18, josei09, josei16, kid01, masquerades12, muse12, nonbinary09, nonbinary12, pomefiore16, pomefiore19, terpsichora09, tokunaga02, wizard17.

2023.05.02 - Traded with Miro: byakko18, faust03, hakoniwa13, idolclub08, jazzdance17, jojo14, lyrics04, nanika14, o-gin05, o-gin16, rfa07. Received: divinelove03, haymaker01, honest12, jetsam15, minor11, nonbinary06, octavinelle04, octavinelle16, phones11, savanaclaw18, trulla12.

2023.05.02 - Traded with Ouji: anagenesis11, body06, butler09, custos19, eskrima19, false12, highjumping03, kcpd03, kcpd14, kiheitai15, lawnmower15, magiteknical05, maki02, maki08, maki15, manacutter07, pillar03, primo09, santamaria18, santamaria19, shinken07, sixwolf04, sixwolf14, sunlesssea17. Received: angelo14, baa01, bachelor10, belderiver06, daisuki08, darkboots04, design08, design20, divina11, divina15, donuts11, emergency02, fortis18, four01, goldie20, leominor06, lycoris18, pomefiore13, puppy01, savanaclaw20, self-help06, spinea02, thespider16, trulla11.

2023.05.01 - (-1, =10099) Gifted to Ouji: vitality18

2023.05.01 - (-2, =10100) Gifted to Miro: bloodbag06, bigpuppy16

2023.05.01 - (-1, =10102) Gifted to Lex: aerial01.

2023.04.30 - (+11, =10103) Received from Little Spell Academia 259: fantan05, kork12, kork14, likeapanda05, lycoris02, likeapanda07, kork15, lycoris05, cursed01, kork16, likeapanda11

2023.04.30 - (+12, =10092) Received from April 2023 Deck Donation Rewards: lessons06, kenjutsu03, dln-00607, nose07, villains04, thunderer14, adieu10, kuuderes11, kiheitai15, karmicloop12, seaslug03, chaste18, 1 red crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 red crayon, 1 purple crayon

2023.04.30 - (+6, =10080) Received from Hi-5 Radio 199: ferolia15, hatched06, icehockey01, koisuru13, prinzessin03, consulting06

2023.04.30 - (+30, =10074) Received from Colors Concentration 007: vidofnir12, orichalcos03, waterflail19, fodlan20, ghosts09, soundpod14, gemdust04, bigkitty07, jojo14, erosalom07, crook03, kaijumovies07, kouhai-kun08, fireworks14, emotional16, balfonheim07, unaware07, jumeau11, piglet08, elivagar06, conjurer12, filth03, parrying13, leading20, ahoy16, icyhot20, faust03, inca17, octopus20, uncrowned19, 1 blue crayon

2023.04.30 - (+24, =10044) Received from Lady Luck Slots 102: prophecy12, fodlan19, class1-b13, bangsineyes17, hosoyan08, older14, kawasumia13, grandmas17, pristo02, blue01, sailorfuku11, seele06, rhythmia13, ivalice02, 2-a04, nes17, corecrystal11, glasses03, o-568119, retro14, saga14, americans09, kanahana16, asterisk16, 1 green crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon.

2023.04.30 - (+5, =10020) Received from Coloring Book 300 - Special Round!: shadowwatch02, detect13, meibe11, x-iii12, gestures18.

2023.04.30 - (+30, =10015) Received from Puzzle Chains 257: grafeisen07, azoth15, sharilton12, experiment11, femme13, milkymode16, futureeve10, ryuuseiken03, heliopolis17, pokken02, aspirebreak06, buster07, color02, ikuoot15, curesummer19, balmung05, academy05, tensho13, zafkiel19, movingaway11, wildtomb20, aodaisho11, go-ryu02, shirasagi11, voile20, puppet20, sculpted20, dwn-04211, isla01, heartcross06, 1 red crayon.

2023.04.30 - Received from Colorseum 56-5: orange crayon x1, yellow crayon x2.

2023.04.30 - (+8, =9985) Donated to Silly Blanks 159: gloomy04, open06. Received: counter12, stealing19, trophy01, tigers19, villagerb17, colony918, puyo19, nightblade06, satinribbon18, forever16.

2023.04.30 - (+6, =9977) Received from Go Fish! 356: surprises20, divinebeast15, dukedom01, oedo20, analyzation18, arcroyal03, 1 orange crayon.

2023.04.30 - (+12, =9971) Received from Directions 168: doodles18, bikinis07, makimaki07, lion18, tsunderes11, equable04, 3rdeye13, excelsis02, promise11, cafeaulait12, waitress02, cheri02.

2023.04.30 - (+18, =9959) Donated to Crazy Colors 235: suit18, messy16. Received: thoron17, teasing13, stupiddog09, juniorjr17, gears08, childhood11, viina01, power08, aetherial01, couples14, cowardly16, bhavaagra13, noona18, fiercemien20, hanyue06, void15, christine14, flailsword20, sia04, malice16.

2023.04.30 - (+5, =9941) Received from No Context Theater 314: bungo03, energized08, federation20, theriot05, x-iii12.

2023.04.30 - (+5, =9936) Received from No Context Theater 313: aesir05, luci-nee06, pentomo06, santamaria13, theriot09.

2023.04.30 - (+5, =9931) Received from No Context Theater 312: bunnygirls03, detect15, pedigree15, robot20, shangun03.

2023.04.30 - (+5, =9926) Received from No Context Theater 311: fairy-tale01, false12, gliese12, likeapanda02, sniperrifle20.

2023.04.30 - (+32, =9921) Donated to Coloring Book 301: blue crayon x1, gray crayon x1. Received: sweetfood12, salvager02, nivis20, buttcannon20, tortoise07, explosive01, egosa06, 8years10, hikineet01, 1000words07, bungo12, skycolor10, horny14, swordskill07, mafioso07, luck-pusher11, image15, policeman18, catnoir16, samurais09, vampires17, famicom07, violinist04, dawn03, maous18, shangun18, maki08, kotobukiya02, haunt07, lifestyle06, catcafe11, techniques16.

2023.04.30 - (+16, =9889) Donated to Stamp Card 041: creampuff18, dolly20, orangejuice11, clerks15. Received: futon14, straysheep01, artemis16, petowl10, passionate20, sexytype11, brokenfaith19, firstson08, boar14, shogunkayo05, poverty17, taffei10, bicycle17, gingerale01, iceland07, teamaqua12, dawn19, fuuga15, guiltycrown11, repairs05.

2023.04.30 - (+5, =9873) Received from Most Wanted 62: gliese09, vitality18, 92fs07, artisabang01, bigpuppy16

2023.04.30 - (+10, =9868) Received from Pokeradar 317: red20, netidol07, holyknight14, twilight03, maouryuu10, kiyohime06, chakram09, rewrite16, youkai08, 1luv05.

2023.04.30 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 212: ancients01, claws05, formula01, dolly04, echoball11, dojang01. Received: strelizia03, suidream18, tristan18, illusion11, insectpillar18, arrogant16.

2023.04.30 - (+16, =9858) Donated to Coloring Book 300: purple crayon x1. Received: hellsgate13, preyseeker15, preyseeker10, build16, aloupeeps15, brandingiron02, preyseeker11, dust19, preyseeker01, iracundus03, preyseeker04, iracundus06, iracundus10, iracundus14, aloupeeps13, hellsgate15.

2023.04.30 - (+40, =9842) Donated to Release Roulette 03: goathorns08, godspeed07, grandcruz10, greenvale15, harem02, harem14, hattrick07, herbaltea05, holyiris07, homeroom14. Received: geomijul01, containment12, pearlclan02, sefirot07, o-gin16, herooftime09, crazedmoon05, fixer19, thebird06, unsuited17, ewiwa20, sefirot07, thehorse20, welfareteam19, ratpatrol16, destination06, traverse09, flytrap10, designs03, pomudachi19, meteorite06, discteam10, trainingteam05, sefirot11, jiggies15, heldorado16, lullaby02, hiroshi09, commandteam18, toluca08, o-gin05, senbei19, harus20, mintendo14, nes05, pearlclan07, diamondclan06, thefrog14, poeclan05, crazedmoon07, shoryusteel09, recordteam07, thehorse11, o-gin15, harveston13, honeycakes16, alektor19, poeclan16, e-mails19, e-mails15

2023.04.30 - (+12, =9802) Received from Hi-5 Radio 198: antivirus15, destructive19, joblistings17, antivirus12, monocle14, smokescreen01, superrookie20, fireaxe01, nanika14, doha14, listentome03, pyrokinesis17

2023.04.30 - (+30, =9790) Received from Colors Concentration 006: bibi16, tasla07, saiyan01, esp08, thehero04, fracture14, skazka18, eldarian13, rendere07, sunfist06, spiritualdog15, phone11, lupus18, occult03, frozen15, werewolf20, silverking11, mayonnaise18, grave16, frozenword10, peaky02, windwitch06, asterism04, pervy09, pucelle17, squadron10, petal18, trouble05, sigma17, artifacts19, 1 purple crayon

2023.04.30 - (+24, =9760) Received from Lady Luck Slots 101: 62409, titanic19, origami14, mammamia15, fleshcan02, crossroads12, phones19, bolderfall06, guchu16, x-eros18, yakisoba12, chivalrous09, poisonsting18, romantia18, fuuga04, prophetic02, otakulife17, fortunes03, hydrangeas15, psychopath10, dagger09, kurohigi03, aware03, bookeater20, 2 purple crayons

2023.04.30 - (+30, =9736) Received from Puzzle Chains 256: criticrista19, tangerine14, humungadunga11, forlove15, crime13, sakamoto16, gunblade19, yaksha11, seventeen06, altergeist06, odani16, craftsman05, magma06, morning11, youngmen18, notlost01, alone01, pandora04, maou17, kakyoin18, toytoy07, signorina09, harvest02, particle10, always20, gestalt16, romancekiss11, headshaker04, channel12, evangelion07, 1 yellow crayon

2023.04.30 - (+8, =9706) Donated to Silly Blanks 158: giraffe13, squishy02. Received: nekomimi01, blackblood13, essence14, redreaper06, loveless16, blackrabbit05, stockpot09, wipe12, piercing11, crossplay18.

2023.04.30 - (+6, =9698) Received from Go Fish! 355: potter11, inherit17, baths05, gizoid02, thescarlet20, homeec12, 1 yellow crayon

2023.04.30 - Received from Colorseum 56-4: yellow crayon x1, brown crayon x2, gray crayon x1.

2023.04.30 - (+15, =9692) Received from : misfortune14, stepbrother08, bloodfang16, speiraskia06, likedad19, accent09, subway15, paired02, thejoker12, warheit05, instincts08, nyaa08, nailart16, irises07, thisisit11.

2023.04.30 - (+40, =9677) Recycled Art Claim from 2023.04.15 (40): angel15, angelo01, angelo04, angelo07, angelo18, angelpowder02, angelpowder03, angelpowder04, angelpowder08, angelpowder10, angelpowder11, angelpowder12, angelpowder14, angelpowder17, angelpowder18, angelpowder19, angelpowder20, avilio03, avilio12, darkangel02, deathangel01, deathangel02, deathangel04, deathangel09, deathangel10, deathangel17, deathangel20, dragonkick03, dragonkick19, dux04, noona03, noona05, noona06, noona07, noona08, noona09, noona11, noona14, angels09, angels15

2023.04.30 - (+40, =9637) Recycled Art Claim from 2023.04.22 (40): assertive04, assertive06, assertive10, assertive12, assertive14, asteria02, asteria06, asteria18, battleship02, battleship15, betray13, betray15, distracted14, distracted15, distracted19, feisty04, feisty12, feisty14, galearc04, galearc09, galearc13, galearc15, genista10, hottemper10, hottemper13, hottemper18, 8-bit16, cutlass20, maces20, meido05, otherworld04, otherworld05, otherworld10, otherworld11, otherworld12, otherworld14, otherworld15, otherworld17, otherworld19, otherworld20

2023.04.30 - (+40, =9597) Recycled Art Claim from 2023.04.29(40): pasta02, pasta03, pasta05, pasta08, pasta09, pasta10, pasta11, pasta12, pasta15, pasta16, pasta17, pasta19, realist09, reddragon02, reddragon08, reddragon11, reddragon14, reddragon16, rekku04, rekku10, rekku12, rekku16, salt07, salt15, woodytower05, endings11, endings17, europeans04, europeans07, europeans13, precure14, precure18, precure19, heirs01, heirs04, heirs05, heirs20, fogdoor03, fogdoor04, fogdoor08

2023.04.29 - (+35, =9557) Leveled up to Mercury (from Mars) and received: nenthreads18, nenthreads19, nenthreads20, kork04, kork06, kork07, kork09, rod04, save12, barrettes10, bomber12, samba20, allsunday12, yamigitsune08, tomboyish08, eggplant10, otherside07, kamichama11, honorific05, ships17, yoohoo17, warcannon09, videogames15, connected03, diclonius14, exercising01, neutral03, wallachia06, gian04, ark11, widow03, leeclan16, knave07, reploids07, ruthless16, 2 red crayons, 1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon, 2 purple crayons, 1 gray crayon.

2023.04.29 - Traded with Homunculus: arcadestar02, arcadestar19, blaze02, blaze17, chickencurry05, chitchat08, chitchat18, distress20, generosity04, goldenrod20, littlesister08, littlesister19, ralts11, sadist15, spring02, violinist11, whitefang15, volcanologist08. Received: assassin01, ayanon17, blackblood06, cannon20, deadmans15, hottemper06, ironmaiden15, iseeyou05, konpeitojar02, konpeitojar13, kork08, lovestruck07, princeps12, resistance07, schemer12, shiitake14, sigmund15, yard03.

2023.04.23 - (+8, =9522) Received from Little Spell Academia 258: likeapanda03, nenthreads05, nenthreads06, nenthreads15, nenthreads16, nenthreads17, likeapanda04, lycoris01

2023.04.23 - (+16, =9514) Donated gray crayon x 1 to Coloring Book 300 - Special Round! and received: foxfaced01, maous09, highjumping15, lazypigs03, archangels11, holylove03, archangels08, qrcode07, clarity13, innerlight09, junction01, innerlight19, kotobukiya09, divinelove20, maous04, likeapanda13

2023.04.23 - (+1, =9498) Received a gift from Prox: iseeyou02!

2023.04.23 - (+2, =9497) Received a gift from Lex: nenthreads14, likeapanda10!

2023.04.23 - (+1, =9495) Traded with Koinuko: bdsm06, deadzone07, doubleflat18, dragon-type15, dressupdoll19, earring08, exodia08, fluffal14, gross07, heartcross14, honorific13, idolclub10, idolclub18, juicebat03, leeks14, machine15, mezzoforte18, mikorin06, omurice12, oshi-san05, professional12, professional17, razorleaf12, scheming14, sexpistols13, shattered05, shiny03, silhouettes07, usagibrand10, volcanic19, woodsman06. Received: deadmans10, fantan11, neofantasy12, abettor07, alice12, aquarimms15, arcusprima01, authors10, belderiver05, bloodbank19, bookseller18, butlers03, calamitas14, canis20, conman05, crossdressm11, design19, fontech07, goodnight18, hex10, hospital06, jetsam10, jetsam17, lepus12, manynames01, monoceros14, octavinelle11, seraphic06, spinea05, trulla02, trulla20. Received as a gift: likeapanda02. +compliment for POG

2023.04.23 - Traded with Prox: apathetic20, assal20, freezer19, goldfish02, impulse04, jiangzai03, pullcord02, theta03, windmaster16, zidian08. Received: decalogue06, dreamdiary14, eggs18, fantan03, grandis09, iseeyou03, likeapanda08, matoi07, sagitta15, yo-yo18. +compliment for POG

2023.04.23 - Traded with Sen: ainsophaur02, caretaker11, crimea12, dirt16, dragonfoot12, dragonhead15, huckfinn09, magnagate09, medicine14, norad01, norad10, pherae20, relic13, sanallites01, sanallites17, supermarket02, temple16, vagabond13, velthomer10. Received: angeltoall05, astralartes10, doloris16, fix12, hospital06, lempicka11, lenshunter03, linefaced13, looping02, marionette03, normies10, overelement06, playboy08, rumraisin18, shepherd06, sos11, thiers13, tophat17, vigilante08. Also received as a gift: crayon rainbow! +compliment for POG

2023.04.23 - Traded with Arianne: azrael12, baboo01, balloon12, balloon17, bblounge06, earring17, evolution20, expressive17, forlorn06, gateau14, genji12, googoo03, gridman19, ollie04, ollie12, onmyoji05, queenanne15, schoolidol15, spiritualdog01, spiritualdog08, spiritualdog13, suzaku20, symbol14, temperament02, thirdgen07, ultraseries07, ur20. Received: ampulla08, bloodbag05, cervus12, chocolate05, clairvoyant20, cursed08, dracaena05, dracaena09, ecchan10, ecchan17, emergency01, flabellum19, fugit10, lupus12, maschera03, maschera10, mineral16, nenthreads13, neofantasy06, neofantasy19, ratio09, resistance10, rose09, rubeum08, thespider14, tribulatio09, vespa18. +compliment for POG

2023.04.23 - Traded with Noelle:3rdeye04, asterism07, charger15, constellation07, constellation19, decoration17, forgotten13, gammaray14, hairclip05, lazing06, lostmemory07, mypace14, prospector07, sixruin05. Received: kork13, cervus02, cursed05, dracaena17, feles01, feles03, graveryl10, imperatrix03, imperatrix08, blueeyes04, cinema01, design01, design19, heavenguide10. +compliment for POG

2023.04.23 - Traded with Ares: ero-cook18, ken-chin05, vows03, vows15. Received: fantan03, terpsichora10, tribulatio11, trulla08. +compliment for POG

2023.04.23 - (+7, =9494) Received from Host Club Giveaway 235: diana13, innkeeper03, astronaut02, sleepwalker17, bigbenkei05, gamuza16, blossom20

2023.04.23 - (+10, =9487) Received from Pokeradar 316: fen12, pes20, shadowless14, chakra19, procellarum17, hookshot17, bushin06, littledevil11, monge04, panic15

2023.04.23 - (+12, =9477) Received from Hi-5 Radio 197: primo04, hikari20, laser10, housepet02, crime02, cherryboy04, capeolove17, artista17, polluted15, drum04, anti-social14, sunwukong09

2023.04.23 - (+30, =9465) Received from Colors Concentration 005: velthomer02, speak20, magicallily01, senkaimon15, spirited15, watchguard14, boar09, intern19, skincare11, storm08, blindfold02, curepeace05, gyrostorm11, eskrima19, crest04, jolly05, volttackle03, deathblow04, starcadia04, venomous17, richkid19, heke10, flamengreen16, moogledoll03, newbie16, nolife07, nephilim14, 1stlt12, firstroom01, wayward13, 1 red crayon

2023.04.23 - (+48, =9435) Received from Lady Luck Slots 100 - Special Round!: ashore20, principles05, makefriends09, vcr11, wotagei09, baxia02, qualia10, xylophone17, genking07, sakugarne06, coffee03, monta17, bills01, trapmaker01, sandtribe19, bodoro03, logicshow05, filthy07, traumatized19, uphold20, 43rdsong05, adam03, snipe02, birdcage01, wildduck10, shujaa12, helpful14, aztec02, poeclan01, kouhai-kun02, compromiser01, sengokusp16, shinmeiryuu12, nyamo07, sadako13, paired15, babyshark12, helmet15, doting18, nabradia01, puresavior09, darkroom20, enigma20, battleship01, combine12, newborn17, shikaisen04, ofthewhite11, 2 green crayons, 2 brown crayons, 2 gray crayons

2023.04.23 - Received from Coloring Book 299: 1 red crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon

2023.04.23 - (+18, =9387) Donated to Crazy Colors 234: duty16, veil17. Received: fanalis12, handsome08, chlorophytum11, jujutsu05, species10, collected17, nucleus03, selfpublish06, headmistress08, beloved20, kcpd03, innuendos14, loveshower19, hyperion05, carnival07, formalities11, chroma19, heartless20, sakejug03, headboy06.

2023.04.23 - (+8, =9369) Donated to Stamp Card 040: network12, buddhistmonk11. Received: jam12, calculated04, darts05, raider04, vexed17, tomobiki09, circuits09, steals15, cantonese10, sixwolf04

2023.04.23 - (+30, =9361) Received from Puzzle Chains 255: nifl04, droopy16, shishou17, wavemaster07, petit07, jockey05, newworld01, sairaag09, comical15, cinqfleches04, boundary03, grondement08, gorogoro05, snowdrop05, santamaria19, mirrorlake08, fingertip11, snapping07, bullmask11, cerinia20, mischievous08, ragnell08, highlife18, tblock18, cockroaches07, protection11, disharmony12, nova20, slumberland13, promise13, 1 red crayon

2023.04.23 - (+8, =9331) Donated to Silly Blanks 157: lemon01, lonely05. Received: fragile10, breeding03, mid-childa14, eraserhead02, norimaki02, handshake04, demure13, rocksalt03, sugarmelody04, 70years19

2023.04.23 - (+7, =9323) Received from Go Fish! 354: origami03, mma01, outcome11, cauldrons06, jr16, deathgaze03, islero19, 1 yellow crayon

2023.04.23 - Received from Colorseum 56-3: green crayon x 1, blue crayon x 1, gray crayon x 2.

2023.04.23 - (+11, =9316) Donated to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 242: adam08. Received: guile07, secretarea06, betrayer01, kungfuhead15, bruteforce13, hairstyles11, exorcise09, infinite17, fairgame20, fragrance19, pc-9805, leap12.

2023.04.23 - (+8, =9305) Received from Colors Chat 127: all-outkiss11, chopping03, razril08, gallian09, center01, cult07, bowwow15, appear06

2023.04.23 - (+12, =9297) Received from Colors Chat 126: blackbook03, walhalla05, movepoint17, hanahazama07, wish13, intuition02, volunteer17, unemployed17, general20, height11, maskedg18, diamant16

2023.04.23 - (+15, =9285) Received from Beauty Pageant 143: koisuru08, holymilk09, shieikan20, thread10, hardhat04, pervert03, frauperle20, jazzdance17, imperious05, objectively01, sunlesssea17, audioclub17, blast12, townhall20, linefaced16, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon

2023.04.23 - (+8, =9270) Received from Guess the Color 313: dynamo06, ichor13, poker17, all-seeing11, ouroboros11, stvlas16, biracial01, fisherman04

2023.04.23 - (+8, =9262) Received from Guess the Color 312: potion15, spoil01, gliese08, zanpakuto04, cheesyfood04, bloodscythe13, minervykins07, sheltered13

2023.04.23 - (+8, =9254) Received from Guess the Color 311: swordia06, astraeus11, stalks01, withwind18, azazel12, pioneer06, poultry01, evidol13

2023.04.23 - (+12, =9246) Received from Colors Chat 125: destron09, usu03, verses07, narcissist11, shine19, forks15, leicester11, carmendei09, healingmilk09, bushin13, twinsnipe08, gaiseric08

2023.04.23 - (+8, =9234) Received from Guess the Color 311: noble03, rise14, netnavi11, 2ofhearts03, fun-loving11, appear16, election14, instructor12

2023.04.23 - (+12, =9226) Received from Colors Chat 124: bumbling10, sea16, livinggod11, pie02, futuresight08, giraffe11, dates15, visions04, general04, tenchou06, rfa07, doubleflat10

2023.04.23 - (+8, =9214) Received from Colors Chat 123: denial01, left03, tidy10, facup09, lyrics04, nadeshiko15, rocknuzzle15, cinder10

2023.04.23 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 212: arcadestar13, ark17, azureazoth18, block09, amazon13, amnesia20. Received: specialeyes19, noman03, blueangel10, neofantasy18, pluto07, whiteclown13.

2023.04.23 - (+10, =9206) Received from Pokeradar 315: pillar03, linda12, all-seeing20, extinction09, landlord13, 72names13, moonblast13, jikochuu06, foodpuns07, iyashikei13

2023.04.23 - (+8, =9196) Received from Reading Between the Lines 337: crazym11, bugs17, incapable12, destructive10, matriarch13, dimension09, shackles16, catholic12

2023.04.23 - (+30, =9188) Received from Puzzle Chains 254: soulbee08, lugnica18, theinferno10, nemesis03, fortis03, 1stchild12, dragoneyes02, regenerate20, birthday13, lazy13, dryfield08, stepbrother16, mardan04, acuity03, stupidcat01, happiness10, fourstar19, 4713, gunman17, palemoon16, inadequate03, evilone18, asakura16, earthmagic01, antiques13, catbingu08, leadership07, knitted11, ilmago09, yuugataget07, 1 purple crayon

2023.04.23 - (+9, =9158) Received from Little Spell Academia 257: crossdressf13, foxfaced03, masquerades01, masquerades04, nonbinary01, crossdressf14, nonbinary02, figments02, crossdressf16.

2023.04.18 - (-1, =9149) Gifted to Trina: lm23608

2023.04.18 - (-1, =9150) Gifted to Homunculus: mikos16

2023.04.18 - (-1, =9151) Gifted to Sen: objection10

2023.04.18 - (-1, =9152) Gifted to Ares: toman04

2023.04.18 - (-1, =9153) Gifted to Noelle: 00702

2023.04.18 - (-1, =9154) Gifted to Nika: domino10

2023.04.18 - (-1, =9155) Gifted to Prox: femininity10

2023.04.18 - (-1, =9156) Gifted to Arianne: ladyoscar07

2023.04.18 - (+5, =9157) Received from Most Wanted 61: ladyoscar07, peregrinus14, domino10, femininity10, 00702

2023.04.18 - (+10, =9152) Received from Most Wanted 60 - Special Round: aerial03, toman04, objection10, mikos16, false07, lm23608, aerial01, bloodbag06, enchanting06, fodlan05

2023.04.16 - (+27, =9142) Mastered: galax, fieldops, capsules, kidnapped, muramasa, obsolete, posed, saranaga, myprincipal (FM). Received: myprincipal11, myprincipal12, myprincipal13, myprincipal15, myprincipal16, myprincipal18, myprincipal19, kork02, kork03, parched07, beer14, yamazakura09, kazus09, tartarus17, firefist03, omurice03, ancients07, goldking16, cspd05, aldan03, kiyohime18, basementkey16, byakko18, dopesketch01, necessarius17, telekinesis15, fashion11, 1 orange crayon, 3 yellow crayons, 2 green crayons, 2 blue crayons, 1 gray crayon

2023.04.16 - (+40, =9115) Recycled Art Claim 2023.03.13: beehive07, dhampir18, dogtags03, dogtags08, dogtags17, doubledash10, drag18, magiccancel04, magiccancel07, puku06, puku18, pushy05, pushy09, scilab04, scilab05, scilab09, scilab16, troubadour01, troubadour06, troubadour09, troubadour12, troubadour17, unseen05, unseen11, woodytower03, detectives03, detectives07, detectives17, detectives20, dragons08, dragons15, dragons16, femaleidols20, goddesses03, goddesses07, goddesses09, goddesses15, goddesses20, lgbtmanga20, o-568101

2023.04.16 - (+40, =9075) Recycled Art Claim 2023.03.20: blackmagic19, grandkid04, introvert04, introvert16, junkcube02, kaze17, okonomiyaki14, overelement02, overelement10, rhythmic03, roses03, sailor20, samuraicat03, samuraicat04, scarf02, scarf19, seafriend03, sleeves04, troubadour09, self-help15, snake09, unleashed20, woodytower08, woodytower15, woodytower18, despair12, ensign13, ensign16, boyslove16, femaleidols20, mages11, mages14, mages15, puyo02, puyo06, puyo07, puyo08, puyo09, puyo18, puyo20

2023.04.16 - (+40, =9035) Recycled Art Claim 2023.04.01: adapt08, adapt13, adapt17, alliance18, arcadia04, arcadia06, arcadia15, blacklion04, blacklion05, blacklion13, blacklion15, mistress02, momiji08, nightmares01, nightmares19, overelement02, ricecake12, robber09, robber11, robber13, crossdressm20, cutetype02, cutetype04, cutetype05, cutetype06, cutetype08, cutetype09, cutetype10, cutetype11, cutetype12, cutetype13, cutetype15, cutetype16, cutetype17, cutetype18, cutlass03, cutlass07, cutlass09, cutlass12, cutlass17

2023.04.16 - (+40, =8995) Recycled Art Claim (2023.04.08): arcusprima11, arcusprima20, blanket05, blanket08, comnet13, dux04, hunting03, ignihyde15, maintenance18, oblock03, pushy05, savanaclaw10, scuro01, scuro04, scuro07, scuro11, scuro12, scuro14, scuro16, skullstomp02, skullstomp09, skullstomp19, zombie08, cosplay04, cosplay05, cosplay19, maces11, maces12, maces13, maces18, mayonaka18, microbes04, microbes05, microbes10, microbes11, microbes14, microbes15, microbes17, microbes18, microbes19

2023.04.16 - (+34, =8955) Art Shop exchange: turned in 17 sketchpads and received: baumkuchen18, la-lakoosha02, androphilia17, taguel09, harmonixer01, waterpistol17, formula04, nemesisq08, shrimp09, yourbook20, free03, leraje16, luxury16, bookstacks08, percussion13, illumination13, lionhead16, idolclub08, lu-knight06, cakepig10, brigade05, jior19, dracometeor05, taunts17, despicable07, emulate10, livingdolls01, insect06, begging02, species06, norway15, yanderes17, hive20, mu04, 6 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 3 blue crayons, 2 purple crayons, 2 brown crayons

2023.04.16 - (+36, =8921) Art Shop exchange: red crayon x18, green crayon x14, blue crayon x3, purple crayon x1. Received: muramasa05, muramasa06, muramasa07, muramasa11, muramasa13, obsolete05, obsolete07, obsolete09, obsolete11, obsolete12, obsolete13, obsolete18, fieldops13, fieldops14, fieldops16, fieldops17, fieldops19, fieldops20, saranaga02, saranaga06, saranaga07, saranaga10, saranaga13, saranaga14, saranaga16, galax04, galax07, galax10, galax13, galax14, galax15, galax20, posed17, posed19, posed20, capsules14.

2023.04.15 - (+15, =8885) Exchanged candies at Colors Shopping Street LITE and received: fieldops12, kidnapped04, kidnapped09, kidnapped11, kidnapped12, kidnapped17, kidnapped19, posed03, posed07, posed14, posed15, capsules07, capsules08, capsules09, capsules10

2023.04.15 - (+11, =8870) Received from Little Spell Academia 256: holylove03, myprincipal04, myprincipal05, myprincipal06, myprincipal07, holylove05, myprincipal09, fieldops09, nenthreads02, holylove06, myprincipal10

2023.04.14 - Traded with Kyuu: churchgrim14, cocteau11, feel03, flighty02, inferiority06, leannan04, leannan17, legatus15, limsa15, luscinia03, midnight06, numbers18, occultfreak13, othardian08, visitor16, zanarkand14. Received: cursed17, divinelove10, emergency07, emergency08, flotsam10, iseeyou10, lycoris03, nyctereutes18, rubeum01, scarabia07, splitcard06, tarts16, tarts17, trulla04, umbrabilis05, waka-sama05.

2023.04.14 - Traded with Shannon (P): 48th20, casters10, casters17, christine15, crocea10, cybele09, demonhunter20, extraclass12, formalcraft12, germany03, hamesh01, heroes04, heron07, iralupus19, lantern09, mountfuji19, noel17, northitaly10, sealand06, shadowborder19, shujaa15, skye07, stella05, superluminal04, thefamily04, troias11, wiseking05, sig_ange. Received: catbus13, choina15, clairvoyant15, clothespeg18, crowds12, cry12, delusion15, firstaid06, half-elf04, harumaki12, hospital10, laverre08, lenshunter16, nonexistent11, nonexistent17, parlortricks13, perennial01, rabbitears13, renegade02, renegade13, slap09, socialmedia19, stealthsp15, vigilante01, vigilante16, well14, wish16, sig_shannon2.

2023.04.14 - Traded with Miro: addict13, allmate10, assigned11, bail08, bamboo12, brahms01, brahms06, evenbetter05, evenbetter09, fatal14, festive11, fine03, fingernails07, fleadom03, full-bloom10, housewife18, marimo17, persistent07, publicmorals20, purewhite13, rational19, sacraments17, sig_ange. Received: cervus01, iseeyou09, iseeyou20, kid09, koopalings14, lotossomno11, lycoreco05, lycoreco08, lycoris12, myprincipal14, posed12, quick04, quick06, quick13, ratio01, resistance05, saranaga20, sin19, sullen05, vassal07, vassal10, vespa07, sig_miro. +compliment for POG

2023.04.14 - Traded with Jun: enchanting15, eunuch10, fuuga16, grapejam11, honeyflash05, jiji11, jiji14, manatree03, manatree19, pandaemonium01, rulestime03, slaughter06, trackstar03. Received: bloody06, bungee20, crossdressf09, deadmans06, deadmans08, dozing16, fantan02, gretel01, kid10, myprincipal08, nonbinary10, obsolete19, tokunaga05. +compliment for POG

2023.04.12 - Exchanged at Swap Station 203: archer20, eyes20, likeapanda06, rose10. Received: archer09, eyes05, likeapanda09, rose16.

2023.04.12 - (+32, =8859) Donated to Coloring Book 300 - Special Round!: gray crayon x 2. Received: wrathful14, archangels04, maous10, divinelove16, divinelove04, santamaria18, kotobukiya13, lazypigs03, junction08, bungo13, lazypigs17, lazypigs02, kanaan57914, kanaan57912, likeapanda19, shangun08, archangels07, divinelove19, qrcode11, wrathful04, highjumping15, likeapanda14, prettygirls14, linefaced11, lazypigs18, innerlight17, spiritualdog13, maki02, kanaan57908, foxfaced01, spiritualdog08, maous17.

2023.04.12 - (+8, =8827) Donated to Silly Blanks 156: emulate04, firefly04. Received: earring17, blackhole13, schoolidol15, shattered16, dwn-03608, moogle13, barehanded05, repairs08, heiress04, 77-b09.

2023.04.12 - (+12, =8819) Received from Hi-5 Radio 196: neozeon17, replacement11, self-help09, firstofficer12, praise06, laptop04, england13, unemotional07, heavymetal12, qrcode12, mac04, fine03

2023.04.12 - (+30, =8807) Received from Colors Concentration 004: starling15, prophecy09, devoured04, deer09, blazers12, kannagi04, brickbreak10, animals15, cap19, tanabata02, crawling06, rewind04, anatoray19, secluded19, chickencurry05, asgard20, al-thamen14, information07, haicopy08, sealed10, cannoneer11, crucify11, pitviper12, antisocial11, obscenity11, glare16, smiling10, gigolo03, robin15, 15114, 1 red crayon

2023.04.12 - (+24, =8777) Received from Lady Luck Slots 099: kahina06, noblesavage18, outlandish02, christine08, aries04, xinyi06, deadly12, subway11, pumpkinking08, 65808, tosei01, logout06, obsessed15, horrormare03, scarred13, blackkeys07, gloves20, deduction12, fang19, farmer18, limsa03, megastone11, cursed20, hre16, 2 gray crayons

2023.04.12 - (+9, =8753) Received from Go Fish! 353: questions02, reforest20, silentway18, spearidiot02, better12, elderly02, cardinal15, babymonster04, dopesketch19, 1 purple crayon

2023.04.12 - (+18, =8744) Donated to Release Roulette 002: arcadestar10, azure10, bakedapples04, bearslayer04, bench11, birdcalls06, bladesaint06, blogger03, caster10, cellphones06. Received: polytechnic18, estabul08, spirited11, arphage15, chainsaws15, analyzation12, deck07, estabul02, shadaloo07, tenchou10, rorona09, machiavelli16, gransys15, camaraderie14, wildlife02, odd18, petals16, shadaloo16, cups03, biker20, panic01, knotroot04, pompadour06, chainsaws02, biker10, empath17, killerbee08, cartology19, trickster01, flirtatious14, 8-bit14, pompadour11, hadouken07, screams19, spirited17, aokiji17, octbirthday11, gloomy04, gransys14, pheromone09, aokiji05, aokiji20, lungs19, punk10, pompadour15, empath19, bubblegum02, skilled13, niichan14, deathgod07, lungs02, time08, tenchou11, luxury16, biker13, tenchou06, lungs15, niichan10, stress08, tophat11, chainsaws09, eggs12, trickster18, ironfist16, plane08, kicking15, niichan13, petals03, octbirthday08, knotroot04, pheromone07, panda16, deck15, ducttape20, bubblegum18, spirited04, deck12, empath10, fool19, decalogue09, 8-bit10, logical03, skilled04, pompadour02, marionette09, plane20, 8-bit14, issachar02, plane08, gloomy12.

