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Player | Ange
Joined | 2022.10.26
Status | active ()
Level | Rainbow (+3)
Cards | 16072

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Current (#86): 1122/20
Completed Turned in: 85/85
Recycled Art: Thursdays

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- Aug '23 Univeil special deck

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Uses: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of 5

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Collecting, Trading, Etc.

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Collecting, Keeping, & Card Sorter Mass Deck Gallery Tradepile

2023.09.13 - Pending trade with Milo:

2023.08.23 - Pending trade with Miro:

2023.04.18 - Pending trade with Trina:

2023.01.23 - Gift on hold for Will / fruitscones:

2023.11.29 - On hold for November POG:

2022.12.28 - On hold for Riku's Favors 27:

2023.11.29 - Pending Recycled Art Trade (40): april17, arcadia13, artificial02, attendant14, baumkuchen02, blacklizard18, blurry13, boilerroom09, brain05, brain13, cannon08, carry03, cry07, cureange04, diariumejus07, diariumejus17, dreamland01, dtr01, dtr06, dux19, evasive09, evasive15, evasive17, authors16, bubbleluna03, bubbleluna05, butlers01, butlers06, butlers13, butlers19, cardevolve07, cardevolve15, chefsknife03, containment10, containment15, cosplay08, divine13, divine15, dood13, dood20

On hold for Riku's Favors / Swap Station:

2023.12.04 - Traded with January: analyzedata11, analyzedata15, honedfangs02, solarfervor06, twinsnipe08, eunuch05, half-born07, hikineet01, hikineet08, infinite17, kelkale06, noname14, sengokusp16, shinatsuhime06, sieglinde17, skycolor06, tireurdelite17, tireurdelite18, totohaha10, yakumo07, yearsafter01, yearsafter02, yearsafter04, yearsafter17. Received: daisuki09, diy02, artsguard08, artsguard15, aureus20, commentator02, commentator09, dowser04, folklorist08, folklorist13, foresight10, foresight10, foresight17, foresight19, jankenpon11, lagenaria02, leominor13, magicae08, maschera07, minor18, q20, rtawahist02, smilingcat14, striker16

2023.12.03 - (+9, =16072) Received from Little Spell Academia 290: heartslabyul02, purin11, iseeyou08, wizard02, heartslabyul04, heartslabyul05, iseeyou11, daymare14, daymare15

2023.12.03 - (+30, =16063) Received from Puzzle Chains 288: spinningcut02, geisha02, moirae18, domino10, miare19, 2-302, cureselene20, arlia15, babalon13, shinobi16, novice06, shikaisen15, helicotapuu19, starvation08, raijuu04, omega03, complex15, lacytanga02, bestfriend13, unobtrusive20, fabulae09, chipmunk06, neomu19, challenges14, soundpillar07, viator03, daytimestar10, oblivious01, loligothic15, redshoes10, 1 blue crayon

2023.12.03 - Received from Colorseum 63-1: Season Seven Finals begin!: red crayon x1, orange crayon x1, yellow crayon x1, purple crayon x1, brown crayon x1, gray crayon x1

2023.12.03 - (+8, =16033) Donated to Stamp Card 057: 99907, univeil16. Received: al-flame02, hellsgate10, hypnotist07, 77718, viola01, excluded06, unassuming05, mega15, ofthewhite05, valvrave13.

2023.12.03 - (+8, =16025) Exchanged at the Art Shop: red crayon x5, gray crayon x3. Received: tokunaga10, tokunaga11, tokunaga14, tokunaga17, tokunaga20, sohcahtoa13, sohcahtoa14, sohcahtoa18.

2023.12.03 - (+10, =16017) Received from Go Fish! 386: gensokyo02, starmap11, thunderer17, liaison15, idiotson15, apples03, whitespire06, embrasque17, perfecthero20, 72names12, 1 yellow crayon

2023.12.03 - (+5, =16007) Exchanged in Switch It Up 228: xrosheart01, triplefinish12, sunless12, wrecking20, ecchan08, jewelry15, palu08, songofjoy07, redlights20, poni20, maihime14, former03, brahman16. Received: cocky06, chaos16, laser17, eggshells17, shut-in12, friedeggs15, lgbtmanga04, voice13, magic06, purememory06, megamart19, crossveins13, genista18. Received additional: sandtribe04, chiropteran05, fistfights14, bandaged19, puyo17.

2023.12.03 - (+25, =16002) Received from Pick a Color 249: ubcs09, taisha10, mechanic15, gaiadragoon08, ryouran14, laughwithme06, venoshock05, pikopiko04, tanabata09, babyls07, shadows20, planting12, imanity11, sanbaka14, wired04, contests07, salon04, otome18, mister17, risingsun18, eclipse18, mask13, substitute20, un-sorcerer20, marksein17

2023.12.03 - (+32, =15977) Donated to Coloring Book 316: blue crayon x1, green crayon x1. Received: archest02, adrastea05, usss04, modelx19, thorn15, pessimist07, accessories05, lor02, watergod11, rabbithole18, rabbithole12, yearsafter01, snowdrop06, longyou08, waspsting19, glyphs14, merchant07, yellow19, kemari02, ousaka03, burnish06, natural03, pear11, brain20, fairygirl15, ilmilione02, bodyodor17, callisto10, neverland07, magician03, tenthousand18, albion14

2023.12.03 - (+30, =15945) Received from Puzzle Chains 286: bicycle19, schwert12, elegies03, hari15, utakata09, leading09, waterflail13, addict10, bills05, feles09, whitewolf20, oneesan12, glassesfan08, folseus16, zexen20, theundying18, soulunion18, materia01, besieger12, cosplays04, dwn-02117, dln-00603, krik13, bigeater14, breeder03, phan-site10, bund15, stomp11, revuesstar01, socialclub09, 1 green crayon

2023.12.03 - (+32, =15915) Donated to Coloring Book 316: gray crayon x2. Received: teleport19, ultimatex20, yohane07, hatsushimo05, touch16, limsa11, japan17, oldbailey11, finalmix07, nailbiter18, lubu08, thumbwar18, skillhunter06, sociable04, asterisk03, electricnet12, knifework13, need10, 12thrank16, darksun16, strategic16, sharpeye09, chalphy05, apparitions15, boringworld20, junglegym09, thumbwar11, protecting16, shipcountry19, tohth04, greatwhite01, dovlin03.

2023.12.03 - (+5, =15883) Received from Most Wanted 93: chococornet15, cendrillon15, jazzdance06, reunion10, pomeranian07

2023.12.03 - (+20, =15878) Received from No Context Theater 340, 341, 343, 344: bamboostalk05, bearth18, bellcollar02, candyhouse17, easternling03, eun09, jaunt04, magicae20, margrace04, nailbiter13, neverwinter11, purgatory18, ramuh12, rikutou15, souffle18, stagecraft17, thesword02, thrilled08, titan15, yearsafter17.

2023.12.03 - (+30, =15858) Received from Puzzle Chains 287: samuraifan12, dystopia10, proven14, goldilocks12, phoenix06, merman09, badjokes11, cosmoses08, nine10, drippydance20, kawayoo07, resolute15, hanamaru03, niflheim04, gudegude12, honneamise18, grumbly12, dojikko19, connected06, warlord11, galaxyidol02, publishing07, bluebeard01, fork01, resentment14, nthcolor02, viena02, crane05, receptors10, erebonia20, 1 green crayon

2023.12.02 - (+3, =15828) Received from Advent Calendar Day 02: no11, no12, no16

2023.12.02 - (+4, =15825) Received from Advent Calendar - Day 1: iseeyou12, iseeyou07, waltz20, iseeyou13

2023.12.02 - Traded with Ouji: painbreaker03, honeybeeinn07, uncouth16, bandekanone15, hosenka12, ixaba12, loveeternal07, greatwolf03, letus06, treachery05, arcedge20, bouncer08, fengshui11, fengshui20, kyokugenryu03, kyokugenryu10, teardown14. Received: no02, no19, no20, foxfaced07, minor19, nivis15, smilingcat20, terpsichora18, unmotivated03, unmotivated10, visualnovel05, 00709, 3-a06, 62416, acrobat04, aesir18, aesir19.

2023.11.29 - (+40, =15821) Recycled Art Trade (2023.08.27): acrobat05, angelpowder14, caged12, caged19, finalboss07, pipi01, pipi03, pipi04, pipi08, pipi12, pipi13, pipi17, pipi18, thecrow08, thecrow11, warheit03, warheit04, warheit10, warheit11, warheit12, warheit16, warheit18, warheit20, vacuum02, vacuum07, vacuum14, vacuum20, 3-a01, 3-a02, 3-a03, 3-a05, 3-a09, 3-a10, 3-a13, 3-a14, 3-a15, 3-a16, 3-a17, 3-a18, 3-a19

2023.11.29 - (+40, =15781) Recycled Art Trade (2023.10.05): acrobat05, acrobat07, aether20, all-outkiss19, ashore06, ashore14, cursed16, dozing19, escapesp14, foxfaced10, gigolo05, gigolo15, hakama02, hakama07, koopalings16, lust10, lust13, lust14, phones08, ringmaster12, ringmaster13, sinae14, spikemuth06, spikemuth09, tophat01, tophat04, tophat07, umbrabilis02, usagi02, usagi19, vassal15, wakuwaku15, artsguard01, artsguard06, artsguard12, blranking11, kotobukiya18, specialeyes02, visualnovel14, visualnovel15

2023.11.29 - (+40, =15741) Recycled Art Trade (2023.10.30): adapt02, adapt06, adapt11, alloflove12, avilio08, bachelor06, bachelor11, charm01, charm06, dnn18, dubking09, ensign15, hotel16, insectpillar17, juuhachi-ban03, juuhachi-ban06, juuhachi-ban07, juuhachi-ban08, juuhachi-ban10, juuhachi-ban11, juuhachi-ban13, allnight13, allnight14, authors07, bitphones02, bitphones04, bitphones06, bitphones07, bitphones08, bitphones10, bitphones12, bitphones15, bitphones17, bitphones18, crossdressm04, crossdressm05, crossdressm12, crossdressm13, crossdressm15, crossdressm19

2023.11.29 - (+15, =15701) Received from New Release 163: puppetgirl01, blood-maker01, memoryark01, bbq01, zither01, cloudcrest01, justiciars01, tangelo01, levincia01, shamouti01, yunduan01, sig_ange, fabulae14, no04, daymare13.

