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Player | Ange
Joined | 2022.10.26
Status | active ()
Level | Rainbow (+5)
Cards | 20046

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Current (#208): 79/20
Completed Turned in: 207/207
Recycled Art: Sundays

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- Aug '23 Univeil special deck

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Uses: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of 5

Uses: 1-4, 5 of 5

Uses: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of 5

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2024.01.28 - Pending trade with Milo:

2023.09.13 - Pending trade with Milo:

2023.08.23 - Pending trade with Miro:

2023.04.18 - Pending trade with Trina:

2023.01.23 - Gift on hold for Will / fruitscones:

2022.12.28 - On hold for Riku's Favors 27:

no pending recycled art

On hold for Riku's Favors / Swap Station:

2024.07.12 - Traded with Ally: eve20, blaster16, collapses10, cookbook06, curewhip07, curewhip08, e-droid17, fairy11, goodcop09, innkeeper03, kamichama06, lovehug05, lovehug09, mainstream07, nohomo03, nomoney11, nomoney16, palicoes05, polejump20, reaper06, vjedogonian03, vjedogonian09, vjedogonian20, wahoo04. Received: holypriest09, knight12, striker20, 4minutes09, abettor08, bigkitty03, bigkitty09, blackharu16, crush18, drillsaw09, embrasque04, grimoire17, harihara09, headangel06, livehouse02, manynames18, musicians01, roseneedle04, shattertide10, shugo11, sidecharacter11, sketchbook14, sons19, unseen16

2024.07.07 - (+244, =20046) Art Shop sketchpad completion rewards (x122): goat16, kumarin04, mentality12, entrails09, worthless02, healthcare20, empowering11, trodain17, footloose17, bullying07, ein07, griefseed13, sounds09, spain07, testament11, snowman07, christmas15, shinatsuhime03, system11, kurosawa05, tortured14, doubles07, glowing09, charm03, narshe05, bloodyfesta18, armadillo16, barrette08, treasurer10, miyagami06, leeks16, zafkiel11, redflash04, blades13, mcmb12, k2r03, secondson03, arctic17, firststring18, pre-skip09, energized16, taller02, animula05, blackwater13, idea20, loved05, fuxue15, moonsault10, blackluna12, ourland06, attentive18, veludo15, trypio19, kei07, merchant13, gemmy04, sibling05, frame13, dwn-02402, kbt14, brunhild14, fingerprint11, baka16, dance10, lakeview09, reginleiva13, sillier13, inorganic01, chides06, nonomori08, cynical12, quickdraw06, prettygirls17, burdened19, baton11, sparkling05, toman16, boom-kill17, hairstyles01, liberation10, abnormal03, royalarmy10, 10seconds19, 00717, ignore03, godofdeath13, minami04, harmonius02, bow11, wehrwolf10, demikids13, economics05, hotsprings03, kukulcan14, farseer15, matsurisu11, brahms08, smile15, roids10, usami03, fortunes11, meganest08, poisonous20, tigridia11, unrequited04, laundry06, babyls11, thorns07, accuracy03, strongjaw13, senpuujin16, tvidol10, deliverance08, sonicarrow09, parrying14, monapizza05, parallel02, rekka07, uranus20, magimage05, vancoor20, focused18, ore12, panepon06, salvation02, 0000000000110, brickbreak04, calculator18, nevassa15, kusegawa09, nocturnal06, flamenpink13, therese19, boomerang05, compromiser09, teacup05, secondunit20, meijin11, bakushin10, drawings04, feral09, belittled10, manifested19, magicjoker12, realian08, skipped10, omnipedia09, illomen15, catching12, kikaku20, juice12, baudelaire17, repetitive07, kingswand09, eastern07, infoteam10, presence05, caduceus04, midsummer16, respected02, patients15, littlepei09, sunfighter20, beastiv09, assistant12, basementkey09, lines05, wrestling20, wrongbag09, nonocchi16, aviator15, old06, barrette04, piglets08, vasavi20, blackrabbit19, superhuman11, curesparkle05, forestedge13, ascension05, karate15, ais08, kyous07, pining06, shattered15, minigun13, seaborg01, tangelo19, legends20, fouryears03, puissance07, fellstar09, sharingan07, heisaku12, abusive06, curse15, eternity13, bracelets13, shixiong16, plugin19, witchelny19, shardsword14, shirabe15, nightmares02, cherryboy12, fallenprince13, jaikaurava03, whitehorse02, moral01, strategical14, posh08, firefighter07, peony20, grumbly10, datadrain06, smol11, watergod19, instructor14, redbean18, shujin03, merha09, higanbana04, bathhouse13, nirvana11, watchful01, gekko05, boar15, bofu18, explode04, bandage10, eve20, waspsting14, superhearing04, hasedo05, mythicals18, consumption01, strangely10, risappe19, tangerine03, protestant08, wisdom08, forks06, dictionary04, lookalike09, 12 red crayons, 14 orange crayons, 19 yellow crayons, 9 green crayons, 14 blue crayons, 12 purple crayons, 13 brown crayons, 29 gray crayons