2023.04.12 - (+18, =8664) Donated to Crazy Colors 233: killerwolf04, theartist01. Received: counterfeit19, stickynotes12, softthings09, modeling01, adventure11, infowar14, bolderfall07, headphones14, stories20, dcn-03206, mypace14, tanuki20, maps07, danes05, nova09, hospitality05, apprehend03, silverarm12, hosoyan17, vampires13

2023.04.12 - Received from Colorseum 56-2: orange crayon x 1, blue crayon x 2, brown crayon x 1.

2023.04.12 - (+9, =8646) Donated to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 241: requiem14. Received: vjedogonian20, overpower08, theelite18, streamlight14, yakumo05, gifted20, hypocrisy09, usurper14, undergrad02, genki05.

2023.04.12 - (+15, =8637) Received from Beauty Pageant 141: shinken07, hmm04, entermate03, likable17, ontan09, brilliance20, games10, eradicate06, shou19, sacredpower14, chernobog07, convey10, oneforall12, epichero12, bastion12, 1 red crayon, 1 purple crayon

2023.04.12 - (+193, =8622) Donated to March 2023 POG: beach19, bubblebeam19, swamps04, netop13, adopted11, kiev01, earthdress07. Received: hahi06, editor19, paintbrush04, ruthless20, lavaorb01, birthmark17, samezuka05, slimes07, younglings02, a-rank0720, cowlick02, barielle19, jacks03, kaze12, koikaze02, policeman02, choina07, babyls13, healing08, cybermedic03, wearsamask07, analyzedata17, shinmeiryuu19, capsule17, courtesan17, vjedogonian03, ascilia13, manaegg18, zafkiel03, selfish04, literate01, weblin14, woodensword07, yasutsuna19, djkunoichi03, festive11, dryjuice13, bananas03, snowboarding20, hairdresser20, wildfox13, corrupted05, enforcers08, forgotten13, meowington12, familiars14, 199814, halidom08, parlortricks09, ravage16, pullcord02, solitude14, goldenring04, dss05, avalonis13, aggressive10, perfectangel13, mildeven08, baa13, umbrella06, childofgod11, dwn-03618, fightgod20, witchcraft20, soot02, curecosmo19, eo07, nyo16, disobedient19, zexen03, muda07, manacutter07, mentaltrace05, creator14, goodcop09, storm09, marshmallow13, piratehat08, arthur04, illness03, mcgigolo03, goldstar03, galeon20, links04, zombira13, eccentric16, medical16, excellion18, dwn-01314, densecaress12, holylove04, x-iii04, kanaan57916, testedone17, dqo20, gorogoro13, innerlight10, hikineet19, spiritualdog01, embership13, 3 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 3 yellow crayons, 3 blue crayons, 2 brown crayons, 2 gray crayons, lunar14, rosecochon19, manikatti11, project07, opening02, raftfleet18, tartarus04, appetite03, stepforward11, hephsin16, rumors17, atera01, woodland19, kurogamon18, loftwing01, hocchan12, junbirthday14, mission09, astrape10, taijutsu16, celestizam13, tree08, maserati11, custos19, heroines14, rikudou18, meruru15, ectoplasm05, disapprove06, maous17, dattebayo01, dadadadan18, bigbear08, blanchefil19, color17, erasergun19, sadist15, overpriced15, hereditary17, timberowl10, abel08, kaze12, universe609, aizu13, zephyr08, kneel16, silverarm18, antiqueshop19, rain07, softness20, zidian08, dnn20, bangle13, code0301, iyashikei10, astral12, mastermind16, homestay07, childhood20, sacraments17, reliable04, asapin19, conjurer05, muscle07, blacksmith15, rosecochon03, yukiatsu19, kendama07, fiddle15, zanbatou13, dollmaster04, ambrosius12, greece04, twelfth08, western14, hammer10, lumen15, hakkyoku09, calories12, videocamera01, ikayaki04, lostmemory07, hazakura20, kogal08, lucille02, psychometry06, piggirl10, godforce01, thepaper07, hide05, confessions15, skycolor10, greatninja16, linefaced04, queenanne15, dragonchild01, kanaan57919, holylove17, asterism07, safetyfirst14, 1 red crayon, 3 orange crayons, 1 yellow crayon, 3 green crayons, 3 purple crayons, 2 brown crayons, 2 gray crayons. Received Grand Prize A coupon: "donate a special deck".

2023.04.12 - (+8, =8429) Donated to Stamp Card 40: fleadom13, monk04. Received: baku05, male10, eternal08, livinggod14, badfuture05, analyzing19, archaeology20, archbishop06, gentlegiant16, oasis09

2023.04.12 - (+20, =8421) Received from Stamp Card 039: pester02, minus06, sulfur05, eats19, thezombie20, beautymark06, spearhead17, blastia05, opast07, association08, sex01, canterlot11, wakawaka20, tracker05, blacksmith07, restraint11, instincts01, impetuous05, letitgo11, plusle19, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 blue crayon

2023.04.12 - (+16, =8401) Donated to Coloring Book 299 brown crayon x 1 and received: varuga16, starfish01, shiganshina17, teaching04, beastmage19, posh04, oasi11, christianity17, gestures10, petpals11, thirdgen07, volcanologist08, attack17, commandant01, susanoo08, sharptongue18

2023.04.09 - (+16, =8385) Donated to Coloring Book 299 gray crayon x 1 and received: underwater14, 66711, shadowpath08, uzumaki15, chibidragon07, outsiders14, doubleflat18, memorycard12, highjumping03, qrcode04, archangels04, bungo11, impulse04, edits01, petowl06, wing-borne08

2023.04.09 - (+7, =8369) Received from Host Club Giveaway 234: operator01, consumption17, pious19, anjou13, sillier09, otherworld13, kids13

2023.04.09 - Exchanged at Swap Station 202: likeapanda15, eyes03, eyes11, ruby09. Received: likeapanda06, eyes19, eyes20, ruby03

2023.04.09 - (+5, =8362) Received from Most Wanted 59: cain05, cain07, cain15, cain20, cain08.

2023.04.09 - (+10, =8357) Received from Pokeradar 314: sexpistols13, littlebuddy18, lampyris01, optimistic16, anagenesis11, trulla15, audioclub18, melonpatch18, trumpeter02, conquest09

2023.04.09 - (+4, =8347) Donated to Stamp Card 039: noproblem15. Received: tiny12, wild20, mezzoforte18, sexpistols12, sixruin05

2023.04.09 - (+12, =8343) Received March 2023 deck donation rewards: shinmeiryuu15, mystletainn18, memory08, betrayed01, worthy06, mtsilver15, sensory14, puissance15, overload01, 1 red crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, swarm09, trackstar03, droopy12, 1 red crayon

2023.04.09 - (+12, =8331) Received Feburary 2023 deck donation rewards: cryogenic11, nstackle02, secret16, dealer07, enamored10, geika11, 1 red crayon, 1 gray crayon, forgiveness12, fieryblood15, megu07, rose10, ko-gal11, denpa06, 1 red crayon, 1 yellow crayon

2023.04.09 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 211: crystaleyes02, azuresea13, chameleon08, developer04, daddypon10, curator12, deadly09, intensity06, kensetsu04. Received: floral09, saranaga12, well09, san15, okonomiyaki20, heavenguide07, kuuderes17, darkaltar09, crossdressm07.

2023.04.09 - (+18, =8319) Donated to Crazy Colors 232: toddler20, turtleplush16. Received: effeminate19, judecca17, talk11, classrep16, puppets08, housewife18, otakus11, changeform02, ruinbringers04, kindhearted14, leeks14, vfsuit11, sicily02, keibu20, flameslash05, tvshopping07, foxfire05, meapswich12, echoball11, heartache10

2023.04.09 - (+12, =8301) Received from Hi-5 Radio 195: beastking05, rosy14, stitching06, bloodthirst01, sutures15, doves08, cinder18, lovelylady19, hoodie17, hawkparty13, baboo01, non-human01

2023.04.09 - (+6, =8289) Received from Hi-5 Radio 194: lune01, mace08, highrollers10, savate02, mistress14, goathorns15

2023.04.09 - (+30, =8283) Received from Colors Concentration 003: never09, mmlove06, balloon17, stars13, fos18, hakama11, date06, gondola14, sacraments16, aristocrat10, voodoo16, amazoness08, meanies13, admins02, anko18, 1stlt11, lamentation10, heroking07, concern15, spica16, temperament02, intense05, mymakura09, oarfish16, vividcolor03, tattoo07, daggers09, chiefmaid12, godstongue12, sorcery19, 1 brown crayon

2023.04.09 - (+30, =8253) Received from Colors Concentration 002: yondaime06, enjoysummer12, buddhistmonk11, serenade11, idolclub10, arcadestar02, daisy14, idolclub18, survival12, allure04, tooth19, oilpainting13, sketching10, stellastage14, verdancy10, ollie04, chosenhero16, age-107, mafiaboss03, silversword17, february17, leominor15, destiny08, stalking20, sixwolf14, iseeyou15, niflheim19, boyish13, neatfreak10, maguskiller05, 1 orange crayon

2023.04.09 - (+5, =8223) Received from Coloring Book 298: maki15, bladebreaker01, dqo02, liliubelt01, kanaan57913

2023.04.08 - (+24, =8218) Received from Lady Luck Slots 098: alien15, looking-glass18, lawyer17, erlkoenig02, clueless14, thescarlet05, carcosa07, pyroqueen11, galaxydive06, elegies20, pharaoh04, follows11, candystore10, angelo08, wings06, casual20, beloved15, kite07, moodmaker13, d4c20, kaiser09, volcanic19, fruity19, sugarman13, 2 yellow crayons

2023.04.04 - Traded with Noelle: aikane19, cheerfuldays17, embrasque07, emptylot14, goodday08, homerun02, homerun14, japanesque14, maidcafe10, miku05, murgleis10, omajinai02, ola14, poker18, practice13, reputation04, sunrisecafe01, velvetrose17, vierzeberg12, vierzeberg16, wonderhoy18, yumeiro08, zweiteturm01. Received: galax06, lycoris04, commentator14, feral19, haymaker15, konpeitojar07, laevatain10, masquerades16, obsolete08, quick07, sin13, sohcahtoa16, specialeyes17, vespa09, 4minutes14, action19, alice14, alliance06, another19, aquarimms19, archer13, assertive02, asteroid19.

2023.04.04 - (+8, =8194) Received from Reading Between the Lines 336: frozenheart04, swordia05, domremy12, berries09, starclip16, ehime12, gensokyo11, resonance06

2023.04.03 - (+3, =8186) Mastered nicknaming. Received: fieldops08, oblock17, crazyb01, 1 orange crayon

2023.04.03 - (+10, =8183) Received from Little Spell Academia 255: nicknaming04, nicknaming11, nicknaming12, nicknaming14, fieldops04, fieldops05, nicknaming19, nenthreads01, nicknaming20, fieldops07,

2023.04.03 - Traded with Amity: dovlin14, dovlin18, entomology16, miku10, accelerator04, acting17, afterpain04, afterpain19, brushgods11, carnival17, cerasus06, chainsaw13, crimibear17, crossfire14, curemuse01. Received: capsules20, figments14, kidnapped01, muse09, symphony06, action08, heavenguide03, heavenguide04, heavenguide12, hotel03, queenvirgo06, rollflash13, snail13, snake16, yo-yo16.

2023.04.03 - Traded with Mini: tatari08, einzbern16, saberkiller14, macedon09, chilipepper16, maous20. Received: holylove02, holylove15, likeapanda06, likeapanda15, likeapanda15, lycoreco19.

2023.04.03 - Traded with PhiPhi: rocker03, rocker12. Received: crazyslots09, hotel14.

2023.04.02 - (-3, =8173) Gifted to PhiPhi: fodlan10, sapientia19, strawberry18.

2023.04.02 - (+30, =8176) Received from Puzzle Chains 253: devious13, usss18, bearslayer10, saitama17, addict13, homura15, comedy18, charmkiss13, ponytail20, whitespire20, exchanger17, bloodbank01, shards08, dancecrew19, mma18, leaders09, jiji14, belarus03, blackhawks04, suzaku20, 3dgraphics19, thedetective02, kitten10, wishes02, neutral17, ikayaki10, 48th20, feisty15, class13, mi601, 1 blue crayon

2023.04.02 - (+24, =8146) Received from Lady Luck Slots 097: slaughter18, unassuming12, hermitcrab12, postergirl08, roserade18, liebestraume14, forkball01, wolfsbane08, mentality11, bookseller09, amaken03, quiet13, drifter20, values14, identities01, dawnfly02, drooling05, echoball18, shattered05, all-knowing06, fatherinlaw17, stealthsp05, pacts03, necromancer19, 1 green crayon, 1 gray crayon

2023.04.01 - (+13, =8122) Mastered: ectoplasm (FM), gokujou (FM), fraud, silverstar. Received: nicknaming16, nicknaming17, nicknaming18, deadoralive05, dadada06, poland18, uryu07, traveling01, thestinky01, 2 red crayons, 1 yellow crayon, crossdressf06, lemonsoda05, names06, fuhrer20, 1 gray crayon.

2023.04.01 - (+10, =8109) Received from April Fool's Release 156: ectoplasm20, silverstar18, fraud18, gokujou13, gokujou14, gokujou15, gokujou16, gokujou18, gokujou20, crossdressf20

2023.04.01 - (-3, =8099) Exchanged at Riku's Favors 37: blackrings08, blackrings18, debtmachine04, debtmachine15, guiltycross17, guiltycross19. Received: ectoplasm19, fraud17, gokujou12

2023.04.01 - Received from Colorseum 56-1: 1 orange crayon, 2 purple crayons, 1 brown crayon

2023.04.01 - (+76, =8102) Received from March 2023 Activity Rewards: swordsman17, tsukkomi18, heartmark12, baxia17, flighty02, kakyoin10, elegant07, saranaga19, batting09, zanarkand14, misery16, blackmailed07, lonely05, nyaa-chan11, 43rdsong13, koyasut13, 70years09, fluffal14, usagibrand10, misfortunate09, effect04, carefree05, paperwork18, ink18, cas02, mister17, wakening02, accessories11, lamentation15, masterpon18, kahina19, unmask20, devilchild02, cellist07, encourage05, jewelry07, sirix04, bugle19, honorific13, creati13, labestia11, mysticruins12, auspex01, tennyo15, villagers18, jadebow11, piggirl18, starmiya18, lemon01, jamsession01, megaphone15, discharge20, whoosh20, etude01, brahms01, blitzball02, dumb03, oodachi06, wolfdogs12, younger16, egoist18, kyokushin17, papilio10, sunshine02, conman13, arcusprima10, fingerguns04, 4thsister15, calamityhawk18, lascivious02, hounan04, sealand06, redjewels02, clutch13, assertive17, claws12, 1 red crayon, 2 yellow crayons, 1 green crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 gray crayon

2023.04.01 - (+8, =8026) Received from Go Fish! 352: jealousy10, witchgirl12, indecent14, seawitch01, falling07, zanber15, harem15, airsoft17, 1 yellow crayon

2023.04.01 - (+8, =8018) Donated to Silly Blanks 155: drunk14, duke13. Received: visitor16, beastmaster05, epyon15, wolfsbane12, brave11, warhammer17, replica14, silverknight02, armored18, humbug16.

2023.04.01 - (+9, =8010) Donated to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 240: prussia14. Received: optimist15, admiration08, gauntlets04, graveyard11, jiangzai03, sweat15, hatsutaro01, lorddeath14, persocom09, marching13.

2023.04.01 - (+32, =8001) Donated green crayon x 1 and grey cryon x 1 to Coloring Book 299 and received: windmill06, bullfrog06, amen04, kem04, reginleiva14, skyworld01, tenpa-kun10, ollie12, safetyfirst08, kotobukiya08, safetyfirst07, offrecord08, psychopath15, avoiddeath18, genji12, sheep07, ss-rank08, oldrabbit04, blackharu04, reincarnate10, samurais15, teachers13, rational19, heartattack20, linefaced19, kotobukiya02, maous20, wrathful08, uncle12, hakunon03, galestriker15, metalrod18

2023.04.01 - (+18, =7969) Received from New Release 155: divinelove01, holylove01, likeapanda01, pedigree01, homeland01, pentomo01, wosemi01, embership01, luci-nee01, wrathful01, prettygirls18, sig_ange, foxfaced02, linefaced09, silverstar16, ectoplasm17, gokujou08, fraud16

2023.03.31 - Traded with Trina: aerial01, gund-arm02. Received: daisuki07, laevatain02.

2023.03.31 - Traded with Francy: bigbanana02, clover18, dynawing09, hiraikotsu02, hiraikotsu08, manifest06, manifest20, replica19. Received: cookie19, ironmouse04, ironmouse20, onread10, sullen17, nosy18, shinmeiryuu10, terrified01.

2023.03.31 - Traded with Jun: flytrap02, jamsword05, stratagems06. Received: ectoplasm13, gokujou17, kork19.

2023.03.28 - (+12, =7951) Received from Little Spell Academia 254: ectoplasm10, fraud07, fraud08, blackrings02, ectoplasm13, ectoplasm14, burnish03, ectoplasm15, fraud12, blackrings03, ectoplasm16, fraud15,

2023.03.28 - (+18, =7939) Donated to Crazy Colors 231: gat-x10304, hype01. Received: bluedragon07, naive09, player216, torikou08, zokuzoku12, mechas07, sieglinde17, spring02, hypnotist20, attack05, england15, mayonaka06, highlife16, sengoku11, bigleague11, uza-uza06, skullstomp15, fiercewings15, balloon12, lycoreco06

2023.03.28 - (+12, =7921) Received from Music Station 303: publicmorals20, glowstone04, snowynight04, puzzlesp18, susanoo03, mounds02, rush07, eddiecall02, ratio12, tv06, asteria12, prettyboy08

2023.03.28 - (+5, =7909) Received from Most Wanted 58: asrun07, neongem20, dust13, fodlan10, debtmachine13

2023.03.28 - (+10, =7904) Received from Pokeradar 313: wilkis14, unicorn07, forlorn06, proxy15, shamshir06, doodles09, noona20, squeaks17, nanyatte15, stayathome06

2023.03.28 - (+18, =7894) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 213: composure05, allergen17, mushroom05, churchgrim14, bum10, bookoflaw03, flamingo04, butler09, primo09, arias20, morikawa04, level112, saint05, causation09, jujutsu01, ryuuseiken08, nine-tailed02, theater06, 1 yellow crayon

2023.03.28 - (+18, =7876) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 212: requiem14, potassium17, fuuga16, plunder11, cars04, carpetbomb12, bullying18, microbes03, cottage09, mikorin06, confection08, peacemaker15, damsel20, redbean15, optometry20, sharp09, crystaldust02, norimaki11, 1 brown crayon

2023.03.28 - Traded with Whitney: aluminum01. Received: schemer03.

2023.03.28 - Traded with Koinuko: burnish04, capsules05, eyes18, fractureray01, fractureray04, fractureray19, frei02, frei04, ironmouse15, jaganshi18, juniorarmy15, laevatain05, logic07, lycoreco01, lycoreco04, maschera02, myprincipal03, needles06, neofantasy03, playboy17, rose02, saturn08, yousei02, yousei11, crossdressf08, josei06.

2023.03.28 - Traded with Cvrsed: bluerose04, chipmunk12, waitress16, sig_ange. Received: nicknaming02, jankenpon20, loops06, sig_cvrsed.

2023.03.28 - (+24, =7858) Received from Deck Lover rewards. Round 355: chalphy16, bubbleluna12, mustaches17, sanctuary01, seinen17, containment11. Round 356: darkaltar04, pajamas08, harus13, femaleidols01, razorleaf12, wakening12. Round 357: cosplay11, koyasut08, maybirthday04, strangemen07, himemaru15, beards14. Round 358: lgbtmanga07, clerks15, universe02, pc-9802, extraclass12, thieves04.

2023.03.28 - (+35, =7834) Received from No Context Theater rewards. Round 304: clubsgame11, 7ofhearts04, escapesp11, riolu11, specialeyes04. Round 305: swamps09, einzbern16, mikrokosmos03, swamps03, hotelpool08. Round 306: kokkuri16, 2ofhearts19, blackrings20, baragaki14, salmiak10. Round 307: tatari08, riolu05, bloodbag17, stark10, 7ofhearts13. Round 308: toddler16, tatari02, gokujou11, rages06, leannan04. Round 309: gat-x10304, macedon09, dozing14, eunuch10, saurian19. Round 310: stark01, md-0031l19, kokkuri17, huckfinn09, girle10.

2023.03.26 - (-8, =7799) Gifted to Whitney: analyzation05, blogger04, darkhenge18, dunksmash08, engrish03, fifth20, heartbuns16, pegasus12.

2023.03.26 - Traded with Kyuu: blitzball15, curryudon08, focused12, fulcrum20, madbloom14, ninjamaid12, thefirst20, wildchild05, chimeras05. Received: ectoplasm12, fimbulvetr17, jankenpon03, konpeitojar09, loops12, no03, quick08, saranaga08, wizard16.

2023.03.26 - Traded with Elijah: pi-su19, zippers19, baragaki05, baragaki06, break13, ciaossu16, comedian11, comedian15, cyber2912, escapeking20, geb13, gravity06, imposter11, judoka05, lackey05, leicester17, lily20, livingzombie09, lovestorm08, magnetism11, normie05, outdoor03, paperwork01, papiyas04, respected20, sapientia05, seamstress04, sinister13, snobbish16, species01, starfighter08, stonefree18, talented12, tested06, tested19, upstairs07, woodensword07. Received: cookie03, dozing11, fantan07, fantan08, fantan16, fashion02, king04, koopalings04, lovefreak12, mineral04, mineral06, mineral10, mineral20, no13, science20, sohcahtoa09, tokunaga04, youtuber06, aquarimms02, belderiver12, belderiver19, better06, blastia10, conman04, conman18, darkboots18, design17, despair17, firetruck16, fontech05, fractureray20, giftshop17, heavenguide05, hellguide01, hellguide05, horrorsp20, hospital12.

2023.03.26 - (+12, =7807) Mastered special decks: clerks, misguided, neoarcadia. Received: silverstar05, silverstar06, silverstar09, mydarling10, bladerang17, famous13, 2ofhearts19, gacharolls03, gamble13, herbaltea09, daitsuren10, bedridden14, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon

2023.03.26 - (-20, =7795) Exchanged at the Art Studio: bara08, biometals11, brickbreak09, brickbreak10, capitalism10, capitalism15, capitalism18, circus07, circus07, circus13, clubsunshine19, construction07, construction13, corecrystal08, corecrystal20, cousins01, gigacity04, gramblaze11, gramblaze16, gramblaze17, helper13, helper16, helper17, ironfist08, ironfist13, lightclub06, lightclub14, nekotalia01, nekotalia18, nowhere04. Received: clerks13, misguided05, misguided09, misguided10, neoarcadia01, neoarcadia07, neoarcadia08, neoarcadia09, neoarcadia13, silverstar01.

2023.03.26 - (-1, =7815) Exchanged in Riku's Favors 36: clerks04, clerks05. Received: clerks17.

2023.03.25 - (-1, =7816) Gifted to Kyuu: emissary19

2023.03.25 - (-1, =7817) Gifted to Noelle: adrestia07

2023.03.25 - (-1, =7818) Gifted to Arianne: mutt10

2023.03.25 - (-1, =7819) Gifted to Jun: rulestime14

2023.03.25 - (+8, =7820) Received from Reading Between the Lines 335: teamsmile09, warflag02, holidaystar19, macarons02, melfriends11, bamboo12, brynhilde06, babyfox07

2023.03.25 - (+30, =7812) Received from Puzzle Chains 252: ryujinjakka10, fightingqueen19, swordplay08, illegal17, wendel09, fingernails07, cosplayidol12, gemstone20, provisions06, intoxicated10, odoru11, dragon-type15, gridman19, pay01, incubus01, royalty14, ganja07, predilection04, feel03, minimum03, yakumo12, oshi-san05, hyena10, hottemper14, magiteknical05, plant09, daruma02, libertine09, prospector07, heartcross14, 1 purple crayon

2023.03.25 - (+8, =7782) Donated to Silly Blanks 154: bail01, scissors17. Received: ainsophaur02, singlemom05, magiccancel05, dln-00b04, professional12, jiangshi20, astraeus02, keltan18, legatus15, library01

2023.03.25 - (+9, =7774) Received from Go Fish! 351: chitose07, flare03, burn15, esteem19, melchsee18, muscles14, phan-site16, seele15, fierydesire03, 1 orange crayon

2023.03.25 - (+8, =7765) Donated to Stamp Card 039: jeanpaul20, plumber09. Received: familiar16, hiraikotsu08, dunceney10, text04, deadzone07, swimsuits03, kore12, four05, yamato08, troias11.

2023.03.25 - Received from Colorseum 55-5: red crayon x 2, orange crayon x 1, yellow crayon x1

2023.03.25 - (+6, =7757) Received from Scrapbook 269 & 270 and Scrapbooks 269 & 270 Overtime: kunst06, deku17, fathers15, strawberry18, devilchild11, folseus11, 1 red crayon, 1 red crayon

2023.03.25 - (+7, =7751) Received from Host Club Giveaway 233: deadlines08, database06, gerbera18, stress10, sunk02, goddesses01, superluminal04

2023.03.25 - (+32, =7744) Donated purple crayon x 2 to Coloring Book 298 and received: single08, dish13, hydrangeas19, black07, hitman05, fatal14, popgun07, chococornet19, enchanting06, enchanting15, blackrings18, blackrings07, willbeokay06, trance20, raikiri07, tender07, ki19, abusive15, oriental19, spiderqueen06, falborg16, basketballs16, prelati01, goodday01, admins03, fingerprint04, blackrings08, fingerprint08, omurice12, greatdemon12, rat14, shinjuku13.

2023.03.25 - (+5, =7712) Received from Stamp Card 038: glomp17, twitter01, donuts10, miroru15, echooflife09

2023.03.25 - (+5, =7707) Received from Most Wanted 57: rulestime14, mutt10, adrestia07, toadstool18, emissary19

2023.03.25 - (+10, =7702) Received from Pokeradar 312: misandry09, sleepwalker10, peachtree20, heartshaped07, earring08, theories18, oar07, dressupdoll19, cgi10, noscomuna04

2023.03.25 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 210:alphonse02, bullfrog05, canopus02, desire20, build04, corrosion20, impatient18. Received: clowns15, dnn17, usagi94, messhouen10, blackmagic04, nobodies05, sin07.

2023.03.25 - (+18, =7692) Donated to Crazy Colors 230: newrecruit13, santeem16. Received: magicalfire01, veneer16, chopsticks18, bunhead08, thefrog13, darkaltar07, germanium12, himeya05, observer07, humanity10, dotharl20, misty16, iga20, dln-00a13, nightfall09, whitesilver11, sociable02, sexyguilty09, dynawing09, taijutsu07.

2023.03.25 - (+6, =7674) Received from Hi-5 Radio 193: frown12, blurball20, glintarmor19, cytotoxic09, goddess19, succubus09

2023.03.25 - (+30, =7668) Received from Colors Concentration 001: heaven16, tradename08, chainsaw13, cantus08, astraphobia03, tenwolf14, merm4id12, redgem03, fleadom13, bianca08, cosmobeauty04, yoga01, vape15, boxweapon10, dwn-04315, honkytonk09, honeybee04, cutlass04, thecrows02, nu03, azureazoth12, gamegear07, groosenator03, shadowless13, cage18, whistle18, zeref19, inn05, farmer13, empowering02, 1 gray crayon

2023.03.25 - (+8, =7638) Received from Reading Between the Lines 334: sugitan11, sylphid09, platitudes09, shiratorizawa12, wayward20, ninisgrace17, defense01, ingredients10

2023.03.25 - (+30, =7630) Received from Puzzle Chains 251: comnet18, seduce09, wealth07, postergirl07, thesun20, pillars08, petting11, wrecking07, eddiecall19, jiggies18, assertive13, beecontrol15, hakunon09, tracker18, machine15, series02, judasear01, otakuwife12, bdsm06, datatennis10, afterpain04, reddragon03, otakuwife12, diva18, saberkiller14, choina14, snicker19, blackwhite16, 7thheaven20, silhouettes07, 1 blue crayon

2023.03.25 - Received from Colorseum 55-4: 1 orange crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon.

2023.03.25 - (+8, =7600) Donated to Silly Blanks 153: begging08, baroque17. Received: lace09, charmbuster08, astralartes18, lieutenant14, safety08, disinfect01, punk14, scuro02, bodyguard10, blackmage01.

2023.03.25 - (+13, =7592) Received from Go Fish! 350 - Special Round: professional17, kindheart19, gaebolg02, orochi02, dove10, azrael12, compy17, mouse07, answers01, surveying02, vertexes13, azuresea13, vivid06, 1 yellow crayon, 1 gray crayon

2023.03.25 - (+9, =7579) Donated to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 239: shadow10. Received: blademaster01, shiny03, yamainu15, decoration17, outburst02, purewhite13, cruelty03, thirdroom07, hardland11, unnoticed10.

2023.03.25 - (+8, =7570) Received from Guess the Color 309: sogetsu08, akatsuki20, thirdroom17, dln-00302, noel17, crimsonvs05, sapphire02, theod05

2023.03.25 - (+8, =7562) Donated to Stamp Cards 038: ouji01, archaeology04. Received: windmaster16, dtr10, jewelknight19, doberman11, goodday08, reality19, combine19, earthshaker03, shadowclan08, wildrose02

2023.03.25 - (+50, =7554) Received from Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand 2023: fencing06, aquaactress05, fireaxe14, widow11, passes07, assigned11, reader02, blackcat09, valentines03, sonofman04, cheerfuldays16, ishope01, childstar15, tophat13, iralupus19, poopgod08, newbie13, sweeping20, windangel18, chaosbrigade15, sniff19, lancecorp13, mugen12, distracted07, scheming14, walpurgis08, shibainu11, labyrinthia03, smiling17, operation01, spiderqueen18, juicebat03, exodia08, saury03, deckbuilder08, grace04, sadism07, dialect19, whitemage17, sitar08, melonpan18, afro15, lewddream07, gross07, cryptic05, moruta09, curemuse01, polar05, smol17, sukonbu17

2023.03.25 - (+12, =7504) Received from Directions 165: gundo02, forelock09, kurosawa07, sakugarne14, robin13, sylvestris07, cureetoile07, cutegirls11, seinen10, piccolo02, amikke01, mingguang15

2023.03.25 - (+5, =7492) Received from Coloring Book 297: leannan17, dovlin18, kokkuri05, zaiwei11, sapientia19

2023.03.24 - (-12, =7487) Gifted to Suni: gangboss08, idolself09, inheritance20, megamerge01, optometry18, orca19, overexcited17, rev20, unowen20, villager03, wishes05, wishes06

2023.03.22 - Traded with Prox: blutgang11, freespirit03, freespirit09, hummingbird01. Received: imperatrix01, loops08, fairyprincess13, idol07.

2023.03.21 - (+24, =7499) Received from Lady Luck Slots 096: bio-weapon05, videocamera13, trips13, tentyris16, ero-cook18, crocea10, unsatisfied02, hype01, bomberrod15, marysue10, military14, pillars12, takeout06, goldsmith20, tentyris10, imperial10, enforcers02, arcadestar10, fantastical04, resonant14, endless20, divinerose04, theelite10, deathclaw12, 2 yellow crayons

2023.03.21 - (-1, =7475) Gifted to Kyuu: minfilia19

2023.03.21 - (-3, =7476) Gifted to Prox: mob14, vino04, vino15

2023.03.19 - (+16, =7479) Mastery Chain: Sole Heir (FM), Debt Machine (FM), Daathic, Sole Ally (FM). Received mastery rewards: soleally13, soleally15, soleally16, gokujou06, brokenrose13, lucky06, oodachi04, heal09, unowen20, robber12, rich11, pinch01, 1 red crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon. Used "+1 choice card for 5 masteries" coupon: soleally18, soleally19, soleally20, gokujou07.

2023.03.19 - (+14, =7463) Received from Little Spell Academia 253: ectoplasm05, soleally05, soleally07, fraud03, fraud04, nicknaming03, ectoplasm07, ectoplasm09, nicknaming05, soleally12, nicknaming06, nicknaming07, nicknaming09, nicknaming10

2023.03.19 - (+7, =7449) Received from New Release 154 part3: heartshaped01, nicknaming01, soleally03, gokujou05, fraud02, cookie04, thespider04.

2023.03.19 - Traded with Ouji: pullcord17, bluedot07, mythologie17, phoebus16, strait19, tauropolos16, travel06. Received: soleheir15, cheese14, commentator18, hesitation14, online10, thespider15, yohane12.

2023.03.19 - (+25, =7442) Leveled up from Clover to Mars. Received: soleheir12, soleheir14, soleheir17, soleheir18, soleheir20, phater01, madbloom14, comedian11, bestfriend08, fiercecorpse14, gunslinger01, nes18, pitiful03, talented12, mutterings12, complete15, sneeze19, clotting02, quotations17, witchgirl08, traumatic12, mindset01, untalented10, blogger04, harpy05, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon

2023.03.19 - Traded with Arianne: bandit12, chao02, equestrian17, levitation09, monalisa11, rattata02, richgirl18. Received: 14thmoon05, fieldops18, kidnapped06, kidnapped20, motherly05, sin20, soleheir19.

2023.03.19 - (+2, =7417) Traded with Angie (W): kyouran10, ballerina03, ballerina05, duck20, madking01. Received: soleheir13, fantan19, haymaker08, information04, kork10. Received as a gift: blooddevil12, clairvoyant05!

2023.03.19 - Traded with Mini: angeltoall16, badcompany04, badcompany20, macedon05, natsukodachi05, purplehaze05, soothsires20. Received: ectoplasm06, nicknaming08, soleheir10, blackrings08, blackrings18, deadmans20, myprincipal02.