2023.11.29 - (+9, =15686) Received from Little Spell Academia 289: purin10, hesitation12, koopalings02, hesitation16, hesitation17, hesitation18, koopalings05, koopalings11, koopalings16

2023.11.29 - (+5, =15677) Received from New Release 162 pt4: bellcollar01, saving01, poisoned01, dracula01, qingxiao04

2023.11.26 - (+12, =15672) Mastered Tresor (FM), Whisper, Frog Curse, and Haymaker (FM). Received: whisper20, fabulae10, fabulae12, fabulae13, goron08, nosy15, silverarm07, gainax06, robotics15, blackharu09, taranis01, robosa18, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon.

2023.11.26 - Traded with Mari: icequeen13, retro14. Received: tresor10, yohane15.

2023.11.26 - Traded with Kyuu: xfjproject08, bluemaiden06, courtyard10, embodiment04, lightmagic07, mammamia15. Received: tresor08, tresor09, charme14, gamer14, jaganshi02, jetsam01.

2023.11.26 - (-5, =15660) Gifted to Kit: honeybuddha12, triangles01, triangles20, cafeaulait12, osanpo03

2023.11.19 - (+5, =15665) Received from Most Wanted 92: sociopath08, cookbook03, honeybuddha12, resplendent16, waltz07

2023.11.26 - Traded with Lenga: shortcuts17, almavivo13, convey10, morikawa03, morikawa04, morikawa06, morikawa20, 43rdsong13, brigandia18, ddd16, debauchery03, debauchery09, dreiklauen17, lavaorb02, lavaorb08, lavaorb12, mirrorlake08, ritual10, salon06, salon11, silversword17, swordsaint10, tracker05. Received: fabulae11, cookie16, dowser11, jobko13, qingxiao03, vulpeszerda19, bluelock18, boyslove02, boyslove08, cauldron07, dubking17, firetruck17, firetruck19, floral17, hotel08, kuuderes09, lgbtmanga18, lolita14, lolita16, lust07, lust08, lust13, rollflash16.

2023.11.21 - Traded with Xetka: intuition16, resplendent04. Received: cheese19, koopalings10.

2023.11.21 - Traded with Lex: cranegames20, holypriest10, judicial12, koukaotaku10, koukaotaku15, ladyoscar06, partners10, wonderboy13. Received: tresor11, tresor12, computer06, koopalings13, referee11, spiderweb04, striker08, tokunaga13.

2023.11.21 - Traded with Dahlia: 1stchild17, broomstick09, champloo07, cinqfleches10, seawitch13, starfighter18. Received: charme07, resistance20, scarabia04, castle11, dracaena07, fimbulvetr18.

2023.11.19 - Exchanged at Natsume's Book of Cards 167: mahdad01, mahdad02, mahdad17, accelerator03, accelerator12. Received: ironmaiden01, ironmaiden03, ironmaiden04, perennial02, perennial03.

2023.11.19 - Received gift from Lex: red crayon x1, yellow crayon x1, grey crayon x1.

2023.11.19 - (+8, =15660) Received from Little Spell Academia 288: frogcurse14, whisper17, whisper18, sohcahtoa04, whisper19, sohcahtoa05, fabulae18, fabulae19

2023.11.19 - (+1, =15652) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 232: frogcurse13

2023.11.19 - Traded with Lulu (C): rashomon10, eclipsezwei11, espgame14, macarons02, piratehat08, piratehat17, rapier05, teach02, teach17. Received: archer06, archer14, fingernails14, flame19, health-care04, lamentation14, oceanwave01, sponsored13, symmetry08.

2023.11.19 - Traded with Eli: blutgang05, friendships18, generous07, generous11, goody07, hardworking12, hopespeak06, hopespeak10, hopespeak17, illusions20, imposter01, lily04, mangaka18, mangaka20, minimum03, multilayered01, oasis03, oasis09, opening02, paperwork03, petdog16, player12, premonitions11, rod04, shorthair04, snobbish07, softness20, straysheep01, successeur19, surface17, swallows04, thebird06, thefool09, thehag02, tireurdelite05, tohth10, tuxedocat05, unemotional07, wolfsbane08, x-iii12. Received: tresor13, auratus02, commentator19, dowser01, jaganshi10, paradisaea16, alice08, bachelor13, bachelor17, bachelor20, believer12, arcadia18, archer14, aries02, baumkuchen08, baumkuchen10, baumkuchen16, belderiver15, bloodbank09, brain06, burgers04, chao07, chao11, chao18, chomp06, chomp09, colonel03, colonel20, coordinator19, coordinator20, design02, dood12, dood18, dubking01, fairyprincess15, floral14, haven01, haven03, haven07, haven14.

2023.11.19 - Traded with Arianne: tangerine14, 75th13, 999days01, admirabilis17, bandekanone12, beer07, bunnybox07, busking16, candidate12, candidate16, caribbean13, consulting10, dunscaith05, echoes08, ensoleille04, ensoleille20, fantail12, gridman10, highlife19, iceslides11, manchuria01, nameko12, normallife11, nova09, oasis10, oilpainting16, ragdoll02, ribblades02, rockbell08, roommate04, roommate11, submissive14, svarog09, tama09, twig20, ultimate03, whydunit02, younglings02. Received: purin14, alatus19, auratus15, aureus03, bloodbag07, debut14, feles06, fivedays07, fortis20, fugit09, gamer18, grandis04, imperatrix02, jankenpon02, laevatain07, leominor11, magicae07, mantichora11, matoi05, monoceros03, netrunner18, onread15, paradisaea03, paradisaea11, paradisaea12, planners13, rose18, rtawahist11, ruby12, terpsichora05, terpsichora07, terpsichora12, townhall15, trifolium20, victormare08, vultur04, worldcup05, youtuber10.

2023.11.18 - (+26, =15651) Received from Little Spell Academia 287 - special round: fabulae04, fabulae06, frogcurse06, diy01, tresor06, fabulae07, frogcurse10, whisper10, whisper11, aljeanne10, haymaker18, fabulae08, haymaker19, purin08, tresor07, whisper12, qingxiao01, tresor17, tresor18, tokunaga06, fabulae09, vespa03, whisper14, qingxiao02, haymaker20, wizard01

2023.11.18 - (-1, =15625) Gifted to Milo: shepherds11

2023.11.18 - (+5, =15626) Received from Most Wanted 91: bigmom06, tresor20, 1stchild17, saving11, shepherds11

2023.11.18 - (+10, =15621) Received from Most Wanted 90 - Special Round: intentions06, altena10, broomstick09, clamp13, intuition16, wisp03, broomstick10, shortcuts17, xfjproject08, rashomon10

2023.11.18 - (+32, =15611) Donated to Coloring Book 315: blue crayon x2. Received: bluerogue09, zhenjun16, iciclefall03, deckbuilder03, asrun08, bloodthirst16, otakus19, tama09, qingxiao17, tresor04, rabbithole16, watergod16, vows06, honor20, venomspray15, hornet10, composed13, cubes17, marks03, planetarium04, akahebi11, communication19, phandaria16, synthesis3020, yearsafter02, watergod19, drippydance14, tresor16, harborlands15, elucidator02, lucoa05, frogs19

2023.11.18 - (+15, =15579) Received from Stamp Card 055: occultism13, royal03, fen20, magicaloid4402, impostor15, magiteknical13, axiom17, kneel10, siren13, lighthearted12, icyblood09, sukeban11, loewe02, primeval19, everrising08, 2 orange crayons, 1 purple crayon

2023.11.18 - (+5, =15564) Received from Coloring Book 314 - Halloween Edition!: bearth04, saving14, myredemption18, eun14, odysseus17

2023.11.18 - (+30, =15559) Received from Puzzle Chains 285: shogi02, diana05, blacktempest17, piratelord06, provisions17, thedetective06, soapland05, malice17, roadrunner14, flagpole15, flamewyrm09, callisto20, swordstudent14, antivirus05, ostia20, chopping05, songforyou12, watashi07, tensides08, marchhare01, sassy18, backdoor16, vegetarian04, grasshopper01, lgbtmanga09, commoner13, sharp11, kirara04, wisteria02, manchuria01, 1 blue crayon

2023.11.18 - (+40, =15529) Received from October 2023 Activity Rewards: ninelives02, whydunit02, forest10, cheat20, regret12, knowledge06, catcafe06, levios19, forgive07, androphilia14, stylist02, turningtide13, omega06, lighter13, well-off01, promising20, leasing20, astronaut20, fontech05, fensalir05, jewelry15, deckbuilder07, starrysky06, tokimeki02, respirator07, almavivo13, aesthetics17, clock14, elven19, flighty04, kanahana09, pranking01, hylia07, junkshop15, sootopolis01, myshin10, killertennis10, sunless12, pipinghot15, fallenprince07, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 gray crayon

2023.11.18 - Received from Pick a Color 248: 2 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 2 yellow crayons, 2 green crayons, 2 blue crayons, 2 purple crayons, 2 brown crayons, 2 gray crayons

2023.11.12 - Traded with Lauren: azoth15, handcuffs15, heaven16, metatron04, metatron06, remaining13, ring08, ring13, safeguard12, safeguard20, shujaa11, shujaa12, wait03. Received: jetsam02, qingxiao05, qingxiao15, beinlove20, blankit20, clamp14, deathangel03, devils19, dracula08, drag16, dragonkick11, half-elf09, hollow10.

2023.11.09 - (+6, =15489) Mastery chain: Stagecraft (FM) and Sleepless (FM). Received: sleepless16, tresor05, eterna12, scythes02, sirens03, relaxed09, 1 red crayon, 1 green crayon

2023.11.09 - (+1, =15483) Received gift from Shiranna: stagecraft11.