2024.07.07 - (+11, =19802) Received from Little Spell Academia 321: cheese10, destreza02, neofantasy15, destreza04, neofantasy17, shamouti11, shamouti13, shamouti14, cheese11, shamouti16, neofantasy20,

2024.07.07 - Traded with January: champions01, champions04, champions12, myosotis08, ningguang17, grenadegun17, grenadegun20, shogiplayer20, crestlands15, leaflands16, odblood01, sacrament01, theloyal13, wayfarer02, hyzante01. Received: 10years07, anatta10, ballerina13, ballerina16, couturier17, duck13, lovey-dovey20, menhera08, saturn13, shattered08, solemn20, summerbunny11, tarts07, topmaid17, trifolium11.

2024.07.05 - (+1, =19791) Traded with PhiPhi: asrun01, crowknights15, guitar08, happyworld07, illkillyou06, intoxicated10, irontiger13, kiseki-ou17, krik13, krik19, lowbattery11, naps05, pilots15, popfilter04, popular03, tenshi08, voluntary19, yanzhuo13, yanzhuo15, yoishigure11, yoishigure13, youngboys03, yukis05, zoologist02. Received: believer19, daughters06, freckled04, gadoria10, goddesses11, hitsuzen01, honor18, incantation03, lovessweets16, mako14, noriyuki04, ookwee09, pearl16, pooka02, revocs11, robber06, roses01, schoolgirl14, starmagic02, stylist04, sun14, thecrows20, yourbook07, zither16. Received as a gift: townhall10

2024.06.30 - (+30, =19790) Received from Puzzle Chains 318: elegance19, niichan01, opelucid16, warlock20, organon14, duras14, villainess04, asrun01, guitar08, entercards20, maru20, pisces12, casino19, perfectionist03, avalon08, a-class08, faith02, bowties09, scholar15, graveryl13, saillune14, dreamsky02, bathhouse04, 89th13, moonlight10, blackdorm03, naps05, dousing16, office04, training18, 1 purple crayon

2024.06.30 - (+9, =19760) Received from Go Fish! 417: overnight10, eris18, asteria15, shuoyue15, sparkball06, bodysack15, supervisor06, valmar09, lasagna14, 1 gray crayon

2024.06.30 - (+8, =19751) Received from Booster Bundle 180: lifeforms07, daughters20, yoishigure13, q0104, elbow05, eaten10, sacrament01, feng09

2024.06.30 - (+15, =19743) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 17: fourteenate17, kyokugenryu02, yanzhuo13, kind07, spinster16, thaumaturge12, operator03, chocobo07, hopekingdom08, ramuh03, brainwashing04, nearsighted01, dependence07, musician11, mamushi07

2024.06.30 - (+12, =19728) Received from Little Spell Academia 320: commentator16, symphony07, ukaku02, symphony15, diasomnia08, neofantasy13, commentator17, symphony17, neofantasy14, symphony19, commentator20, symphony20

2024.06.25 - (+17, =19716) Received from New Release 170: rooooowf01, whatwhat01, arfer01, ah-rooooo01, playmusic01, writemusic01, bluecat01, isaacnewton01, ya-tchi01, healthiest01, hisui10, sig_ange, boyfriends11, girlfriends14, diasomnia04, diasomnia06, diasomnia07