2023.03.18 - (+15, =7415) Received from Seiyuu Guess 591: amikke20, nightbird09, enchantress20, theend09, world19, bojutsu07, thepierrot10, pikori02, rafale18, foursky07, edin04, riches12, babymonster17, valentines08, deathseeker15

2023.03.18 - (+32, =7400) Donated green crayon x 2 to Coloring Book 298 and received: dgse16, golddragon08, well03, repair08, chisha09, facup16, virtual12, chocolatier11, gokujou09, woodsman06, eunuch10, eunuch05, nude04, fallere11, rougeschool04, dolly04, savage13, blacksheep04, patrol17, dwn-02212, killerbee03, badboy12, gamuza07, razorwind10, deadmans17, toddler05, baragaki06, girle12, logicshow17, romancekiss02, caster10, peterpan17

2023.03.18 - (+18, =7368) Donated to Crazy Colors 229: gremlin09, frailskill16. Received: stargaze03, ringmaster04, marimo17, gravity06, topknot13, soujutsu20, rebelspark09, notdefeated01, fly02, loops14, mini14, scarf14, mahoucop18, possideo12, gatsuga02, amarcian06, hairclip05, sherwood11, apologize12, studio20

2023.03.18 - (+5, =7350) Received from Most Wanted 56: pleasure10, lancers17, holmes03, mob14, minfilia19.

2023.03.18 - (+10, =7345) Received from Pokeradar 311: eroticart02, heavenmaker11, harem02, nomercy01, feral01, mascot20, pi-su19, lullaby04, lazing06, immortal16

2023.03.18 - (+21, =7335) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 209: bunaru15, secondroom05, whiteclown05, impetuous16, ogredemon02, capillary03, bakedapples16, donmai05, quantum07, quindecim03, hadouken10, nanotech08, elivagar03, scissors09, kyudo18, rulestime03, measuring07, la-lakoosha14, bittersweet14, normie05, godofdeath10, 1 gray crayon

2023.03.18 - (+24, =7314) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 210: discharge11, bluedot07, ciaossu16, miroru09, voiceless12, veteran06, corn19, goldchain10, swordplay04, girl12, upbringing12, gunman09, organic11, takarazuka20, mythologie17, suinosato16, reliability06, travel06, absolute03, violet04, suishouhime01, watchguard20, lemon08, serenes10, 1 brown crayon

2023.03.18 - (+140, =7290) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 211: chitchat18, network12, nonexistent07, gal14, phoebus02, crested16, phoebus16, paladienne16, reservoir14, bumblepig20, roughskin15, highrollers20, humbug03, outlandish02, shishi-oh11, masculine09, shiganshina17, persistent07, equation16, jewelwitch08, psicom19, satan05, stew12, megaring07, windwitch01, earthgrudge12, heartbuns16, 65802, moonrace05, hermit19, duality03, survey03, homeworld11, determinater07, airhead15, nolife19, dolls07, spore15, perfect02, dolly20, blackhawks15, shopping08, ghosts20, fiddle19, blacklion12, breakpoint15, netop13, see02, hotice07, inn14, crater19, starfighter08, youngmen17, circus13, zauber10, skilled16, crimsonvs09, whitecloud09, argentea13, ladybug13, hitsuzen17, diva08, slapping11, brps01, council15, egawa07, 203211, flamek17, cognitive20, vermouth18, katana20, holywater13, excalibur20, palemoon02, tensionmax05, uncute18, soundpod14, rian20, kaneda04, homerun02, stardragon02, germany03, skipping17, kaientai06, devoted07, mardan16, eponassong15, escapeking20, quickdraw19, colorful13, littlegirl06, bartender15, geb13, merciless03, explosives04, savate09, darknight01, rockidol19, deku15, tsuntsun19, 192cm16, angeltoall16, dreamisland08, gaiadragoon15, seamstress04, dualkatana08, shinma04, immortality02, rosewater12, drifter04, gear01, mission04, promisepetal04, goldenrod20, ciaossu19, peppy01, covered06, 3dgraphics05, saitama06, kirchen05, astrorobin07, brahms06, deadman20, fuhrer14, dovlin18, macedon01, unchain14, gokujou04, schoolnurse10, chimeras05, schoolnurse03, entomology16, smooth-talk06, roommate11, tatari18, escapesp17, blackrings04, koubai04, privateeye05, nociceptor08, 3 orange crayons, 3 yellow crayons, 2 blue crayons, 1 purple crayon, 2 brown crayons, 1 gray crayon

2023.03.18 - (+24, =7150) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 211: orpheus05, flowingwind19, enthusiast14, ghostgirl04, strait19, bauxite05, skill18, belly19, normies12, kakusei17, sinister13, license20, alioth02, redflash18, princes09, tosei06, minus01, flytrap02, requiem07, bullet17, gramblaze17, preyseeker15, tease07, pocketwatch12, 1 green crayon

2023.03.18 - (+8, =7126) Received from Reading Between the Lines 333: sanallites01, eclair10, neshitteru05, kerberous14, yewfelle03, waitress16, shieikan14, banchou12

2023.03.18 - (+30, =7118) Received from Puzzle Chains 250: craft02, jetpack14, caesarpro07, wingzero16, islove10, darkhenge18, bal20, atonce16, kailu16, temple16, gammaray14, badcompany20, medical05, purebred12, senza07, memoirs07, self-driven18, mokkun08, blanket01, harness05, teamates02, tauropolos16, codec17, unreadable04, yourboy04, confidants12, gouki02, worrier03, real18, alcohol19, 1 green crayon

2023.03.18 - (+8, =7088) Donated to Silly Blanks 152: tidy19, snowstorm06. Received: medicine14, voluntary19, sanctuary19, sequestered08, voracious01, popsinger17, ultima18, blueeyes07, entomologist16, strip06

2023.03.18 - (+1, =7080) Traded with Sen: 4thbatter14, akagami19, archers09. Received: gokujou19, insectpillar15, lightside20. Received as a gift: ectoplasm03.

2023.03.18 - (+15, =7079) Received from Little Spell Academia 252: debtmachine14, galax03, debtmachine17, soleheir06, debtmachine18, daathic03, gokujou02, soleheir07, soleheir08, daathic06, daathic08, gokujou03, soleheir09, daathic16, soleheir11.

2023.03.16 - (-4, =7064) Gifted to Sen: focused18, hawkeye14, replica07, replica13

2023.03.15 - Traded with Mara: adorableness05, brilliant15, handheld19, kaijuidol19, lascivious06, lovewing11, palps01. Received: clerks04, crossdressf19, demon17, ontan01, pharaoh08, soleally09, twintails01.

2023.03.15 - Traded with Ares: allsunday12, carrot12, doog12, nameless15, psyche09, psyche12, swindler07, salmiak18, sig_ange. Received: nicknaming13, fraud05, gokujou10, blackrings15, bloodbag02, soleally02, soleally06, soleally10, sig_ares.

2023.03.15 - Traded with Noelle: altena16, coaching08, ghostgirl11, ghostship19, greatwitch15, happysong17, prettysweet19. Received: nicknaming15, ectoplasm08, blackrings12, kork11, soleally04, soleally08, soleally17.

2023.03.14 - (-5, =7068) Gifted to Mara: palps11, relax14, rot01, rot05, tensionmax15

2023.03.14 - (+6, =7073) Received from Go Fish! 349: flamboyant11, vanargandr13, mameshiba01, klagen07, spectator08, airgetlam12, 1 yellow crayon

2023.03.14 - (+8, =7067) Received from Guess the Color 308: kacchon09, tactless05, ouji01, animusphere19, corrosion20, endings06, open11, anti15

2023.03.14 - (+24, =7059) Received from Lady Luck Slots 095: giganto11, intelligent01, crowanima10, hadouken05, belly08, x-clips10, kurikara14, mymakura18, secretary06, poodle10, sevendays12, vulnerable16, discourse08, full-bloom10, y-ko13, father02, undergrad18, goggles01, ragecandy04, shiitake09, aman20, hymn12, judgement05, worldthree08, 2 brown crayons

2023.03.14 - Received from Colorseum 55-3: red crayon x2, blue crayon x1, gray crayon x1.

2023.03.14 - (+10, =7035) Received from Stamp Card 037: prism03, aqua06, cureetoile07, suna-suna03, goddesses03, half-vampire03, trapnest03, tezcatlipoca20, deadly15, ai20

2023.03.14 - (+8, =7025) Donated to Stamp Card 038: jindujun10, onward17. Received: focused12, laundry02, ofwrath17, megamerge01, yuujinchou16, hyena08, riceball06, maiden10, proudclad05, 43rdsong01.

2023.03.14 - (+1, =7017) Received a yellow Valentine's chocolate from Trina and agape09

2023.03.14 - (+1, =7016) Received a green Valentine's chocolate from Aru and daathic01

2023.03.14 - (+1, =7015) Received a blue Valentine's chocolate from Erin and clerks18

2023.03.13 - (+9, =7014) Donated to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 238: flowersong15. Received: boxingring07, dreamdiary09, emotional20, grapejam11, coldbarrel07, seer13, alphonse15, cellphones11, samuraifan03, monk04.

2023.03.13 - (+16, =7005) Donated yellow crayon x1 to Coloring Book 297 and received: satchel13, workshop16, gat-x10302, elegy03, nerd07, microbes06, metropolis09, pizzicato11, koubai12, thehatter14, mimic19, gat-x10309, one-cut19, rocksalt01, nyan06, ricecake10

2023.03.13 - (+16, =6989) Donated blue crayon x1 to Coloring Book 297 and received: shuei-gumi11, kailu06, gigacity04, pencils10, doorshrine06, viper16, zippers19, wildchild05, saurian06, unchain01, micdrop08, redhare03, organization18, fencing20, tenets18, papiyas04

2023.03.13 - (+7, =6973) Received from Host Club Giveaway 232: recitals10, noclue09, aisu16, yoru07, jerseys04, nomoney16, onsunday05

2023.03.13 - Exchanged in Riku's Favors 32: addicted04, addicted14, keptman05. Received: debtmachine04, debtmachine15, debtmachine20

2023.03.13 - (+1, =6966) Received a red Valentine's chocolate from Gloomlee and soleheir05.

2023.03.13 - (+1, =6965) Received a purple Valentine's chocolate from Lex and ectoplasm18.

2023.03.12 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 209: cinephile02, homeroom18, funds17. Received: tomboy18, straylize17, ghosthouse04.

2023.03.12 - (+40, =6964) Recycled Art claim 2023.02.19: haymaker10, loyalty01, vocalist08, landlord17, lemu02, lemu03, lemu05, lemu06, lemu09, lemu10, lemu11, lemu12, lemu13, lemu14, lemu15, lemu16, lemu17, lemu18, lhantmanor03, lhantmanor08, 2-a01, 2-a02, 2-a03, 2-a05, 2-a06, 2-a07, 2-a08, 2-a10, 2-a12, 2-a13, 2-a14, 2-a15, 2-a16, 2-a17, 2-a18, 2-a19, 2-a20, liars04, pretty06, pretty10

2023.03.12 - (+40, =6924) Recycled Art claim 2023.02.27: capsule01, broadway05, caramels07, caramels17, cauldron12, cendrillon19, long-range01, long-range03, long-range06, long-range10, long-range12, long-range15, long-range17, lotus02, lust02, rimaajon01, rimaajon08, rimaajon15, rimaajon16, rimaajon18, sketch02, stayathome01, stayathome02, stayathome04, stayathome10, stayathome14, stayathome15, stayathome16, stayathome18, tasla08, artists02, termina09, termina12, termina20, theend12, yaoi04, yaoi10, yaoi11, yaoi16, yaoi20

2023.03.12 - (+40, =6884) Recycled Art claim 2023.03.05: chrysalis01, chrysalis02, chrysalis03, chrysalis06, chrysalis08, chrysalis13, chrysalis15, chrysalis17, darkones01, darkones03, darkones09, darkones10, darkones20, dininghall06, dininghall13, dininghall18, leap01, leap05, leap06, leap15, leap17, leap20, powerplant06, powerplant08, puku03, darkaltar08, psypher02, psypher08, psypher19, psypher20, sexytype01, sexytype02, sexytype03, sexytype04, sexytype06, sexytype09, sexytype10, sexytype13, sexytype17, sexytype18

2023.03.10 - Traded with Cupid: sunwukong01, sunwukong06, sunwukong11. Received: 4minutes02, clamp15, dragons11.

2023.03.09 - Traded with Cvrsed: 199805, 199810, earthelmt12, kittywitch03, reiiden04, sugarmelody16, swordbreaker11, tao05, unowen10, unseasonal10, ursula09, urusei02, vegetarian02, yomi11. Received: abettor17, castle15, design10, four15, heartshaped16, kork05, nun05, ogikubo11, precure10, referee04, sakurafubuki08, suidream19, utilitarian03, wearsamask13.

2023.03.08 - Traded with Emelie: blast13, crafts08, gluegun16, lips15, piercing17, practical14, strategical17, tail12, traveler20. Received: fraud06, graveryl18, kidnapped10, ratio13, referee08, saranaga19, soleheir16, vassal14, yohane16.

2023.03.08 - (+3, =6844) Mastered Kept Man. Received: debtmachine13, magnetism11, aproned01, 1 gray crayon.

2023.03.08 - (+11, =6841) Received from Little Spell Academia 251: soleheir02, keptman06, debtmachine10, soleheir03, keptman08, keptman10, keptman15, keptman16, debtmachine11, soleheir04, debtmachine12

2023.03.08 - (-2, =6830) Exchanged in Riku's Favors 34: debtmachine07, keptman02, keptman07, fraud09. Received: keptman17, keptman18.

2023.03.08 - Exchanged in Swap Station 198: debtmachine06, keptman01, keptman13, keptman14. Received: debtmachine07, keptman02, keptman07, keptman09.

2023.03.08 - (-1, =6832) Gifted to Len: heartshaped07.

2023.03.07 - (-1, =6833) Gifted to Iris: sakura02.

2023.03.07 - (+5, =6834) Received from Most Wanted 55: toytoy18, liberty18, soleheir16, sakura02, heartshaped07

2023.03.07 - (+15, =6829) Received from Pokeradar 310 - Special Round: cutethings20, klagen04, nodirection07, magiteknical19, dynamo10, shakedown03, crossdressm08, formal15, sailorfuku01, fryingpan09, roadless11, commentary03, christine15, artemyra03, militaire05

2023.03.07 - (+8, =6814) Received from Reading Between the Lines 332: timetravel14, k2r14, zanza04, relife15, baroque17, copper05, excelsis12, anti-soul19

2023.03.07 - (+30, =6806) Received from Puzzle Chains 249: piglet13, malefic08, mountains17, supreme19, bearslayer12, ponzu15, dechuwa05, minions18, blutgang11, performer10, raisondetre01, midnight06, bestsenpai08, evenbetter09, palamecia09, strings15, sticker19, bookofd06, azuresea19, fleadom03, hakoniwa13, synthesizer16, duplicates16, aquamarine16, obstinate01, fraternity18, shiratorizawa17, verycute16, hyouhaku10, peddler15, 1 red crayon

2023.03.07 - Traded with Lex: agrabah07, attraction08, influencer03, kayo-chin01, oils17, paperwork09, partners03, seamstress09, urbanlegend19, yuki12. Received: daathic17, ectoplasm11, burnish19, capsules13, daymare16, eyes02, fraud09, youtuber03, youtuber07, youtuber18.

2023.03.06 - (+1, =6776) Received a blue chocolate from Vaini and clerks11!

2023.03.06 - (+24, =6775) Received from Lady Luck Slots 094: species01, cutetype01, i-praseru10, theundead04, soulunion06, helper13, tanabata14, kakkii07, laguz04, fairies06, supporters13, schwarzwelt07, firstsin14, firstsin12, valentines13, construction13, catsndogs06, decision14, sekigahara02, clubsunshine19, partner17, 8-bit19, 5stars02, jinchuuriki11, 1 red crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 gray crayon

2023.03.06 - (+24, =6751) Received from Lady Luck Slots 093: pawn08, bofu09, likable05, pinkscarf01, makuhita05, yumeiro15, aikane19, cannone05, guiltycrown10, potential03, dreamycrown12, prism06, thread12, goathorns08, albhed11, priest07, atomic14, hamlet04, number109, kuronomei10, timetravel18, taoist01, crowanima16, 11-802, 1 red crayon, 1 yellow crayon

2023.03.06 - Received from Colorseum 55-2: red crayon, orange crayon, brown crayon, gray crayon.

2023.03.06 - (+8, =6727) Received from Guess the Color 307: skye07, feasting04, harrow01, strategist03, shishitou01, helper16, holmes02, curara12.

2023.03.06 - (+8, =6719) Received from Colors Chat 121: zurek15, tutored02, doma09, fantan18, hiddencurse16, chair03, earthshaker14, 1000needles11

2023.03.06 - (+15, =6711) Received from Beauty Pageant 140: shintenshin11, ugly02, mastermind20, mon3tr07, galearc18, peyang09, curara02, stratagems06, bofu18, mastermind17, falling02, jester17, guardian02, winddance09, overeat03, 1 yellow crayon, 1 purple crayon

2023.03.06 - Traded with Charlotte: beli18, bodyswap17, broadcast11, calculation14, clings14, clings19, collected07, collected13, fenrir16, foughten02, gekokujou19, grandking08, greenshell14, handicraft08, jump03, sig_ange. Received: galax01, galax05, capsules12, couturier02, daisuki05, haymaker05, kidnapped02, lorelei13, lovefreak04, youtuber17, netrunner20, no18, planners20, referee09, symphony12, sig_charlotte.

2023.03.05 - (-1, =6696) Gifted to Aiko: spain17.

2023.03.05 - (-1, =6697) Gifted to Homunculus: furniture12.

2023.03.05 - (-2, =6698) Gifted to Gloomlee: bonneter20, restriction13

2023.03.05 - (-2, =6700) Gifted to Koinuko: vegitamura12, vegitamura17.

2023.03.05 - (+1, =6702) Received a purple chocolate from Len and ectoplasm02!

2023.03.05 - Traded with Ouji: e-droid05, holypriest08, trifolium07, divina15, sapientia02, sapientia16, oboro11, travel09. Received: referee06, bigpuppy10, blackmagic03, burgers19, cinema05, cinema12, cinema16, clothespeg02.

2023.03.04 - (+192, =6701) Donated to February 2023 POG: eskrima13, loyalblade04, eternia06, caelin12, terminal15, rabbitcurse11, interface13, clings18. Received: deduction14, suit18, canaan14, amita18, 75th13, blogger03, pyu11, traveler20, robin02, railgun05, romance11, rise02, happyclap15, cult15, heropon18, noproblem15, slayer08, dovlin14, northstar18, solo07, starmagic19, slaughter06, 10seconds01, obscenity17, diva09, bench11, rosewood18, cyclone14, strategical17, yorha07, poltergust05, beloved16, matsumura07, witchhat03, runes07, dcn-02610, shibuyagal16, grimoire10, constellation07, part-timer09, steelpipe11, heavens13, piercing17, pandaemonium01, despair09, snakes12, prison14, rollflash06, sweatdrops18, trifolium07, parvenu10, stress15, failnaught06, octal16, crows05, enjoying08, djdragon06, darkroad04, formula01, nakisawa17, unorthodox07, father05, shapeshift17, syringe02, icefield11, balloons16, starfish09, poisonivy04, star11, ducati06, darkknight18, pitch-black14, second07, thiers12, thefool02, distress20, cameraworld15, soothsires20, garlemald11, conspiring09, vegitamura17, firefighter15, chilipepper16, begging08, emulate20, queenvirgo02, ofruin19, assassin10, cureblack20, lovewing11, aluminum01, turkey19, blitzball15, mindseye11, divina15, narcolepsy20, rozarria06, luscinia03, gingerbread10, spacepirate13, meltyluna09, charger15, kape10, furpelt02, pious04, elven16, trumpet13, lovestorm08, firefly04, passiontype10, carrot12, taunts12, uphim18, gelato09, deadpan13, cyber2912, unmask20, travel09, devon08, lenster03, sweetfood08, dininghall03, bookofd19, evenbetter05, prettyboy02, grownup07, eyes11, diamondclan18, upstairs07, armored04, outdoor03, sohcahtoa02, thepast16, uncertain12, dwn-02005, respected15, kittywitch03, musical01, silvana03, avalanche05, jerseys18, pentagram19, addiction08, steam19, hanoi16, vixen04, rank08, iaigeri12, heartache09, skeletal16, string414, 4thbatter14, nomotivation13, memorycard20, love15, fragile11, daisy06, constable10, lunartear17, weddings03, snake14, weaklings08, pinkpearl06, beguile06, wishes06, supersonic12, redshield20, byakuei01, fullbloom04, insurgent04, leap16, chipmunk12, kbt17, basementkey20, archers09, freespirit03, fulcrum20, maidcafe10, memoryheart13, meribia08, judoka20, salmiak18, stark02, macedon05, gat-x10302, oboro11, thehatter12, fourfangs04, diamondsgame18, petit20, heartshaped10, sapientia05, e-droid05, gat-x10304, toddler20, holypriest08, goathorns11, fantan10, ectoplasm04, magegeneral07, 3 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 1 yellow crayon, 2 green crayons, 7 blue crayons, 4 purple crayons, 5 brown crayons, 6 gray crayons. Also received Grand Prize A coupon: +1 mastery choice card (5 uses)

2023.03.04 - (+8, =6509) Donated to Silly Blanks 151: antique16, reset19. Received: desire20, challenge12, doubledash13, hibakari05, soundless20, devilchild12, seagull16, safeguard12, unicornis09, painter05.

2023.03.04 - (+5, =6501) Received from Go Fish! 348: spacey14, homerun14, iceland05, beeject10, fleur10

2023.03.04 - (+36, =6496) Turned in sketchpad x 18 at the Art Shop. Received: 58yearsold07, barefists09, sexyguilty16, motherly04, god-striking17, cavernoftime11, mornings15, backfire04, readsflags20, mob09, engagement09, acceleration05, telecaster14, bride17, lovequeen12, hamusenryu14, coldnoodles12, xiii14, chocobos15, sandaime04, all-seeing16, archer12, lovehug05, zanber20, descendant06, keptman01, gemknight19, eye10, posttown14, hadoukyuu19, elf16, darkones19, blackrose17, twili17, unimpressed09, caring18, 2 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 5 yellow crayons, 4 blue crayons, 2 purple crayons, 1 brown crayon, 2 gray crayons.

2023.03.04 - (+9, =6460) Donated to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 237: dwarf18. Received:. all-outkiss10, fortissimo08, exchanger04, diamondsgame19, carefree16, 1luv08, bluerose04, 62417, elendia06, formulas09.

2023.03.04 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 209: kit-aura08, holes03, wayfarer04, drum01, gichou17, laurent08, wholebody14, wendel05. Received: liars08, electrifying16, agoraphobic04, rumraisin20, neshitteru13, flowershop11, shinmeiryuu01, darkboots05.

2023.03.04 - (+32, =6451) Donated green crayon x 2 to Coloring Book 297. Received: bail01, linda18, predilection04, windwaker01, process06, cars15, livingzombie09, wisteria09, baragaki05, swamps04, sapientia16, rages16, pessimist08, apologetic19, maybirthday05, kingsaw19, doodle12, trumpet02, mint04, reflex10, harvest20, investigate05, jkd15, militant06, sapientia02, fantan04, swamps10, gone03, unseasonal10, escaflowne03, vierzeberg12, femaleidols12.

2023.03.03 - (+1, =6419) Traded with Aru: animalcare12, walhalla16, beatboxing10, etheirys18, bombraid12, evillaugh12, kickboxing17, oak20, onthefloor19, spetsnaz13, bombardment07, caerula17, echooflife11, electricnet09, gavial12, stimpack17, stormwatch20, sylvestris11, busking02, charles17, diet10, dish04, grape12, half-giant05, kon07, licking20, nephamily01, rapbattles06, roughskin12, roughskin15, stratagems03, whiteraven10. Received: daathic05, soleally11, soleally14, bloody18, bungee05, bungee10, bungee12, capsules06, cheese02, chocolate11, cookie01, cookie10, couturier11, daisuki15, frei01, graveryl19, hesitation01, hesitation13, innuendos10, ironmouse06, jaganshi13, jaganshi17, jaganshi19, jaganshi20, kid02, koopalings03, maschera11, muramasa02, muramasa02, muramasa19, myprincipal20, needles17, posed02.

2023.03.03 - Exchanged at Swap Station 197: cardevolve03, cardevolve03, flowershop03, flowershop03. Received: cardevolve02, cardevolve19, flowershop19, flowershop13.

2023.03.03 - Traded with Miro: senbon09, grandking16, broadcast15, addict10, ams11, ignium08, uppersix07, aglaophotis06, avarice19, devour06, efficient17, goodcop05, lawless12, masks02, orochi01, orochi16, sociopath04, songwriter06, squadron20, cousins13, midorikaru02, karateclub09, ocarina14, assigned18, attendance19, guanyin14. Received: clerks14, agape07, blooddevil13, blooddevil15, fashion10, fimbulvetr13, hesitation10, jaganshi16, juniorarmy16, juniorarmy18, kidnapped03, koopalings08, lorelei01, lovefreak16, masquerades14, masquerades19, masquerades20, mineral09, misguided04, muramasa09, muramasa10, muramasa18, no19, nonary18, onread18, posed10.

2023.03.03 - Traded with Ouji: leo02, leo11, holywords03, painbreaker19, dearest05, sassy07, jetsam05, friendships07, friendships18. Received: blackrings10, eyes11, fieldops15, myprincipal17, always20, battleship11, battleship16, beehive16.

2023.03.03 - (+21, =6418) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 208(Weekly): moonchild13, plant04, akuma18, sleeves18, thepierrot11, bail08, ghostgirl11, dearest05, libero01, chessboard13, avenger16, wakawaka18, pulse14, candyviolin13, birdplush13, hardness09, cervus20, freezes02, darkfate19, curryudon08, seemly07

2023.03.02 - (+312, =6397) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 208 (Monthly): empty01, pessimist15, san14, ogikubo05, broadcast15, paisleypark18, palemoon01, calamityhawk09, xgp13, respected20, lgbtmanga10, slime15, horatio20, vulcangun01, grain07, adore18, summoned07, jetsam05, birdcalls06, undiscovered15, doorshrine06, aeses17, crawling15, rosesplash12, icedragon17, tiny17, ryuuseiken11, bolverk13, aoikishin20, psychic10, writer17, association18, mezzopiano17, sevendays14, foul09, verdant06, golems15, keffiyah05, shepherd19, ark13, purplehaze05, archbishop14, horse-like10, nobunaga16, kekkai06, girly01, poverty12, scavenge01, closest13, impact10, cook19, impatient18, lollipop16, otouto06, symphony05, segway02, kusanagi08, beach19, magiccancel14, blackmist04, mkn-00113, replica13, undefeated07, honeyflash05, kabuki08, woodensword07, ryuuseiken14, necromancer09, chococornet10, lecherous17, raburabu01, teardrop14, restriction13, friendships18, waterfall04, redmagic06, stungun19, mystletainn05, onoken10, thefamily04, cruiser16, norad10, yuki12, stepbrother16, burmecia18, replica07, selfdefense17, betray04, touma05, benefits01, ironmaiden20, sickness15, onigauntlet04, keffiyah01, poison15, gadgets05, nia06, crazyb13, treehouse02, fallfairy05, baozi04, miku05, robotabuse14, vidofnir02, hamesh01, carmilla05, break13, crook02, piglet04, rakuen07, west-khan05, pegasus12, horned17, drag01, meanclean20, tao05, populares14, poisonsting02, doujinshi12, o-568103, mofu18, low-key19, prominence16, tharsis12, lips15, believer09, yaoifan19, quicksilver07, lawnmower15, eto-shin12, force11, gallant17, inari20, friedchicken07, foxes17, whiskers20, x-rayvision05, sequestered14, dwn-01817, money03, oldmaid20, smoker10, mail-order20, honeybuddha12, buttercup09, kelkale11, pyrokinetic13, hebihime20, adorableness05, masquerades10, channel4201, cerulean02, skill18, tsumukari14, overelement08, holyiris07, vino04, enmember02, ralts11, ken-chin05, assal20, bound10, bblounge06, kimari12, solarboy18, firegod19, arcadestar13, skillhunter19, license19, psp02, special02, fireball18, wingzero05, pictomancer13, sanallites17, genie11, yukimin06, limsa15, darkaltar06, illdoc17, tenshi08, golddragon02, lasagna07, usashrine01, edits20, starnight05, gadgeteer17, apparitions03, heyheyhoh18, orangejuice11, androphobic11, stupiddog02, blessed11, sympathetic19, magical01, seafood06, yewfelle18, rosethorns11, governor15, capitalism10, garrote04, madam06, satisfaction05, dynamo08, qishanwen05, dragonrage19, kanabo16, chameleon08, greenery02, fermata13, pilots12, 30yearsold16, natsuo11, drug09, holyman04, fashionblog06, thefirst20, zolgen16, festive05, namidai17, rejected06, sonic04, flintlock11, breakerfist03, friendships07, otakuislove20, jankenpon01, engrish03, focusing04, walkure02, custos01, revizer01, erokappa06, deathseeker04, chronojet09, pilot17, always11, dawnfly14, swingrock04, hamster05, beastfang06, entelechy16, palicoes11, pearl01, leftearring08, worldcreate17, chpostal20, organon09, failure20, redreaper08, debauchery03, arrogant08, chrysalis14, emotion14, senbon09, kcpd14, clover18, stake02, sarcasm13, sunless17, silenthero11, siegfried13, miyama05, crater20, salamander12, urbanlegend19, taser17, emptylot14, psyche09, newbie07, iyashikei03, meruhen09, earphone17, ogata07, kurikara02, cuteness18, weblin14, orphaned05, amaterasu19, ontario09, avaricious12, jeanpaul20, nandemo10, puyo03, secondplace04, musicbox20, bonneter20, funds17, reanimated08, polejump20, savanna16, levitation09, doumei08, kyouran10, pagoda16, concealment03, tail12, othardian08, pfpth13, purewhite11, fen09, judoka05, withwind04, fingerprint13, outsiders12, gone07, sugarmelody16, yeming20, pullcord17, bakuretsu20, ninjamaid12, southtown02, 3 red crayons, 1 orange crayon, 3 yellow crayons, 3 green crayons, 4 blue crayons, 2 purple crayons, 4 brown crayons, 4 gray crayons.

2023.03.02 - (+8, =6085) Received from Guess the Color 306: enigmatic09, transfer05, shinsekai13, possible15, traps03, ichor10, railgunuser03, flamingo11

2023.03.02 - (+10, =6077) Received from Colors Chat 120: piggirl02, nekomimi09, wonderland03, 006, puku02, contrary17, idolizer16, unleashed19, modernmagic08, grandking16

2023.03.02 - (+72, =6067) Received from Feb 2023 Activity Rewards: wife06, norad01, lascivious06, relic13, nakisawa06, redcomet08, seduce14, comrades15, scenarioliar04, helper17, mid-childa15, house12, gungi14, sailor02, junkcube11, befriend07, stonefree18, crybaby08, gormotti06, reanimated04, sassy07, formula16, junkfood02, kora14, savate15, lullaby15, curtain18, oar17, onward17, broadway16, shorthair20, divine14, theyounger04, miku10, amnesia20, hawkeye14, setz05, hookshot06, authors17, detectives19, azure10, engagement19, forthemoney04, unafraid09, taiyaki14, kotowari15, appmon12, gakuran18, oldones07, gestalt15, poodle05, sweeten17, lily20, actress11, jamsword05, nightmares09, seductive13, frail14, jagara03, medusa09, meol15, classical14, kaijuidol19, barefists05, transferal17, cinephile07, lines20, obsessed03, alice13, jindujun10, coaching08, mediating15, 1 red crayon, 1 green crayon, 2 blue crayons, 2 brown crayons

2023.03.02 - (+10, =5995) Received from Pokeradar 309: stone-face05, brickbreak09, decision16, defected10, classrep20, otome17, scribe02, galaxydive06, circus07, fieryblood06

2023.03.02 - (+5, =5985) Received from Most Wanted 54: strategist05, tsukihime08, spain17, rev20, furniture12

2023.03.01 - (+6, =5980) Mastered SP Officer and Heart Jack (FM). Received: keptman19, keptman20, virtue11, rock15, vows03, eradicate16, 1 orange crayon, 1 brown crayon

2023.03.01 - (+12, =5974) Received from Little Spell Academia 248: debtmachine03, spofficer06, spofficer11, heartjack08, spofficer13, debtmachine04, debtmachine05, heartjack09, heartjack10, heartjack11, spofficer15, debtmachine09

2023.03.01 - (+3, =5962) Received from new Feb 2023 Release 154 part2: heartjack15, spofficer17, specialeyes08.

2023.03.01 - (+1, =5959) Received a gray chocolate from Lenga and clerks10!

2023.03.01 - (+1, =5958) Received a gift from KJ! charm18

2023.03.01 - Traded with Len: incontrol19, aloofness20, belle09, forehead05, fork17, lovequeen10, sepbirthday16. Received: clairvoyant13, crazyslots03, ecchan04, kidnapped08, kidnapped13, obsolete03, silverstar02.

2023.03.01 - Traded with Jun: brutalswing13, holywater15, revenge08, taoist10, foxmask04, southtown02. Received: keptman12, capsules02, commentator15, debtmachine07, fraud10, fraud19.

2023.03.01 - Traded with Lita: equable18. Received: information06.

2023.03.01 - Had a shocking! trade with Len: airgetlam03, crossplay13, painpeko15, theaterclub19, bucket20, harp08, loner07, redroom07, return06, samuraionnna09. Received: bloody17, commentator11, debtmachine06, debtmachine16, guiltycross19, keptman14, kid08, nenthreads11, nenthreads12, sullen16.

2023.02.27 - (+33, =5957) Mastered: guiltycross (FM), blackshadow, nanika, pikohan, orbis, hysteria, ghostwriter (FM), antiqueshop, razing, rhodes, charme (FM). Received: charme11, charme12, charme13, charme14, charme15, charme16, charme17, charme18, charme19, charme20, heartjack06, harem14, vicious15, mistaken13, messy16, ophelia09, flowersmoke10, gravityflip04, allsunday19, narcissist05, choice12, ronin10, attendance19, sticker16, aitakatta05, painbreaker19, office04, puppeteer07, dressup09, cinephile02, yomi11, angelichowl10, firewhip08, 2 red crayons, 3 orange crayons, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 2 purple crayons, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon

2023.02.27 - (+45, =5924) Leveled up from Gold to Clover (9 levels). Received: charme02, charme03, charme04, charme05, charme06, charme07, charme08, charme09, charme10, gravityflip10, perceptive02, disney19, allmate10, defending16, holywords03, broadcast11, fogdoor20, samsara20, self-help02, gapyear08, churapa04, agrabah07, calculation14, octal14, foughten02, bullfighter18, chaos01, jackketch10, crownsguard14, ricewine12, pushy10, lavaorb02, predict14, kemari01, uogokoro01, hirazen03, fishcakes08, mute02, kakyoin05, sunfish07, clings14, sinners16, var17, nstackle14, edits13, 2 red crayons, 3 orange crayons, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon.

2023.02.27 - (+17, =5879) Received from new Feb 2023 Release 154 part1: charme01, gokujou01, myprincipal01, kork01, soleheir01, soleally01, blackrings01, deadmans01, fantan01, ectoplasm01, konpeitojar01, bloodbag01, squeak01, dozing01, loops01, sig_ange, heartshaped02

2023.02.25 - (-3, =5862) Gifted to Trina: shinsengumi01. Gifted to Sage: junkshop09. Gifted to Lita: celery05.