2023.11.09 - (+10, =15482) Leveled up from Rainbow (+1) to Rainbow (+3). Received: sleepless11, sleepless12, jr07, cranegames20, toon19, sunless20, shepherd14, dioxide20, choice09, lavaorb10, 1 red crayon, 1 purple crayon.

2023.11.08 - (+10, =15472) Received from Little Spell Academia 286: stagecraft15, fabulae03, stagecraft16, tresor04, stagecraft17, stagecraft18, stagecraft19, sleepless02, whisper08, stagecraft20,

2023.11.08 - (+30, =15462) Received from Puzzle Chains 284: west14, mustasim15, doggy17, setz14, blutgang05, condor14, animenow03, beer07, cybercrimes17, yousei13, chainsaws07, mypast05, writing03, timetravel04, fox17, awkward18, bow18, oversleeper04, keepon06, chemballs14, palicoes05, ensoleille04, pillars09, clockland19, bloodsucking19, moongold03, velocity19, protective03, xrosheart01, 15120, 1 red crayon

2023.11.08 - (+50, =15432) Received from Release Roulette 017: coils11, musketeer13, isla02, beanie20, rogueship03, gasoline14, aces13, rogueship02, aces01, musketeer19, luck-pusher13, channel4206, luck-pusher08, captains19, dunscaith05, isla17, utakata18, thecoolest11, aces05, luck-pusher17, musselback11, candidate16, bouncer08, separate15, present16, playgirl16, former16, limited02, former03, nyaa-chan12, 99907, hairstyles17, navigator12, utakata10, thecoolest06, diamonddogs04, kaijuidol01, cookpal17, luck-pusher16, tentyris05, bouncer16, 23705, triplefinish12, nikushogun17, former19, beanie06, fc3s09, disith01, playing04, supremekai14

2023.11.08 - (+12, =15382) Received from Hi-5 Radio 224: nephew12, killerslide17, fantail12, juicebat20, cobble16, boneclub17, expressive14, ruin05, destined19, nightmares18, half-born07, perfectpitch05, 1 brown candy

2023.11.08 - (+12, =15370) Received from Hi-5 Radio 223: al-rosary10, comakarma12, rapier05, plugin01, paperwork03, almenan11, palu08, embrasque20, stapler08, twig20, georgie20, 00710

2023.11.08 - (+4, =15358) Donated to Stamp Card 055: aljeanne05. Received: instincts17, fourthson20, disorder16, nephilim16, sanzenri13.

2023.11.08 - (+88, =15354) Donated to Pot of Gold 117: thesword08, thesword10, thesword13, thesword19, vaisravana04, vaisravana08, vaisravana10, short07, queen01, natto14, disaster17, letus20. Received: zelban13, standup09, baker02, inazma20, brahman10, cheesedrop10, jrpremier20, mallet02, snakesword20, ola12, commentary03, bailang07, motorcycle14, otouto01, ganja04, yamainu06, novelist16, wildflower16, avalken16, touchthis14, flapping14, foundation10, 500yen15, salt19, phantompain20, desire02, pucchan16, trifolium10, comicrelief20, echoes08, heisaku07, iceslides11, painbreaker03, incivil20, starplasma17, erosalom03, arcedge20, bard20, kanai17, archpriest03, mounds11, fairiesstory11, cheery05, fimbulventr08, propagation19, handshake14, bojutsu11, cellophane09, taikodrums17, ueno16, seer06, bunnybox06, budget15, nightmare05, wolfskin09, herbaltea03, evangelion01, ichi-go04, blackmagic15, brigandia18, barrelroll11, bouncer08, yami08, explomb12, toadsage11, forcefield15, lancecorp06, cuckoo16, deathgod02, hatshepsut10, yearning01, fuxue10, niconico11, gridman10, nandemo02, arsnova07, candlestick01, timid09, toluca15, chiropteran09, rebuke16, odin09, finalmix02, dowser13, sidecharacter04, hegemony07, reunion06, nasod15, potatoes17, aljeanne05, candyhouse02, yorisouyuri10, quartz04, unichord13, trielemental10, sayuri09, trielemental05, letus06, gaku-chan12, poisoned07, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 4 purple crayons, 4 brown crayons, 5 gray crayons, 2 red candys, 1 yellow candy, 1 green candy, 1 purple candy.
Received Grand Prize B: Special deck donation coupon.

2023.11.08 - (+32, =15266) Donated to Coloring Book 314: blue crayon x2. Received: mythicals06, bobcat08, masquerades04, create09, redlights20, variable17, a-hall11, calculation02, worship18, tresor19, qingxiao16, tresor14, maracas03, biscuit14, quinx16, kimari06, complex08, shocking09, ohana12, kuuderes04, blizzard12, bluemaiden06, winglet02, aoikishin15, worship08, yearsafter17, drippydance18, tresor20, magedom01, triangles20, clanhonor11, nameko12.

2023.11.08 - (+32, =15234) Donated to Coloring Book 314: blue crayon x2. Received: futuring02, auspex20, yosuga19, takasugi18, succubus12, normies20, curewhite08, conceited03, drippydance09, rabbithole03, worship05, tresor15, incantation20, swim20, coroner09, corrupted02, daymare05, welfareteam10, yamainu03, gardentower09, underwater07, cauldrons07, diagnostics09, swordsmanship16, sawshark17, watergod18, rabbithole10, yearsafter04, highlife19, hitoriomou04, mangaka18, attorney03, 2 blue candy.

2023.11.08 - (+5, =15202) Received from Coloring Book 313: shiva08, poni20, muscular11, margrace13, nasod10.

2023.11.08 - (+5, =15197) Received from Most Wanted 89: jetsam07, resplendent04, bara20, babalon16, svarog09.

2023.11.07 - Traded with Xetka: bobsons11, trackrunner07, berlint02, bobsons07, gymnastics09, regenerate06, wolfcurse16. Received: diy11, dowser03, dowser12, dowser14, dowser17, prettygirls08, vespa12.

2023.11.07 - Traded with Esa: grandcruz05. Received: tresor19.

2023.11.07 - Traded with Kyuu: etheirys12, perky07, perky09, spiteful04, courier03, courier15, ifrit04, mixer17, shiva09, soultaker15, topgun12. Received: stagecraft10, tresor03, sleepless15, whisper05, daymare20, doodlesuit14, fashion09, feral11, feral14, fivedays18, frozenlake08.

2023.11.07 - Traded with Lenga: thrilled03, 43rdsong01, afraid20, bigsis18, blacksword06, catweed02, druid11, drumset13, salmon06. Received: stagecraft13, sleepless14, stagecraft14, magicae12, mantichora06, rtawahist17, splitcard12, bell04, donuts17.

2023.11.07 - (+1, =15192) Received from New Release 162 pt3: thrilled03.

2023.11.07 - Traded with Mini: amber05, avoiddeath18, bullying19, chroma19, coupdegrace04, lumina08, wayfarer02. Received: whisper16, bloodbag04, bloodbag14, carmendei05, daisuki04, fashion12, lorelei11.

2023.11.07 - Traded with Skye:familiars14, darkdjinn02, darkdjinn05, katamari01, killer16, marknicht20, ousaka12, sakigasuki11, starplasma17, starplasma18, swordspirit14, thecoolest16, timeleaps16. Received: sleepless14, whisper13, prettygirls06, usagi14, alice03, aromatherapy08, baa12, believer05, believer20, bluelock06, emoticon19, floral08, rollflash15. Received as a gift: red crayon x5.

2023.10.31 - Traded with Ares: 5thrank18, aetheria06, alphonse15, leblanc07. Received: sleepless08, konpeitojar20, spiderweb09, sullen03.

2023.10.30 - Traded with PhiPhi: acting15, cellphones11, chu214. Received: sleepless05, sleepless07, sleepless18.

2023.10.30 - Traded with Eli:bara09, almyra19, crossplay13, energized09, enigmaboy04, enigmaboy13, enigmaboy17, nutcracker07, kozukioden04. Received: sleepless10, ampulla01, blranking18, lagenaria12, lepus01, monoceros19, rtawahist03, smilingcat11, stagecraft08.

2023.10.30 - Traded with PhiPhi: intentions03. Received: stagecraft12.

2023.10.30 - (+2, =15191) Received from New Release 162 pt2: kozukioden04, intentions03.

2023.10.30 - Exchanged at Natsume's Book of Cards 164: stepbrother08, stepbrother16, stepbrother16, coarse09, coarse11. Received: doloris01, doloris02, doloris03, hairdresser09, hairdresser17.

2023.10.30 - Traded with Lauren: herbs16, herbs18. Received: stagecraft09, tresor02.

2023.10.30 - (-1, =15189) Gifted to Lauren: umbrella06.

2023.10.30 - (+7, =15190) Received from New Release 162 pt1: stagecraft01, tresor01, quartz07, sig_ange, aljeanne20, eyes01, information03.

2023.10.30 - (+10, =15183) Received from Little Spell Academia 285: purin07, whisper03, stagecraft02, whisper04, stagecraft03, haymaker17, stagecraft04, stagecraft05, stagecraft06, stagecraft07,

2023.10.30 - (+30, =15173) Received from Puzzle Chains 283: perky07, petulant18, dinosaurs11, partners10, wrecking20, tosei05, queen01, fifth11, summerfairy08, crownsguard20, espgame14, chlorophytum09, swimmer12, isolation14, macho13, royalsword20, spinster15, hobbyist08, delivers19, links17, silvana15, maihime14, land09, rovingmedic16, ecchan08, brahman16, prosecute20, direct13, gekokujou14, remind04, 1 red crayon

2023.10.30 - (+10, =15143) Received from No Context Theater 337(9/24 & 10/1): bahamut15, bobsons11, crowknights12, incantation09, oyassan13, rebuke07, stormflower13, titan14, trackrunner07, vaisravana07.