2024.06.26 - Traded with Ouji: hugecoffin18, memokeeper02, capitulation18, drip08, calamity10, chouki02, mathematical14, prettiestboy19, thestray03. Received: palmatum09, prettygirls09, sagitta01, townhall12, tragedies04, twili17, wakuwaku16, aristocracy04, automail03

2024.06.25 - (+60, =19699) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 222: muscle13, diasomnia16, youkai09, faust15, harpsichord01, adventurer01, sheetmusic06, chibidragon02, diepencil08, picasso19, resentment07, dracula02, scorch11, gransys09, noedge02, audioclub14, newtype06, theking19, kanakiri12, forthright04, blacktempest20, cap20, deathgod02, mute05, convinced08, sworn09, code66604, shackle05, blackmist18, roytale15, kenbu19, developer05, melody08, hiding09, ensign04, furniture14, cake03, iracundus15, sakuya06, blades17, curewhite06, restrained12, demonsnow08, desperado07, kindness11, ehime01, birdtheatre17, gudegude15, seeking15, prediction13, breaktime03, falchion10, yanzhuo15, drip08, somersault06, pretending02, pygmalion02, pout06, blue-smocked09, bernardelli10, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 green crayon, 2 gray crayons

2024.06.25 - (+32, =19639) Donated to Coloring Book 323: grey crayon x2. Received: adeptrogue02, theories06, zexen02, pitch-black18, procellarum19, chalice04, idea10, deathdrive07, champions12, yukis05, lycanlor15, p-organ17, djinn15, egoism10, bullied08, chickencurry05, equation04, lancer06, time05, peacekeeper20, multilayered14, dwn-00916, ultimatex16, prankster12, mathematical14, lycanlor12, kumatte-chan18, shui05, buddhist19, softness09, revolution03, tao12

2024.06.25 - (+5, =19607) Received from Most Wanted 107: panepon18, topmaid06, pout12, sisters03, happyworld07

2024.06.25 - (+40, =19602) Received from Logician 022: saints14, phandaria06, beatdown11, supersonic12, prithivi15, baozi15, barhara03, aqours18, magnhild02, cologne07, e-mails12, tearcut15, liliubelt09, scythe13, horizons14, chemist07, somen17, nobility06, transform13, affection01, mma09, muaythai19, luxury16, overanalyze12, curewhip08, crowknights15, defected13, bluerose17, police05, legendary19, sacchin17, vigilante15, curehappy08, whimsical04, pomeranian18, hysterical07, tonfa14, overexcited11, godoffire06, fragment09, 1 orange crayon

2024.06.25 - (+12, =19562) Received from Hi-5 Radio 2437: kouka07, softthings01, appear16, raise06, crest02, misericorde19, weaponsmith11, watergod07, burgers11, friendships10, goodlooks03, pareo20

2024.06.25 - (+20, =19550) Received from Pick a Color 257: drunkard03, gruff17, badgames13, hypermiracle20, sexbobomb04, memoir03, coffeequeen13, nailgun03, monarch16, crueler12, coffeequeen03, anatta09, deathswarm20, capitulation18, loveshot07, coffeequeen06, loveshot17, drip14, memoir20, moonpendant12

2024.06.25 - (+12, =19530) Received from Deck Lover 407 & 400: chefsknife12, chronicle10, circus06, fireelement04, gainax07, gentletype16, nifl15, older11, partyguests19, pilots15, suwama09, youngboys03

2024.06.25 - (+1, =19518) Exchanged in Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 12: dnn20, dracaena09, gba05, harumaki01, imperatrix16, innuendos14, iracundus10, phones08, puppy01, science02, scissor11, scythe11. Received: fourteenate12, dnn01, dracaena16, gba14, harumaki11, imperatrix15, innuendos17, iracundus12, phones20, puppy08, science10, scissor12, scythe04.

2024.06.25 - (+5, =19517) Received from Most Wanted 122: oilpainting07, hugecoffin18, illdoc01, science01, figments03

2024.06.25 - (+20, =19512) Received from Pick a Color 264: sons20, neworder09, yoishigure11, betting06, brokenhalo07, wuthering10, magiaazul15, reviewer07, passively07, golfvenues15, mysweet02, bigg20, buttons04, foretell14, littlegui16, lowbattery11, messages11, prettiestboy19, feng12, popfilter04

2024.06.25 - Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 07: red crayon, orange crayon, green crayon, grey crayon.