2023.02.25 - (+8, =5865) Received from Booster Bundle 171: feathershine01, hunters18, lightbringer17, hypnotizing16, rat12, swordswoman14, chatty03, sinnoh09

2023.02.25 - (+8, =5857) Received from Reading Between the Lines 331: hyper15, karaoke03, potion20, fangs11, hana18, occultfreak13, landlady03, minchi13

2023.02.25 - (+30, =5849) Received from Puzzle Chains 248: prettysweet19, unison01, zokuzoku07, oils17, 2-305, onikiri20, romantic15, attention12, shadowsword02, vanargand09, doujinshi17, hawkparty10, earthdress09, nacchan04, x-rayvision15, bravery20, healthcare20, cryptic08, stratagems03, chastity10, hex16, kayo-chin01, pecking07, seductress12, lackey05, trueblade04, hakunon13, monotonous06, sensitive15, numbers18, 1 blue crayon.

2023.02.25 - (+15, =5819) Donated to Silly Blanks 150: wolf03, tootall13, execute18. Received: bikelover05, constancy20, self-esteem13, woodytower11, standup01, guanyin14, wakawaka16, helmet08, virginbride13, snowboarding10, fd3s01, bungee09, mistress10, earrings15, goldking06, kapow13, kaze09, heavymetal01.

2023.02.25 - (+8, =5804) Received from Go Fish! 347: onlyfriend18, chilipepper16, snobbish16, sophia-chan09, dwn-01702, cids19, kekkai03, abettor02, 1 yellow crayon.

2023.02.25 - (+7, =5796) Donated to Delete Shiritori 236: orca05. Received: accelerator04, splat16, collected07, haggler02, bubbleluna13, chronos15, carnival17, volcanic07.

2023.02.25 - Received from : orange crayon x 3, gray crayon x 1

2023.02.24 - (+2, =5789) Traded with Ouji: astrologist19, oak03, pullcord02, saberface12, dualhounds02, fierce02, leblanc04, lewdjokes15, mythologie05, teni17, tolagido19, whipsmack06. Received: haymaker02, posed04, amarcian03, blackhole13, broom18, bubbleluna17, bunnygirl13, caramels01, caramels15, cards12, cauldron13, cham08. Received as a gift: chimeraking09, chimeraking19!

2023.02.23 - (+8, =5787) Donated to Stamp Card 037: avenge15, dattebayo09. Received: dual-tipped16, custos11, atera07, compy19, bugs01, vegetarian02, fengshui11, entertainer19, fireball11, wildchild04.

2023.02.23 - (+32, =5779) Received from Booster Bundle 172: Super Duper Special Round!!: revolt15, commandant14, bloody20, hottemper01, cruxis16, messhouen12, fists20, kizna05, sharilton18, messhouen16, laser03, pirate20, restore18, fists12, bravior15, cardevolve03, holmes16, paperwork09, altena16, outsiders14, pullcord02, blooddevil03, bornthisway09, urusei02, gunpowder18, lorddeath14, dojang09, wayfarer04, seizeyouth15, kon07, paperwork01, vegitamura10.

2023.02.23 - Exchanged in Swap Station 196: sohcahtoa12, summon03, termina03, terrified08. Received: sohcahtoa19, summon08, termina01, terrified14.

2023.02.23 - (+44, =5747) Exchanged at the Art Shop: brown crayon x 24, purple crayon x 11, blue crayon x 9. Received: razing01, razing02, razing06, razing08, razing09, razing10, razing11, razing12, razing13, razing14, razing18, razing20, rhodes03, rhodes04, rhodes06, rhodes07, rhodes09, rhodes10, rhodes12, rhodes14, rhodes16, rhodes17, rhodes19, rhodes20, antiqueshop01, antiqueshop02, antiqueshop05, antiqueshop08, antiqueshop12, antiqueshop14, antiqueshop15, antiqueshop16, antiqueshop18, antiqueshop19, antiqueshop20, ghostwriter04, ghostwriter05, ghostwriter08, ghostwriter12, ghostwriter13, ghostwriter14, ghostwriter15, ghostwriter17, ghostwriter18

2023.02.22 - (+20, =5703) Received from Stamp Card 036: blacksword06, crafts08, sharp16, tower05, magicaltoy11, training10, sleepwalker18, referee12, gateau14, drunk14, loud03, smiledive10, influencer03, maskedg15, floating09, oppressors20, scilab02, ancients01, inferiority06, forgirl14, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon

2023.02.22 - (+7, =5683) Donated to Delete Shiritori 235: yo-yos07. Received: loneliness06, clones02, nextinfo16, practical14, hungrybug14, dwn-03320, eggs13, hibakari20.

2023.02.22 - (+5, =5676) Received from Most Wanted 53: shinsengumi01, junkshop09, leicester04, celery05, musicstart19

2023.02.22 - (+7, =5671) Received from Host Club Giveaway 231: multi-size19, aqours06, whimsical01, pirateleader20, rapbattles06, upclose11, sea09

2023.02.22 - (+10, =5664) Received from Pokeradar 308: baxia05, proverbs15, vacuum12, etheirys18, intellect07, kilvas13, duchess03, mockingbird02, liberate05, baroness16

2023.02.21 - (+38, =5654) Exchanged at the Art Shop: gray crayon x 7, red crayon x 8, purple crayon x 5, blue crayon x 9, green crayon x 9. Received: blackshadow02, blackshadow05, blackshadow08, blackshadow11, blackshadow13, blackshadow14, blackshadow16, nanika10, nanika11, nanika12, nanika14, nanika15, nanika16, nanika19, nanika20, orbis06, orbis10, orbis12, orbis15, orbis18, pikohan03, pikohan04, pikohan07, pikohan08, pikohan09, pikohan12, pikohan15, pikohan17, pikohan19, hysteria02, hysteria03, hysteria07, hysteria09, hysteria10, hysteria11, hysteria14, hysteria17, hysteria19.

2023.02.21 - (+32, =5616) Donated yellow crayon x 2 to Coloring Book 296 and received: affectionate02, lookalike06, mascot07, worthy16, sting14, proper10, troubadour16, bladesaint09, darkaura01, sunwukong11, keptman07, keptman13, november07, bodyswap17, thecoolest16, servitude17, caelin20, frilly07, thundergod13, pillars03, beehive17, snowstorm06, charmed11, eyes17, aproned02, drum04, loyalblade08, bladesaint07, adapt04, kingsaw07, brinstar04, shoujo08.

2023.02.21 - Had a shocking! trade with Gloomlee: abilities12, desertland17, goldfish01, seakingdom08, silhouettes06, skyland16, smolder17, walk02, ex-fiance08, laurent12, laurent17, nevarl09. Received: black17, capsules01, couturier12, debtmachine06, josei04, innuendos02, lovefreak07, needles19, online11, rhodes08, saranaga03, terpsichora15.

2023.02.21 - Traded with Kyuu: mainyu10, tribunus13, liberty10. Received: information10, bunnygirl06, contrary04.

2023.02.21 - (+1, =5584) Received a green chocolate from Flurry and daathic10!

2023.02.21 - (+1, =5583) Received a purple chocolate from Noelle and spofficer05!

2023.02.21 - (+1, =5582) Traded with Erin: urusei14, balancer04, heartbuns03, heartbuns14, metalia07, olderwomen19, osa-p01, osa-p09, trapeze10. Received: clerks09, ayanon13, debtmachine08, eo06, misguided19, wizard03, barielle11, dumbo09, fightgod18. Received as a gift: fukujun09.

2023.02.20 - (-2, =5581) Gifted to Lenga: trygator15, 77-b19.

2023.02.20 - (-1, =5583) Gifted to Elijah: locacaca16.

2023.02.20 - (-1, =5584) Gifted to Trina: shinsengumi07.

2023.02.20 - (-1, =5585) Gifted to Ares: samuraionnna20.

2023.02.20 - (-10, =5586) Exchanged at the Art Studio: analyzedata02, bandit10, beautytips08, bench12, bigsis07, builder09, canopus01, cyber603, daylam20, enthusiast07, gears20, insei08, junkfood14, looking-glass18, overanalyze14. Received: sig_ange, sig_ange, sig_ange, sig_ange, sig_ange.

2023.02.19 - (+40, =5596) Recycled Art claim from 2023.02.05: angelichowl07, angelichowl08, angelichowl10, angelichowl14, angelichowl16, angelichowl17, archer09, archer18, archer20, cosplays01, cruxis07, lolita05, motor10, motor16, motor17, mushrooms16, nomotivation07, photographs16, photographs20, pointcards15, shinigami03, shinigami05, six14, sketch06, stonebody02, stonebody09, stonebody13, straylize11, authors20, versicolor17, versicolor20, witches01, witches07, witches20, bangsineyes05, kawasumia03, kawasumia05, kawasumia17, kugimiya18, meido07

2023.02.19 - (+40, =5556) Recycled Art claim from 2023.02.12: archer20, automail01, blackhole06, blankit18, blind07, nun01, nun08, nun18, okonomiyaki01, subservient17, summon07, summon20, talking08, wingedchild07, wingedchild10, wingedchild17, reality01, reality02, reality04, reality17, reckon18, juliet01, juliet02, juliet06, juliet07, juliet08, juliet10, juliet12, juliet13, juliet14, juliet15, juliet16, juliet17, juliet19, juliet20, lust01, lust05, lust17, dotdotdot17, dotdotdot20

2023.02.19 - (+8, =5516) Received from Little Spell Academia 248: guiltycross13, heartjack05, guiltycross14, guiltycross15, guiltycross19, spofficer02, keptman03, heartjack20

2023.02.19 - (+5, =5508) Received from Most Wanted 52: samuraionnna20, sacredpower04, shinsengumi07, locacaca16, trygator15

2023.02.19 - Traded with Kyuu: depression11, blueangel05, clover05, flighty01, flighty20, ideal19, ignition13, kaichou01, kaichou09, kalos08, luscinia13, numbers06, oronir07, themongrel06, thief16, uldah02, walpurgis08. Received: graveryl08, blackmagic02, cham16, colonel08, design14, design16, destreza10, fontech09, funyarinpa18, crossdressf10, heavenguide13, itako03, kuuhaku17, lolita10, lolita18, playboy16, vinebikini16.

2023.02.19 - (+1, =5503) Received a green chocolate from Kyuu and daathic14!

2023.02.19 - (+1, =5502) Received a blue chocolate from Syara and guiltycross20!

2023.02.19 - (+1, =5501) Received a purple chocolate from Cassidy and spofficer20!

2023.02.19 - (+1, =5500) Received a blue chocolate from Miro and guiltycross16!

2023.02.19 - (+21, =5499) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 207: knifework11, biggsnwedge09, smiles07, imitating03, hyuponia13, mi601, relaxed01, homeroom18, mischief19, redgem16, changshan15, abilities12, everybirdie07, caretaker11, gasoline09, infertile12, skyland16, wingspiker18, incarnate04, fifth20, atlamillia02, 1 yellow crayon

2023.02.19 - (+5, =5478) Received from Coloring Book 295: foxmask04, nevarl09, incontrol19, answers08, southtown02

2023.02.19 - (+24, =5473) Received from Lady Luck Slots 092: policelady14, marginal08, goofy14, tested06, lucarionite11, all-purpose19, swordsaint10, duras19, porcelain03, shapeshift10, exercise11, government07, abysswalker03, rip-off12, france18, tearmoon09, kirinfang03, malice13, distance20, assigned18, waspsting19, anjou09, nibelung09, depression14, 2 blue crayons

2023.02.19 - (+5, =5449) Received from No Context Theater 303: astrologist19, ex-fiance08, punchingbag11, seakingdom08, wholebody14

2023.02.19 - (+5, =5444) Received from No Context Theater 302: bunnies15, comedian15, kit-aura08, maskedknight09, teni17

2023.02.19 - (+5, =5439) Received from No Context Theater 301: badcompany04, daylam20, gund-arm02, laurent17, sylvestris11

2023.02.19 - (+5, =5434) Received from No Context Theater 300: acceleration06, gichou17, laurent12, seakingdom13, smolder17

2023.02.19 - (+5, =5429) Received from No Context Theater 299: aloofness20, brutalswing13, littlesister08, oak03, peregrinus08

2023.02.19 - (+6, =5424) Received from Deck Lover 353: chalphy13, isekai05, kanahana10, psypher11, silhouettes06, solum16

2023.02.19 - (+6, =5418) Received from Deck Lover 352: bangsineyes03, barhara09, midorikaru02, noriyuki06, sepbirthday16, windelement20

2023.02.19 - (+6, =5412) Received from Deck Lover 347: gransys10, ironfist08, maces08, manatree03, pristo03, sexytype07.

2023.02.19 - (+8, =5406) Received from Guess the Color 305: liquor11, tribunus13, veil17, prithivi07, daylam01, geisha17, bojutsu18, fos11

2023.02.19 - (+10, =5398) Received from Colors Chat 119: equable18, goldfish01, hawkeyes10, morikawa03, tested19, gallant14, prana14, cyber618, roughskin12, driftveil10

2023.02.19 - (+15, =5388) Received from Beauty Pageant 139: sliceoflife02, bodyguard20, holywater15, hotcakes19, canopus01, poopgod04, rins10, blackpupil10, drifter19, puku15, dullahan18, wallachia13, forehead05, nines06, silpheed14, yellow crayon, orange crayon

2023.02.19 - (+8, =5373) Received from Reading Between the Lines 330: chobi09, revenge08, termina03, casanova14, actionhero06, belle09, nephilim18, y2kbug18

2023.02.19 - (+30, =5365) Received from Puzzle Chains 247: kohacchi12, hungrybeam13, palps01, battleship08, wildpitch04, windangel07, undertaker18, supporters17, vino15, god01, homeroom14, therion11, coupdegrace04, unsatisfied14, mutsu20, hallowwoe07, monalisa11, richgirl18, silverking05, jacks19, troupe17, shogunkayo07, rosy02, lawless12, tidy19, hagnos10, marksein15, leblanc04, giraffe13, loneliest08, 1 red crayon

2023.02.19 - Received from Colorseum Final Fantasy Special - part 11 - The Final!: blue crayon x 2, brown crayon x 1, gray crayon x 1

2023.02.19 - (+8, =5335) Donated to Silly Blanks 149: helicopter16, rock06. Received: bodhisattva18, azothsword12, softbuns13, broadcast10, seconds08, liberty10, levitation16, dorothy18, groosenator08, restaurant18

2023.02.19 - (+8, =5327) Received from Go Fish! 346: taoist10, yeti14, pessimistic11, fork17, single01, terrified08, text04, windwhip07, 1 green crayon.

2023.02.19 - (+2, =5319) Received a gift from Elijah! blranking02 and terrified08

2023.02.19 - (+12, =5317) Received from January 2023 Deck Donations: woman19, desertland17, memory04, gentleman16, follows04, nuisance10, leicester17, eye13, younger07, tragedies04, duck20, windwitch13, 1 red crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 brown crayon.

2023.02.19 - (+12, =5305) Received from Directions 163: walk02, daimonas16, zoologist02, doujigiri01, wildpitch06, mainyu10, entei07, soundless06, salvation20, lovequeen10, replica19, beauteous03

2023.02.19 - Had a shocking! trade with Vaini: acrobatics07, brushgods05, drug18. Received: fraud11, mineral02, action11.

2023.02.16 - Traded with Gloomlee: nes03. Received: authors08.

2023.02.16 - Had a shocking! trade with Elijah: allergen03, archbishop08, atelier16, atmosphere14, bikaku18, breaking19, ciaossu04, feminine08, hacker20, loop13, magma08, magma10, manhattan20, marry17, moodyblues16, outdoor20, surface09, tactician15, upstairs18, partners02, pullcord13. Received: keptman14, black04, blackshadow06, fraud14, fraud20, ghostwriter07, haymaker13, jaganshi01, jaganshi14, muramasa15, muse20, netrunner06, online12, sohcahtoa07, sohcahtoa12, sohcahtoa12, 14thmoon06, antiqueshop04, antiqueshop09, cham17, charm14.

2023.02.16 - Had a shocking! trade with Nika: big01, reglay18. Received: caps08, heke04.

2023.02.16 - (+1, =5293) Received a blue chocolate from Ouji and guiltycross11!

2023.02.16 - (+1, =5292) Received a blue chocolate from Ares and clerks08!

2023.02.15 - (+1, =5291) Received a blue chocolate from Nika and guiltycross10!

2023.02.15 - (+1, =5290) Received a blue chocolate from Elijah and clerks06!

2023.02.15 - (+1, =5289) Received a blue chocolate from Emelie and guiltycross09!

2023.02.15 - (+1, =5288) Received a blue chocolate from Mini and clerks04!

2023.02.15 - Traded with Koinuko: zippers18. Received: fashion11.

2023.02.15 - Exchanged in Swap Station 195:
clerks16, gretel09, guiltycross07, keptman04. Received: clerks05, gretel15, guiltycross17, keptman05.

2023.02.15 - (-25, =5287) Donated to Valentine's Day Chocolate Stand 2023:acepilot10, advice04, advice14, animalism01, animalism03, arcadestar02, arcadestar10, arcadestar14, azure12, circles04, circles05, circles18, frailskill07, frailskill14, kelkale07, kelkale12, offense10, offense11, raitei01, raitei07, star-shaped10, supermodel04, supermodel09, whitenight13, wodontimes17. Received Mega Box of chocolates!

2023.02.14 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 208: daruma14, executive15, ghostship11, jewelknight06, lying04, newsanchor08, sweettooth01, surrender02, step-mom08, stormwatch16, summoned02. Received: mail07, josei18, mineral19, referee01, magical03, cannon03, versicolor19, mercenary17, socialmedia08, scroll07, heavenguide20.

2023.02.15 - (+32, =5312) Donated yellow crayon x 2 to Coloring Book 296 and received: rabbitcurse11, caelin12, panic20, cousins13, witchhat16, shugo06, action02, terrified10, urusei14, vegitamura05, loyalblade04, vegitamura02, clings18, alleluia13, shadowyato14, cerasus06, uphim20, avaricious02, mindset17, swapped06, wonderland10, accidental15, venomous07, suihua06, southtown13, loyalblade19, darkaura11, eskrima13, noriyuki20, looking-glass04, stimpack17, natsukodachi05.

2023.02.15 - Traded with with Angie W: beginning05, raw20. Received: debtmachine15, kid04.

2023.02.15 - (+10, =5280) Received from Pokeradar 307: film04, windsbrand19, morphus06, weather11, dancing16, eternia06, gardenclub05, spare03, disgusting07, olderwomen19

2023.02.13 - (-1, =5270) Gifted to Angie (W): visage19.

2023.02.13 - (-1, =5271) Gifted to Koinuko: pullcord07.

2023.02.13 - (-1, =5272) Gifted to Gloomlee: obnoxious10.

2023.02.13 - (-1, =5273) Gifted to Lex: substitute03.

2023.02.13 - (+7, =5274) Donated to Delete Shiritori 233: enmember02. Received: uppersix07, predation19, doubts09, folkvangr13, deities18, valentine04, isobeyan15, lewdjokes15.

2023.02.13 - Traded with Emelie: 5thsister08, handbag05. Received: black09, onread07.

2023.02.13 - (+6, =5267) First masteries for Plaid Jacket and Nemesis! Received: nemesis19, heartjack02, amazoness08, ocarina14, flamingo18, greenvale20, 2 green crayons.

2023.02.12 - (+13, =5261) Received from Little Spell Academia 247: nemesis09, nemesis12, clairvoyant01, nemesis13, nemesis14, guiltycross04, nemesis15, guiltycross08, plaidjacket18, plaidjacket19, nemesis16, spofficer01, nemesis18.

2023.02.12 - (+8, =5248) Received from Reading Between the Lines 329: terminal15, 66809, bubblebeam19, airgetlam03, respectful14, milkyway02, overshadowed16, mallet18

2023.02.12 - (+30, =5240) Received from Puzzle Chains 246: hugging15, 5thsister08, dog15, spotter18, theaterclub19, kikaichu16, charao11, sewing06, choina10, stfreya14, killerwolf04, koopalings12, dwn-02405, rekku17, windsage02, mainstream15, crazyslots08, poppo04, approval15, theartist01, joblistings12, zookeeper03, grenades05, financial06, conductor13, tenjiryuu20, crossplay13, raw20, adepts09, danes19, 1 gray crayon

2023.02.12 - (+8, =5210) Donated to Silly Blanks 148: raising05, gingerbread20. Received: sialaluce04, honii04, zippers18, rockleone17, painpeko15, moose09, order02, beginning05, masochistic16, depression11.

2023.02.12 - (+8, =5202) Received from Go Fish! 345: honeytachi04, consumption13, anti04, friendship07, benishigure15, kei10, femaleidols16, redchamber09, 1 orange crayon

2023.02.12 - (+7, =5194) Donated to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 234: nfu11. Received: ralts09, blackmagic17, hanafuda20, dish04, liars05, songforyou01, neoarcadia05, kcpd12.

2023.02.12 - Exchanged in Swap Station 194: addicted05, addicted07, clerks03, gretel19. Received: addicted14, addicted04, clerks16, gretel09.

2023.02.12 - (+16, =5187) Donated 1 yellow crayon to Coloring Book 295 and received: nes03, bandage14, nurturesp02, handbag05, omajinai02, stohess11, isuppose20, collected13, pullcord13, bladesaint20, saberface02, bladesaint06, mjolnir05, goodnight05, blades07, saddawn05

2023.02.12 - (+1, =5171) Traded with Jun: fantasyland11. Received: debtmachine19. Also received as a gift: plaidjacket06 !

2023.02.10 - (+5, =5170) Received from Most Wanted 51: cauldron17, obnoxious10, visage19, substitute03, pullcord07

2023.02.10 - Received from Colorseum Final Fantasy Special - part 10: 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 2 gray crayons

2023.02.10 - (+24, =5165) Received from Lady Luck Slots 091: twinaxes02, tokioka01, alphonse02, demonhunter20, foxflame12, loptous03, protagonist03, cupcake16, skirt02, aerial01, elemio12, urbanlegend17, requesters13, shibainu09, variety09, haymaker12, loveshower17, pirateleader09, skirt12, emulate10, naps12, two-faced08, karateclub09, discarded05, 2 red crayons

2023.02.10 - (+15, =5141) Received from Seiyuu Guess 586: interface13, grandcruz10, nataku08, transfer06, grain02, debt20, ams11, sororicide16, survival03, fierce02, swordbreaker11, humanity11, lancelot02, pachinko17, suits17

2023.02.10 - (+14, =5126) Received from Host Club Giveaway 230 (Special Round): oninonaku11, realist10, dignity11, hurricane14, combat14, psychic03, mythologie05, airhead18, seamstress09, plegia16, bokken07, gentlegiant17, gaps07, headache01, 1 blue crayon

2023.02.10 - (+8, =5112) Donated to Stamp Card 036: puppet13, sevendays13. Received: agoraphobic20, letranger10, wingchun03, jagara07, snowyowl12, warden06, juuhachi-ban14, kids12, gynophobia16, eighth18.

2023.02.10 - (+16, =5104) Donated 1 yellow crayon to Coloring Book 295 and received: prettyboy18, crt12, expressive17, metals02, inugami01, fullmetal07, religious07, immovable20, keptman04, partners03, vegitamura12, bladesaint19, usss01, samuraionnna09, devious06, aurora09.

2023.02.10 - (+20, =5088) Received from Stamp Card 035: avenge15, insomnia02, strikers09, leiptr02, mattsun17, ankle09, duty16, javelin06, cocteau11, looking-glass18, kids11, cloudsea14, thejoker19, atmosphere14, colorful12, timberowl07, whatapain13, quotes17, rock20, fanalis05, 1 orange crayon, 2 purple crayons

2023.02.10 - (+10, =5068) Received from Pokeradar 306: dance09, signorina14, constellation19, harp08, kodama01, sidekick01, handicraft08, bench12, iceslides16, blast13.

2023.02.10 - Exchanged in Riku's Favors 29: thing11, withwind02. Received: daathic04, guiltycross07.

2023.02.10 - (+21, =5058) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 206: brilliant15, whipsmack06, axe08, kiev05, itako14, k2r19, ensign06, tootall13, careless05, minor04, swindler07, jorth05, conqueror08, thirdroom10, liladan13, torment20, lorddeath06, glamsight06, unscrupulous13, melodrama14, morals11, 1 brown crayon.

2023.02.10 - A shocking! trade with Emelie: calamity09, butler02, practical06, 198818, threetails01. Received: cheese03, figments17, masquerades17, nenthreads07, netrunner02.

2023.02.10 - (+2, =5037) Traded with Jun: foxmask18, curepapaya04, aaa17, admiral07, aisen06, apprehend11, bomber06, candycane06, candyviolin12, cureearth18, curegrace10, curesoleil02, darktowers03, desperado19, dreamcatcher18, eclair20, ero-cook08, firefist11, forcemetal16, galactic20, graveborns09, graveborns15, graveborns19, ishrasark05, jolly07, jolly09, jolly18, kagekage13, kagekage19, lightsage07, lightsage11, orchid17, pinkdevil16, pinkdevil20, yasutsuna11, seacrystal04. Received: agi06, blackshadow17, blackshadow20, capsule03, capsule15, castle18, clairvoyant03, clairvoyant16, clairvoyant17, ecchan13, ghostwriter03, graveryl02, gretel07, hysteria13, hysteria15, hysteria16, jaganshi06, jankenpon08, jankenpon15, josei03, juniorarmy12, kidnapped05, kidnapped14, kidnapped15, kidnapped16, king11, line06, line12, line13, logic12, maschera05, maschera09, maschera14, maschera20, neofantasy04, no20, usagi08.

2023.02.10 - (-4, =5035) Traded with Cvrsed: urusei12, cybernetic11, darktact04, ddr07, djdragon05, djdragon15, excitable12, mac02, mac14, native05, reasons10, servant09, tao10, usasan17, whitefang01. Received: archaeology11, cauldron19, laser11, lycoris11, reckon08, redgem17, techniques19, youngmen08, blranking01, amarcian09, loyalty02.

2023.02.08 - Traded with Gloomlee: 00708, kon11. Received: fraud09, 5thdan12.

2023.02.07 - Traded with Lita: bombardment03, impetus15. Received: keptman02, debtmachine02.

2023.02.07 - A shocking! trade with Ouji! Exchanged: kuruma07, mooncancer03, snipe06, svanhvit14, dannoura17, fatal04, heavenshole19, heavenshole20, leptailurus05, leptailurus11, liebestraume10, madking12, magiccrests02, pragmatist10, scar16, sudarshan03, triumph13, viy19, bullfighter18, carnation02, clutch13, fengshui16, fengshui18, gerbera15, hadouken07, wicked08, honeybeeinn04, ceruleum12, sunlesssea11, alatus18, pristina03, auguste19, hosenka16, raduga05, schwarze18, astrologist01, cosplayidol19, dojang20, foxmask16, godfist04, onthefloor09. Received: spofficer18, ayanon11, black04, blranking09, figments04, information18, josei08, maschera04, masquerades02, masquerades06, mineral13, misguided06, nonary05, nonary15, online01, quick05, quick10, sullen13, tokunaga03, vespa08, vespa15, always14, always16, always18, angelichowl01, angelichowl17, another01, another17, antiqueshop03, antiqueshop13, aquarimms07, aquarimms13, baa09, belderiver18, blackhole12, blackswan01, blackswan18, blankit16, blueeyes02, boyslove06, broom13.

2023.02.07 - A festively shocking! trade with Kyuu: alternative17, faithful02, fighter15, madainsari07, narcissist17, emissary16, minions16, minions20, chipmunk14, crt03, crt04, crt05, crt06, crt09, crt12, crt17, crystarium12, dragoon19, madbloom16, magiccards08, sharlayan19. Received: heartjack17, frei03, galax08, innuendos19, ironmouse02, logic10, lovefreak18, maschera12, muse08, nenthreads10, online15, quick03, resistance14, symphony09, vassal16, alliance02, baa19, bakuzan15, barielle20, blackswan07, bloodbank13.

2023.02.06 - (+1, =5039) Traded with Lapin: privatesign18. Received blooddevil03. Received as a gift: backlace06!

2023.02.06 - (+15, =5038) Mastery chain combo! Mastered: metropolis (FM), swearing, tenbillion, hideandseek (FM), addicted (FM). Received: addicted12, addicted13, addicted14, addicted15, nemesis07, tiny15, half-elf07, daddypon12, fold12, control10, bastion07, demonstone13, greatwitch15, homicidal04, dandy04, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon.

2023.02.06 - (+9, =5023) Received from Little Spell Academia 247: plaidjacket07, galax02, plaidjacket13, plaidjacket14, plaidjacket15, plaidjacket16, orbis03, plaidjacket17, addicted20

2023.02.06 - (+24, =5014) Exchanged at the Art Shop: green crayon x18, gray crayon x6. Received: enbillion08, tenbillion09, tenbillion11, tenbillion13, tenbillion14, tenbillion15, tenbillion16, tenbillion18, tenbillion19, hideandseek09, hideandseek10, hideandseek11, hideandseek12, hideandseek13, hideandseek16, hideandseek17, hideandseek19, hideandseek20, swearing09, swearing10, swearing12, swearing14, swearing17, swearing19

2023.02.05 - (-1, =4990) Gifted to Nika: pisces09.

2023.02.05 - (-1, =4991) Gifted to Byrd: selamatpagi01.

2023.02.05 - (-1, =4992) Gifted to Syara: taka-chan14.

2023.02.05 - (-1, =4993) Gifted to Arianne: braids02.

2023.02.05 - (-1, =4994) Gifted to Koinuko: leeks20.

2023.02.05 - (-1, =4995) Gifted to Elijah: brainfluid01

2023.02.05 - (-1, =4996) Gifted to Shiranna: prodigy04

2023.02.05 - (-1, =4997) Gifted to Pia: videogames16

2023.02.05 - (+24, =4998) Received from Lady Luck Slots 090: freezer19, invaded05, heartbuns14, magedom11, kingsaw05, darktowers03, workout08, spiritwave20, holes03, mechapaniq05, naginata02, redtiger05, yo-yos07, heavenshole20, ruby09, oshi12, why01, cook20, ancients16, scribbled14, goldburn14, hated08, upclose15, journey04, 2 red crayons

2023.02.05 - (+80, =4974) Received from Reading Between the Lines 328: fatal04, attack15, clean-cut10, cowardly15, telescope06, moodyblues16, prospector03, chousin11

2023.02.05 - (+30, =4966) Received from Puzzle Chains 245: oshi16, izanagi08, earthelmt12, crimsonvs02, ferocity06, sweets01, vangaro01, fighter15, elite03, subordinate15, centurio02, fireorb17, cheerfuldays17, gullible13, loser11, stella05, prizemaster17, mononoke08, kaichou01, wolfbeil04, lies04, frozenheart11, gatling19, shikigami06, lorddeath14, equestrian17, build04, hiraikotsu02, dab12, shintenshin04, 1 purple crayon

2023.02.03 - Received as bonus from Coloring Book 294: 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 2 brown crayons

2023.02.03 - Received as bonus from Coloring Book 293 - Special Round!: 1 orange crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 gray crayon

2023.02.03 - A shocking! trade with Andie: aromatic01, gunnhildr05, harp09, quotes04, simulated05, traverse10, volvagia10. Received: daathic13, burnish17, heartjack13, heartjack18, kid16, rose10, sin01.

2023.02.05 - Had a shocking! trade with Angie (W): imaginative03, kon02. Received: addicted11, nemesis17.

2023.02.05 - (+2, =4936) Received a gift from Lex!! metropolis17, addicted19!

2023.02.05 - Had a shocking! trade with Jun: grapejam02, enamored02, leblanc01, redshoes08, sugar11. Received: agape13, daathic12, fraud13, heartjack16, honest10.

2023.02.05 - (+40, =4934) Recycled Art claim (40): another06, another09, another13, another15, another16, blastia08, clairvoyant09, hyper07, hyper12, stealthsp03, stealthsp08, stealthsp11, stealthsp16, stealthsp20, vinebikini03, vinebikini05, vinebikini14, vinebikini15, violence01, yo-yo06, authors11, ayanon01, ayanon09, ayanon12, cardevolve01, cardevolve05, cardevolve06, cardevolve09, cardevolve10, cardevolve19, cardevolve20, glasses17, greatsea17, green12, o-568108, rins02, rins09, rins13, rins18, rins20

2023.02.03 - Received from Colorseum Final Fantasy Special - part 9: 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon.

2023.02.03 - Traded with Francy: gund-arm16, gund-arm17, gund-arm18. Received: resistance01, rhodes05, thespider02.

2023.02.03 - (+4, =4894) Donated to Stamp Card 035: okonomiyaki14. Received: ignium08, tokunaga01, unowen10, practical06, scar16.

2023.02.03 - (+8, =4890) Donated to Silly Blanks 147: avaricious13, gadget13. Received: ubiquitous08, exceed01, pot08, frozentears09, feminist10, asakeno03, kouhai15, talkinghead17, seacrystal04, snapshot07.

2023.02.02 - (+10, =4882) Received from Most Wanted 50 - Special Round: videogames16, prodigy04, brainfluid01, leeks20, braids02, o-568113, taka-chan14, selamatpagi01, dragonhead15, pisces09.

2023.02.02 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 207: gun08, heels12, stake12, heldback17. Received: pareo05, lolita13, blackswan03, f-bomb13

2023.02.02 - (+32, =4872) Donated to 1 purple crayon, 1 blue crayon. Received: prussia14, pragmatist10, surrender02, gastanets02, roseprince03, flash17, shikinjou05, pochette20, addicted05, foxmask18, koubukisaragi01, lewddream10, trebleclef09, line15, millennion13, soulseer03, calligrapher15, comedy17, doubts11, radiantwaltz17, couples10, zauber11, artist16, overlord17, kon11, astrologist01, material17, 77-b19, perceive07, seasalt17, bucket20, pristina03

2023.02.02 - (+6, =4840) Received from Player Report 230: rootflare19, wholebody19, tarts18, minions20, hatsushimo07, nowhere04

2023.02.02 - (+194, =4834) Rewards from December 2022 POG!! Donated: weed19, indigo14, namekian03, dragonbird17, mold13, abyss19, seagull13, themist11, eroge09, robberfly07. Received: techniques14, iithfleet14, girls08, pyrokinetic11, call01, stealsouls01, bounties05, apprehensive12, realeater15, hearingaids14, cherish01, fimbulvetr14, titrel19, kaziklibey01, clover05, fontech11, fingertip09, kilenc14, optometry18, narcissist17, notdefeated19, cinqfleches14, chernobog20, hari09, ideal19, lecherous01, mechapaniq14, temper10, gears12, daruma14, brainwash03, fethmus18, melos05, leblanc01, cybernetic11, storybook07, seele08, successor11, gekokujou19, onread02, librarian16, lazytime10, mp13, actress07, roserade17, tonfa09, samekh03, monkey07, sexfavors17, tomahawk15, privatesign18, aristocracy05, eyebrows09, lighthearted06, reis01, madking12, rocknroll03, kabukidance08, deadcenter16, military06, worst11, unemezoku10, candycane06, animalcare12, allsunday12, soda08, nohomo03, osa-p01, misty14, summon03, mumei03, mako17, mini04, addicted07, sudarshan03, darkangel05, velvet18, number119, holyiris19, magma10, revizer10, sharlayan19, trodain14, marquis05, hollie10, youkai17, meruhen17, kamisarizuki19, alatus18, ironmask12, blanchett01, dannoura17, zzgundam02, blaze02, missdeep12, better02, debug09, ecchan11, sworn16, weakness09, grapejam02, barrage09, slumber10, graceful16, netnavi15, 3rdeye04, fontech12, psybeam13, bedridden12, snipe06, madking01, relicsong07, block09, horse09, homerun07, herbaltea05, roundy07, beli18, prettysweet14, ignore09, dopesketch20, numbers06, circus07, ballerina03, wolf05, bloodwhip10, mssweets12, gluegun16, railgunuser13, parting19, grayscale02, idiotson06, abel01, idolself09, tongue13, mineral19, pavo13, metalia07, hanamaru17, doujinka03, tekou07, avatar19, umbra17, arba09, firefist11, junkfood15, mito-mito06, miraikikan20, eyepatch01, no1curry08, directorial06, wiseking05, metafalica19, metal01, kapu-min15, hangover09, meteor13, challenges05, blueangel05, pherae20, hatchin05, halfsister06, dewicious03, parrying19, flowersong15, teamhappy07, unemotional09, gsleague08, militaire19, newrecruit13, positive20, icicle03, galzzly07, sockpuppet04, performage15, igalima19, rising03, femme13, chelidon08, warpgate11, nuvema08, sogetsu02, bishoujo18, starsong20, mardan12, coronation14, leptailurus05, manhattan20, surface09, godfist04, whitelake19, chipmunk14, bombardment07, analyzedata02, partners02, cosplayidol19, wendel05, echooflife11, saberface12, gunpowder07, maskedknight13, golf08, electricnet09, blranking19, 5 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 5 yellow crayons, 5 green crayons, 3 blue crayons, 2 purple crayons, 4 gray crayons. Also received Grand Prize B coupon: +5 slots for release (5 uses).