2023.10.30 - Exchanged at Swap Station 221: dozing17, fashion11, heavenguide20, iseeyou19. Received: dozing03, fashion04, heavenguide04, iseeyou09

2023.10.30 - (+32, =15133) Donated to Coloring Book 314 - Halloween Edition!: red crayon, orange crayon. Received: meganekko09, logistics04, noblecause16, caster07, octava14, judicial12, erratic16, sharering03, letus20, bartending07, ifrit04, natto14, clear07, gadoria17, barielle16, sevenstars02, heavensdoor20, mascots15, circus01, suzumushi03, energized09, cooking09, laidback09, groosenator03, vaisravana01, thesword18, thesword15, magnhild11, fenia11, ragingtiger02, schoollife18, mellowbeat07, 1 red candy, 1 orange candy

2023.10.30 - (+3, =15101) Received from Colorseum - finalist spotlight 1: klutz15, savage14, world-class10

2023.10.30 - (+5, =15098) Received from Most Wanted 88: hawk02, bara09, ragdoll02, perky09, ennui14

2023.10.30 - Received from Pick a Color 247: 2 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 2 yellow crayons, 2 green crayons, 2 blue crayons, 2 purple crayons, 2 brown crayons, 2 gray crayons

2023.10.30 - (+23, =15093) Donated to Stamp Card 054: braingum06, saitama06. Received: hawking12, windaquario17, conscious06, consulting10, ushiushi04, blood04, collar14, redcomet06, holypriest10, conclusions16, songofjoy07, familyinn19, fightingqueen15, jeanpaul08, short07, specialeyes18, bloodseals03, videogames05, continental08, tristan05, mimics14, slender12, bigpuppy17, instinct01, danceflame12, 1 red crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 gray crayon

2023.10.30 - (+30, =15070) Received from Puzzle Chains 282: bloody01, armor17, meat13, bionis11, knifework13, smelt10, ayanon11, bandekanone12, appraiser16, witchelny04, neozeon16, psychometry12, herokiller06, 2ofhearts12, kuruma05, propagation20, gekko16, honeybeeinn07, nutcracker07, busking16, seele19, sakurairo13, junes01, cerulean18, records14, paint10, ais08, aesir17, salmon06, divine19, 1 orange crayon

2023.10.30 - (+8, =15040) Donated to Silly Blanks 184: falling02, piratehat03. Received: analyzedata13, barusu01, hunting16, lgbtgames15, lanling19, taurus12, natsu20, esaka07, bartending04, strongwill13

2023.10.30 - (+9, =15032) Received from Go Fish! 381: oils18, student01, babied02, iceland19, 5thrank18, bakes06, therat07, foxflame11, border09, 1 orange crayon

2023.10.30 - (+12, =15023) Received from September 2023 deck donations (Al Jeanne, Jack Ace, Sleepless, Shadow Duo): attract17, drumset13, drunkenfist09, meringue18, diamondclan16, theater07, bokken12, race13, maskedg08, maleprotags02, zoidwarrior04, submissive14, 1 red crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 gray crayon.

2023.10.30 - (+12, =15011) Received from August 2023 deck donations: combatknives09, disaster17, divinelaw10, hyuponia16, kurokami01, left10, paint10, pranks19, propagation20, queenvirgo04, saionji16, stfreya11, yellow crayon x2, purple crayon x1, brown crayon x1.

2023.10.30 - (+5, =14999) Received from Most Wanted 87: soapland03, pumpkinking15, fleeting06, 9ofswords20, skydream20

2023.10.29 - (+23, =14994) Mastered 13irthday and received prize A (instant mastery) for Quartz (FM). Received: arcadia04, crystaldust17, minimum08, quartz01, quartz02, quartz03, quartz04, quartz05, quartz06, quartz07, quartz08, quartz09, quartz10, quartz11, quartz12, quartz13, quartz14, quartz15, quartz16, quartz17, quartz18, quartz19, quartz20, blue crayon.

2023.10.29 - (+1, =14971) Exchanged in Switch It Up 226 - Trick-or-Treat Edition!: muramasa02, king11, quick19, color17. Received: easyr01, laughwithme10, necklace14, sleepless13, believer11.

2023.10.29 - (+1, =14970) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 231: sleepless06

2023.10.26 - (+1, =14969) Traded with Lenga: suwabe08, tearcut20, gokujou19. Received: barielle12, bartender17, besieger10. Received as a gift: whisper15.

2023.10.22 - (+3, =14968) Mastered Shadow Duo (FM) and received: sleepless05, skullhaven04, tusk05, 1 gray crayon.

2023.10.22 - (+12, =14965) Received from Little Spell Academia 284: shadowduo16, shadowduo17, frogcurse02, purin03, purin05, sleepless03, sleepless04, frogcurse04, purin06, shadowduo18, shadowduo19, shadowduo20.

2023.10.22 - Exchanged in Swap Station 220 (Special Round): crazyslots07, dozing20, haymaker12, heavenguide05, iseeyou09, purin20, sleepless19, tophat11. Received: crazyslots12, dozing17, haymaker04, heavenguide20, iseeyou19, purin13, sleepless17, tophat04.

2023.10.22 - Received from Colorseum 61-5: blue crayon, red crayon.

2023.10.22 - (+1, =14953) Received a gift from Dahlia: doodlesuit04.

2023.10.22 - (+18, =14952) Received from Deck Lover 382, Deck Lover 385, Deck Lover 388: barhara17, brushgods01, ecchi17, femprotags18, johns16, kawasumia08, lightbearers04, maleantags10, minions06, newyears20, plusultra16, ponytail12, projected17, scars06, secretrealm17, waterelmt06, winter01, ylisse20.

2023.10.22 - (+6, =14934) Received from Hi-5 Radio 222: animus14, breegull04, miraizura05, acting15, aldan05, surface17.

2023.10.22 - (+5, =14928) Received from Coloring Book 312: thesword13, purgatory02, bobsons07, hakkenden02, skydream09.

2023.10.21 - (+25, =14923) Received from Pick a Color 246: maid-chan14, wandering13, merge08, dirtyjokes12, radiance20, watchguard04, avoiddeath18, liberation18, adherent10, warpstar19, kittydoor16, speech14, destreza11, brassband06, almyra19, thirdroom10, hitwoman06, greatspirit17, crossplay13, chick03, westwald09, unwritten18, catcafe06, training03, yosuga01

2023.10.21 - (+64, =14898) Donated to Coloring Book 313 orange crayon x3, blue crayon x1. Received: moongold02, wrath03, hamha17, inspired20, masquerades16, nervous02, saiyawoman17, 66810, vaisravana04, thesword08, array14, thesword07, regeneration02, evilone14, neoarcadia13, showaidol14, seawitch13, occidental17, roro13, abcsoflove12, puku10, aoizone14, bolverk11, zmei02, muscular18, muscular05, synthesis3002, planetaria08, bananasushi07, friendships18, fluffy17, aurastorm06, nervous18, badpun09, tenderthief03, gadgeteer16, polarbear02, aquajet19, kishow11, chopping19, monks03, thesword01, vaisravana10, magnhild01, leblanc07, shiny10, vines01, no7905, davinci19, firefist09, kanazuchi03, lawnmower01, marchhare11, subjecta03, tianzi20, skydress18, thesword19, monks09, magnhild19, thesword10, breast04, deadman18, defend15, silverblade08.

2023.10.21 - (+25, =14834) Received from Release Roulette 015: observer12, bakuzan06, badgrades16, sheltered17, nande08, highland15, pursue07, soldiers05, blurball07, odoru03, panzer17, habu15, dadadadan08, nande06, dane04, housekeep06, tableware07, manly05, odoru11, luckless10, flamenco08, nonomori12, tenkuu11, evenodd06, housekeep20.

2023.10.21 - (+6, =14809) Received from Hi-5 Radio 221: godsplit05, chiropteran10, respectful04, abysswalker10, folseus20, paruru18.

2023.10.21 - (+44, =14803) Received from September 2023 Activity Rewards: fontech07, lulua18, porsche19, gastronomy17, favoring10, throwdown13, starrysky09, hard-rock01, sexyguilty06, dln-00302, machine15, dcn-02720, patriot15, undertaker09, patience08, lovecupid19, overelement07, volatile06, ragnell15, shepherd09, christianity08, muromachi13, lasangre14, yoshiro15, uldah03, sickness02, melemele08, vault10, thejoker18, engineer20, neighbor03, ruoye06, vodka05, tragiccomedy05, microbes20, momo06, peaks07, burninghouse06, hagurotonbo16, accelerator12, canaan03, make-up10, lavaorb12, erebonia05, 2 yellow crayons, 1 brown crayon.

2023.10.18 - Traded with PhiPhi: 1000needles12, abuse03, abuse11, aeons16, art07, barefists06, barefists09, barehanded07, barrettes08, bass12, bassclef03, bicycle07, blacksheep04, bloodyrose15, blue13, bluekimono20, bobcat06, bornthisway18, calamityhawk09, calamityhawk18, cannoneer04, cospro02, cospro11, cowardly11, cowardly13, cowardly16, cowardly18, cuties05, dattebane02, erebonia11, erebonia17, false18, farseer20, gakuenk03, handicraft07, hapiara07, icerose02, jaderook06, kaleido10, kaleido11, lovely11, misty11, misty14, misty16, mypartner11, notthinking11, oblivion16, paisleypark15, peaky02, pessimist08, pessimist15, pessimistic11, photos03, platinum16, pranking13, radiantwaltz17, repaired03, salamander09, samurai08, samurai11, samurai17, sarcastic15, shugo06, skyjack11, speedking11, stastraia08, ukki14, undertaker10, undertaker18, undying04, unemotional09, unemotional13, urbanlegend17, values01, values08, values14, verdancy10, wallcrusher13, wardspell01, whitewolf05, wrecking07, yesyesyes19, zeref19. Received: specialeyes12, wakuwaku14, archaeology15, besieger20, blanket03, brokenrose17, broom15, carry06, cauldron15, chrysalis16, clamp16, comnet11, cosplays11, covert10, cutetype07, cutlass15, dood16, endless01, fairness10, g-1202, games17, goldenapple17, hillock09, hitsuzen19, imanity07, inazma18, insectpillar01, insectpillar20, jam03, javelin17, kanaan57910, kotowari01, kotowari02, laser07, lewd13, liars02, libertine04, lieutenant15, mail12, marionette14, meanies03, mofu05, momiji16, notlost13, o-568112, openings06, oren14, playboy09, precure12, purememory05, pyu01, remarried03, ribs07, robber10, roses18, seafriend02, semi-angel04, sharilton09, shou18, skateboard10, skillhunter08, snail08, spaceout02, subservient03, successor16, sweatdrops10, sweatdrops12, sweatdrops20, tanpopo18, tasla15, terrified06, terrified13, teru16, thestinky11, thieves09, thundergod06, tsunderes06, vacuum14, windangel09, yahaha03, yahaha19, yanderes16, yeming08.