2024.06.25 - (+31, =19492) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 15: fourteenate15, greekgod01, netop09, luminary11, solistia12, idolize11, homerun01, blend13, lucille07, odio05, libertine17, misfortunate03, petit09, illkillyou06, organizer14, reiiden01, ball14, literary18, midgar05, hoteldusk19, horseriding08, grandshelt19, native14, housenka02, fuchsia15, mushrooms17, dwn-04003, break12, richgirl10, knit06, accuracy09, 1 red crayon

2024.06.25 - (+5, =19461) Received from No Context Theater 374: memokeeper02, fairly07, intetsu10, orangebunny11, grenadegun20

2024.06.25 - (+5, =19456) Received from No Context Theater 373: prettiestboy02, redgaze17, otherme19, betting20, madeofcake04

2024.06.25 - (+5, =19451) Received from Most Wanted 123: sparkling01, lazy05, shy11, holypriest02, masamune03

2024.06.25 - (+7, =19446) Received from Little Spell Academia 319: linefaced03, heartshaped03, heartshaped04, heartshaped05, heartshaped08, himbos01, himbos03

2024.06.22 - (+1, =19439) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - bonus day 21: fourteenate13

2024.06.22 - (+3, =19438) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 18: fourteenate18, symphony13, symphony03

2024.06.22 - (+6, =19435) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 14: fourteenate14, shamouti03, shamouti04, shamouti05, shamouti08, shamouti10

2024.06.22 - (+4, =19429) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 19: fourteenate19, kid19, kid20, commentator10

2024.06.22 - (+3, =19425) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 20: fourteenate20, harumaki07, pious12

2024.06.18 - Traded with PhiPhi: laevateinn06, orangebunny17, scaredy-cat19, automaton10, beach05, firefighter17, noblest06, peregrinus13, tellme06, processor04, seitokai04, seitokai20, abis01, arlia15, devoted07, earthelmt09, fabulae09, famous13, finalmix02, finalmix07, georgie20, ghosts09, hat03, hat09, highly02, idolwork13, joestar06, kamatari03, kimari06, kimari12, kinder02, kinder16, kittydoor02, kittydoor16, lightblue19, livinggod04, livinggod11, livinggod14, robotics20. Received: hii09, ignihyde07, photogenic12, 8-bit07, blackmagic10, blanchefil20, cyborg00903, easyr14, ghosthouse05, gravityflip17, hex07, homeworld05, howl13, ironmaiden16, jumprope14, kyous18, magicpaint09, marshmallows08, mayonaka11, nasod16, nomotivation08, notarial04, ogikubo16, panepon13, pulling13, q04, radiotower18, robots20, scissor20, securitycat01, seraphic07, spaceidol05, stylist19, successor14, sugarcubes04, termina15, unchain12, x-rayvision17, youtube13

2024.06.17 - (+8, =19422) Mastery Chain: foxfaced, specialeyes (FM). Received: specialeyes20, henshin02, garlemald05, sugarcubes07, sadistic14, dcn-03220, prominence19, mtek-zero10, 1 green crayon, 1 purple crayon

2024.06.17 - (+4, =19414) Exchanged at Art Shop: yellow crayon x4, purple crayon x4. Received: specialeyes05, specialeyes07, specialeyes14, specialeyes16

2024.06.16 - (+3, =19410) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 16: specialeyes09, specialeyes11, fourteenate16

2024.06.16 - Traded with Ouji: memokeeper18, anyone04, anyone17, frasco01, onorearcade09, aaa08. Received: aphros06, aureus16, emergency05, hachiko03, outerspace14, specialeyes13

2024.06.16 - (+5, =19407) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 11: ghoul11, kid18, ukaku01, shii04, fourteenate11

2024.06.16 - (+7, =19402) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 10: vespa16, vespa17, vespa20, foxfaced17, foxfaced20, henshin01, fourteenate10

2024.06.16 - (+1, =19395) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 06: fourteenate06

2024.06.16 - (+10, =19394) Received from Little Spell Academia 318: commentator04, commentator06, planners02, planners04, planners05, planners14, neofantasy11, planners15, commentator08, planners19