2023.02.02 - (+30, =4640) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 198: gouf03, bubbleluna15, owngoal07, entrance10, exia04, ciaossu04, nidhogg14, ctarl11, lying04, argent01, sonata10, violinist11, lrig03, dignity13, almenan19, fushigi14, potato10, newsanchor11, akagami19, underwear18, tsunpo09, hanahazama15, terminal14, hiwa20, therat12, leptailurus11, popgun04, possessive20, fantasyland11, mint19, 1 yellow crayon

2023.02.02 - (+27, =4610) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 199: twinsnipe17, butlers14, beliefs16, lecherous10, ravenwing20, binding20, star-shaped10, surpassing09, memorywipe06, castle16, stmichaels04, acepilot10, talentshow07, knit11, dodo20, lowborn12, androphobia13, 194416, royalguard18, bikaku18, prodigal07, lemu19, mymother13, sonic13, addict10, chrysalis14, sanctuary15, 1 brown crayon

2023.02.02 - (+33, =4583) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 201: discarded10, imaginative03, swimmer15, stealthhero05, hakka13, toys08, jagddoga05, trueblood10, hungrybeam05, robotics20, befriend12, pulse10, thefrog16, kurokami17, maverick02, pes14, falena11, yumeiro08, oblivion07, beautytips08, horns09, butler02, lust11, maps12, regnalastra05, gloves08, orphaned14, frei14, bigsis07, star-shaped10, videogames07, attacker07, paruru16, 1 brown crayon

2023.02.02 - (+30, =4550) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 202: minicon20, druid11, sugarcookie10, godstongue05, calnus05, northitaly10, theartist01, svanhvit14, arcroyal01, scorpion07, dogtags11, pithos15, platitudes06, risotto08, deman17, silverpin20, blackstar09, epsilon19, tiny18, mooncancer03, valetudo11, lightsage11, surrender04, lust15, lifestyle02, tomahawk01, atelier16, charao17, delete12, seafaring08, 1 orange crayon

2023.02.02 - (+40, =4520) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 203: black08, puppet13, fireball20, wise-crack08, viy19, purple13, sketch11, croquettes19, porcupine12, camembert12, yamigitsune11, 2ndside17, complex20, murgleis10, lotus11, domino12, funyarinpa06, former15, femprotags07, gacharolls15, greenshell14, dj14, zeus15, admiring03, gaudy15, kmg05, coarse09, ubcs05, dranzer08, lasagna14, galactic20, kyokushin04, trapeze10, chaotix13, djdragon05, interesting03, biancaneve13, villager03, 315pro20, crazyslots17, 1 orange crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 brown crayon

2023.02.02 - (+27, =4480) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 205: speak11, alexandria01, disgusting04, butlers12, hosenka16, ice-cold10, efficient17, kattelox19, heartbuns03, shadow10, freespirit09, phosphorus19, fullarms09, do-it-all14, india19, youngmen18, grin02, yamato05, runeknight15, wolf03, sun01, facts20, koikaze08, infield09, thebomb04, sweetdream15, osanpo03, 1 purple crayon

2023.02.02 - Traded with Miro: superheroes02, swimtrunks09, bk-20110, doors06, embodiment05, faust06, gudegude14, guessing07, handicraft14, latent12, lepus11, lipservice11, maternal12, noctua17, nokogiri13, parmacordis09, porcupine07, pristina17, regal08, saiyaman15, separate13, tadpole15, tennis01, tennis03, trifolium03. Received: clerks16, figments09, bloody04, bloody12, ecchan01, fieldops10, galax18, gretel19, gretel19, guiltycross12, heartslabyul16, hysteria12, kid06, kid15, nemesis08, obsolete01, obsolete06, planners17, posed05, symphony16, tokunaga07, tokunaga18, usagi01, vassal01, yohane07.

2023.02.02 - Traded with Jun: airpirate19, breakpoint02, grapejam19, succeeds07, wela15, sig_ange. Received: guiltycross02, guiltycross18, galax01, orbis19, orbis04, sig_jun.

2023.02.01 - A shocking! trade with Lenga: 77-b12, battle02, clutch11, commandteam16, corn08, dynawing14, emotion18, goldburn10. Received: ayanon14, commentator07, daymare10, information20, lovefreak20, needles07, razing07, saranaga05.

2023.02.01 - Traded with Mini: alondite04, angeltoall17, answers18, badcompany02, blacktempest15, hagnos02, pearljam11, perfectangel09, windsage02, windsage07, windsage19, wingspear03. Received: fimbulvetr03, guiltycross03, guiltycross06, guiltycross07, heartjack07, innuendos04, orbis01, plaidjacket11, posed13, posed18, saranaga01, terpsichora20.

2023.01.31 - (+8, =4453) Received from Little Spell Academia 246: metropolis10, hideandseek07, metropolis11, swearing06, metropolis12, metropolis13, metropolis15, metropolis16

2023.01.31 - (-1, =4445) Exchanged in Riku's Favors 29: metropolis01, plaidjacket02. Received: metropolis07.

2023.01.31 - (+1, =4446) Received a gift from Trina: koopalings20!

2023.01.31 - (+327, =4445) - Received rewards from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 204: 4thbatter20, blackdirty07, coremelter10, penance06, animals04, powerplant09, theundead11, executive18, blankit08, half-giant01, sketchpad06, beatboxing10, enthusiast07, anklets02, plaidjacket02, redking07, nonocchi03, cellphones06, hesitant09, undertaker10, horn03, yasoukiroku04, arrogance07, thief16, forgiveness07, emerald17, drunkenfist10, impetuous19, mani03, 3rdsister04, potter19, onceupon09, smoker03, wingblades20, sneakers08, power03, rejected19, skyknight05, antique16, warheit07, barbarossa07, traverse10, code21413, ishrasark12, holidaystar20, kuruma07, viginti13, honeyboy15, perfectangel09, samsara05, sirix06, steadfast15, magiic19, oneesan12, ceremonies08, immortal14, crystaleyes02, siva11, marry17, strategos09, norespect04, kicking01, performage17, dragons04, sevendays12, dependable19, kanda16, bringer09, suits03, boxingring03, undernet04, lhantmanor10, blind19, rookie16, knife-throw08, meddle12, necessarius09, bluebird04, meddling19, maou10, pochette17, black16, theta03, helicopter16, naptime09, drug18, happysong17, unnamed02, turtleplush16, schwarze18, survival12, takara01, rougeschool01, northkanto18, whisper09, kyuudou12, passive03, harp09, regal08, soda17, lovegame06, executive15, gatoya04, sekit05, seacrusher04, bravo20, unrequited04, trulla03, explosives18, caliburn09, infield11, angeltoall17, shivers03, overanalyze14, capillary01, ero-mangaka06, monomane11, walhalla16, peachtree03, bells09, bolderfall19, segno18, asrun12, socialclub14, looking-glass18, newsanchor08, darkchip03, chromacamo02, kindhearted15, recharge20, afterpain19, neuroscience09, native05, upbeat12, toxin14, quotes04, kaleido10, faust06, faction17, chihuahua06, teardrop05, jerk18, vesta02, photos18, curetwinkle11, flirty07, luna16, flowery11, cowbell05, kaleidostar19, amazon13, sinners05, virginity18, busking02, maniwa04, capricorn16, fetch05, cureace13, maguskiller16, mahdad17, darkones04, goodcop05, modeling20, inca13, mizar02, porcelain13, bookofnaga13, pristo05, happydream09, boyslove09, jewelknight06, psyche12, eternia11, admiration01, undergrad18, shogunkayo06, kintsuba17, paggy08, entercards02, fairness15, arrogance13, volvagia10, excalipoor19, crystarium12, balancer04, coils16, sociopath04, doog12, loyal08, lumencaves13, mameshiba02, pinkdevil16, mountfuji19, matriarch01, ignition13, wishes05, handsome20, windsage07, hattrick17, memoryheart01, wormhole01, inashiro02, whiskers08, mystletainn14, zoom07, foul04, raitei15, embodiment05, half-giant05, introvert19, alluring20, archbishop08, jujutsu01, deargho12, adaptations04, hacker20, poker18, aikane03, harmonica14, bookoflaw19, hawkeyes01, commander01, fists17, insei08, chronosrose10, pursuit05, theater04, redgem16, torna13, journey08, lepus11, waterpistol09, riceball17, websearch19, yasako08, teach17, accused02, renais09, chatty13, rins13, 2ndside10, long-range16, eclair20, bossun08, gunpowder08, hokage09, confirmed10, profiler03, mac14, valjean03, lantern09, palps11, fastball06, boy-crazy20, heartattack08, lizard02, gentletype20, lustful14, callous05, rooftop18, thezombie07, tabarzin05, lizard14, foreigner06, daddypon10, osa-p09, prinny13, pavo19, apathetic20, deathgaze03, juliet04, diet10, promotion01, spearidiot08, auntie02, theend19, dss17, catalyst14, kronies11, goldfish02, unsatisfied08, gavial12, manifest20, deception16, jeanpaul14, reiiden04, esaka09, granddream04, berserker11, hiraikotsu08, capitalism15, spice20, potter18, porcupine07, eyeignite07, isako15, nike11, clean-cut04, king15, monopolize04, blooddevil18, intent19, realities11, saiyaman15, harumaki19, leftout09, subservient15, delivery02, liebestraume10, otakus10, mediator04, leaky09, okimunpe12, taunts19, pisky05, asobot19, funds09, duplicate06, nokogiri13, samekh16, buhii11, shinsei08, gund-arm18, blooddevil20, bornthisway18, drum01, urusei12, 1 red crayon, 5 orange crayons, 3 yellow crayons, 4 green crayons, 3 blue crayons, 2 purple crayons, 2 brown crayons, 5 gray crayons

2023.01.30 - (+152, =4118) - Received rewards from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 197: fukujun07, scale20, genuine05, playing01, gadoria06, impurity16, chilling15, promising10, curator12, myths04, bullfighter18, europeans12, developer04, creampuff18, bigsis19, looping01, waltz13, ibuki14, dynawing14, netop18, relife18, keptman05, lovers01, clings19, bailang09, towndoctor05, attentive10, trouble03, kizna15, deathmetal03, renowned15, circles05, lucis19, hero09, worthy15, cauldron11, softandwet02, gewehr17, playmaker07, kagoshima20, thecrows16, davinci02, huladance10, mamushi05, pinkdiamond11, strategy17, big01, paladyn16, honey02, aquarius08, velvetrose17, mikopi12, quick16, umn05, trifolium03, chosenhero04, vows15, g-6006, bandicoot07, soulgang01, barielle01, racing12, kids13, attraction08, calypso07, shikigami09, shuanghua14, jump03, shou19, libera11, literary10, lighter14, identity03, avarice19, escalation04, lemurian02, writer13, negotiator20, greengirl06, builder09, wodontimes17, short06, boblennon05, aug2311, rosepin03, upstairs18, humanistic10, animalism03, arranged11, femprotags18, the5th06, vendor16, kweh01, paggy02, killerwolf05, empty14, darktact04, blacktempest15, redscarf15, vicecaptain17, phonestrap16, holyking14, valley02, smell10, ishrasark10, nephamily01, sexyguilty13, eyes03, stronghold07, unique08, dtr03, crow15, wwwa11, techniques15, munnypouch17, claws05, tigerlaguz10, brushgods05, sunrisecafe01, mermaid20, jaganshi07, thelost18, hornet03, laverre01, antarctica13, rap06, spy18, charm05, kings03, repeat07, giver13, dull01, takarazuka18, jiggle14, blonddevil18, magiccrests02, plain06, sympathy18, animalism01, apprehend11, akapi08, dogs08, windsword16, thunderveil12, heartjack03, alondite04, usasan17, gund-arm17, aaa17, baymax03, breakpoint02, stormwatch16, 1 red crayon, 2 orange crayons, 1 green crayon, 2 purple crayons, 2 brown crayons.

2023.01.29 - (+6, =3966) Colors Shopping Street: Glorious Green - exchanged red candy x 5, purple candy x 1 for: nanika01, nanika03, nanika04, nanika07, nanika09, addicted10.

2023.01.29 - Traded with Gloomlee: blooddevil13, blooddevil18, holmes19. Received: addicted16, addicted18, keptman04.

2023.01.29 - Traded with Koinuko: vegitamura07. Received: addicted02.

2023.01.29 - Traded with Emelie: bocchi08, drum06. Received: galax11, ratio11.

2023.01.29 - Traded with Elijah: locacaca07, otherside20, ribblades08. Received: guiltycross17, hell16, razing05.

2023.01.29 - Traded with Ouji: ghosthand16, incontrol14. Received: metropolis08, lightmusic01.

2023.01.28 - (+76, =3960) Received from January 2023 Activity Rewards: malignant11, contrary02, muga05, cubes05, moose02, kizna06, entropy02, audio18, shigofumi10, melodrama19, 500yen12, dattebayo09, swoksaar12, flow15, wearsamask06, orchid17, sparkball04, committee14, baira18, loop13, radar20, grape12, travel12, evolution20, distanced06, nfu11, monocle04, rot01, versailles12, impulsive12, karayachief09, zweiteturm01, enigmatic19, iceberg05, playboy01, magedom01, rural03, metafalica20, darkdjinn02, clamp20, barcode14, rairaiken10, secondlife14, ultraseries07, supermodel04, redroom07, darktailor01, skipped18, journal08, buildstrike20, calamity09, ambidex18, dustdevil18, plumber09, cowardly18, voulge15, lifeenergy07, emotion18, hakka17, raising05, emotional05, honorable08, tophat11, masterpon10, surpass08, tactician15, heavenshole19, stake19, adventure04, deron07, sephiroth04, feminine08, laser09, holyark11, main13, axe07, 1 red crayon, 2 orange crayons, 1 green crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon

2023.01.28 - (+48, =3884) Turned into the Art Shop: 16 completed sketchpads + "2x prizes for 8 sketchbooks coupon". Received: homeroom02, onigiryaa18, smokescreen02, cannon05, discord08, scarlet19, lightsage07, noctua17, gund-arm16, distance09, mosaicbuster14, 108th07, overanalyze17, formalcraft12, mynote02, faithful02, yuigahama09, fenrir16, canopus02, 3rdsister07, runeknight09, bigbanana02, aka09, tadpole15, dragonship16, reasons10, fake02, mipo17, maiko03, oni10, sweettooth01, body06, cindy07, sexyguilty05, obstinate06, drifting14, combatknives16, hm-43206, cakes08, auguste19, aglaophotis06, lonewolf08, dreamsky01, seacrusher11, maserati18, cloudshrine12, cliff03, lovequeen09, 5 orange crayons, 4 yellow crayons, 4 green crayons, 3 blue crayons, 4 purple crayons, 2 brown crayons, 2 gray crayons

2023.01.28 - (+8, =3836) Received from Reading Between the Lines 327: caramels06, lucavi17, peacefully13, caster16, landlord07, thirteenth19, yamigarasu15, magnagate09

2023.01.28 - (+30, =3828) Received from Puzzle Chains 244: bananas02, nagarekawa17, cureearth18, shadows01, waddle13, triumph13, never14, toys13, excellion05, gudegude14, masochism18, battle02, magician15, teikoku04, return06, napping13, darkchip19, adept04, wraith14, styx19, screams14, innocence08, galux08, kaichou09, draculina16, ghostship11, fengshui18, flowersong18, thumbsup04, trinisette05, 1 yellow crayon

2023.01.28 - (+5, =3798) Received from Go Fish! 343: kon02, punk20, pirate19, hydrangea04, bloodriot14

2023.01.28 - (+7, =3793) Donated to Coloring Book 294.5: kyudo13. Received: bravior16, madbloom16, dattebayo10, college13, juuhachi-ban05, dirt16, withwind02, sibling09

2023.01.28 - (+7, =3786) Received from Host Club Giveaway 229: minerals17, dynamics03, holymilk12, pester12, commandteam16, atera12, advice20

2023.01.28 - (+12, =3779) Received from Music Station 298: aromatic01, velvetroom08, gamegear09, phater04, beer13, thehorse11, spot-billed15, personality03, helpful01, train15, prefect16, mydarling16

2023.01.28 - (+10, =3767) Received from Pokeradar 304: karate05, silverrose01, volleyball19, iaigeri17, imperatrix16, aquarium15, treasure04, nia03, bomberrod07, pearljam11

2023.01.28 - (+8, =3757) Received from Reading Between the Lines 326: frogs01, morphus18, morals17, invader03, heartmark06, allure02, brash19, gramblaze16.

2023.01.28 - (+30, =3749) Received from Puzzle Chains 243: ballerina05, norimaki03, raduga05, tennis03, focused18, dandelions17, ecure03, hairloops10, manatree19, heels12, tennis01, hougu13, 198818, mavrou11, overexcited17, happydream07, belittled06, softandwet08, dwarf18, villain02, gerbera15, park05, hi-potions06, juniorarmy02, waterworks09, clockkeeper11, loner07, lightbrand09, race09, shogi17, 1 green crayon.

2023.01.28 - (+15, =3719) Received from Advent Calendar Day 19: closedclock17, arbalest15, broom07, magma08, stealthsp02, misguided13, hyakushiki20, accidental08, shackle03, rhyhorn09, evangelion14, reyntime08, grimreaper14, rent19, mac02.

2023.01.28 - (+7, =3704) Received from Host Club Giveaway 228: littlefeet05, succubus02, vahmedoh04, execute18, hugs19, robberfly01, pigeon04

2023.01.28 - (+3, =3697) Received from Go Fish! 342: looking-glass12, hagnos02, hakka18

2023.01.28 - Received from Colorseum Final Fantasy Special - part 8: orange crayon x 1, green crayon x2, gray crayon x1.

2023.01.28 - Received from Colorseum Final Fantasy Special - part 7: yellow crayon x1, gray crayon x2, purple crayon x1.

2023.01.28 - Exchanged in Swap Station 193: ghostwriter02, metropolis02, mail18, saranaga11. Received: ghostwriter10, metropolis01, mail09, saranaga04.

2023.01.28 - (+8, =3694) Donated to Stamp Card 035: macrocosmos18, cooks04. Received: eldest02, fanalis20, meatbuns08, constancy09, trusts20, familiar06, tekigousha17, gawds07, gnaw08, zero-type15.

2023.01.28 - (+7, =3686) Donated to Delete Shiritori With Kumagawa 232: kagekage10. Received: toss16, fishnchips01, azure12, one-eyed19, water14, psystrike05, claw03, noble06.

2023.01.28 - (+8, =3679) Donated to Silly Blanks 146: active20, towel01. Received: anxious14, dreiklauen08, transfer12, humanistic07, masks02, advice04, acting17, discteam01, kokujoudai15, cardevolve03

2023.01.28 - (+8, =3671) Donated to Silly Blanks 145: basketball18, responsible15. Received: archiviste01, parmacordis09, duckcurse03, 4dragons09, cloudburst07, terminal18, azure12, ukraine01, gangboss08, ishrasark05.

2023.01.28 - (+5, =3663) Donated to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 230: harnais16. Received: dee18, breaking19, manifest06, grownup06, biometals11, saiyan05.

2023.01.28 - Traded with Kyuu: depression04. Received: key11.

2023.01.28 - (-5, =3658) Gifted to Lita: cartridge08, chernobog13, frolic03, greatchief14, msr10.

2023.01.28 - Traded with Raie: aerial08, aerial17, shinsei19. Received: chocolate04, chocolate08, chocolate17.

2023.01.28 - Traded with Koinuko: asakura12, granny20, oranges16, otahen04, otahen09, vegitamura07. Received: ayanon03, ayanon09, ayanon10, ayanon12, keptman11, addicted08.

2023.01.28 - (+1, =3663) Received from New Release 153 part 3: vegitamura05.

2023.01.28 - Traded with Syara: walhalla17 in exchange for addicted09

2023.01.28 - (+40, =3662) Used "20 new release cards" coupon x 2 in Art Shop and received: curepapaya04, incontrol14, shinsei19, lewddream02, foxmask16, bombardment03, vegitamura07, kickboxing17, laurent08, bocchi08, dojang01, blooddevil18, sunwukong01, dojang20, blackhorns04, succeeds07, blooddevil13, impetus15, ribblades08, ghosthand16, nevarl02, locacaca07, 77-b12, windsage02, oak20, windsage19, aerial08, addicted17, keptman13, gunpowder06, latent12, gunpowder12, walhalla17, holmes19, drum06, aerial17, maskedknight20, answers18, material17, otherside20

2023.01.28 - Traded with Nika: fraud06, sig_ange. Received: addicted04, sig_nika02.

2023.01.28 - Traded with Noelle: fractureray07 , sig_ange. Received: addicted07, sig_noelle.

2023.01.28 - Traded with Emelie: weirdo07, sig_ange. Received: addicted05, sig_emelie.

2023.01.28 - (+11, =3622) Received from New Release 153 part 3: fraud06, weirdo07, fractureray07, addicted01, keptman01, debtmachine01, waka-sama01, blooddevil01, nemesis06, nemesis05, fraud01.

2023.01.27 - (+39, =3611) Backlog catch up: recylced art request 2023.01.21: aesthetic10, another03, clairvoyant14, euphonium01, frogcurse07, iseeyou19, obsolete02, obsolete10, obsolete14, phones16, pomefiore10, pomefiore14, resistance04, resistance17, uu01, vespa02, wizard10, yohane04, yohane08, blranking06, blranking16, figments01, figments07, horror06, horror08, neoarcadia02, neoarcadia03, neoarcadia04, neoarcadia05, neoarcadia06, neoarcadia10, neoarcadia11, neoarcadia14, neoarcadia15, neoarcadia16, neoarcadia17, neoarcadia18, neoarcadia19, neoarcadia20

2023.01.27 - (+40, =3572) Backlog catch up: recycled art request from 2023.01.14: aries12, aries14, aries20, chimeraking06, circle13, clothespeg08, color06, color08, color17, flowershop03, mallet01, mallet12, roseneedle01, roseneedle08, darkloid01, darkloid07, darkloid09, darkloid10, darkloid11, darkloid15, josei02, josei05, josei07, josei14, josei19, josei20, misguided16, misguided17, misguided20, silverstar03, silverstar04, silverstar07, silverstar08, silverstar10, silverstar11, silverstar12, silverstar13, silverstar14, silverstar19, silverstar20

2023.01.27 - (+39, =3532) Backlog catch up: recycled art request from 2023.01.07: gabcom10, gabcom11, gabcom15, ichijyokan18, ghoststory05, ghoststory17, ghoststory20, janna02, janna05, janna06, janna17, janna20, lenshunter04, lenshunter06, lenshunter10, lenshunter15, noproblem03, noproblem04, noproblem05, noproblem06, noproblem07, noproblem14, noproblem15, noproblem17, noproblem19, noproblem20, ohmygosh02, orifiel01, orifiel04, orifiel08, orifiel10, orifiel17, orifiel18, orifiel20, pikori14, pikori17, pikori18, pyrokinesis09, pyrokinesis19

2023.01.27 - (+39, =3493) Backlog catch up: recycled art request from 2023.01.01: aball17, abusive02, abusive03, abusive04, abusive05, abusive07, abusive08, abusive10, abusive11, abusive12, abusive13, abusive15, abusive16, abusive17, abusive18, abusive19, always03, always04, always06, always15, always17, always19, anaru09, anaru12, anaru16, anaru17, bandages03, bandages04, bandages06, bandages07, bandages08, bandages18, bandages19, broom05, broom19, firstaid04, firstaid10, firstaid14, firstaid18

2023.01.27 - (+34, =3454) Backlog catch up: recycled art request from 2022.12.25: bells06, bells13, bells18, bells19, bunnygirl14, catears10, catears11, catears14, catears18, circle04, circle13, croquettes02, croquettes04, croquettes08, croquettes11, croquettes13, croquettes17, dnn03, dnn04, dnn08, dnn10, dnn11, dnn12, dnn16, dnn20, hospital02, hospital17, invisible02, invisible04, invisible06, invisible07, invisible14, invisible16, invisible18

2023.01.27 - (+40, =3420) Backlog catchup: recycled art request from 2022.12.17: emoticon05, emoticon08, flowershop03, kritya09, leaves14, scooter04, scooter18, acdc04, acdc05, acdc06, acdc12, acdc20, altergeist06, altergeist10, altergeist15, altergeist16, amarcian20, ariadoney13, asteroid02, asteroid03, asteroid04, asteroid05, asteroid06, asteroid13, asteroid14, asteroid15, asteroid17, asteroid20, exposition02, darkside06, divine02, divine11, divine16, divine17, divine18, gray14, greatsea03, green08, himecuts19, kyous16

2023.01.27 - (+40, =3380) Backlog catchup: recycled art request from 2022.12.10: aquarimms20, belderiver01, belderiver14, colonel17, darkboots06, flowershop03, flowershop04, flowershop20, grandkid13, hollie06, kritya06, kritya09, leaves14, leaves15, leaves20, pug02, pug11, scooter04, scooter18, scooter20, clerks03, crossdressf15, darkside06, gray12, gray13, green01, green03, green08, green19, kyous01, kyous02, kyous03, kyous14, kyous15, kyous16, lightside02, lightside03, lightside05, lightside19, mmlove19

2023.01.27 - Traded with Ouji: incontrol02. Received: addicted06.

2023.01.27 - (+1, =3340) Received from New Release 153 part 2: incontrol02.

2023.01.27 - Traded with Angie (w): kon06, sig_ange. Received: addicted03, sig_angie2.

2023.01.27 - (+4, =3339) Received from New Release 153 part 1: kon06, sig_ange, sunwukong06, masquerades03.

2023.01.25 - Exchanged in Swap Station 192: crossdressf05, ghostwriter20, metropolis04, symphony11. Received: crossdressf12, ghostwriter02, metropolis02, symphony04.

2023.01.25 - Exchanged in Swap Station 190: ayanon15, otahen07, otahen17. Received: ayanon04, otahen04, otahen09.

2023.01.25 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 206: aikido04, firewhip14, psp18. Received: bell07, 14thmoon20, heavenguide01.

2023.01.25 - Traded with Ouji: alter-chan09, bloodfang03, entelechy12, weapon17, godforce05, holywords13, hopespeak20, netherlands06. Received: tenbillion10, heartjack12, koopalings15, koopalings17, koopalings18, laevatain12, posed09, posed11.

2023.01.25 - (+3, =3335) Mastered With Wind! (First mastery!) Recieved: metropolis18, dual-type02, arsene05, 1 orange crayon.

2023.01.25 - (+9, =3332) Exchanged at the Art Shop: orange crayon x 9. Received: withwind09, withwind10, withwind12, withwind14, withwind15, withwind16, withwind17, withwind18, withwind20.

2023.01.25 - (-8, =3323) Exchanged at the Art Studio: frailskill16, gunjou07, jewelknight04, kelkale04, malasada13, meddle09, muaythai10, nobu17, nyanperona16, pheasant15, spare15, vietnamwar20. Received: sig_ange, sig_ange, sig_ange, sig_ange.

2023.01.24 - (+7, =3331) Donated to Coloring Book 294.5: aniki20. Received: robberfly07, unorthodox12, mahdad01, morii15, kishow19, withwind19, sibling19, kishow02

2023.01.24 - Traded with Syara: 12years11. Received: heartjack01.

2023.01.24 - (+1, =3324) Traded with Emelie: cerberion05. Received: swearing07. Received as a gift: koopalings19!

2023.01.23 - (+1, =3323) Received as a gift from Koinuko: koopalings09!

2023.01.23 - (-1, =3322) Gifted to Trina: shamisen06

2023.01.23 - (-1, =3323) Gifted to Archangel: silverarm10

2023.01.23 - (-1, =3324) Gifted to Pia: videogames07

2023.01.23 - (-1, =3325) Gifted to Syara: peyang12.

2023.01.22 - (+5, =3326) Received from Most Wanted 49: peyang12, precise18, videogames07, silverarm10, shamisen06

2023.01.23 - Traded with Koinuko: giantsquid06, hakujoudai13. Received: plaidjacket03, guiltycross05.

2023.01.23 - Traded with Lenga: hyakkiyakou13, deltaflight12. Received: hysteria20, resistance06.

2023.01.23 - Traded with Len: imaginative01, lovemaster01. Received: heartjack14, clerks20.

2023.01.23 - Traded with Gloomlee: wonder09. Received: bloody11.

2023.01.23 - Traded with Lex: divinerose03, doloris07, tekkenball08. Received: metropolis09, spofficer08, spofficer12.

2023.01.22 - (+1, =3321) Traded with Sisi: coremelter13, ukki16. Received: eggshells05, exsphere17. Received as a gift: hideandseek15!

2023.01.22 - (-1, =3320) Gifted to Len: redroom18

2023.01.22 - (-1, =3321) Gifted to Gloomlee: white01

2023.01.22 - (-1, =3322) Gifted to Archangel: faerghus20

2023.01.22 - (-1, =3323) Gifted to Livia: monoceros15

2023.01.22 - (-1, =3324) Gifted to Raie: 555515.

2023.01.22 - (+10, =3325) Received from Little Spell Academia 245: tenbillion07, hideandseek05, withwind04, withwind05, nemesis02, withwind06, nemesis03, nemesis04, withwind07, withwind08.

2023.01.19 - (+5, =3315) Received from Most Wanted 48: orderly09, faerghus20, white01, monoceros15, 555515

2023.01.19 - (+5, =3310) Donated to Shiritori with Kumagawa 231: icefield09. Received: lycoris15, meyvn06, norespect01, daemons20, belderiver07, ghostlock15

2023.01.19 - (+6, =3305) Donated to Scrapbooks 263 & 265 and received: barusu05, heron07, mantis12, 1 blue crayon, redroom18, futurestar20, no7901, 1 blue crayon.

2023.01.19 - (+20, =3299) Received from Stamp Card 034: shaft04, animalism14, patient17, mononoke02, windworks11, lovemaster01, position012, hakujoudai13, heartereki03, shameless03, spare17, colorball17, shadowborder19, seagull13, lance14, ola14, crimibear17, merchant10, brushgods11, predatory14, 1 green crayon, 2 purple crayons

2023.01.19 - (+10, =3279) Received from Pokeradar 303: hyakkiyakou13, nuvema04, bloodfang03, melfriends15, flighty01, lying16, tsunderes12, homophobe06, holywords13, alter-chan09

2023.01.19 - (+32, =3269) Donated to Coloring Book 294: 1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon. Received: yami-nabe20, deceiving19, curesoleil02, pandaemonium08, creamland15, wonder09, nameless15, threetails01, starry16, arcadestar02, sillywood09, kishow10, strong19, lunallena14, swordskill06, gremlin09, choice10, giantsquid06, weapon17, entelechy12, horizons02, kenpo11, weakest16, corecrystal08, icicle03, caerula17, blranking12, depression04, overload06, levanguard12, imaginative01, angelysugar15.

2023.01.19 - (+6, =3237) Mastered X-Day and Otahen! Received: otahen19, withwind03, yaoi07, hatari15, partyguests02, mypast03, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon.

2023.01.19 - (+1, =3231) Received from Release 152 - December part3: otahen16.

2023.01.19 - (+9, =3230) Colors Shopping Street: Glorious Green - exchanged red candy x9 for x-day04, x-day10, x-day11, x-day14, x-day15, x-day16, x-day17, x-day19, x-day20.

2023.01.19 - Colors Shopping Street: Yummy Yellow - exchanged red candy x3 for double sketchpad rewards for 8 sketchpads coupon.

2023.01.19 - Traded with Len: emotions07, musical17. Received: bloodbank01, agape19.

2023.01.19 - Exchanged in Swap Station 191: bowties17, crossdressf11, eyes03, ghostwriter19. Received: bowties07, crossdressf05, eyes20, ghostwriter20.

2023.01.19 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 206: redlights19, verdant01, adopted04. Received: clerks05, hymn09, itako17.

2023.01.17 - Traded with Kyuu: slugs20. Received: eyes12.

2023.01.17 - Traded with Francy: etincelle15, goodfortune14, havoc08, nails14, scarves19, wayward17. Received: fieldops06, mail08, mail18, orbis09, rebel18, ruby06.

2023.01.17 - Traded with Shiranna: adorableness09, ccarayhua19, iinodoue18, katamari16, maid11, massages02, question17, silvereyes15. Received: capsule03, capsule08, elegia05, emeraldhair02, emeraldhair04, emeraldhair14, sopheria14, undernet03.

2023.01.17 - Traded with Cupid: papa17. Received: bloodbank17.

2023.01.17 - Traded with Ouji: flabellum02, macanluin03, snipe08. Received: nemesis10, nemesis11, nemesis20.

2023.01.16 - Traded with Gloomlee: chameleon08, cheer04, fastball02, reading01, zoom11. Received: withwind13, withwind11, bloodbank12, delusion09, hospital07.

2023.01.16 - Traded with Erin: agrabah06, burdened10, letter16, natureesp14, northstar03, northstar18, ribbonbuster17, roseprince02, traumatized13. Received: electric03, experienced06, umbrellas06, agi02, arsene06, hell12, netrunner16, plaidjacket10, smilingcat15.

2023.01.16 - (+1, =3221) Traded with Elijah: astrolabos05, cranes14, crimson10, dagda08, galaxyidol08, lovestorm18, plankton03, seamstress09, smokebomb17, tactician16, x-laws14. Received: aesthetic16, eats01, ecchan15, eggs10, eggshells15, egoist04, referee10, referee16, saranaga11, saranaga18, undernet20. Received as a gift: posed01.

2023.01.16 - Traded with Emelie: redoni14. Received: wizard19.

2023.01.16 - (+3, =3220) Mastered Sillywood! Received: otahen15, daifuku19, worlds04, 1 blue crayon.

2023.01.15 - (+21, =3217) Leveled up from Apricot to Gold! Received as level up rewards: sillywood04, sillywood07, sillywood08, sillywood09, ritual10, dojima06, bandit12, knowing18, emissary16, pochette09, hotcakes01, thecow17, queen05, nirvash07, hospital15, saranaga11, onthefloor09, triplefinish04, doloris07, 2 red crayons, 1 blue crayon, 1 gray crayon. Used remaining 2 uses of +1 choice cards for 5 levels coupon and received: sillywood10, otahen13.

2023.01.15 - (+8, =3196) Received from Little Spell Academia 244: otahen03, otahen06, otahen08, sillywood14, tenbillion06, otahen10, sillywood15, sillywood16.