2023.10.16 - (+9, =14759) Mastered: Jack Ace (FM), Pavo, Pomfiore. Recieved: shadowduo13, shadowduo14, shadowduo15, benois11, witchheart01, rabbitcurse04, swordlike16, superhero12, scissor11, 1 orange crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon

2023.10.16 - (+10, =14750) Leveled up from Himalayan to Rainbow (+1) and received: shadowduo11, shadowduo12, tailman10, destructive04, america05, lovesick03, tradition11, farethere18, secondverse13, jenova20, 1 orange crayon, 1 purple crayon

2023.10.16 - (+9, =14740) Received from Little Spell Academia 283: shadowduo08, pavo15, iseeyou06, pomefiore18, debut07, shadowduo09, pomefiore20, pavo18, shadowduo10.

2023.10.15 - (+1, =14731) Received from Most Wanted 86: endless14, councillor06, arcana20, tireurdelite18, mylove14.
Gifted to Dahlia: endless14
Gifted to Lex: councillor06.
Gifted to Xetka: arcana20.
Gifted to Andie: mylove14.

2023.10.15 - (+3, =14730) Received gift from Eli: juniorarmy09, ratio16, science02.

2023.10.15 - (+1, =14727) Received gift from Cami: lapisdei01.

2023.10.15 - (+1, =14726) Received gift from Xetka: alatus16.

2023.10.15 - (+5, =14725) Traded Lex: rightcure14, trilingual01, undercover11, 80s07, momo10, sticks06, wayward16, baboo02, backpack13, barefists06, bastion02, bastion12, beastmaster05, beastmaster08, belly08, bluebear11, chupa12, cosplayidol12, dawn19, earthshaker03, fake02, flamboyant11, girls08, goathorns11, greatchief19, heartcross06, horrormare03, iceslides16, ikayaki13, inugami12, invibelle11, ise13, ise18, jian11, lucis19, mikorin12, musicbox07, musicbox20, mustache19, organization18, persian19, photos09, photos19, pikapapow10, popsinger17, prizemaster17, pumpkinking08, seductive13, sneakers08, sneakers12, snowynight04, sonofman04, stealsouls01, streetrat03, submit10, supersize07, traverse15, truehero04, tsuki15. Received: pomefiore17, commentator12, crater14, divina03, divina04, eros07, eros18, feles10, feles11, feles15, feles16, fimbulvetr09, fimbulvetr11, fugit03, graveryl04, graveryl14, graveryl17, hell17, hesitation11, jankenpon10, king11, koopalings01, koopalings07, lovefreak08, matoi19, minor05, neofantasy02, neofantasy08, neofantasy09, no06, onread06, overblot01, phones08, phones10, phones12, planners07, resistance02, rose04, saturn07, sohcahtoa20, spiderweb05, spiderweb19, splitcard14, squeak19, sullen07, sullen12, takumin03, terpsichora08, terpsichora19, trulla05, trulla17, unleashed03, unleashed13, usagi05, vassal13, vespa19, viator07, yohane06, yuegui17. Received as gift: jackace16, jackace17, jackace18, jackace19, jackace20.

2023.10.08 - (+3, =14720) Traded with Ares: bladedragon04, foresight15, hairloss14, jujutsu01, megaphone02, misery16, punisher06, spouse15, takeout09, typhoon13, unpopular11, valor07. Received: diy08, diy18, purin04, calamitas17, hesitation11, ironmouse11, jobko01, no10, shii05, shii07, sin18, splitcard16. Received as a gift: tokunaga16, vassal09, wakuwaku10.

202310.08 - (+30, =14717) Received from Puzzle Chains 280: mamushi17, vampirecat05, friends08, umeboshi01, overshadowed07, planners06, greaves13, exercising16, songwriting06, 5stars06, drug03, napa14, carsick10, paramedic11, icefairy12, niconiya06, bouncing17, firstaid08, boom20, oblivion16, prototype05, pranking13, glacies12, sheep18, fulldream06, upperfive06, stonebody05, theundead08, manager15, invisibility06, 1 purple crayon.

202310.08 - Exchanged at Swap Station 219: blranking02, crazyslots03, crossdressm08, iseeyou02. Received: blranking15, crazyslots07, crossdressm09, iseeyou09.

2023.10.08 - (+8, =14687) Received from Go Fish! 379: treachery05, bandekanone15, boyish17, canada04, chibidragon07, cureflora03, howl07, namidai11, 1 purple crayon.

2023.10.08 - (+7, =14679) Received from Host Club Giveaway 244: ribblades02, darknights05, ashcat03, blueswan11, shiden14, windwitch05, code66618.

2023.10.08 - (+30, =14672) Received from Release Roulette 014: bananasushi04, bunnybox07, betelgeuse18, cockatoo06, sleipnir16, satella15, stitching09, schoollife14, opposites09, locodol17, paisleypark15, belittled09, mikazuki09, hiroshima14, pipemaze10, satella02, deadman03, ark02, hokage13, ark05, schoollife03, decbirthday08, schoollife11, suwabe08, lessons19, greatfox13, sarcastic15, corneria05, blueswan04, talentshow10.

2023.10.08 - (+12, =14642) Received from Hi-5 Radio 220: starclip02, totalwood06, sox03, priderock04, simple11, blossom02, swordfish07, gnaw05, beretta11, cryogenic01, moderator01, pyo12.

2023.10.08 - (+24, =14630) Received from Lady Luck Slots 124: deployment04, pinkscarf10, tigridia18, ixaba12, bianca08, laevatain18, homicide11, gravity15, zanbatou09, candidate12, troublesome06, wealth06, skipping17, holysword14, glide05, king01, chairman15, hadoukyuu06, nuvema12, tekkadan07, biker05, crocodile04, cheesedrop16, riches16, 1 yellow crayon, 1 brown crayon.

2023.10.08 - (+2, =14606) Received gift from PhiPhi: sleepless09, sleepless19.

2023.10.08 - (+5, =14604) Received from Coloring Book 311: shinatsuhime06, enigmaboy04, starplasma18, mixer17, lucifer07

2023.10.08 - (+8, =14599) Donated to Silly Blanks 181: burly13, basement01. Received: acorn18, shikon19, fieldops05, defender10, xinye12, gekkooin10, silverstar10, restorative11, gorgeous13, ragingtiger19.

2023.10.08 - (+20, =14591) Received from No Context Theater 333, 334, 335, 336: 777sisters13, 777sisters19, 999days01, aetheria06, berlint02, cookingtime02, cookingtime03, cospro02, generous11, nocturnal18, spectral05, starplasma11, subdirector04, subdirector18, timeleaps16, truehero10, truehero18, truehero18, univeil16, wonderboy13

2023.10.08 - (+20, =14571) Received from Pick a Color 245: boardgames10, everrising15, maskchange08, autumnnote09, everrising10, sapphireowl05, rainymoment13, tireurdelite05, peacekeepers09, starblasting08, gymnastics09, bobcat06, wallcrusher13, testa-rossa16, rainymoment19, vivadonuts12, repaired03, cospro11, nocturnal10, highvoltage07

2023.10.08 - (+9, =14551) Received from Little Spell Academia 282: shadowduo04, shadowduo05, pomefiore12, pomefiore15, debut06, sleepless20, jackace15, shadowduo06, shadowduo07.

2023.10.08 - (+1, =14542) Traded with Agatha: actress07, actress11, bride15, complete15, filth01, filth03, headless01, loftwing20, skyworld01, snowfield05, snowfield11, thepaper07, trigger08, trigger12. Received: scarabia02, smilingcat06, archer10, bachelor19, dumbo10, flying12, flying18, hyper06, lotus20, loyalty03, loyalty13, lumberjack17, mail06, right04. Received as a gift: nonary13.

2023.10.04 - (+4, =14541) Received from Most Wanted 85: swallowtail20, heretichunter01, abuse12, vespa17, 00703.
Gifted to Skye: vespa17.

2023.10.05 - Exchanged at Natsume's Book of Cards 160: facup09, facup16, paggy02, paggy08, paggy13. Received: foxflame01, foxflame02, harrow02, harrow03, harrow04.

2023.10.04 - (+32, =14537) Donated to Coloring Book 312: blue crayon, orange crayon. Received: biometals19, skycolor06, a-hall04, singing06, false18, chao16, 80s07, hyzante01, icerose02, rightcure14, lakefairy01, shiva09, clear18, song03, bjd02, alloflove03, bombraid07, legends05, tall02, wakuwaku16, kouhai02, kikkeriki05, heretic09, bullying19, sleepless19, monks08, array11, vaisravana08, brickbreak06, artista03, tablesalt13, gastanets07.

2023.10.04 - (+9, =14505) Donated to Crazy Colors 257: taguel09. Received: whither14, ashore12, twirling16, speedking11, candy05, electriceel02, kaziklibey10, domineering14, build10, shikinjou06.