2023.01.14 - (+8, =3188) Received from Reading Between the Lines 325: supersize19, aquacrew05, cipher19, lupan01, pinkdevil20, susanoh06, sorceria11, sanction14

2023.01.14 - (+30, =3180) Received from Puzzle Chains 242: isopod18, fancastle13, contracts20, slugs20, royalties04, optimist10, macanluin03, villain16, fortree02, 15111, snipe08, papa17, denpakei01, chameleon08, flighty20, deathblow19, mushrooms03, advice14, flabellum02, emotions07, sickness08, horror01, musical17, nun11, hyper03, drummer16, mounds06, starsong13, ark17, vaccine08, 1 blue crayon

2023.01.13 - (+4, =3150) Received from Release 152 - December part2: withwind02, nemesis01, guiltycross01, plaidjacket02

2023.01.13 - Received from Colorseum Final Fantasy Special - part 6: brown crayon, gray crayon, orange crayon, blue crayon.

2023.01.13 - (+4, =3146) Received as a gift from Archangel: aries10, baa20, blackswan10, blackswan20!

2023.01.13 - Traded with Len: bread11, discourse16, disillusion15. Received: laevatain01, posed08, posed16.

2023.01.13 - (+8, =3142) Donated to Silly Blanks 144: brag09, fitness18. Received: letranger06, bunnygirl18, stronger10, outlook11, karas02, dwn-04015, smokescreen05, snowcountry04, underground08, legends11

2023.01.13 - (+6, =3134) Received from Go Fish! 341: cerberion05, tempter12, agnosia05, nanatsusaya16, triomphe14, ducati13, 1 red crayon

2023.01.13 - Traded Kyuu: skytrainer17, chocobo09, fulcrum18. Received: honest18, rose20, sohcahtoa03.

2023.01.12 - (+8, =3128) Donated to Stamp Card 034: flight04, onceupon14. Received: neoarcadia12, alpha17, artskill10, eros01, clutch13, moonrace08, dwn-02409, gleipnir12, everafter02, dwn-03404

2023.01.12 - (-1, =3120) Gifted to Byrd: starry13

2023.01.12 - (-1, =3121) Gifted to Kyuu: reshbal01

2023.01.12 - (+5, =3122) Received from Most Wanted 47: gangster02, reshbal01, comedian07, eyes03, starry13

2023.01.12 - (+16, =3117) Donated to Coloring Book 293 - Special Round!: 1 yellow crayon. Received: sillywood11, defy10, arcadestar10, kishow02, arcadestar14, sandevistan07, jolly07, jolly09, crt06, starry09, kishow05, defy19, sandevistan17, badcompany02, metropolis04, metropolis14

2023.01.12 - (+10, =3101) Received from Pokeradar 302: scarves19, marknicht20, hokage03, prove03, towel01, devout11, etherrifle05, bungee04, timberowl17, easel05

2023.01.11 - Traded with Elijah: ghostalley16. Received x-day18.

2023.01.11 - Traded with Vampire: glyphs14. Received: octavinelle09.

2023.01.11 - Traded with Angie (W): curerhythm05, jewel09, macaron02. Received: ichijyokan19, ghosthouse20, poodle14.

2023.01.11 - Traded with Raie: sandy10, ice-cold13, multi-size10, plusultra16. Received: cheese08, cheese20, orbis07, silverstar15.

2023.01.11 - Traded with Gloomlee: magichair08, stealsouls10, augbirthday06, pointy12, quack06. Received: artists05, sillywood13, crazyslots10, fashion01, graveryl11.

2023.01.11 - Traded with Ares: manifest13. Received: tragedy11.

2023.01.11 - (+4, =3091) Mastered special deck Namidai! Received: clerks03, practice13, reserved15, gawds14, 1 brown crayon.

2023.01.10 - (+5, =3087) Exchanged in Art Shop: orange crayon x 5, yellow crayon x5. Received: namidai11, namidai14, namidai16, namidai17, namidai20

2023.01.10 - (+12, =3082) Received from Little Spell Academia 243: tenbillion03, clerks02, crossdressf01, crossdressf02, namidai02, crossdressf03, tenbillion04, namidai04, namidai07, namidai08, crossdressf05, namidai09

2023.01.10 - Gifted to Vampire: crayon rainbow x1.

2023.01.09 - (-2, =3070) Gifted to Ares: ghoul17, player13.

2023.01.09 - Traded with Archangel: yuujinchou17, falsewar02, 20faces03, balmung18, blasted03, bloodsucking08, ceramics09, far-flier02, gemdust02, gun16, just16, paimon19, slacker11, spacepirate12, wolborg14, sig_ange. Received: x-day05, clerks01, otahen12, blackshadow15, capsules03, crazyslots14, galax09, information05, innuendos13, orbis08, puppy14, razing03, spiderweb10, symphony10, antiqueshop11, sig_archangel.

2023.01.09 - Traded with Pia: easyr17, kayo-chin08. Received: crossdressf04, crossdressf11.

2023.01.08 - (-2, =3072) Gifted to Pia: sci-fi13, asunaro16.

2023.01.08 - (+200, =3074) Donated to December 2022 POG: saiyawoman02, nanza12, one-eyed19, wing18, fromflames16, loop03, art12, koshary05, etoile06, star-shaped15. Used Double Rewards Coupon (use #2 of 5). Received as POG completion reward: curerhythm05, saints15, rocknuzzle20, multi-size10, cheery09, iracundus10, relax14, gracidea02, cryoblood02, step-mom12, creepysmile11, lightspeed10, futureeve15, dragonbird17, thefalcon12, magicalgun20, licking20, muscle17, bloodtalon16, viperblade02, logical11, airiel03, quack06, 72pillars03, sandy10, hiroshima03, aloupeeps09, bullfrog05, uma10, greatchief14, ibuki11, entercards14, fulcrum18, machinegun05, howl09, writers04, rep20, gun08, namekian03, imperfect19, macaron02, brinstar16, kuronomei01, songstress04, cellphone13, snacks12, acrobatics07, charm02, butt13, dracaena04, discourse16, wwwa11, kayo-chin08, zippo11, dokidoki13, thestray03, memphis02, ddr07, reset19, symbol14, logic02, flight04, pheasant16, cardtricks08, strictcoach01, victim17, pointy12, insei04, fullest11, indigo14, higanbana15, hadouken07, bananasushi13, temsik01, disillusion15, mages02, jewel09, rumraisin20, springfairy18, uguisu19, viola09, vanship13, toilette18, koukaku05, occultism15, msr10, spicegirl05, kansai10, resolute09, roughskin15, ensign05, tao10, hattrick07, thistle05, genuine11, stake12, styx04, vers01, wingspear03, goddesses17, circles04, plusultra16, supra-force10, samuraicat06, motor05, simulated05, ecchan16, innovator20, pokecenter01, whiteraven10, kokeshi01, tartar04, highrollers09, nine-tails15, memorial10, flamebody08, bench18, hannya19, revocs08, changshan08, godspeed07, bowties17, phantombleu18, poisonapple06, cyber615, ice-cold13, goodfortune14, wealthy10, symphony11, redclan03, augbirthday06, invibelle10, chocobo09, zura17, rollingsaw10, emulate04, xenian11, zeus01, yard08, onmyoji05, googoo03, destination03, kurosawa01, mindseye14, wardspell01, troublesome19, adam08, were-man11, deadpan10, moviestar06, sweetbeans10, noname14, teach02, etincelle15, ghostalley16, myboy19, eyeshadow11, deer04, clutch11, harvesting05, amphilyon05, outdoor20, masamune14, mir20, mukotsu09, sensitive02, bread11, geostigma11, brickbreak10, oilpainting16, abyss19, wrongbag06, handheld19, faintsmile08, volatile17, perverted18, prideful07, chastity10, matcha05, beretta09, foggyglasses09, izumo06, badda-boom08, sagami17, prelude12, kakusei16, bathroom05, capricious20, manifest13, glyphs14, verdant01, magichair08, strongjaw15, skytrainer17, redlights19, imp16, crt12, duke13, withwind01, wela20, fen13, prizemaster06, jolly18, blacktempest05, daylam12, stealsouls10, mardan11, juuhachi-ban15, o-568117, sandevistan07, 3 red crayons, 3 orange crayons, 2 yellow crayons, 4 green crayons, 2 blue crayons, 4 purple crayons, 4 brown crayons, 4 gray crayons. Also received Grand Prize A Coupon:

2023.01.08 - (+8, =2874) Received from Reading Between the Lines 324: lyrics04, daffodil17, soulhunter17, musselback16, godspeed19, frolic03, raitei07, rocker03

2023.01.08 - (+30, =2866) Received from Puzzle Chains 241: greatardent13, carnation02, veteran07, mixcoatl19, stamina07, farethere10, jupiter07, kagekage19, oninonaku02, ruinmode03, hirarin11, gunjou07, asunaro16, oldest13, rayofhope13, imposter11, ironmouse18, pi-su01, hexed05, lfg02, correct14, godforce05, eradicate06, enthusiast02, quick02, totalwood12, muru09, ohma17, phantoma15, wonderhoy18, 1 yellow crayon

2023.01.08 - Traded with Trina: overachiever19, rosequeen01, sexy03. Received: netrunner15, pikohan16, spirit18.

2023.01.08 - Traded with Koinuko: lizardmagic12, devilexam05, dragon-type16, thefrog06. Received: phones04, muramasa20, misguided08, cinema04.

2023.01.08 - Traded with Gloomlee: chameleon19, flea18, magichair08, sibling09, songofjoy05, subjugation01. Received: brain01, firstaid03, plaidjacket01, plaidjacket04, plaidjacket08, plaidjacket20.

2023.01.08 - Traded with Arianne: butlerpower04, catweed20, crossplay14, equestrian12, firecrackers16, geidai01, greenday12, gyoza13, highlife14, layabouts07, lighthearted05, lovehug12, lunate04, noda07, popo20, rolls13, snowboarding12, temperament18, jolly05, jolly11, 1000needles12, manatree03, meteo03, morikawa04, wonder06, sig_ange. Received: swearing15, swearing18, x-day03, x-day08, spofficer10, tenbillion05, blackshadow15, capsules04, capsules11, frogcurse12, frogcurse17, ghostwriter20, kuuhaku13, kuuhaku16, misguided01, misguided03, misguided07, misguided12, misguided18, muramasa12, muramasa14, nonary02, pikohan01, pikohan02, pikohan10, sig_arianne.

2023.01.08 - (+4, =2836) Mastered special deck Goths! Received: namidai12, weed19, ovenfires08, world-class06, 1 red crayon

2023.01.08 - (+6, =2832) Exchanged at the Art Shop: red crayon x6 and black crayon x6. Received: goths14, goths15, goths16, goths17, goths18, goths20

2023.01.07 - (-1, =2826) Gifted to Len: deltaflight11.

2023.01.07 - (-1, =2827) Gifted to Lenga: asunaro19

2023.01.07 - Traded with Mini: badcompany12, badcompany14, bloodsucking15, eyespy15, foulplay20, horus13, indra01, iztula08, kerchief15, lighthearted07, lip-ring05, wanderingsea18, sig_ange. Received: agape06, arsene20, kid11, metropolis06, nanika06, nanika17, plaidjacket05, plaidjacket09, sillywood05, swearing08, swearing16, x-day06, sig_mini

2022.01.07 - (-2, =2828) Gifted to Nika: cherry06, chargebolt19

2022.01.07 - (-1, =2830) Gifted to Trina: jewel11

2022.01.07 - (-1, =2831) Gifted to Mini: o-568118

2022.01.07 - (-1, =2832) Gifted to Archangel: trainee12

2022.01.07 - Exchanged in Shopping Street: red candy x 5 for Donate a Special Deck x1 coupon

2022.01.07 - Received from Colorseum Final Fantasy Special - part 5: blue crayon, gray crayon, green crayon, yellow crayon.

2022.01.07 - (+20, =2833) Received from Stamp Card 033: sillier12, aisen06, descendant07, cytokine06, sexy03, lostseraph11, mold13, lyfjaberg13, corn19, straylize08, lighthearted05, layabouts07, earwig04, petal11, tezcatlipoca04, sia13, brandingiron03, smokebomb17, littledevil10, eroge09, 2 orange crayons, 1 gray crayon

2022.01.07 - (+8, =2813) Donated to Silly Blanks 143: expelled05, mask07. Received: deepsky14, genki03, goldburn10, angelysugar10, madainsari07, heian07, memory19, rhythmic07, pi-su19, lemonade15

2023.01.07 - (+4, =2805) Received from Go Fish! 340: heartjack04, bakery19, arme19, roses05

2023.01.07 - (+5, =2801) Received from Most Wanted 46: trainee12, o-568118, jewel11, cherry06, mob03

2023.01.07 - (+5, =2796) Received from Coloring Book 292: songofjoy05, flea18, sibling09, subjugation01, analyzedata11

2023.01.07 - (+10, =2791) Received from Pokeradar 301: maschera16, scythes14, angelichowl03, onceupon14, moirae03, yuujinchou17, pillars11, tercera03, reputation04, lizardmagic12

2023.01.07 - (+12, =2781) Received from Directions 160: whitefang01, possessive04, gunnhildr05, squishy02, scarf16, humanist14, float16, crystaleyes09, caribbean13, navigator05, titanic11, 100visits11

2023.01.07 - (+30, =2769) Received from Advent Calendar - Day 04: straydog14, greeneyes14, broke01, rosequeen01, wakawaka08, buddha19, lonely11, devilexam05, overachiever19, seed10, airpirate18, lessons14, supermarket02, greed10, twosides16, whitenight13, seventeen02, anego17, manly03, whitehorse01, firewhip16, catpuns08, asunaro19, dewford10, thehorse03, suggestion19, caregiver13, challenge16, laevatain11, deltaflight11

2023.01.07 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 205: trodain05, teamsmile18, old18, pecking17, freezing10. Received: mineral05, sillywood17, fimbulvetr12, darkboots14 , spofficer16.

2023.01.07 - Traded with Andie: mediating13, curaga03, ursus11, vahrudania20, grunties12, resolve06, damsel08, formation14, balloon08, blaze02, carpenter14, raindance16, supersonic13, sweetscent10, wildduck10. Received: blackshadow01, blackshadow04, blackshadow07, capsules17, chocolate12, feral05, frogcurse18, muramasa04, muramasa16, muse01, muse03, muse06, nenthreads03, terpsichora02, thespider05.

2023.01.04 - (+6, =2739) Mastered Harveston and Section 1! Received: sillywood02, sillywood03, katamari16, seconds02, devour06, x-laws14, 2 brown crayons

2023.01.04 - (+12, =2733) Received from Little Spell Academia 242: harveston13, harveston14, metropolis20, metropolis19, sillywood20, harveston15, harveston16, sillywood19, sillywood18, harveston18, harveston19, harveston20

2023.01.04 - Traded with Len: bigbanana18, tart11, kantoku19, trodain20, whips04, sig_ange. Received: x-day12, posed06, bungee03, bungee19, hysteria08, sig_len.

2023.01.04 - (+16, =2721) Donated 1 yellow crayon to Coloring Book 293 - Special Round! and received: starry15, sandevistan14, defy15, sandevistan09, jolly05, badcompany14, crt17, starry03, defy02, kishow16, crt09, crt05, starry05, starry08, starry06, kishow07

2023.01.04 - (+16, =2705) Donated 1 yellow crayon to Coloring Book 293 - Special Round! and received: jolly11, kishow17, sandevistan16, sandevistan12, defy18, kishow12, starry13, sillywood12, defy17, starry14, crt03, sillywood06, starry18, badcompany12, kishow10, crt04

2023.01.04 - (+7, =2689) Received as bonus rewards from Puzzle Chains 241 - Special Round: section116, harveston07, swearing05, daymare06, harveston08, harveston11, harveston12

2023.01.02 - (+30, =2682) Donated to Advent Calendar Day 22: advice03, airplane12, arsenal02, kill06, axe20, bentos18, lace02, brokenglass10, links01, overcautious14, past04, persistent06, buttercup04, powerful18, prettysweet07, public13, candy06, nag05, open05, chitchat10, criticism16, cutegirls05, rash15, dj14, resplendent16, rusty01, fun18, grudges19, sickly07, haircut08. Received: monomi01, pheromones20, birthright15, coremelter13, swingrock03, pc-9808, akaringo04, shakugan12, champloo07, omoiyari15, akaoni02, salamander02, genius02, formation14, bourreau09, admiral07, musicsense19, endings08, chi11, player215, magun06, futuresight17, containment07, neomu18, curegrace10, firebird06, themist11, nishi08, galaxyidol08, cranes14, dwn-04518, muaythai10, entomologist04, saranaga04, robots06, agrabah06, crossplay14, vancoor16, rots12, splat04, natureesp14, rollingsaw15, bikaku12, raitei01, comp04, detnerat09, plankton03, witch06, musicians05, manikatti07, bomber06, squadron20, letter16, pyrotechnics06, dragonfoot12, makki01, grandmas11, demifiend09, photoshoots06, obstinate19

2023.01.02 - (+15, =2652) Received from Advent Calendar Day 17: yasutsuna11, kitsune16, rocker12, tactician16, demonfists14, truegrace07, engokuki08, pke14, takara11, millenium20, boulder14, photobomb18, kid05, make-up01, lie02

2023.01.02 - (+10, =2637) Received from Advent Calendar Day 12: deuslovult05, titrel07, magiccards08, equestrian12, maou10, scan14, xcution19, macrocosmos18, far-flier02, luscinia13

2023.01.02 - (+13, =2627) Received from Advent Calendar Day 02: 20faces03, fermata07, guardian13, mercury07, meteorswarm02, scarves12, wisel16, schwarzer08, wela08, wanderingsea18, chameleon19, magichair08, sketch17, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 purple crayon

2023.01.02 - (+8, =2614) Received from Reading Between the Lines 323: meddle09, sen11, hunters06, landlord19, gene02, happysong08, 20th08, corn08

2023.01.02 - (+30, =2606) Received from Puzzle Chains 240: cure12, peeping05, thefrog06, orichalcos11, carsick02, kurohigi04, embrasque07, pigeonraid09, dragoon19, floatserve13, lipservice11, snowboarding12, guilty17, earphone07, brilliance18, asakura12, reverse09, damsel08, dense13, traffic09, chikuwa18, tottori17, restoration02, triangles01, cheer04, officelady11, krauser07, destruction01, crest05, witness03, 1 brown crayon

2023.01.02 - (+8, =2576) Donated to Silly Blanks 142: confection06, frigid04. Received: roulette12, bears08, yggdrasil20, motherly02, scarydriver14, sleep01, incinerate15, rage04, owngoal18, wonderbolt12

2023.01.02 - (+4, =2568) Received from Go Fish! 339: loveshower19, wordplay12, vinebikini04, engagement15

2023.01.02 - Received from Advent Calendar Day 16: 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon, 1 orange crayon

2023.01.02 - (+12, =2564) Received December 2022 deck donation rewards: jiji11, blind09, polearms14, carpenter14, astrolabos05, noshadow06, 1 red crayon, 1 purple crayon, aikido04, grandking08, hopespeak20, soporific15, tsundere15, suzuken10, 1 red crayon, 1 brown crayon

2023.01.02 - (+12, =2552) Received November 2022 deck donation rewards: retroclover07, exia03, grandkid18, inyellow14, berry09, fastball02, suna-suna16, immortalize01, thatched02, crossfire14, ikemen07, television11, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 purple crayon

2023.01.02 - (+3, =2540) Received belated birthday gifts from Release 149 - September: parfaits18, mediocrity15, piggirl02, 1 gray crayon

2022 Logs

2022.12.31 - Traded with ReneeTwist: promiscuous14, starter02, withdrawn05, fantasia03. Received: x-day07, x-day09, fieldops11, josei12

2022.12.31 - Traded with Gloomlee: blranking04, healthcare12, stealsouls17, subjugation19, cecaelia10, gudegude12, rosepetal04, streetrat14, underdome15. Received: ayanon20, arsene01, blackshadow03, blackshadow10, planners11, ashore01, better10, eyes03, horrorsp08.

2022.12.31 - Traded with Ouji: kumashinken07", masamune13, palu10, rikishi06, wolfspirit17, teni05, teni14. Received: muramasa17, no08, no14, referee18, rhodes18, usagi18, vespa06

2022.12.31 - Traded with Trina: jagddoga15. Received: commentator03

2022.12.31 - Traded with Koinuko: lizardhead19, divination06, pit03, volcanic17, whirlpool11, yamakami06. Received: metropolis02, arsene18, kuuhaku04, kuuhaku05, titrel03, ironmaiden12.

2022.12.31 - Received from Colorseum Final Fantasy Special - part 4: 4 purple crayons

2022.12.31 - Traded with Kyuu: alternative08, academia10, dragoon15, sharlayan16. Received: colonel11, horrorsp06, ichijyokan01, marionette19

2022.12.30 - (+72, =2537) Received December 2022 Activity Rewards: seafriend11, grassland20, enmember02, x-calibur01, sunlesssea11, hayashibara01, childlike05, daybreak02, retrogames17, wineglass05, code66618, iztula08, persistent06, monomagia17, reading01, butlerpower04, massages02, chitchat10, menma20, fitness18, literate10, strelizia13, stops12, crossword07, meltdowner18, yohane01, supermodel13, founding07, segway08, gemdust02, following01, sil8010, unnamed03, okonomiyaki14, brightnight02, hearing13, alien01, adorable08, prettysweet07, procellarum10, kindness02, cybele09, helping02, yari17, vierzeberg16, zoom11, colony915, shirasagi10, burdened10, hotel13, herculean03, opportunist06, thebomb06, parasitic03, step-sister14, exercising04, revuesstar01, kicks03, olive18, tea11, public13, stupidcat14, cursedtwin09, hozumi16, nfu13, twinstar07, mezzaluna10, karateka07, redoni14, opera19, kyudo13, genista16, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 2 brown crayons

2022.12.30 - (+8, =2465) Donated to Stamp Card 033: 7titans18, beach18. Received: horror17, whither19, optimistic01, sekigan17, cain11, blackblood14, primera12, scarlethair01, erhu14, onoken09.

2022.12.30 - (+5, =2457) Received from Coloring Book 291: spetsnaz13, frailskill16, nobu17, kelkale04, kerchief15

2022.12.30 - (+24, =2452) Received from Lady Luck Slots 085: 4minutes11, kawasumia16, thieves02, openings18, eo16, graveborns19, arborea07, fairies06, greatsea09, mahou19, hosoyan09, crimea12, superheroes05, 199810, tsunderes08, faintattack10, police02, cooks04, butlers20, aglaia13, lightclub14, eo02, junbirthday02, decision20, 1 red crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon

2022.12.30 - (+24, =2428) Received from Lady Luck Slots 084: ostia02, specials11, casters17, morikawa04, red08, fogdoor06, superheroes02, greenvale15, oriental06, dragon-type16, pink16, keystone08, 4minutes17, saga14, taranis01, construction07, endings07, gyarus10, jinchuuriki03, hylia03, bara08, casters10, gramblaze11, gingerbread20, 2 yellow crayons, 1 blue crayon, 1 brown crayon

2022.12.30 - (+16, =2404) Received from Coloring Book 292: sanctuary16, rukh04, writers12, futureeve12, just16, soldier09, hostile03, bosozoku19, namidai18, divinerose03, enkephalin12, lighthearted07, upbeat11, stealthhero14, unicornis02, godaime17

2022.12.30 - (+3, =2388) Mastered Luxuria and received: section115, animereview01, introvert01, 1 brown crayon

2022.12.30 - (+3, =2385) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 17 and received: luxuria19, luxuria20, metropolis05

2022.12.30 - (+11, =2382) Received special prize from Lady Luck Slots 086 - New Year's Edition!: section108, section110, swearing02, daymare04, section111, luxuria17, luxuria18, section112, section113, harveston06, section114

2022.12.29 - (+9, =2371) Mastered Post Office, True Blood, and Pyromaniac! Received: luxuria14, luxuria15, luxuria16, yamakami06, orochi03, spunquel03, netherlands06, tower07, doorshrine07, 1 green crayon, 2 brown crayons

2022.12.29 - (+28, =2362) Received from Little Spell Academia 241: goths06, luxuria07, pyromaniac06, pyromaniac09, pyromaniac10, goths08, goths09, luxuria08, pyromaniac11, hideandseek02, luxuria09, pyromaniac14, goths11, luxuria10, pyromaniac15, hideandseek04, goths13, luxuria11, pyromaniac16, pyromaniac17, pyromaniac19, pyromaniac20, section106, swearing01, daymare03, section107, luxuria12, luxuria13

2022.12.29 - (+14, =2334) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 25 and received: metropolis03, postoffice14, luxuria03, luxuria04, pyromaniac04, postoffice15, goths05, luxuria05, postoffice16, postoffice17, postoffice18, metropolis04, luxuria06, postoffice19

2022.12.29 - (+3, =2320) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 24 and received: trueblood13, postoffice10, postoffice11

2022.12.29 - (+1, =2317) Exchanged in Switch It Up 204 - Holiday Edition!: cys20, dressup12, foursky06, pockets04, pool03, strain08. Received: lempicka19, lycoris09, janna07, better02, sketchbook18, always10, postoffice20.

2022.12.29 - (+3, =2316) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 23 and received: section118, section119, section120

2022.12.29 - (+4, =2313) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 21 and received: postoffice12, postoffice09, trueblood20, postoffice13

2022.12.28 - Exchanged in Natsume's Book of Cards 120: dickdictum20, meanclean04. Received: tenbillion02, hunting01.

2022.12.28 - Traded with KJ: beards11, beards14, beards16, braingum12, candycane16, cavalry18, curaga02, curaga17, divina09, fanboy09, fashionblog03, friends05, lighthearted15. Received: glasses10, kyous04, twintails18, daathic07, feral09, galax16, ghostwriter19, hell20, pikohan20, referee02, sullen02, thespider06, youtuber09.

2022.12.28 - (-1, =2309) Gifted to Lex: sexy05

2022.12.28 - (-1, =2310) Gifted to Mini: demons15

2022.12.28 - (-1, =2311) Gifted to Nika: cherry07

2022.12.28 - Traded with Angie (wachamachas): platinum13. Received: ashore03.

2022.12.28 - Traded with Raie: reversing18. Received: agape03

2022.12.28 - (+21, =2312) Received from Release 152 - December part1: canis01, defy01, destreza01, goths04, harveston05, kishow07, kishow14, luxuria01, luxuria02, meido01, metropolis01, namidai01, netrunner01, postoffice08, sig_ange, sillywood01, sketch01, starry12, stealthsp01, tanpopo08, venomspray01

2022.12.28 - Traded with Ouji: lohenwolf15, beinlove09, painbreaker02, sonata13, weakling13

2022.12.28 - Traded with Trina: berserkers19, mafty09, tattoo06, uravity04, zzgundam05. Received: misguided15, juniorarmy11, kidnapped18, sin10, belderiver04

2022.12.28 - Traded with Raie: merge11, herooftime17. Received: daathic11, agape01.

2022.12.28 - Traded with Gloomlee: neverland13, smd20. Received: x-day13, goths12.

2022.12.28 - Traded with Koinuko: cannondale03, melodious04, nervous18, reporter08, romantista18. Received: science10, usagi07, fujoshi08, mushrooms17, violence15.

2022.12.28 - (+20, =2291) Exchanged coupon x1 for 20 new release cards and received from Art Shop: wela15, stealsouls17, arcadestar19, blranking04, plaidjacket12, healthcare12, littlesister19, alternative17, stormwatch20, netrunner07, alternative08, kishow05, netrunner05, subjugation19, horus13, shadowball03, teni14, daylam20, teni05, electricnet13.
x1 used

2022.12.28 - (+10, =2271) Received from Stamp Card 032: blaze02, shark01, necessarius04, chozo03, x88s13, gundanz18, kismet16, ring13, icefield09, muffler01

2022.12.28 - (+16, =2261) Received from Coloring Book 292: developer16, talking20, harnais16, chizakura11, crimson10, roseprince02, birdcalls07, pristina17, blanchefil07, rikishi06, cecaelia10, icewitch08, chinchilla13, reversing18, sandtribe11, aloupeeps11

2022.12.28 - (+12, =2245) Received from Music Station 296: doors06, irisphone08, volcanic17, airplane12, queenvirgo20, nurturesp09, liar14, touma04, punish11, founding04, girlfriend08, bourreau15

2022.12.28 - (+12, =2233) Received from Music Station 295: seize04, onlyreason03, sox12, spoiled11, kurogamon09, northstar18, pallum02, stardragon17, sagami08, digimon15, kanegasaki01, oranges16

2022.12.28 - (+5, =2221) Received from Most Wanted 45: cherry07, starter02, nidhogg15, demons15, sexy05

2022.12.28 - (+12, =2216) Received from Art Lessons 323: vietnamwar13, sharlayan16, walpurgis08, 2ndsister12, kantoku19, sukeban18, dressup12, fushigi20, dumb08, bloodsucking08, biggsnwedge14, deron20, 1 red crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 2 gray crayons

2022.12.28 - (+5, =2204) Received from No Context Theater 297: bloodbank05, gottfried13, kagekage10, nobodies02, underdome15

2022.12.28 - (+5, =2199) Received from No Context Theater 296: aki18, blanchefil19, blurry20, kerchief12, trodain20

2022.12.28 - (+5, =2194) Received from No Context Theater 295: guessing07, kumashinken07, onthefloor19, whips04, wolfspirit17

2022.12.28 - (+5, =2189) Received from No Context Theater 294: kelkale06, kelkale12, kelkale13, ss-rank09, streetrat14

2022.12.28 - (+5, =2184) Received from No Context Theater 293: honedfangs10, olderlover19, rosepetal04, sakurafubuki14, tekkenball08,

2022.12.28 - (+8, =2179) Received from Reading Between the Lines 322: utilitarian12, flight04, precognition16, artists04, gudegude12, nekotalia01, japanesque14, lizardhead19

2022.12.28 - (+30, =2171) Received from Puzzle Chains 239: union12, lollipops19, raven13, separate13, stalks20, deadly09, dee05, admired09, bandit10, values08, astray01, lightofgod03, ccarayhua19, supersonic13, dln-00304, palu10, jagddoga15, sunless17, saneprince03, thediva13, demonstone11, shishitou09, pluses15, rougeschool09, shanghai19, rudehero02, staff19, pillars16, candyviolin12, masamune13, 1 orange crayon

2022.12.28 - (+3, =2141) Received from Go Fish! 338: a-class05, academia10, dragoon15

2022.12.28 - (+8, =2138) Donated to Silly Blanks 141: sockpuppet10, panic02. Received: idols06, hatred01, useless13, shell19, spearheader01, stungun19, venus11, heyheyhoh07, frivolous17, lorasia12

2022.12.28 - Received from Colorseum Final Fantasy Special - part 3: orange crayon x1, yellow crayon x2, brown crayon x1

2022.12.28 - (+5, =2130) Donated to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 229: chimchar11. Received: corecrystal20, wombat12, basketball18, deco12, shogi10, barbatos16

2022.12.27 - Donated 1 yellow crayon to Coloring Book 292.

2022.12.27 - (-4, =2125) Exchanged in Art Studio: asphalt05, casual07, karaoke12, peer08, slob15, unwavering12. Received: sig_ange, sig_ange.

2022.12.27 - Traded with Kyuu: arrester16, house06, heiress11. Received: daisuki12, goths01, another04.

2022.12.27 - Traded with Lenga: bang18, all01. Received: gretel09, hysteria04

2022.12.27 - (-17, =2129) Gifted to Lita: chernobog08, robotter19, frank17, enmember14, destined09, hakka09, japanesque04, melfriends04, nekko15, shiokko18, suba-tomo09, suba-tomo10, suba-tomo18, worldwide14, yumemidori01, yumemidori12, frank05

2022.12.26 - Donated 1 purple crayon to Coloring Book 292.

2022.12.26 - (+3, =2146) Traded with Shiranna: 098806, amen03, dingjun11, doggy11, festive16, golddragon20, hornetsting04, idolself12, justice14, muscle20, rouge14, seacrusher08, silkmoth15, zwei14. Also received as a gift: dumbo01, dumbo15

2022.12.23 - (+10, =2144) Mastered SS-Rank, Crime Lab, and Gyarus! Received character deck mastery rewards: section105, trueblood19, promiscuous14, designer11, manynames04, wodontimes04, 1 blue crayon, 1 brown crayon. Received special deck mastery rewards: goths03, leo11, dynamo10, badge13, 1 green crayon

2022.12.22 - (+15, =2134) Leveled up from Lime to Apricot! Received: ss-rank15, ss-rank16, ss-rank18, buttercup04, koori06, tsuki15, painbreaker02, pampuru02, glowing03, orichalcum03, turtleplush08, daruma14, 1 red crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 brown crayon. Used 3 of 5 uses of a +1 Choice Card (5 levels) and received: ss-rank20, trueblood14, trueblood16

2022.12.22 - Traded with Noelle: brightblue17, cider19, crossword11, iidako03, loligothic06, marionetta06, moongold01, mrpoliceman01, mrpoliceman15, seyana02, splat01, statice01. Received: ayanon15, hesitation08, needles03, 1stchild04, archaeology04, blurry14, corrine17, dumbo15, haven19, hymn10, planners08, scooter19

2022.12.22 - (+31, =2119) Art Shop: Exchanged 1 orange crayon and 1 yellow crayon for gyarus19. Turned in 15 sketchpads and received: shinigami06, bikes14, destreza03, tattoo06, 100visits02, gun16, azureazoth18, judgeblt02, backdraft20, mafty09, pockets04, adoration11, orochi16, mask07, seamstress09, cannondale03, crow17, haggler12, ribbonbuster17, twinblade12, banjul11, shogiplayer01, sisters07, green03, shamisen02, witches18, shinysmile09, sabbat18, spare15, crystals08, 4 red crayons, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 2 green crayons, 3 blue crayons, 2 purple crayons, 2 gray crayons.

2022.12.22 - (+12, =2088) Received from Directions 159: active20, rageblast12, idols12, greenday12, ero-cook08, wild12, nervous18, mallet20, seychelles05, counter02, minicon07, old18

2022.12.22 - (+3, =2076) Received from Twenty Questions 034: aika14, odani14, homeworld10

2022.12.22 - (+16, =2073) Received from Coloring Book 292: premonition10, shelltrap11, hatred05, requesters18, lohenwolf15, meteorfist04, sirius14, silverknife15, curaga03, frailskill16, cupidsbow02, chernobog13, force05, hiwa18, nil04, murakumo10

2022.12.22 - (+16, =2057) Received from Booster Bundle 170: windor11, trueknight04, secondson09, playboy14, chromatus02, aquarimms09, feral18, misguided02, sopheria08, overseer06, lovestruck15, presidente04, vritra01, trueknight14, color02, misguided11

2022.12.22 - (+8, =2041) Received from Booster Bundle 169: 7titans18, brown16, ashinaka18, rock06, chihuahua15, brag09, traumatized13, mechapilots09

2022.12.22 - (+8, =2033) Received from Booster Bundle 168: ae8618, information19, words18, muzzle04, cryptic19, whitetitan08, theripper10, smd20

2022.12.22 - (+16, =2025) Received from Coloring Book 292: icirrus09, wingedchild05, thetower07, highlife14, smilingcat19, psi08, manacutter06, bluebear11, ayanon15, shimmering06, reglay18, temperament18, bloodseals03, vocalist10, totem-pole05, hellscreen11

2022.12.22 - Received from pick a color 235: double crayon rainbow!

2022.12.22 - (+25, =2009) Received from pick a color 234: mirrorshard18, deshite05, wonderful09, firewhip14, icespells01, caramels14, sparkball04, bloodsucking15, destreza06, bumblepig14, circles18, inadequate13, reckon14, commandment15, freezing10, nidhogg02, favoring13, nao16, happy-go14, quote17, ceruleum12, utakata18, eye15, eyespy15, operator08

2022.12.22 - (+20, =1984) Received from pick a color 233: reality12, softball15, nyanyaya18, demonk07, classa18, berserkers19, zzgundam05, nenthreads08, redscarf06, prettysweet07, adopted11, shibuyagal19, beinlove09, adopted04, happy-go18, dwn-01320, tutored18, beinlove07, lightaltar05, romantista18

2022.12.21 - (+3, =1964) Traded with Lex: asrun03, logicshow13, agrabah13, flowerbed05, grotto19, neverland06. Received: trueblood18, harveston10, hideandseek03, tenbillion01, tenbillion20, thespider01. Also received as a gift: gyarus09, gyarus12, trueblood06!

2022.12.21 - (+1, =1961) Exchanged in Switch It Up 204 - Holiday Edition!: celery12, dystopia16, cider16, curepeace10, chindonya08, steals16, valor11, weakling08, ravage11, tsuruko18, sadako11, talent05. Received: dollie07, dollie16, sawashirom06, ratio17, daathic18, straylize15, ghostwriter19, sensible15, canary10, ringmaster20, clerks12, multibug01, thing11.

2022.12.21 - Exchanged in Riku's Favors 24: bananapeels01, frame03, lacrosse11, osanpo02, netfrica02. Received: otahen18, otahen11, otahen17, otahen07, capsules16, 1 blue crayon, 1 brown crayon.

2022.12.21 - (+88, =1960) Pot of Gold 107 (November 2022)! Turned in these cards: slender18, hairpin06, animenow04, recluse03, piratelord03, slr15, hawking09, opast13, owngoal07, tokyoelite11, earphones03, reputation16. Received the following rewards: storybook15, offense20, nyanperona16, fish06, toeflash18, djdragon15, circle06, admirer04, mercury09, nande19, accessories05, vietnamwar20, camelot08, easyr17, reporter08, bigbanana18, headboy12, rolls13, threestars08, slob07, tailor12, piratelord02, sakugarne18, aloupeeps07, fraxinus19, einstein17, meddle09, thumbsup03, bringer11, unit07, tart11, cheersquad03, ruoye12, teacher09, gyoza13, yasako14, withlove16, physician01, donutpond01, pact17, ikuoot04, inheritance20, blossom10, meanclean04, eruption02, honeybeeinn04, san05, dualwield10, whirlpool11, highwire18, justice15, uravity04, acepilot08, exercise16, aircavalry09, brightblue17, softhearted01, snail18, lip-ring05, crossspear11, kyudo07, respect17, triad20, growth12, wayward17, melodious04, forcemetal16, panzer04, punches12, pool03, wicked08, mrpoliceman01, stayathome11, dreiklauen17, homeworld13, overcautious14, kakusei01, cables15, tartarus05, edits07, manderville15, sonata13, april08, platinum13, performer03, noda07, london17, dreamcatcher18, rhyhorn02, shibainu06, exeter05, muaythai07, haratetsu15, merge11, ukki16, neverland13, arrester16, evillaugh12, guessing04, blanchefil05, 1 red crayon, 3 orange crayons, 4 green crayons, 4 blue crayons, 2 brown crayons, 1 gray crayon. Completed all tasks and received grand prize A coupon: +1 choice card (5 levels):

2022.12.21 - (+6, =1872) Particpated in Advent 14 and received: crimelab15, crimelab16, crimelab18, gyarus16, gyarus17, gyarus18

2022.12.21 - (+1, =1866) Traded with Erin: 026720, youngwomen08, radish19. Received: copybot08, rollflash10, socialmedia05. Also received as a gift: vassal18!

2022.12.20 - (+6, =1865) Mastered Thing and Bumblepig! Received: ss-rank13, ss-rank14, conquest15, deltaflight12, effort08, warcannon03, 1 green crayon, 1 purple crayon

2022.12.20 - Traded with Ouji: rayearth17, selfies09, shresta06, umbrabilis18. Received: hideandseek06, hideandseek18, saranaga15, thespider19

2022.12.20 - (+12, =1859) Received from Art Lessons 322: konpeito03, 2ndsister17, littlepei09, light15, catweed20, mmm11, feminist02, kyrie06, caneblast17, blasted03, cecaelia08, pit03, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 gray crayon

2022.12.20 - (+24, =1847) Received from Lady Luck Slots 083: firecrackers16, chevalier09, wing18, positive-kun20, busted19, saiyawoman02, internet09, skydress07, loop03, ghostship19, misspeak14, sos08, sheriff03, wildrush14, gian19, rescue10, moongold01, cascade16, tasco11, momiji01, bragi05, vagrant12, hyperactive09, greensun08, 2 orange crayons

2022.12.20 - (-1, =1823) Gifted to KJ: jinchuuriki14

2022.12.20 - Exchanged in Natsume's Book of Cards 119: piratemom08, sickbed14, sunless18. Received: daymare02, greatera01, spikemuth01

2022.12.20 - (+9, =1824) Received from Little Spell Academia 240: postoffice04, crimelab11, ss-rank11, ss-rank12, crimelab12, postoffice05, crimelab13, crimelab14, ss-rank13

2022.12.20 - Participated in Advent Calendar Day 20 and received: 1 red crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 gray crayon

2022.12.20 - (+3, =1815) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 09 and received: ss-rank04, ss-rank06, ss-rank09

2022.12.20 - (+12, =1812) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 09 and received: bumblepig07, bumblepig09, bumblepig10, bumblepig12, bumblepig13, bumblepig15, bumblepig17, bumblepig18, bumblepig19, bumblepig20, thing11, thing14

2022.12.20 - (-1, =1800) Gifted to Gloomlee: christmas17

2022.12.20 - (-1, =1801) Gifted to Anna: curelamer16

2022.12.20 - (-1, =1802) Gifted to Arianne: chaldeas11

2022.12.20 - (-1, =1803) Gifted to Charlotte: fleeting10

2022.12.20 - (-1, =1804) Gifted to Jun: ricecake12

2022.12.20 - (+5, =1805) Received in Most Wanted 44: christmas17, curelamer16, chaldeas11, fleeting10, ricecake12

2022.12.20 - Exchanged in Swap Station 189: bumblepig11, no01, fiancee09, dood02. Received: bumblepig05, no17, fiancee11, dood09.

2022.11.20 - Traded with Anna: curepine04. Received: thing18.

2022.12.20 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 203: horizon11, earwig02, handler16, moonblast06, osu07. Received: glasses14, caliburn07, caliburn18, seraphic08, crossdressf11

2022.12.20 - Donated 1 blue crayon and 1 red crayon to Coloring Book 292.

2022.12.18 - (+3, =1800) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 18 and received: ss-rank08, ss-rank10, chocolate01

2022.12.18 - Traded with Gloomlee: dandelion14, goldfish11. Received: nekopunch11, sailor09.

2022.12.17 - Traded with Kyuu: feel09, magiccards04. Received: nun09, ruby09.

2022.12.17 - Exchanged in Natsume's Book of Cards 118: grandpa02, reversed12, galzzly18. Received: harumaki01, outerspace01, catbus01.

2022.12.17 - (+7, =1797) Received from Host Club Giveaway 227: softbuns09, eldarian05, spatial07, immature09, coarse11, ascalon11, shresta06

2022.12.17 - (+5, =1790) Donated to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 228: lightofgod12. Received: watch16, bravery11, waddle11, rayearth17, twelfth12, cursedtwin08

2022.12.17 - (+8, =1785) Received from Reading Between the Lines 321: magiccards04, arsenal02, demifiend15, dancer08, canopus11, jorth04, axolotl02, aikido10

2022.12.17 - (+30, =1777) Received from Puzzle Chains 238: orochi01, sickly07, dandelion14, divination06, whiteknight13, janam02, growup12, spaceship14, asrun03, circuits02, impossible05, crossword11, grudges19, criticism16, all01, rimaajon06, ankle06, dwn-01301, enmember18, no01, lrig06, feel09, zanei20, adopted17, shadaloo19, goldfish11, bicker02, dingjun11, virginbride09, actor14, 1 yellow crayon

2022.12.17 - (+15, =1747) Donated to Silly Blanks 140 - Special Round: craft07, grumbly16, drops14. Received: worthless18, mssweets01, tattoo08, lovestorm18, jewelknight14, one-eyed19, leleti08, hatter11, one-eyed12, redshoes08, sieglinde06, seacrusher08, lastrites19, megrez16, confection06, trickster08, dolly14, piratemom08

2022.12.17 - (+5, =1732) Received from Stamp Card 032: guitar12, fiancee09, gakuran09, selfies09, nukes15

2022.12.17 - (+20, =1727) Received from Stamp Card 031: dressup14, heroes04, gambling11, ldc11, softbuns07, legs01, scissors17, hm-43210, dagda08, kokushin08, wyborg14, eclipsezwei11, yuujinchou19, vasavi02, 4thchild15, spacepirate12, bang18, koshary05, umbrabilis18, dickdictum20, 2 red crayons, 1 purple crayon

2022.12.17 - Received from Colorseum Final Fantasy Special - part 2: red crayon, green crayon, purple crayon, brown crayon

2022.12.17 - (+3, =1707) Traded with Koinuko: idolclub12, metallica01, metals11, oblock14, xyz02. Received: clerks07, lovefreak19, sakurafubuki07, referee20, resistance11. Also received as a gift: jaganshi08, youtuber13, usagi17.

2022.12.17 - Traded with Gloomlee: graveyard12, pipsqueaks05. Received: honest08, bumblepig11.

2022.12.17 - Traded with Lenga: kiyoubinbou13, sig_ange. Received: hideandseek08, sig_lenga.

2022.12.17 - Traded with Len: deron12, enjoysummer03, mito-mito12, complex17, kagutsuchi16, ostania19, suba-tomo18, west05. Received: bumblepig11, gyarus14, trueblood12, ruby14, gretel03, gretel06, hysteria05, hysteria06.

2022.12.17 - Traded with Ouji: flowerbed03, tabarzin06, ostania01, shinken03. Received: daymare09, fieldops03, pyromaniac05, orbis02.

2022.12.17 - Traded with Kyuu: perception13. Received: firstaid16

2022.12.15 - (+3, =1704) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 15 and received: thing04, thing06, thing07

2022.12.15 - (+1, =1701) Received a gift from Noelle! harveston09

2022.12.15 - (-1, =1700) Gifted to Charlotte: vow14

2022.12.15 - (-1, =1701) Gifted to Lex: idolfangirl11

2022.12.15 - (-1, =1702) Gifted to Len: objectively16

2022.12.15 - (+5, =1703) Received from Most Wanted 43 : frank05, harveston17, idolfangirl11, vow14, objectively16

2022.12.14 - (-1, =1698) Donated to Stamp Card 032: nekomimi16

2022.12.14 - (+16, =1699) Donated 1 yellow crayon to Coloring Book 291 and received: songwriter06, idolclub12, leopardus16, panic02, ratio18, gears20, clamp05, metals11, lighthearted15, enjoysummer03, namidai13, hiyamaru18, hypervision15, socialclub14, terpsichora16, question17

2022.12.14 - (+12, =1683) Received from Art Lessons 321: galzzly18, imagination05, yaojin18, honorable18, leo02, fivefoxes12, responsible15, summoned02, perception13, offense11, mito-mito12, fromflames16, 2 red crayons, 2 orange crayons

2022.12.14 - (+16, =1671) Donated 1 gray crayon to Coloring Book 291 and received: ostania01, ghosthouse02, lightclub06, handicraft14, whitebreath03, automata10, director11, maybirthday05, maella08, deron12, flowerbed03, flowerbed05, angra13, cheese16, blaze17, yoru13

2022.12.14 - (+5, =1655) Received from Coloring Book 289: nobu10, universe607, tabarzin06, graveyard12, olderlover03

2022.12.14 - (+5, =1650) Received from Coloring Book 289: incantations07, shinken03, suba-tomo18, cider16, amen03

2022.12.14 - (+8, =1645) Received from Reading Between the Lines 320: pipsqueaks05, metallica01, ceramics09, beautytips13, folseus17, crane10, vagabond13, towel07

2022.12.14 - (+30, =1637) Received from Puzzle Chains 237: nanza12, kiyoubinbou13, ostania19, ursula09, west05, complex17, safetyteam06, aspirebreak02, denpakei18, kape10, odessa02, council10, forced09, oblock14, pink08, power07, pheasant15, minazuki15, etoile06, nuniversity16, kagutsuchi16, detached10, tenwolf09, santeem16, misguided14, xyz02, teamsmile18, poseidon03, past04, poisonapple13, 1 gray crayon

2022.12.14 - (+24, =1607) Received from Lady Luck Slots 082: musicians15, sawashirom14, seraphic18, febbirthday04, termina05, twintails07, fisticuffs14, nonary14, pink06, rins17, dreamsend08, grunties12, replacement12, rhythmia20, gods07, kugimiya10, neshitteru20, bubbleluna01, 2-a11, moonblast06, nekomimi17, mecha10, wonder06, yahaha16, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 gray crayon

2022.12.14 - (+8, =1583) Donated to Silly Blanks 139: hiphop01, teaching18. Received: capsule04, orthodox06, theartist06, themongrel06, jior10, mcmastermind03, obsolete17, lenshunter12, bluesea20, festive16

2022.12.14 - (+3, =1575) Received from Twenty Questions 033: daoshi15, unison02, diligent02

2022.12.12 - Traded with Koinuko: carrots05, lancecorp11, majority18, oneshot15. Received: roseneedle19, galax19, namidai03, ghostwriter02.

2022.12.12 - (+1, =1572) Traded with Ouji: hagnos08, kuruma12, kuruma19, direction03, ensoleille02, landlord19, valetudo18, lethargic17, lewdjokes20, teardown20, wingly01. Recieved: thing15, trueblood09, blackshadow09, bloody19, bumblepig16, capsule09, crazyslots08, ss-rank05, youtuber02, ss-rank17, ss-rank19. Also received as a gift: daathic15!

2022.12.12 - Traded with Gloomlee: priderock01. Received: ontan17.

2022.12.11 - (+3, =1571) Mastered Myaano and recieved: otahen01, asphalt05, photoshoots15, 1 green crayon.

2022.12.11 - (+3, =1568) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 11 and received: myaano19, gyarus07, gyarus08

2022.12.11 - (+11, =1565) Received from Little Spell Academia 239: bumblepig02, myaano10, trueblood02, bumblepig04, ss-rank02, bumblepig05, ss-rank03, myaano11, bumblepig06, myaano13, trueblood05

2022.12.11 - Traded with Crystal: casters15, sabers15, amakakeru12, amen11, haughty17, healspirits01, hollowheart18, karakuri14, kronies04, romantia14, steelpipe05, umbrabilis12. Received: dood09, ikuoot12, otahen04, otahen20, idol04, imanity16, kamui07, nanika02, netnavi11, no15, octal17, online05.

2022.12.10 - (+3, =1554) Participated in Advent Calendar - Day 10! and received: gyarus10, goths10, namidai10

2022.12.10 - Traded with Shannon:
archbishop04, chocobars02, norende02, seacrystal13, thoron11, thyrsus18. Received: blackhole09, clairvoyant10, flying20, hideandseek01, postoffice07, resistance16. Also received green crayon x 1 as gift!

2022.12.10 - Received from Colorseum Final Fantasy Special - part 1: red crayon x 1, purple crayon x 1, brown crayon x 1, gray crayon x 1

2022.12.08 - (+5, =1551) Donated terran01 to Delete Shiritori with Kumagawa 227. Received: art12, sweetscent10, alliance12, craft07, hence03, psp18

2022.12.08 - (+3, =1546) Received from Twenty Questions 033: coldnoodles17, walking14, analyzation05

2022.12.08 - Traded with Elijah: 10seconds18, kindness06, loving19, arkrome10. Received: crimelab17, trueblood07, trueblood17, galax12

2022.12.08 - Exchanged in Swap Station 188: jam11, namidai06, subservient11, thing12. Received: jam13, namidai15, subservient05, thing09

2022.12.08 - (+4, =1543) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 08 and received: postoffice02, postoffice03, crimelab19, crimelab20

2022.12.07 - (+16, =1539) Received from Coloring Book 291: eon03, nails14, rico02, retaliate04, offense10, robotter19, designs20, earrings17, bombraid12, priderock01, frank17, namidai19, hakka09, heldback17, generosity04, fightingqueen08

2022.12.07 - (+16, =1523) Received from Coloring Book 291: grandcross03, remind16, onigauntlet05, remakes15, 10seconds18, sexybomber02, angelicwhip09, fire14, curaga17, chernobog08, fromflames06, curaga02, steelpipe05, uranohoshi19, oaktree09, landlord19

2022.12.07 - Traded with Lex: audio01, seamstress06, bluebear08. Received: myaano18, thing02, thing12

2022.12.07 - (+9, =1507) Mastered Cupid's Bow, Tempest, and Life Energy! Received: myaano07, myaano08, myaano09, monotone07, plasmagica09, frozenheart10, health-care14, horrorsp04, fiancee09, 1 blue crayon, 2 gray crayons

2022.12.07 - (+20, =1498) Colors Shopping Street: Glorious Green - exchanged green candy x 20 for tempest11, tempest13, tempest15, tempest17, tempest18, lifeenergy01, lifeenergy03, lifeenergy04, lifeenergy05, lifeenergy08, lifeenergy09, lifeenergy11, lifeenergy12, lifeenergy16, lifeenergy17, lifeenergy20, crimelab01, crimelab03, crimelab04, crimelab06

2022.12.07 - (+4, =1478) Leveled up to Lime and received: cupidsbow13, eggshells18, kawasumia04, unwavering12, 1 green crayon

2022.12.07 - (+1, =1474) Received a gift from Miro! thing12

2022.12.07 - (+7, =1473) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 07 and received: thing01, cupidsbow10, crimelab10, cupidsbow11, cupidsbow12, myaano15, myaano16

2022.12.07 - Gifted to Cvrsed: purple crayon x2, brown crayon x2.

2022.12.06 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 203: natsu16, streetdance07, tightrope13, netidol07, records16, lynx20, earthquake15, itsamii09. Received: ruby13, sin02, chimeraking05, pikohan05, renegade15, sohcahtoa15, darkside20, clerks19

2022.12.06 - (+3, =1466) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 06 and recieved: gyarus02, gyarus04, gyarus05

2022.12.06 - (+40, =1463) Received from recycled art: capsule18, orbis14, ogikubo09, action06, action14, baa06, baa10, bigpuppy06, brain09, memorized19, messhouen14, messhouen20, nosy04, probe02, saranaga09, sohcahtoa17, teru04, tsundere03, whistle06, whistle19, figments20, glasses01, glasses05, glasses08, glasses16, goths19, gyarus06, gyarus11, gyarus13, gyarus15, gyarus20, ships01, ships04, ships07, ships08, ships11, ships12, ships16, seele13, clerks15

2022.12.06 - Traded with Flurry: ember17, faintattack16, minfilia01, minfilia12, watchfuleye08. Received: gyarus03, spofficer04, pyromaniac03, thespider03, thespider20

2022.12.06 - (+15, =1423) Received from Coloring Book 291: kelkale07, kuruma12, foulplay20, ensoleille02, pecking17, against02, weakling13, celery12, rash15, fairies04, trueblade09, ulysses11, chargebolt19, kagekage13, hagnos08, 1 red crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 purple crayon

2022.12.06 - Donated 1 red crayon and 1 orange crayon to Coloring Book 291

2022.12.05 - (+3, =1408) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 05 and received: cupidsbow05, cupidsbow06, cupidsbow08

2022.12.05 - (+3, =1408) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 05 and received: cupidsbow05, cupidsbow06, cupidsbow08

2022.12.05 - (+1, =1405) Received as a gift from Gloomlee: thing05

2022.12.05 - Traded with Gloomlee: heusc01, elderly20, fantasia01, skydragon10. Received: galax17, youtuber08, dotdotdot18, titrel14

2022.12.05 - (-1, =1404) Gifted to Scott: mikos15

2022.12.05 - (-1, =1405) Gifted to Elijah: loving18.

2022.12.05 - (-1, =1406) Gifted to Nika: honedfangs06

2022.12.05 - (-1, =1407) Gifted to Gloomlee: damsel14.

2022.12.05 - (+5, =1408) Received from Most Wanted 42: honedfangs06, damsel14, arkrome10, loving18, mikos15

2022.12.04 - (-1, =1403) Gifted to Kyuu: ishgard11

2022.12.04 - (+11, =1404) Received from Little Spell Academia 238: crimelab07, crimelab08, section103, crimelab09, cupidsbow14, cupidsbow16, cupidsbow17, section104, cupidsbow18, cupidsbow19, myaano05

2022.12.04 - (+3, =1393) Received from Release 151 November part7: gyarus01, goths02, cupidsbow20

2022.12.04 - Traded with Trina: bondage08. Received: archaeology09.

2022.12.04 - Traded with Miro: guessing09, palmatum02. Received: thing13, thing16

2022.12.04 - Exchanged in Natsume's Book of Cards 117: bedridden07, mornings08, siegfried13. Received: vespa01, no01, pyromaniac02

2022.12.04 - (+8, =1390) Received from Reading Between the Lines 319: subservient11, junbirthday18, heusc01, deadbeats07, bearslayer04, clairvoyant07, angelysugar05, teardown20

2022.12.04 - (+30, =1382) Received from Puzzle Chains 236: atlamillia08, mascara08, mediating13, beach18, faintattack16, dualhounds02, head08, artists08, chocobars02, subservient11, herooftime17, soup07, jinchuuriki14, pliskin13, chao02, ostia18, anaru17, deception11, silverstar17, harness02, intense15, moirae08, deadcenter02, undying04, redcomet01, sil8008, numberone19, palette15, indra01, kei12, 1 red crayon

2022.12.03 - (+3, =1352) Received from Twenty Questions 032: inabox17, invisiblegirl06, talisman08

2022.12.03 - (+8, =1349) Donated to Silly Blanks 138: artclub14, pitiful06. Received: foursky06, ishgard11, crowtengu01, greatsea04, roodbearer17, worldwide01, brokenglass10, fuchsia06, genma07, sickbed14

2022.12.03 - (+3, =1341) Received from Twenty Questions 032: sadako11, audio01, fulldrive12

2022.12.03 - (-1, =1338) Gifted ken-chin08 to Vaini.

2022.12.03 - (+3, =1339) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 3 and received: pyromaniac01, pyromaniac13, pyromaniac18

2022.12.03 - Traded with Kyuu: exchanger09, memorycard08, memorycard19. Received: thing08, trueblood03, trueblood08.

2022.12.03 - Traded with Nika: big16. Received: bumblepig08

2022.12.03 - (-1, =1336) Gifted Trina: newtype09

2022.12.02 - (+6, =1337) Mastered Hexadecimal and IPC! Received: ipc06, cupidsbow04, carrots05, star-shaped15, lycoris13, 12years11, 1 orange crayon, 1 brown crayon

2022.12.02 - (+2, =1331) Received from Release 151 November part6: green17, hexadecimal17

2022.12.01 - (+8, =1329) Leveled up from Strawberry to Tangerine, to Lemon. Received: hexadecimal13, hexadecimal16, ursus11, dwn-02109, minfilia01, lorelei14, mrpoliceman15, thyrsus18, 2 yellow crayons

2022.12.01 - (+3, =1321) Participated in Advent Calendar Day 1 and received: hexadecimal10, hexadecimal11, hexadecimal12

2022.12.01 - Traded with Mini: salesteam12, salesteam14, reglay08, zmei08, olivia18. Received: hexadecimal04, hexadecimal14, bumblepig03, crimelab05, lifeenergy10. Received as a gift: 1 orange crayon.

2022.12.01 - Traded with Trina: overclock08. Received: jaganshi09

2022.12.01 - (+24, =1318) Received from Lady Luck Slots 081: fantasia01, 199805, maybirthday20, shinen12, minions16, authors18, namidai06, ikuoot20, beards16, himecuts17, trailblazer08, kawakamit13, hosoyan04, 1000needles12, queens04, timegear20, kyous20, survivors10, manatree03, resplendent16, schwarzwelt17, stmichaels17, gray17, mothermila10, 1 orange crayon, 1 green crayon, 2 blue crayons

2022.12.01 - (+8, =1294) Donated to Stamp Card 031: costume03, brutal19. Received: shujaa15, lunallena15, temper08, fakehero01, femprotags08, chindonya08, summoned13, right15, balfonheim10, melfriends04.

2022.12.01 - Traded with Koinuko: agnosia03, agnosia20. Received: cupidsbow07, ss-rank07.

2022.12.01 - Exchanged in Swap Station 187: hexadecimal06, orbis05, otahen02, record14. Received: hexadecimal18, orbis16, otahen09, record12

2022.12.01 - (+5, =1286) Received from Most Wanted 41: newtype09, spirit12, doggy11, symphony02, mattsun20

2022.12.01 - (+12, =1281) Received from Art Lessons 319: usurper19, seafriend20, nag08, coldbarrel06, cinderella07, galemaker11, bananapeels01, adorableness09, vfx03, elderly20, kuruma19, loving19, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 2 blue crayons

2022.11.30 - Traded with Raie: clamp03. Received: hexadecimal09

2022.11.30 - Traded with Gloomlee: erosalom04, erosalom10, priderock18, rosepetal04, underdome11, underdome17. Received: dhampir13, lieutenant18, perfectionist03, tokunaga19, vigilante10, yousei17

2022.11.30 - (+2, =1269) Traded with January: forkceo18, honedfangs17, honedfangs19, bambooshoot14, kelkale02, principles05, starsong07, tearmoon14. Received: ipc10, aesthetic18, bloody10, daathic19, hesitation04, hysteria01, lifeenergy19, muramasa03. Also received as a gift: pikohan13, rhodes11!

2022.11.30 - Traded with Elijah: temperament04, thehag03, sig_ange. Received: lifeenergy13, daymare11, sig_elijah.

2022.11.29 - (+16, =1267) Received from Coloring Book 290: graveborns15, goahead12, healspirits01, earthdress07, osanpo02, seamstress06, muscle20, flowershop17, agrabah13, grotto19, braingum12, agnosia03, nosy14, suzuran15, jewelknight04, tightrope13

2022.11.29 - (+16, =1251) Received from Coloring Book 290: airsoft16, grapes19, ghoul17, popo20, airpirate19, agnosia20, whitestorm10, puppetry08, neverland06, hexadecimal06, valetudo18, niu01, nes17, sagittarius17, curepeace10, sin11

2022.11.29 - (+12, =1235) Received from Music Station 293:sugar11, nakochi17, iidako03, hexadecimal19, impatient11, palmatum02, purple19, axe20, peregrine03, femprotags15, page07, skydragon10

2022.11.29 - (+7, =1223) Received from Host Club Giveaway 226: grandpa02, destined09, ghosts09, strain08, chrysalis09, lancecorp11, easymode16

2022.11.29 - (+9, =1216) Delete Shiritori 226 donation: ural09. Received: costume03, merm4id02, pancakes14, glintarmor08, vahrudania20, yamigarasu09, records16, erasing04, caduceus01, rasetsu12

2022.11.29 - Swap Station 186: exchanged pochette06 and received: pochette19

2022.11.29 - Traded with Lenga: drunkenrage10, hazakura14, drunkenrage03. Received: saturn14, postoffice06, hexadecimal05

2022.11.29 - (+1, =1207) Received from Release 151 November part5: drunkenrage03

2022.11.28 - Donated 1 green crayon to Coloring Book 290

2022.11.28 - (+34, =1206) Recycled art claim (34): egoist01, egoist12, egoist13, fightgod09, floral11, floral12, nonary01, nonary07, nonary08, nonary10, nonary11, nonary12, ogikubo18, plugin04, plugin10, plugin18, pooka12, pyromaniac07, pyromaniac08, sigmund10, sorry03, torture18, trafficjam01, trafficjam09, trafficjam10, trafficjam12, trafficjam20, undernet13, undernet16, violence05, violence06, wildgeese05, wildgeese07, wildgeese16

2022.11.28 - (+40, =1172) Recycled art claim: frogcurse05, frogcurse11, antiqueshop06, antiqueshop07, antiqueshop10, antiqueshop17, aquarimms05, aquarimms08, aquarimms10, baa15, cinema02, cinema03, cinema14, cinema18, conman03, conman06, conman14, conman16, copybot04, copybot13, copybot14, cruxis20, cry06, daathic02, darkboots19, fujoshi04, fujoshi16, giftshop01, hellguide03, hellguide16, hideandseek14, hysteria18, lovestruck03, lumberjack07, lumberjack11, lumberjack20, mail18, orbis05, otahen02, playboy05

2022.11.28 - (+38, =1132) Recycled art claim: brokenrose13, blackswan04, blackswan08, blackswan10, blackswan15, blackswan17, blackswan19, blackswan20, fix09, flame20, diariumejus02, diariumejus08, diariumejus15, ghostwriter06, lempicka06, lempicka08, lempicka17, netnavi09, obsolete20, nonexistent19, nonexistent20, penguin12, penguin20, record14, rumraisin04, rumraisin13, rumraisin15, tiger16, tiger19, thing10, thing20, shopping01, shopping02, shopping03, shopping10, shopping14, shopping15, shopping20

2022.11.28 - (+38, =1094) Recycled art claim: orbis05, orbis11, orbis13, orbis17, orbis20, tokunaga09, cham05, cham07, cham13, nosy06, nosy09, nosy16, nosy20, ontan15, ookwee18, pfpth04, pfpth06, pfpth19, open05, open06, koorime07, muramasa01, muramasa08, record14, shinmeiryuu01, shinmeiryuu02, shinmeiryuu03, shinmeiryuu12, titrel04, titrel05, firetruck12, firetruck14, scythe02, scythe11, secondson08, secretarea16, capsules15, capsules18

2022.11.28 - Donated 1 green crayon to Coloring Book 290

2022.11.28 - (+3, =1056) Mastered Tadpole! Received: hexadecimal07, weakling08, oronir07, 1 purple crayon

2022.11.28 - Traded with Lita: kazimierz07, horrormare08, oneself07. Received: myaano17, tadpole06, tempest12.

2022.11.28 - Traded with Cassidy: fascinated06. Received hexadecimal06

2022.11.28 - Traded with Gloomlee: baseball07, twinrings18, pah18. Received: razing16, information11, sullen04

2022.11.27 (+11, =1053) Received from Little Spell Academia 237- tempest03, tadpole08, tadpole11, tempest08, tadpole13, myaano01, tadpole14, tadpole16, tempest09, tadpole17, tadpole19

2022.11.27 - Traded with Ouji: emissary20, sociable18, spetsnaz18, hagnos19, valetudo13, bombraid12. Received: hexadecimal08, hexadecimal15, cupidsbow03, cupidsbow09, cupidsbow15, bumblepig14

2022.11.27 - Traded with Scott: tekkenball12. Received hexadecimal03.

2022.11.27 - (+1, =1042) Received from Release 151 November part4: tekkenball12

2022.11.27 - (+40, =1041) Used 2 coupons for new release cards at the Art Shop: archwizard14, hiyamaru15, erosalom10, underdome17, reglay08, spetsnaz18, swordvassal01, maternal14, segno19, honedfangs19, hexadecimal20, kelkale02, frailskill07, frailskill14, hagnos19, drunkenrage10, memorycard19, maternal12, thehag03, oneshot15, guessing09, forkceo18, nobu14, valetudo13, memorycard08, priderock18, salesteam12, poroneu04, enmember14, nightmares02, salesteam14, namidai06, temperament04, underdome11, honedfangs17, renais12, rosepetal04, trodain05, erosalom04, bombraid12
x2 used

2022.11.27 - Exchanged in Natsume's Book of Cards 116: crazedmoon08, hiroshi05, sefirot17, sefirot17, vampirnella09. Received: spiderweb02, iseeyou01, harveston03, harveston04, pomefiore01

2022.11.27 - Traded with Jun: elegia04. Received hexadecimal04.

2022.11.27 - (+1, =1001) Received from Release 151 November part3: elegia04

2022.11.27 - Traded with Koinuko: controller04, bullseye03, agnosia02, mammamia15. Received: green15, hexadecimal02, cupidsbow02, jam16.

2022.11.27 - (+3, =1000) Received from Release 151 November part2: controller04, bullseye03, agnosia02

2022.11.27 - (+7, =997) Received from Release 151 November part1: hexadecimal01, cupidsbow01, bumblepig01, ss-rank01, ayanon18, sig_ange, namidai05

2022.11.27 - Traded with Jun: negatives04, prickly17, spicyageha10, tensionmax17. Received: ipc12, swearing11, tenbillion12, tenbillion17

2022.11.27 - (+24, =990) Received from Lady Luck Slots 080: big16, resolve06, minidragon19, frigid04, paimon19, netidol07, dwn-04418, lacrosse11, radish19, sympathy12, sefirot17, kronies04, spear11, timeskip09, xenian18, starsong07, tertium01, nibelung07, beats12, lovehug12, bluebear08, cys20, grandcruz20, odani01, 2 blue crayons

2022.11.27 - (+30, =966) Received from Seiyuu Guess 575: nanza03, plugin06, sniperpride09, piratehat17, four-leaf07, jinchuuriki14, rich05, aries06, happiness07, grumbly16, stray20, wildduck10, search19, mizuki05, dreamisland15, capsule20, constable06, cosmoses05, savage03, wary01, direction03, wolborg14, ravage11, jabot04, babyshark12, piggirl17, ur20, depend04, pronto01, weapons05, 1 purple crayon

2022.11.27 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 202: ifraid05, vagrant20, warmonger04. Received: election14, clothespeg14, broadway17

2022.11.27 - (+1, =936) Traded with Sage: eternal20. Received: jam08 and as a gift: dotdotdot10.

2022.11.26 - (+30, =935) Donated to October Pot of Gold: animenow16, eldermaid02, maid11, meido05, noriyuki15. Received: balmung18, aries09, streetdance07, baseball07, raidraptors10, 12th10, haughty17, iciclefall17, 026720, delusion05, arsene12, comp09, saicorp15, emissary20, npc06, hiroshi05, lightofgod13, cavalry18, leadership15, prima02, genista01, azran08, bakedapples04, literate20, medicalbill18, dotdotdot03, weaselgirl13, cinephile02, cider19, tearmoon14, amen11, dood02, horrorsp15, jam12, battlestorm20, 1 red crayon, 3 orange crayons, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon

2022.11.26 - (+8, =905) Received from Booster Bundle 167: hornetsting04, seance16, oblivious14, choina09, ueno01, seyana02, disciplined15, gigantamax18

2022.11.26 - Exchanged in Riku's Favors 22: moonside03, sexyguilty04, usamin02. Received: otahen05, otahen07, otahen17, 1 red crayon, 1 blue crayon

2022.11.26 - (+3, =897) Received from Twenty Questions 031: geidai01, april18, mammamia15

2022.11.26 - (+8, =894) Received from Reading Between the Lines 318: loligothic06, fengshui16, cyber603, gekokujou20, phones14, mentaltrace20, orca19, idolself12

2022.11.26 - (+30, =886) Received from Puzzle Chains 235:versicolor07, amakakeru12, hayashi12, sociable18, terran01, netfrica02, worldtree03, capitalism18, clear15, myboy07, excommander06, ast15, sevendays13, frame03, gadget13, bigbear10, twilight14, sockpuppet10, sabers15, fashionblog03, allergen03, royalblood05, horizon14, diagnostics04, slugger13, azuresky01, raindance16, trainer04, sieglinde05, steals16, 1 orange crayon

2022.11.26 - (+8, =856) Donated in Silly Blanks 137: medic07, hugs12. Received: 20million19, lightofgod12, balloon08, lightmusic19, nonexistent13, nag05, twinrings18, hummingbird01, shiokko18, villagerb03

2022.11.26 - (+2, =848) Received from Go Fish! 334: dragon-type20, unicorn07

2022.11.26 - Traded with Gloomlee: sorceress14. Received: crazyslots07

2022.11.26 - (+3, =846) Received from Twenty Questions 031: strikers08, carmilla06, cluster06

2022.11.26 - (+3, =843) Received from Twenty Questions 031: exchanger09, potassium14, handler16

2022.11.25 - Colors Shopping Street: Black & White - Exchanged 4 red crayons and 5 green crayons for 16 red candies and 20 green candies.