2023.10.04 - (+32, =14496) Donated to Coloring Book 312: blue crayon, gray crayon. Received: lindain03, drawings01, debauchery09, secondson13, bornthisway01, farseer20, crossdressm08, kuuhaku03, undercover11, lumina04, nocturnal17, lumina08, rico03, dragonclaw04, lilikin15, shounen13, talent03, voi09, mothermila05, holywar04, hardcandy16, boke19, deadly20, horror12, aetheria20, rumormonger18, enigmaboy13, killer16, sir06, relaxed14, bitphones16, magicclothes03.

2023.10.04 - (+18, =14464) Donated to Stamp Card 052: soleheir16, bananas02. Received: fuuma10, iinodoue03, cautious15, trumpet20, magicpaint07, founding11, tasla12, galactic04, visualnovel10, cider11, steak20, forgetful14, reforest07, fingertip19, tentacult10, mornings08, circle12, asakawa17, righteye01, ancients16.

2023.10.04 - (+1, =14446) Received gift from Koinuko: jackace09.

2023.10.04 - Traded with Lita: incantation07. Received: jackace14.

2023.10.04 - (+1, =14445) Received from Release 161 - September part 6: incantation07.

2023.10.04 - Traded with Selena: shieldhero03. Received: jackace13.

2023.10.04 - (+1, =14444) Received from Release 161 - September part 5: shieldhero03.

2023.10.02 - Traded with Lenga: vaisravana04. Received: jackace12.

2023.10.02 - (+1, =14443) Received from Release 161 - September part 4: vaisravana04.

2023.10.01 - (+8, =14442) Received from Little Spell Academia 281: pomefiore05, jackace10, pomefiore06, jackace11, shadowduo03, pomefiore08, purin02, gretel02.

2023.10.01 - (+2, =14434) Received from Most Wanted 84: 00716, anathema15, perky16, cybele20, sun14.
Gifted to Kyuu: perky16.
Gifted to Dahlia: cybele20
Gifted to Andie: sun14.

2023.10.01 - (+25, =14432) Received from Release Roulette 013: highspirited13, alternate18, chomechome20, part-timer18, ridiculous02, oneesan09, homicide18, benefits03, amarcian07, hypermonk05, sports09, bandit05, christianity19, hyakume01, heartless14, sopheria17, dattebane02, starfighter18, companion18, impossible19, starhealer16, razril07, hyakume08, capsule08, robin06.

2023.10.01 - (+100, =14407) Donated to Release Roulette 012: dcn-02602, dcn-02610, dwn-01020, dwn-01707, dwn-03418, dwn-03911, dwn-04204, dwn-04418, dwn-03302, dwn-04502. Received: kalosqueen11, sweatdrops19, subway14, deathdrive05, subaru-kyun19, megastone01, softbuns05, curemagical10, enmity08, demonhunter12, sweatdrops14, troublesome17, curefelice12, technology01, onoken04, postergirl06, lazying06, lioncurse05, postergirl12, megastone16, lazying10, softbuns11, oceandepths17, princesskey10, sinbad05, oceandepths10, exp01, troublesome17, desudesu03, oceandepths18, cannoneer04, clamp09, megaring01, technology14, upclose01, technology14, poodle04, momo16, traps03, aeons16, megastone12, curemagical19, deathdrive20, subaru-kyun20, oceandepths17, analyzing16, curefelice10, poodle17, poodle20, traps02, subaru-kyun14, exp05, buttcannon17, clamp06, wolfcurse13, sidecut02, kalosqueen18, universe619, sourkonbu17, demonhunter16, terrified02, subway08, flowercrown07, curemiracle13, desudesu03, clamp17, momo05, subway14, oceandepths19, postergirl09, rabbitcurse03, deathdrive11, curefelice07, exp19, subaru-kyun10, cuisine01, dormouse03, cuisine16, momo10, desudesu11, makuhita13, battlebond14, upclose19, tsuki12, deathdrive03, troublesome12, sidecut05, clamp20, curemiracle09, chespie09, troublesome06, low-key11, technology01, sticks06, demonhunter11, sidecut07, flyingpress15, rabbitcurse01, desudesu17, sticks03, deathdrive04, wolfcurse16, makuhita02, sidecut19, deathdrive04, supersonic15, ratclan11, upclose07, toughguy18, exp15.

2023.10.01 - (+9, =14307) Donated to Crazy Colors 257: kicks08. Received: song02, sunfighter09, shinai10, wayfarer02, septette06, drums20, tearcut20, arphage09, solchakram13, counterarc08.

2023.10.01 - Traded with Tsukinio: svarog04. Received: jackace08.

2023.10.01 - (+1, =14298) Received from Release 161 - September part 3: svarog04.

2023.10.01 - Traded with Zezette: huidol06, berlint16, chivalry08, crystaleyes09, daimonas16, darknight01, darknight12, darknight15, darknight18, darksun09, descendant04, descendant06, descendant07, duskmaiden06, gestalt15, gestalt16, hiraikotsu08, hundred03, legalwife03, method12, misandry09, olderlover03, parfaits18, photoshoots06, priestess03, priestess13, psychic03, punish11, samuraifan03, samuraifan18, shinma02, shinma04, shinma09, skullbrooch12, spirited04, spirited11, spirited17, sunshade19, supermodel13, westwald03, westwald19, winds12, escaflowne03, fairy-tale01, sig_ange. Received: bestia11, 8-bit04, archaeology13, aromatherapy16, authors06, bigpuppy01, containment02, continental14, daoshi01, darkones18, duplication07, embership10, ensign07, eo08, fogdoor16, ghouls02, ghouls14, gunman13, kamui17, konkoyo02, kuuderes03, livehouse18, looping06, magiccancel18, maskchange10, mischievous19, ookwee03, pentomo16, pink11, pizzicato01, plankton17, precure07, purewater15, robots03, rumraisin03, shattertide11, shou03, smoker13, summoner12, treasure07, yorha19, blranking02, nonary02, nonary08, sig_xetka.

2023.09.30 - (-3, =14297) Gifted to Koinuko: huntress12, murderhotel08, veteran07.

2023.09.30 - (-1, =14300) Traded Tsukinio: ahoge03, pithos15, boardgames03, channel12, channel18, flask10, homeroom02, inarticulate02, kindheart19, reliable04, small11, sophia-chan11, spacestation11, yumeiro15. Received: pomefiore11, planners16, ratio03, referee03, visualnovel17, 7thheaven02, ambidex01, amikke05, aromatherapy07, broom04, cardevolve13, catsndogs19, cauldron10.

2023.09.29 - Traded with Cami: silvermane03. Received: jackace06.

2023.09.28 - Traded with Eli: lagenaria02. Received: jackace07.

2023.09.28 - Traded with PhiPhi: rosenberg03. Received: jackace05.

2023.09.28 - (+7, =14301) Received from Release 161 - September part 2: rosenberg03, lagenaria02, silvermane03, sig_ange, shadowduo02, pavo12, pomefiore04.

2023.09.28 - (+33, =14294) Mastery chain. Mastered: burnish, dribbling, abusive, antoinette, bungee, chocolate, juliet, mineral, quick, ecchan (FM), aljeanne (FM). Received: aljeanne13, aljeanne14, aljeanne15, aljeanne16, aljeanne17, aljeanne18, aljeanne19, aljeanne20, jackace02, jackace03, jackace04, fincutter14, locodol16, challenge05, spear04, hankouki18, charms04, changing15, lyricist03, hikkikomori02, jellyhorn07, moonprincess09, bondage17, ancient19, serenade11, fox02, souls04, damsel13, hanagumi17, hawking06, fluffy01, hosenka12, illusions20, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 3 green crayons, 4 blue crayons, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon.

2023.09.28 - (+55, =14261) Leveled up from Water to Himalayan and received: aljeanne02, aljeanne03, aljeanne04, aljeanne05, aljeanne06, aljeanne07, aljeanne08, aljeanne09, aljeanne10, aljeanne11, aljeanne12, jewelthief08, taguel07, wayward16, freelancer13, impostors10, peachpie15, doujinka14, foul01, gotham19, brahmastra17, hakunon01, memorywipe03, djinn05, photos03, rainbow01, dual-tipped05, entertainer12, argentea15, newmoon12, astrape02, samurais14, distaste02, filthy12, genuine15, hadouken18, argent17, ouji09, tomb08, lapisdei11, shii15, smoker08, shogi09, chinatown19, leasing14, dwn-03305, newyears15, vows08, heartmask03, voidgear12, lightbearers11, teardown14, salamander09, kamisarizuki01, stinger15, 1 red crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 3 green crayons, 2 blue crayons, 1 purple crayon, 2 brown crayons, 1 gray crayon.

2023.09.28 - (+4, =14206) Received from Release 161 - September part 1: aljeanne01, jackace01, sleepless01, shadowduo01.

2023.09.24 - (+5, =14202) Received from Release 160 - August part 6: continental01, rovingmedic01, dribbling20, haymaker03, iseeyou04.

2023.09.24 - (+12, =14197) Received from Little Spell Academia 280: dribbling10, pomefiore03, dribbling12, dribbling14, whisper02, debut04, dribbling16, pavo10, debut05, dribbling17, pavo11, dribbling19.

2023.09.24 - (+1, =14185) Received from Most Wanted 83: bride15, kensei16, fighter17, starplasma15, striker02.
Gifted to Skye: kensei16
Gifted to Kyuu: fighter17
Gifted to Eli: starplasma15
Gifted to Charlotte: striker02

2023.09.24 - (+24, =14184) Received from Hi-5 Radio 218 & 219: chouki02, tasco18, yumehanabi17, killyou09, isla17, neutral13, mirror12, dln-00415, enigmas19, 99907, lovely11, pessimist15, magikazam19, speciala06, weddings19, wonderland09, analyzer03, treachery10, kitchenknife16, moondestiny02, braves14, pyroqueen18, saneprince12, taiko08.

2023.09.24 - (+60, =14160) Received from Colors Concentration 027 & 028: egoism04, class19, gainax11, snow03, nocturnal13, dmv14, mercurius07, pocket06, hatcher06, evidol11, igajima06, geostigma07, starrysky12, selfish12, cloudwine04, weed12, spiderwebs08, suit12, petdog16, corratec10, kyokugenryu03, taranis03, dutiful15, shorthair04, bolt17, chess20, weapons09, ladyoscar13, makuhita09, falena19, 1 orange crayon, sophia-chan11, chaldeas11, poisonapple11, yakisoba07, winter10, microbes15, incapable13, smellya15, accurate13, harass04, fullbringer17, bladeking06, megadeus10, thunderbrand13, silpheed15, unfaltering07, chuunibyou08, 2-d20, gateau04, disarm14, astrape15, girl-shy09, odd03, minfilia12, kasshin09, lightningorb04, enigmatic03, schwarzer03, tooth05, minstrel19, 1 green crayon.

2023.09.24 - (+30, =14100) Received from Puzzle Chains 278: angelysugar06, wives20, candycane08, sopheria07, yamazakura02, kids19, convict16, scorching11, ise13, swallows04, bolderfall01, guns10, bloodlust19, ban15, similar14, fourarts19, bossun02, bulletfool08, sexybomber11, highland13, listener06, cosplay01, money04, nanza17, estabul18, moondestiny15, powder20, visualizer17, fightingqueen08, mastermind09, 1 gray crayon

2023.09.24 - Received from Colorseum 61-1: red crayon x1, orange crayon x2, blue crayon x1.

2023.09.24 - (+8, =14070) Received from Go Fish! 377: hyakume03, thetower01, beauteous19, trilingual01, firebuster19, ball17, curesoleil06, suzumori19, 1 purple crayon

2023.09.24 - (+32, =14062) Donated to Coloring Book 311: gray crayon x2. Received: etheirys12, accelerator17, apocrypha17, darksun09, clutch05, whitewolf05, kanamoney07, chiefmaid03, johns10, inarticulate02, rumormonger19, baldness17, shaman10, life-giver20, totem-pole15, 4thbatter02, enigma05, earthelmt09, cuter16, shakushi20, wafu02, midlander18, cinqfleches10, online20, besieger11, killer16, johns06, enigmaboy17, nadeshiko20, landlady14, highlander19, mayor11.

2023.09.24 - (+5, =14030) Received from Stamp Card 051: takeout09, vikingtiger05, zettai01, collision02, jabot07

2023.09.24 - (+14, =14025) Received from Host Club Giveaway 242 & 243: jyuuken17, cursed11, ahoge03, silkmoth19, thavas10, favorite18, asterisk16, brilliance12, ams16, 1stguardian07, dattebasa07, mega20, harrow14, motion13.

2023.09.24 - Received from Coloring Book 310: 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 2 blue crayons.

2023.09.17 - (+3, =14011) Mastered ligament (FM) and received: pavo09, curewhip07, seiyuu13, 1 orange crayon.

2023.09.17 - (+8, =14008) Received from Little Spell Academia 279: pavo06, pavo07, ligament14, whisper01, ligament15, ligament16, ligament17, ligament20.

2023.09.16 - (+5, =14000) Received from Most Wanted 82: boardgames03, pomefiore07, ride01, abuse11, comicbook03.

2023.09.16 - (+12, =13995) Received from Mika's Quilting 179: nico-nii10, adore15, naptime03, x31s09, thieves14, normalgirl04, no707, hoomans04, alchemists17, longyou17, kicks06, penchant19.

2023.09.16 - (+30, =13983) Received from Puzzle Chains 277: space03, lindain04, reversing05, hamha12, choker08, dialect13, ronin19, prima01, discipline04, hornetsting19, inlove13, gokujou19, safeguard20, demons15, island02, treats20, leaders05, lapistier19, blackpearl14, barrettes08, poltergust19, gakuenk03, shikabane02, shark13, doma02, attached08, mew-chan10, herbs18, method12, empathy13, 1 orange crayon

2023.09.16 - (+10, =13953) Received from Go Fish! 376: cutting04, edelweiss16, nyaa-chan09, flowersong07, firetruck13, binbougami08, wolfbeil05, room03, text08, kcpd07, 1 purple crayon.

2023.09.16 - (+20, =13943) Received from Pick a Color 244: starplasma17, deltafield15, comicbook03, huidol06, erebonia17, berlint16, evilspywork10, moonshot17, spacestation11, highvoltage18, plushiemaster05, rainymoment13, sharespoils08, uncharted01, rainymoment14, headless01, deltafield19, moonshot04, erebonia15, erebonia11.

2023.09.16 - Traded with Zezette: bite06, ki19, lugnica06, lugnica18, pes14, primo04, wise08. Received: univeil15, ligament18, purin16, imperatrix16, nubis16, vultur03, aromatherapy05.

2023.09.14 - Traded with Lex: 80s01, beatboxing06, headless03, headphones14, honorific05, lagoon17, marks16, member8306, paperwork02, paperwork04, parlor17, rainfell14, redscorpion19, robo-nene14, silicate13, silicate15, substitute07, twinned12, undercover10, wonderboy12, wuzhang03, yuki19, sig_ange. Received: blranking04, blranking10, cookie05, cookie09, daisuki17, dribbling18, feral02, fivedays10, frei16, frei20, frogcurse08, frogcurse16, frogcurse19, frozenlake13, frozenlake18, gretel05, gretel08, gretel18, haymaker09, haymaker16, henshin03, univeil20, sig_lex.

2023.09.14 - Traded with Tally: student09, student14. Received: terpsichora17, yohane10.

2023.09.14 - Traded with Cami: 2wink18, brainwash03, broadcast10, combine12, combine19, detnerat09, duplicates16, herculean03, lemillion10, oneforall01, oneforall12, oshi-san16, procellarum10, procellarum17, purewhite11, rooftop03, scan13, scan14, scan16, sidekick01, sixgravity20, stealing19, strategic16, sugarman13, warpgate01, warpgate02, warpgate11, yaksha11, yukimin06, sig_ange. Received: belderiver08, bunnygirl04, dubking14, eros04, firetruck01, fivedays11, hospital09, information01, innuendos18, laevatain09, laughwithme13, lorelei12, lorelei15, marionette05, marshmallows02, octavinelle05, overblot07, papilio09, parmacordis05, planners06, shii01, splitcard04, tarts09, tokunaga15, univeil16, unleashed12, unmotivated05, waka-sama20, wizard05, sig_cami3.

2023.09.13 - (+32, =13923) Donated blue crayon x2 to Coloring Book 311 and received: aisu01, honedfangs02, ricky01, crossdressm10, break10, artificial06, moonside13, commodore15, tireurdelite17, starblasting02, courier11, undercover10, nso08, mahapralaya06, copying09, spy17, girlsnames03, steed07, coordinator17, material02, girlinblack18, birdcrash14, dwn-02017, lorasia04, nocturnal04, sapphireowl18, lumina19, courier15, huge09, ihwedding04, iseeyou02, dynasoldier06.

2023.09.12 - (-1, =13891) Traded with Dahlia: ashcat09, bride17, brokenrose13, carefree16, charmer06, cinderella07, corrupted05, distrust01, dragonhead20, faintsmile08, failnaught06, figurine19, forelock09, grondement03, grondement08, iceheart12, kismet16, lifeenergy01, lifeenergy07, loner11, lunartear17, maguskiller05, maguskiller13, maguskiller16, military06, military14, misandry04, mute02, ofruin01, quindecim03, sadako13, scarred13, secretary06, secretary13, shattered16, shikon13, silverarm12, silverarm18, songstress04, versailles12, voiceless12. Received: acrobat15, amarcian19, attendant02, bigkitty14, bladerang03, brain11, bunnygirl11, combat13, comnet05, cursed18, cutlass18, dawnfly11, detectives15, eats07, evasive03, firstaid15, ignium17, immortality14, junbirthday11, kaze08, maintenance06, mallet06, musicians18, objection13, ogata16, overlord07, probe19, rollflash07, sawashirom16, scissor11, scooter08, self-help10, shepherd09, skullstomp05, sleepwalker14, tableware04, two02, versicolor08, wilkis18, youngmen03.

2023.09.10 - (+11, =13892) Received from Little Spell Academia 278: burnish18, ligament07, ligament08, dribbling09, pavo03, ligament09, sohcahtoa01, ligament11, ligament12, pavo05, ligament13.

2023.09.10 - Exchanged in Natsume's Book of Cards 157: popgun04, popgun07, potter11, potter18, potter19. Received: resentful01, resentful02, avilio01, avilio02, avilio04.

2023.09.10 - (-6, =13881) Gifted to Tally: agile04, eager03, eager14, kcpd12, shade06, whiskey13.

2023.09.10 - (+4, =13887) Received from Most Wanted 81: abuse03, accountant20, fflove02, whiskey13, games05.
Gifted to Lenga: accountant20.

2023.09.10 - (+24, =13883) Received from Hi-5 Radio 215 & 217: fieldwork10, reformed14, deck09, replay18, trains04, maracas07, hari04, huntress12, park04, jakob05, trapnest12, potion02, massacre04, sensory02, roodbearer06, horizons08, crossword13, promiscuous14, perlite09, puzzlesp11, genma19, shoeless13, kisses20, medjed14.

2023.09.10 - (+12, =13859) Donated to Stamp Card 051: hammer10, smokyjail19. Received: retaliate06, sprightly05, pikori18, player12, bananasushi18, jaderook03, subdirector05, burning16, koyaku19, head17, heron19, housecat17, clown17, member8306.

2023.09.10 - (+30, =13847) Received from Puzzle Chains 276: kajiyuu02, orifiel08, bounce02, crocodile06, eldest14, perfume12, emishi10, bjd17, hypnotist11, littlewomen07, overpower19, subordinate02, julia03, playful19, xiuhcoatl19, airstrike17, inspired17, hypnotist03, sorry04, megaphone02, whitecat05, cavalry01, demoneyes17, shamisen19, xgp16, silentboy03, meganes16, kleio04, securitycat14, twinsnipe04, 1 orange crayon

2023.09.10 - (+15, =13817) Received from Go Fish! 375: panda06, batsu18, valor16, tidalelegy17, bookoflaw10, countup02, launcher08, fetishes20, royalprince18, violet15, 1 brown crayon

2023.09.10 - Received from Colorseum 60-4: orange crayon x1, yellow crayon x1, green crayon x2.