2022.11.25 - Colors Shopping Street: Gray Gifts - Exchanged orange candy x4, yellow candy x1, blue candy x5, brown candy x4, gray candy x1 for new release coupon x 5.

2022.11.25 - (+3, =840) Mastered Peer Received: tadpole05, ssvd20, rot05, 1 yellow crayon

2022.11.25 - (+3, =837) Colors Shopping Street: Glorious Green - Exchanged purple candy x3 for peer15, peer17, peer18

2022.11.25 - Traded with Ouji: fleurdelys08, auracite01, polarstar15. Received: burnish08, symphony01, burnish05.

2022.11.25 - Traded with Scott: antagonist10, guarding13, magicalfire05, toxin12, walking02, xel05, mikos09. Received: peer19, innuendos15, saturn20, bungee01, spiderweb01, wizard06, clow11

2022.11.24 - (+3, =834) Mastered KAngel Received: peer14, bondage08, barmaid15, 1 green crayon

2022.11.24 - (+7, =831) Leveled up from Brown to Gray to Strawberry. Received: kangel17, kangel19, noblesavage20, maid11, monado19, youngwomen08, pah18, 1 yellow crayon, 1 purple crayon

2022.11.24 - (+1, =824) Art shop exchange: 1 red crayon for kangel20

2022.11.24 - Traded with Charlotte: omurice09, secretrooms13", secretrooms19. Received: ipc13, peer16, razing04

2022.11.24 - Traded with Raie stockpot05, sig_ange. Received: fieldops02, sig_raie.

2022.11.24 - Traded with Koinuko: dss12, breathers04. Received: blackshadow12, innuendos14.

2022.11.24 - Traded with Argoxi: better02. Received burnish06.

2022.11.24 - (-2, =823) Exchanged in Riku's Favors 22: larkdive05, long-range10, ndlcanon20, zookeeper17. Received: ipc04, ipc05.

2022.11.24 - (-1, =825) Gifted to Argoxi: woe08

2022.11.24 - (+8, =826) Received in Little Spell Academia 236: ghostwriter01, tadpole03, peer11, kangel16, tadpole04, ipc17, burnish02, peer13,

2022.11.24 - Traded with Mini: eyespy13, nabata13, nabata16, paper10. Received: ipc07, ipc09, tadpole07, thing19.

2022.11.24 - (+20, =818) Received in Stamp Card 030: moonside03, breathers04, yosuga06, appetite15, fanboy09, eternal20, udon19, d-code14, insight12, obsession04, sci-fi13, secondverse15, malasada08, telomeres17, oneesan06, overclock08, asteroid13, puririn20, powerful18, archbishop04, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 blue crayon

2022.11.24 - (+12, =798) Received in Directions 157: milk07, aesthetic07, fleurdelys08, porcelain02, mornings08, spicyageha10, confident08, minun03, tvmedium15, auracite01, raimeiki19, orbit13

2022.11.24 - (+5, =786) Received in No Context Theater 290: dss12, secretrooms13, paper10, dood02, polarstar15

2022.11.24 - (+5, =781) Received in No Context Theater 292: oneself07, suba-tomo10, secretrooms19, snowyowl07, arias20

2022.11.24 - (+5, =776) Received in No Context Theater 291: excelsis12, horrormare08, creamwolves09, olivia18, falsewar02

2022.11.24 - Traded with Gloomlee: prominence17. Received: matoi08

2022.11.24 - Traded with Len: baerats07, holylance03. Received: razing19, trueblood01

2022.11.24 - Traded with Koinuko: blackwave01, dss19. Received: heartslabyul08, spofficer03

2022.11.24 - Traded with Ouji: falsewar18, korenaru16, spinea12. Received figments15, ipc20, peer12

2022.11.24 - (+32, =771) Received in Coloring Book 290: rattata02, siegfried13, hazakura14, slender12, splat01, tolagido19, seacrystal13, scarydriver09, nabata16, vendredi13, peer08, nabata13, fascinated06, richkid20, impatient18, deuslovult01, yuri04, fun18, house06, northstar03, sorceress14, illdoc15, prickly17, rosenburg16, jam01, jam11, pochette14, pochette05, silkmoth15, overseer12, wingly01, builder09

2022.11.24 - (+5, =739) Exchanged in Switch It Up 202:asakeno07, corruption05, drei07, earthmagic10, fullbringer02, hyperai09, parkouring16, ritual07, tested13, theactor15. Received: lightmusic04, rose05, action10, netnavi19, firetruck08, zombie10, hitsuzen06, lightside09, saturn03, spofficer14. Received as bonus: talent05, nyanperona20, powergems06, justice14, wait03

2022.11.22 - (-1, =734) Gifted gloom15 to Gloomlee!

2022.11.22 - (+8, =735) Received from Booster Bundle 166: earwig02, dood01, bambooshoot14, korenaru16, kazimierz07, futureeve14, bowties17, falsewar18

2022.11.22 - (+12, =727) Received from Music Station 292: photographs12, admin08, artclub14, idolfan08, cutegirls15, slave02, raremedals10, chitchat08, sabbath05, gloom15, kawakamit20, adoration16

2022.11.22 - (+12, =715) Received from Music Station 291: spinea12, memories15, seviiislands06, granny20, secretary13, pc-9810, friedeggs17, candycane16, blackwave01, rozarria08, baerats07, gunjou07

2022.11.22 - (+24, =703) Received from Music Station 290: bow17, sefirot17, darkking02, girlfriend06, deathgod01, himemaru08, holylance03, general10, unwavering12, cutegirls05, deargho05, ndlcanon20, devilchild09, saury18, outstripped17, g-6003, miki03, dcn-03216, child13, chimchar11, servant09, haircut08, yamabuki03, trigger06

2022.11.22 - (+10, =679) Received from Most Wanted 40: innuendos03, valor11, withdrawn05, mikos09, unleashed10, flughude06, accessories16, barrier03, heartslabyul03, unleashed04

2022.11.22 - (+12, =669) Received from Art Lessons 318: charles17, luminous02, disinfect18, rivalry10, zucchi03, landlord19, vagrant20, statice01, mydarling17, prominence17, dss19, principles05, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon

2022.11.22 - Traded with Len: bombings04, tough13, bikerboss18, matsurisu02. Received: ipc18, lifeenergy07, nanika18, tadpole02

2022.11.22 - Donated 1 purple crayon to Coloring Book 290

2022.11.22 - Traded with Ouji: hachitendou16. Received capsules19.

2022.11.22 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 201: solargun11, lemonade10, medic12, analyzer10, equation10, star-shaped18, superrookie17. Received: heirs06, sigmund19, chococornet12, tableware08, aristocracy20, exsphere12, summon03

2022.11.21 - Donated 1 purple crayon to Coloring Book 290

2022.11.21 - Traded with Cassidy: heartereki05, yuihan16, oshi-san17, secretrooms13, secretrooms15, wingspiker15, disobedient19, medicine16, practicing03. Received: jankenpon05, rhodes15, spofficer19, cinema06, daathic20, nenthreads04, thespider07, gretel17, thing17

2022.11.21 - (+3, =657) Contributed toScrapbooks 258 & 259 and received: emotional06, luxuror14, babel04, 1 brown crayon

2022.11.21 - Traded with Gloomlee: archenemy20, osuwari10, reading06, theboss20. Received: rhodes01, splitcard10, unseen03, needles10

2022.11.21 - Traded with Trina: android14, volatile20. Received: lorelei03, otahen14

2022.11.21 - From Natsume's Book of Cards 115: Turned in sealing02 and received otahen02

2022.11.21 - Received from Coloring Book 288 - Halloween Edition! 1 red crayon, 2 orange crayons, 1 blue crayon

2022.11.21 - (+24, =654) Received from Lady Luck Slots 079 - Birthday Edition!: mmlove04, graveborns09, metafalica09, intensity06, divine19, crossdressf07, hocchan17, noriyuki20, crossveins12, green02, kalos08, nekotalia18, itsamii09, beards14, swimtrunks09, farethere11, horizons09, termina03, majority18, world16, otakus07, precure11, venoshock01, kinkan20, 1 red crayon, 3 yellow crayons, 1 brown candy

2022.11.20 - (+1, =630) Received as a gift from Miro: ipc19 and 1 purple crayon!

2022.11.20 - Traded Gloomlee: tuxedocat20. Received blackshadow19.

2022.11.20 - (+2, =629) Traded with Scott: elecspark13, forgotten16, skullhaven16, hypocrite20, chateau10. Received: burnish14, hesitation06, hesitation09, rhodes13, swearing04. Recieved as a gift: cookie02, cookie11 !

2022.11.19 - (+3, =627) Leveled up to Brown! Received: kangel15, wilkis02, science01, 1 yellow crayon

2022.11.19 - Traded with Koinuko: carrots18, simplicity17. Received: fujoshi11, tarotcards20

2022.11.19 - Traded with Carousel: underwater19. Received: geek11.

2022.11.19 - Gifted to Carousel: 1 yellow, 1 brown, 1 gray crayon

2022.11.19 - Received as a trick or treat gift from Lex: 1 orange crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon

2022.11.19 - Traded with Koinuko: inspirited08. Received: woe08

2022.11.19 - Traded with Nishida: muda03. Received: hell14

2022.11.19 - (+8, =624) Received from Reading Between the Lines 317: bondman11, cendrillon15, uldah02, ritual07, ghosthouse16, player13, bedridden07, saboteur06

2022.11.19 - (+30, =616) Received from Puzzle Chains 234:judas05, magicalfire05, tartarus13, spunquel07, rusty01, thorn09, star-shaped18, slob15, tensionmax15, norende02, tutor02, carrots18, watchfuleye08, beards11, familiar03, composure15, sunless18, warcannon12, teaching18, medic12, ifraid05, golddragon20, junkfood14, earl02, stockpot05, skullhaven16, maledictor11, lace02, ko-gal10, aggressive02, 1 yellow crayon

2022.11.19 - (+3, =586) Received from Twenty Questions 030: warmonger04, cursedseal02, pretty19

2022.11.19 - (+16, =583) Received from Coloring Book 289: desperado19, heartereki05, walking02, ember17, sexyguilty04, simplicity17, plasma20, eats16, matsurisu02, tenderthief19, tenderthief20, cinephile06, bikerboss18, memorized10, cipher12, earthmagic10

2022.11.19 - (+3, =567) Received from Twenty Questions 030: osu07, orca05, yuihan16

2022.11.19 - (+3, =564) Received from Go Fish! 333: bluegrad20, thoron11, hollowheart18

2022.11.19 - Received from Colorseum 54-4: The Final Showdown!: 1 brown crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 red crayon, 1 gray crayon

2022.11.19 - Traded with Len: crossplay04, crossplay18. Received: design06, lolita17

2022.11.15 - (-1, =561) Gifted Sage: rpgmaker20

2022.11.15 - (+7, =562) Received from Host Club Giveaway 225: magedom20, antagonist10, haa-chan05, smelt14, wraith10, forgotten16, worldwide14

2022.11.15 - (+8, =555) Donation to Stamp Card 030: bamboo06, board14. Received: summoned20, parkouring16, wingspiker15, kindness06, witches14, underwater19, doorshrine18, zwei14, falchion07, cutie15

2022.11.15 - (+16, =547) Received from Coloring Book 289: hachitendou16, toxin12, zombie02, shikinjou09, better02, rpgmaker20, cat03, analyzer10, secretrooms13, secretrooms15, pochette06, grapejam13, watchguard03, curepine04, excitable12, advice03

2022.11.15 - Donated 1 orange crayon to Coloring Book 289

2022.11.15 - Swap Station 185 exchange: puppy05 exchanged for puppy17; pochette08 exchanged for pochette06

2022.11.15 - (+1, =531) Traded with Selena:ambition18, crossspear13. Received: pooka06, spacepatrol19, and a bonus gift of insectpillar11!

2022.11.15 - Traded with shannon (penguin): dunscaith09, fieryblood09. Received: nanika05, tokunaga12 and 1 purple crayon (gift!)

2022.11.14 - (+2, =530) Traded with Elijah: psyche07 and screentone07. Received: peer20, spofficer07. Also got as a gift: myaano03, myaano12!

2022.11.15 - Traded with Miro: safety05. Received tempest16.

2022.11.15 - (-1, =528) Gifted to Crystal: 72names19

2022.11.15 - Traded with Needle southitaly14 for sincerity08

2022.11.15 - (-1, =529) Gifted to Mira cultivation10

2022.11.15 - Trade with Lex. Exchanged fraujade11, horrormare02, napgus12. Received kangel18, crimelab02, spofficer09

2022.11.15 - (+5, =530) Received from Most Wanted 39: logicshow13, southitaly14, safety05, 72names19, osuwari10

2022.11.15 - (+8, =525) Received from Art Lessons 317: tough13, gadoria15, bombings04, disobedient19, drops14, velthomer10, bloodyradio01, omurice09, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon

2022.11.14 - Donated 1 purple crayon to Coloring Book 289

2022.11.14 - (+4, =517) Traded with Lenga: brahman19, flowerpin19, gridman01, artcollege10, bucket06 in exchange for ipc03, muse05, muse11, muse17, muse19, myaano06, obsolete16, trueblood04, trueblood10

2022.11.14 - Traded with Ouji canis03 and palmatum18. Received: idolfangirl10 and thing03

2022.11.14 - (-1, =513) Traded serious15 and sorceress07 to Gloomlee and received: clamp03

2022.11.13 - (+3, =514) Leveled up to Purple! Received: kangel14, tokyoelite11, genomirai08, 1 green crayon

2022.11.13 - Traded to Sage reflection13 and nolonger16. Received fairyprincess01 and scarabia15!

2022.11.13 - (+3, =511) Mastered Fashion Blog and received: kangel13, divina09, silvereyes15, 1 blue crayon

2022.11.13 - (+13, =508) Received from Little Spell Academia 235: tempest02, kangel05, canis02, fashionblog18, fashionblog19, fashionblog20, kangel06, section101, kangel10, section102, canis03, kangel11, kangel12

2022.11.13 - Traded paranormal11 and rest07 with Koinuko and received: ghostwriter09 and section117

2022.11.13 - (-1, =495) Gifted to Len: matsurisu07

2022.11.13 - Traded tsundere13 to Needle and received cry19!

2022.11.13 - Gifted to Needle: red crayon x1, blue crayon x1, brown crayon x1.

2022.11.13 - (-1, =496) Gifted princeps18 to Yue.

2022.11.12 - (+15, =497) Received Colorseum bribe gift from Raven: chocolate03, feral15, hell02, hell04, hell05, lifeenergy02, lifeenergy14, lifeenergy15, myaano02, myaano04, nanika08, swearing20, symphony11, tadpole20, trueblood15

2022.11.12 - Exchanged in Riku's Favors 20: castelia17, flamebody09, shutter09, suicune04, lastrites20. Received: puppy16, puppy05, puppy05, puppy20, honest20, 1 green crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray candy

2022.11.12 - (+8, =482) Received from Booster Bundle 165: brigade17, hugs12, lance13, straylize18, archer11, canaan05, birthright18, cardevolve03, 1 brown candy

2022.11.12 - (+2, =474) Received as a gift from Lina: gamer15, arsene16!

2022.11.12 - (+8, =472) Received from Reading Between the Lines 316: boy17, kiev01, negatives04, oshi-san17, ironfist13, orcatrainer17, zmei08, enamored02

2022.11.12 - (+30, =464) Received from Puzzle Chains 233: minfilia12, backlace19, touda11, bentos18, heiress11, owngoal07, aniki20, sorceress07, weaponry06, kemari16, tensionmax17, lynx20, umn05, earthquake15, larkdive05, avaricious13, marionetta06, fuee07, bucket06, ryouran09, darkaltar01, brewery11, wearsamask11, horizon11, miracle08, suba-tomo18, hypocrite20, screentone07, sleepmemory10, puppets17, 1 blue crayon

2022.11.12 - Received from Colorseum 54-3: 1 orange crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 gray crayon, 1 red crayon, 1 brown crayon

2022.11.12 - (+3, =434) Received from Twenty Questions 029: mws03, slr15, lemonade10

2022.11.11 - Trade with Gloomlee: exchanged furmonster05 and received treasure02

2022.11.11 - Trade with Ouji: korenaru09, countzero07, countzero09 and received nanika13, obsolete04, obsolete15

2022.11.11 - (+1, =431) Traded icereaper01, mercenaries15, pinzu14, undying07, sig_ange to Kayori and received: lifeenergy06, myaano20, uguu03, tempest19, sig_kayori. Also received tasla01 as a gift!

2022.11.11 - (-10, =430) Art Shop exchange. Donated: 100friends20, azureazoth02, barrels04, capricorn19, divulgence10, dln-00710, eddiecall08, griffolyon01, grudges11, maskedg12, medabot01, starcadia02, tapirus14, thereaper08, wires09. Received sig_ange x 5.

2022.11.11 - (+8, =440) Donated volcanic10, feast15 to Silly Blanks 135 and received: neuroscience01, reflection13, hyperai09, piratelord03, flame02, quicksilvers18, legs08, links01, lethargic17, animenow04, 1 purple candy

2022.11.11 - Exchanged gummy15, airfriend10, sailorcap08, skyknight14 in Switch It Up 201. Received yahaha08, library15, rumraisin08, pooka11

2022.11.10 - (+3, =432) Leveled up to Blue! Received: fashionblog17, theactor15, android14, 1 red crayon

2022.11.10 - (+3, =429) Received from Twenty Questions 029: phonecall16, dj14, hardland11

2022.11.10 - (-1, =426) Gifted to Lenga forthemoney12

2022.11.10 - (+15, =427) Received from pick a color 232: furmonster05, yumemidori12, excelsis14, eyespy13, horrormare02, kapu-min14, futureeve13, jam11, korenaru09, forthemoney12, nabata04, suba-tomo09, countzero09, matsurisu07, countzero07, 1 purple candy

2022.11.10 - (+1, =412) Traded with Selena: onlypurpose08 in exhange for neofantasy01. Also received glasses19 as a gift!

2022.11.10 - (+1, =411) Received as a gift from Charlotte: fieldops01

2022.11.09 - (+2, =410) Traded to Mira: kyouran14, millenia18 for section109, chefsknife05. Also received as gifts: bloody07, couturier06, and a purple crayon!

2022.11.09 - Donated to Switch It Up 201: custard12, aquapearl01, goddess03, duty02, friction05. Received in return: lovestruck18, koorime04, purple20, tsundere13, listless01

2022.11.09 - (+12, =408) Received from Directions 156: guarding13, tsuruko18, malasada13, citro01, reputation16, long-range10, whitefang15, hardhat02, cultivation10, dragonship18, grudges11, vassal11

2022.11.08 - Trade with Miro: jindujun06 for peer09

2022.11.08 - (+16, =396) Received from Coloring Book 289: 098806, icereaper01, slender18, kyrie07, sealing02, 400years05, asakeno07, slacker11, grapejam19, pochette08, pochette17, shikinjou07, neshitteru06, nomotivation19, reading06, shocking08

2022.11.08 - (+16, =380) Received from Coloring Book 289: gridman01, fieryblood09, karaoke12, millenia18, goths07, labestia15, pinzu14, lakewalker12, lycoreco12, dotdotdot09, horrorsp05, yumemidori01, tears07, femprotags13, dln-00710, dystopia16

2022.11.08 - Gifted 1 orange, 1 yellow, and 1 gray crayon to Cupid.

2022.11.08 - (+1 = 364) Received peer10 as a gift from Cupid!

2022.11.08 - Donated 1 purple crayon to Coloring Book 289

2022.11.07 - Donated 1 red crayon to Coloring Book 289

2022.11.07 - (-1, =363) Gifted Selena baboo15

2022.11.07 - (+5, =364) Received from Most Wanted 38: skyknight14, candy06, onlypurpose08, cousins01, napgus12

2022.11.07 - (+8, =359) Received from Art Lessons 316: rouge14, crazedmoon08, 77712, step-mom08, hiphop01, casual07, dood03, baboo15, 1 orange crayon, 1 gray crayon

2022.11.07 - (+18, =351) Received from Reading Between the Lines 315: community11, sweettooth03, recluse03, friction05, gatoya15, medic07, japanesque04, kill06

2022.11.07 - (+10, =343) Received from Scramble! 149: casters15, denpa19, crossplay04, muda03, opast13, palmatum18, capricorn19, medabot01, equation10, chateau10, 1 blue crayon

2022.11.07 Sig trade with Nishida! Exchanged sig_ange for sig_nishida.

2022.11.07 - (-1, =333) Gifted companion18 to Gloomlee.

2022.11.07 - (+30, =334) gentleghost09, mercenaries15, unafraid18, qualia04, kensetsu04, razorfan12, friends05, wolfish06, fraujade11, photographs18, sugarcubes14, swordskill12, usamin02, lewdjokes20, flowerpin19, wires09, multibug10, notthinking11, drei07, satinribbon03, relife03, gummy15, circles19, paranormal11, cielagate19, hawking09, 00708, companion18, embalming17, custard12, 1 blue crayon

2022.11.06 - (+3, =304) Leveled up to Green! Received: fashionblog16, lunate04, zookeeper17, 1 gray crayon

2022.11.06 - (+9, =301)Received from Little Spell Academia 234: x-day02, fashionblog05, fashionblog06, fashionblog07, tempest01, fashionblog08, fashionblog12, fashionblog13, fashionblog14

2022.11.06 - Received as a gift from Gloomlee: double crayon rainbow!

2022.11.06 - (+1, =292) Received as a gift from Mini!: chocolate07

2022.11.04 - (+16, =291) Received from Booster Bundle 164: verbose07, ambition18, iloveyou10, windwitch09, crossplay18, aurora19, earphones03, hawk09, kyouran14, economical01, expelled05, griffolyon01, bk-20110, bamboo06, meteo03, secondlife08, 1 gray candy

2022.11.04 - Gifted crayons to Sage: Orange x 1, Yellow x 1, Gray x 1

2022.11.04 - (+3, =275) Mastered heartcross!! Received mastery rewards: fashionblog04, goddess03, aquapearl01, 1 yellow crayon

2022.11.04 - (+9, =272) Received as special halloween choice cards from x3 candycorn for Lady Luck Slots 078: heartcross12, heartcross13, fashionblog01, fashionblog02, heartcross14, ghostwriter11, heartcross17, heartcross18, fashionblog03

2022.11.04 - Received from Colorseum 54-2: gray crayon x1, orange crayon x 2, yellow crayon x 2, purple crayon x 1

2022.11.03 - (+3, =263) Received from Twenty Questions 028: theboss20, crossspear13, postgrad06

2022.11.03 - Traded Flurry peacemaker06 for heartcross19

2022.11.03 - Traded Lina instagram09, poisonapple20, sig_ange for fashionblog11, tempest07, sig_lina:

2022.11.03 - Traded Mini caress16, voltaic17, winds07 for fashionblog10, kangel07, kangel08

2022.11.02 - (+1, =260) Switch It Up 200. Swapped in cypressus14, erasergun18. Received euphonium20, pikohan11, heartcross20

2022.11.02 - Donated graphics: Collar x Malice sketchpads x 8

2022.11.02 - (+3, =259) Received from Twenty Questions 028: shuffle08, divulgence10, thereaper08, 1 orange candy

2022.11.02 - (+1, =256) Received as a gift from Nishida: daymare17 !

2022.11.02 - (+28, =255) Received 10.28 claim from Recycled Art: feral10, haven04, haven06, haven09, haven12, haven17, heavenguide16, heavenguide17, ipc01, ipc02, ipc08, ipc11, ipc14, ipc15, ipc16, lifeenergy18, lolita04, lolita19, muse07, muse13, mushrooms13, pikohan06, pikohan14, pikohan18, tadpole10, tadpole15, tadpole18, trueblood11

2022.11.02 = (+3, =227) Leveled up to Yellow! Received: heartcross09, lightside18, starcadia02, 1 yellow crayon

2022.11.01 - (+7, =224) Received from Host Club Giveaway 224: naeuri01, archenemy20, ken-chin08, fantasia03, rest07, 100friends20, peshent12

2022.11.01 - Traded Gloomlee musician17 for dotdotdot11

2022.11.01 - (-1, =217) Traded metals17 and easylove09 to Koinuko for flying07 and onread05. Also gifted to Koinuko sixfingers11.

2022.11.01 - (+1, =218) Received from Release 150 - October part8: easylove09

2022.11.01 - (+16, =217) Received from Coloring Book 288: nyanpasu03, superhero06, caliburn01, suicune04, romantia14, caramels19, attached02, duty02, banyue15, airfriend10, winds07, coarse19, supermodel09, escaped05, cartridge08, smokescreen01, 1 purple candy

2022.11.01 - (+5, =201) Received from Most Wanted 37: kuuhaku06, sixfingers11, glasses15, mob14, dunscaith09

2022.11.01 - (+6, =196) Received from Art Lessons 315: harmony03, pochette08, serious15, hairpin06, metals17, ashore07, 1 yellow crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 red candy

2022.11.01 - Sig trade with Gloomlee: sig_ange traded for sig_gloomlee.

2022.10.31 - Donated purple crayaon x1 to Coloring Book 288

2022.10.31 - Sig trade with Koinuko: sig_ange traded for sig_koinuko.

2022.10.31 - (+2, =190) Traded baboo02 to Erin for peer07. Also received as a gift: brutal03, heiseiidol09!

2022.10.31 - (+1, =188) Received from Release 150 - October part7: baboo02

2022.10.31 - (+1, =187) Received additional copy of signature from Release 150 - October part6: sig_ange

2022.10.31 - (+3, =186) Received initial copies of my signature card: sig_ange x 3

2022.10.30 - (+3, =183) Mastered cybercrimes!! Received mastery rewards: heartcross08, tapirus14, nolonger16, 1 gray crayon

2022.10.30 - (+15, =180) Received from Little Spell Academia 233: heartcross02, cybercrimes12, cybercrimes13, cybercrimes16, kangel02, heartcross03, cybercrimes17, heartcross04, cybercrimes18, cybercrimes19, heartcross05, heartcross06

2022.10.30 - (+8, =165) Received from Reading Between the Lines 314: artcollege10, dunksmash08, reliability13, eddiecall08, foryou06, pathogens16, xrosheart12, volatile20

2022.10.30 - (+30, =157) Received from Puzzle Chains 231: dreaca06, elecspark13, sailorcap08, reversed12, fullbringer02, kangel09, gideon02, alleluia16, erasergun18, jindujun06, stonebody12, natsu16, practicing03, shutter09, specialduty08, medicine16, castelia17, fork08, limiters17, feast15, sanadaschool01, brutal19, peacemaker06, vampirnella09, azureazoth02, pitiful06, iinodoue18, xel05, clow19, brahman19, 1 orange crayon

2022.10.30 - (+5 =127) Traded alatus13 to Lex for tempest10. Also received as a welcome gift: chocolate19, fashionblog15, hesitation20, razing15, swearing13, +1 crayon rainbow!

2022.10.29 - (+3, =122) Leveled up to Orange! Received: cybercrimes11, volcanic10, maskedg12, 1 green crayon

2022.10.29 - (+8, =119) Received from Booster Bundle 163: adultlike06, undying07, lastrites20, harnais16, corruption05, misandry04, superrookie17, nekomimi16, 1 brown candy

2022.10.29 - (+1, =111) Traded omurice03 to Cassidy for peer05, and also received hesitation03 as a gift!

2022.10.29 - (+1, =110) Received from Release 150 - October part5: omurice03

2022.10.29 - Traded forthemoney02 to Lenga for peer04

2022.10.29 - (+1, =109) Received from Release 150 - October part4: forthemoney02

2022.10.29 - (+9, =108) Received from Gloomlee as a gift! tadpole01, burnish01, heartslabyul01, daymare01, meido05, eldermaid02, maid11, noriyuki15, animenow16

2022.10.29 - Traded manifest06 to Elijah for peer06

2022.10.29 - (+1, =99) Received from Release 150 - October part3: manifest06

2022.10.29 - (-2, =98) Gifted twindrill16 and mentalist17 to Koinuko!

2022.10.29 - (-1, =100) Gifted iidako08 to Gloomlee!

2022.10.29 - (+51, =101) Received from Release 150 - October part2: dotdotdot04, peer08, twindrill16, umbrabilis12, juniorarmy17, ninir06, heartcross11, canis11, harveston02, kangel01, pulling01, hammer-on01, ironmaiden02, heeho01, x-day01, cybercrimes10, poisonapple20, rhodes02, daymare05, samsara16, papilio05, alatus13, princeps18, prinzessin08, a17, heartslabyul17, contrary01, tuxedocat20, frogcurse01, board14, musician17, mentalist17, caress16, burnish13, razing17, qliphoth09, karakuri14, tested13, artisabang01, gaomi09, instagram09, iidako08, legacy07, jankenpon04, tadpole12, pfpth16, arcadia19, bunnygirl05, heiseiidol11, pastel07, onread13

2022.10.28 - (+1, =50) Traded rev03 to Koinuko for peer02. Also received cybercrimes15 as a gift!

2022.10.28 - Traded furmonster08 to Gloomlee for peer03

2022.10.28 - (+5, =49) Received from Release 150 - October part1: peer01, postoffice01, weaselgirl12, rev03, furmonster08

2022.10.28 - (+3, =44) Baby's first trade! Traded winds05 to Ouji for tempest04. Received tempest06, tempest14 and tempest20 as gifts!

2022.10.27 - (-1, =41) Gifted twindrill15 to Koinuko!

2022.10.27 - (+19, =42) Received from Release 149 - September: hairdresser01, voltaic17, winds05, nekko15, ural09, psyche07, twindrill15, catching09, havoc08, tigers20, bangsineyes16, juniorarmy01, tadpole09, chocolate09, cybercrimes09, fashionblog09, harveston01, heartcross16, myaano14

2022.10.26 - (+12, =23) Received from Little Spell Academia 232: tempest05, cybercrimes01, heartcross01, cybercrimes02, cybercrimes05, cybercrimes06, swearing03, heartcross07, cybercrimes07, heartcross10, heartcross15, cybercrimes08

2022.10.26 - (+1, =11) Received cybercrimes03 from Koinuko as a welcome gift!

2022.10.26 - (+2, =10)Added to members! Received 2 additional cards: beelzebub03, flamebody09

2022.10.26 - (8) Received my Starter Pack with 8 cards: cybercrimes04, cybercrimes14, barrels04, cypressus14, inspirited08, prinny03, solargun11, whitenight02

2022.10.25 - Signed up for Colors TCG

Valentine's Day 2023

Received Chocolates:
[ x 0] [ x 0] [ x 0] [ x 0] [ x 0] [ x 0] [ x 0] [ x 0]

Expand Received Log
  1. 2023.03.14 - Received a yellow Valentine's chocolate from Trina and agape09
  2. 2023.03.14 - Received a green Valentine's chocolate from Aru and daathic01
  3. 2023.03.14 - Received a blue Valentine's chocolate from Erin and clerks18
  4. 2023.03.13 - Received a red Valentine's chocolate from Gloomlee and soleheir05.
  5. 2023.03.13 - Received a purple Valentine's chocolate from Lex and ectoplasm18.
  6. 2023.03.06 - Received a blue chocolate from Vaini and clerks11!
  7. 2023.03.05 - Received a purple chocolate from Len and ectoplasm02!
  8. 2023.03.01 - Received a gray chocolate from Lenga and clerks10!
  9. 2023.02.21 - Received a green chocolate from Flurry and daathic10!
  10. 2023.02.21 - Received a purple chocolate from Noelle and spofficer05!
  11. 2023.02.19 - Received a green chocolate from Kyuu and daathic14!
  12. 2023.02.19 - Received a blue chocolate from Syara and guiltycross20!
  13. 2023.02.19 - Received a purple chocolate from Cassidy and spofficer20!
  14. 2023.02.19 - Received a blue chocolate from Miro and guiltycross16!
  15. 2023.02.16 - Received a blue chocolate from Ouji and guiltycross11!
  16. 2023.02.16 - Received a blue chocolate from Ares and clerks08!
  17. 2023.02.15 - Received a blue chocolate from Nika and guiltycross10!
  18. 2023.02.15 - Received a blue chocolate from Elijah and clerks06!
  19. 2023.02.15 - Received a blue chocolate from Emelie and guiltycross09!
  20. 2023.02.15 - Received a blue chocolate from Mini and clerks04!

Colors Shopping Street LITE Log

2023.04.15 - Glorious Green exchange: red chocolate x1, blue chocolate x10, purple chocolate x4. Received: fieldops12, kidnapped04, kidnapped09, kidnapped11, kidnapped12, kidnapped17, kidnapped19, posed03, posed07, posed14, posed15, capsules07, capsules08, capsules09, capsules10

2023.05.01 - Exchange at Orange Oasis for double rewards coupon.

My Chocolates for Gifting:

Expand Gifting Log

2023.03.05 - Red Chocolate (blush18) for Raie.

2023.03.05 - Brown Chocolate (warhammer04) for Vampire.

2023.03.05 - Brown Chocolate (arcanestaff02) for Lapin.

2023.03.05 - Yellow Chocolate (endless11) for Cvrsed.

2023.03.05 - Yellow Chocolate (arcana02) for Sage.

2023.03.05 - Grey Chocolate (wildfox17) for Aiko.

2023.03.05 - Red Chocolate (watermelon17) for Homunculus.

2023.03.05 - Purple Chocolate (splat18) for Gloomlee.

2023.03.05 - Grey Chocolate (blranking19) for Koinuko.

2023.03.05 - Blue Chocolate (fluffy07) for Len.

2023.03.02 - Yellow Chocolate (ukki13) for Charlotte.

2023.02.22 - Green Chocolate (windwaker07) for Flurry.

2023.02.22 - Orange Chocolate (dokkan18) for Noelle.

2023.02.20 - Purple Chocolate (demonhunting07) for Lenga.

2023.02.20 - Red Chocolate (facepalms16) for Trina.

2023.02.20 - Purple Chocolate (hazakura15) for Kyuu.

2023.02.19 - Red Chocolate (berrybell07) for Syara.

2023.02.19 - Purple Chocolate (bonsai03) for Cassidy.

2023.02.19 - Green Chocolate (badges02) for Miro.

2023.02.19 - Green Chocolate (beginning18) for Ouji.

2023.02.19 - Brown Chocolate (tv18) for Ares.

2023.02.15 - Blue Chocolate (detectives05) for Nika.

2023.02.15 - Brown Chocolate (visitor04) for Elijah.

2023.02.15 - Yellow Chocolate (moron13) for Emelie.

2023.02.15 - Gray Chocolate (arcticwolf06) for Mini.

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