2023.09.10 - (+15, =13807) Received from Stamp Card 050 - Special Round: icefield15, loveletter02, lovesongs12, curestar06, goodnight06, magickey17, dualkagune16, frozenlake04, goody07, tengu05, baerats03, shinyrod15, rinmeikan02, haiku04, trigger12, 1 orange crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon.

2023.09.10 - (+12, =13792) Received from Mika's Quilting 178: mindreader18, countering04, topknot09, gridman11, kamichama05, goldenduo06, handbag18, saiko16, organum06, horn11, vacation04, meganekko19.

2023.09.06 - Traded with Lenga: berlint05, woodensword07, coo05, accountant17, usurper14, sailorfuku11, mikoshiba03, amamiya11, cool15, grenades05, mikoshiba19, scissors09, sins08, wolborg03, unapologetic07, charmed11, headmistress08, starcadia04, cottoncandy07, cottoncandy18, fantastical04, fantastical20, fastball06, firststring15, folgore15, infield09, leeks14, puns15, shishou02, sticker19, swearing05, swordswoman14, tabarzin05, vermouth18, warden06. Received: feles17, fivedays08, lepus15, rtawahist06, science09, townhall19, 2ndchild13, 3-a10, 3-a20, acrobat19, adapt16, albhed12, amarcian18, ambidex03, ambidex06, ambidex20, angelpowder15, angelpowder16, angels16, angels18, angels20, aquarimms11, archangels01, assertive08, assertive16, automail19, baa11, barielle18, battleship09, baumkuchen13, blacklion09, blacklizard14, blackmagic13, blackswan12, blankit04.

2023.09.06 - (+1, =13780) Received from Release 160 - August part 5: fallenprince02, wallcrusher01, peacekeepers10, berlint05.
Gifted to Cami: fallenprince02.
Gifted to PhiPhi: wallcrusher01.
Gifted to Ares: peacekeepers10.

2023.09.05 - (+12, =13779) Mastery chain. Mastered special decks: josei, ayanon, univeil. Received: univeil17, univeil18, nonbinary11, argo20, kouhai03, astronomer15, shogiclub12, iceheart12, cerinia01, senkukogetsu14, pi-su08, tomochin19, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon.

2023.09.05 - (+11, =13767) Received from Little Spell Academia 277: figments06, univeil09, univeil10, ayanon06, univeil11, linefaced01, henshin11, nonbinary13, univeil15, univeil16, linefaced02.

2023.09.05 - Traded with Cvrsed: perky14. Received: univeil20.

2023.09.05 - Traded with Raie: 80s18, godaime17, herooftime13, lullaby04, sacredpower04, scouter20, tuxedo13, xgp13, zoom07, charmbuster08, darkpower05, firebuster07, heartbuns18, osa-p16, shortsword20, solitude14, class1-b13. Received: univeil19, auratus11, diasomnia10, graveryl20, heartshaped18, hell09, hesitation19, honest15, imperatrix15, juniorarmy19, koopalings06, lotossomno14, mantichora09, maschera13, specialeyes06, victormare15, waka-sama03.

2023.09.04 - (-1, =13756) Traded with Milo: divinedragon01. Received: univeil13. Gifted to Milo: ride02.

2023.09.04 - (+2, =13757) Received from Release 160 - August part 4: divinedragon01, ride02.

2023.09.03 - (+6, =13755) Received from Most Wanted 80 - Special Round: interviewer13, 00709, scheming15,bodysack10, yuki19, interviewer12, 90s11, dungeon01, scheming20, recitals13.
Gifted to Ouji: 90s11
Gifted to Zezette: 00709
Gifted to Lina: interviewer13
Gifted to Kyuu: recitals13

2023.09.03 - (+91, =13749) Donated to August 2023 POG: skullhaven05, tiny09, a-rank0513, raccoons03, ladypoison08, insects10, gravity09, hana-chan09, tenseiga09, fromuruk04, promotion01, unrequited04, antigen15, hideandseek02. Received: uncouth16, happyda09, xenian18, ubiquitous16, unapologetic07, lovehug09, supervisor03, blanket04, fruitist20, darkhunter06, photos09, aoitori03, nichirin14, kishinami08, swallow14, madnautilus01, enkephalin10, raindance16, shadowgift20, treats11, nude16, boughs09, fivefoxes03, dramatic16, hammer-on10, wendel15, genius12, cyber05, foresight15, sunrune20, ascilia04, regal08, arsene04, recessive14, mushi03, takumin04, kumarin20, waspsting08, 3-a01, loveeternal07, organization12, hans05, star19, shard10, jaguar04, busty17, extar12, spiteful04, karlan01, kei04, powerful13, code0517, neatfreak03, boundary02, enkephalin06, dirt15, iracundus07, meido06, mahne12, isshu17, otherworld01, liberator12, doodles16, tsuruko16, camping14, 1000needles12, warheit10, phoenix11, xel04, adieu01, pupil01, smolder20, dousing06, sol13, imposter01, commandteam01, volcanic09, generous07, coach18, rewind15, xel03, boomerangs05, bomberrod02, amber05, rots07, curator04, hornless16, cruiser09, harder17, tigerlaguz11, superrookie11, vanargand19, haku07, smokyjail19, dullahan11, greenlion09, jaderook11, wonderboy12, wise08, spectral16, flanprince18, successeur19, root11, peacekeepers15, truehero04, 2 red crayons, 2 yellow crayons, 2 green crayons, 5 blue crayons, 2 brown crayons. Received grand prize B: coupon for +2 deck donations (5 uses)

2023.09.03 - (+30, =13658) Received from Puzzle Chains 275: ifraid09, heal05, stops08, senza14, counterarc08, fullmetal13, confectioner16, wosemi03, crystal11, risingshot01, ducati15, rashly10, antares03, digipad03, vixen15, western06, listentome18, cheat10, firefist03, outcome17, ophelia05, malasada17, lessons09, blacksword02, thehag02, floriography17, sadistic01, trapped13, jiji04, demifiend07, 1 purple crayon.

2023.09.03 - (+28, =13628) Received from August 2023 Activity Rewards: sensei13, kusanagi15, parlor13, irondragon03, doha19, demoness20, a-hall17, greatwolf03, poppo01, pikapapow10, gigacity04, crt08, airslash16, zoidmodels05, sworn13, initiative11, fafnir14, affinity08, kitchen06, tetsuo03, liebestraume12, bite06, raven12, fantail12, waterspirit02, austria13, speech01, obsidian12, 1 yellow crayon, 1 purple crayon

2023.09.03 - Received from Coloring Book 309: 2 yellow crayons, 1 green crayon, 1 purple crayon.

2023.09.03 - (+11, =13600) Received from Go Fish! 374: minidragon10, perky14, admirabilis17, gutspunch15, fascinated16, ragnell09, normal20, tsukuyomi09, sister15, wind-up16, goodfortune18, 1 orange crayon, 1 green crayon.

2023.09.03 - (+6, =13589) Donated to Stamp Card 050 - Special Round: adventure11. Received: glace13, lancers05, blacktempest05, rai02, loftwing20, jaderook06, testa-rossa03.

2023.09.03 - (+25, =13583) Received from Pick a Color 243: cureselene18, nocturnal08, neofantasy16, bewitching04, crystarium13, coupdetat20, unlucky02, upperfive13, shakti20, childsenpai13, levelseven18, 1stguardian12, seaotter09, rougeschool09, doorknocker05, sphinx108, t-shirt02, water11, defends01, fishseller08, nagashi02, pairs08, killing11, cham09, replica03

2023.09.03 - (+20, =13558) Received from No Context Theater 329, 330, 331, 332: 12thrank17, agile04, al-rosary14, bat-cat18, bladedragon04, bluelock20, cafeliebe13, eager03, eager14, greeneye01, mikoshiba03, pandemonic14, plover14, receptacle06, sickhack06, student09, student14, urban02, wildfiring07, wildfiring09.

2023.09.03 - Traded with Ouji:. Received: ayanon16, ligament10, ligament19, blranking07, blranking13, cheese18, figments03, juniorarmy07, king18, leptailurus16, masquerades18, matoi13, no07, sohcahtoa06, spiderweb13, unleashed17, vassal05, waka-sama07, wakuwaku12, ignihyde19, rubeum04, smilingcat08, symphony18, townhall12, whisper07, 00714, angelo05, baumkuchen15, beehive08, blind15, caged04, chessboard17, commandteam05, corrine08, crossveins19, cyborg00915, elegance07, europeans09, europeans20, eyepatch06, fujoshi09, games11 .

2023.09.03 - Traded with Cami: scarecrow02. Received: univeil02.

2023.09.03 - (-1, =13538) Traded with Noelle: vivadonuts04. Received univeil08. Gifted to Noelle: 777sisters13.

2023.09.03 - (+2, =13539) Received from Release 160 - August part 3: vivadonuts04, 777sisters13.

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Bonus Gifts

  • 2023.11.18: - Gifted to Whitney red crayon, orange crayon
  • 2023.11.18: - Gifted to Aru orange crayon, yellow crayon
  • 2023.11.18: - Gifted to Lenga red crayon, orange crayon
  • 2023.11.01: - Gifted to Noelle red crayon, orange crayon
  • 2023.10.29: - Gifted to Mari red crayon, brown crayon
  • 2023.10.25: - Gifted to Agatha red crayon, yellow crayon
  • 2023.10.19: - Gifted to Xetka orange crayon, brown crayon
  • 2023.10.19: - Gifted to Nika orange crayon, yellow crayon
  • 2023.10.19: - Gifted to Ares red crayon, yellow crayon
  • 2023.10.19: - Gifted to Eli red crayon, brown crayon
  • 2023.10.19: - Gifted to Lina red crayon, orange crayon
  • 2023.10.18: - Gifted to Mini red crayon, brown crayon

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