2024.06.16 - (+102, =19384) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 231: ansuz16, redscarf15, belgium05, silverarm09, dogkeeper06, pageant07, familia03, wire08, creampuffs06, myths19, lore07, waywardcave10, dumb02, greatninja10, eighth04, collider09, luxuror07, fetishes17, totori15, stayathome17, crocea13, starfish11, caravan07, peeping14, death1313, lightofgod15, tarasque03, nadeshiko04, deku13, tomorrow20, peregrinus13, profitable10, revolver01, fang08, tellme06, information06, telomeres09, gallian19, fraxinus19, hoenn10, maous18, supra-force08, axolotl07, haunt11, haradhanu01, spinster14, male14, community15, norimaki07, toybox04, nomotivation10, eligible11, timeleap18, hiddencurse20, forcefield16, fancastle01, at-low09, desperado19, dwn-01308, patients01, divina11, decay11, shogiplayer20, arcroyal19, automaton10, parents20, corrosion01, chonsin02, androphilia15, nine-tailed18, kweh16, huntsman16, giantkiller04, resistance02, girlsnames09, holylight05, yagoura17, forbidden14, noblest06, folgore03, wosemi07, cardmagic17, wonder06, etheirys02, ban-chan14, trackteam02, badcompany04, duel18, moogles18, paired18, dokkanpunch15, misericordia10, protectu16, beargguy10, heartjack10, pi-su12, taurus16, vertex18, holding02, financial20, ironworks07, icebeam12, 1 red crayon, 2 green crayons, 2 purple crayons, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon

2024.06.16 - (+12, =19282) Received from Hi-5 Radio 254: savanna15, kobushi05, math04, crazyb01, archangels07, scams02, imperious15, distressing05, ruthless07, broadway16, ideo-delta05, angelicwhip01

2024.06.16 - (+10, =19270) Received from Most Wanted 120 - Special Round: bigkitty05, class1-a06, illdoc09, dotdotdot11, amikke10, illdoc12, redgaze07, class1-a05, amikke12, anyone17

2024.06.16 - (+5, =19260) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - day 02: allergen07, energized13, fourteenate02, anchor01, gentleness01

2024.06.16 - (+20, =19255) Received from Pick a Color 263: poodle-like11, laevateinn06, betting07, scaredy-cat19, crowbar07, grenadegun17, mana18, messages08, onorearcade09, betting01, ssmotor16, frasco01, 19thguardian05, groovetron18, anyone04, mysweet16, rancorem13, instrument20, buttons03, sportymouse15

2024.06.16 - (+11, =19235) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - day 03: fourteenate03, traumatized07, predilection18, femprotags11, grin08, firefighter17, snuggle14, saiarks08, nephilim19, usagibrand18, whitewolf13, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon

2024.06.16 - (+6, =19224) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - day 07: beach05, creepysmile15, crossfire05, demonking09, fourteenate07, manakete18

2024.06.16 - (+10, =19218) Received from No Context Theater 372 & 371: memokeeper18, snakewoman09, frasco13, betting20, littlemermaid15, redgaze05, foretell05, orangebunny17, shiketsu16, orangebunny01

2024.06.16 - (+5, =19208) Received from Most Wanted 121: figments14, outerspace04, madeofcake14, waloed03, crestlands15

2024.06.16 - (+8, =19203) Received from Booster Bundle 179: heroism01, artazon07, palps05, deluded08, chainsaws15, 3rdeye03, battleaxe03, crimea07

2024.06.16 - (+15, =19195) Received from Logician 029: 92fs01, escaflowne02, hospitality02, faust12, tackles20, nanashi09, princes18, dingjun05, lamepuns10, stargazers12, disobedient13, swapped06, aaa08, naked02, hayato12, 1 gray crayon

2024.06.16 - (+12, =19180) Received from Hi-5 Radio 255: swimclub18, wahoo04, onpu02, upper-class02, pipito01, lackey06, chespie03, kerberous18, icedland03, icedland14, lightbrand04, flamewyrm03

2024.06.16 - (+3, =19168) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - day 08: fourteenate08, foxfaced13, kid17.

2024.06.16 - (+3, =19165) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - day 09: fourteenate09, pious10, pious11.

2024.06.10 - Traded with Ouji: buttercream12, honoo17, beautypath03, antics19, marginal08, marginal14, yoiyami10, zekken04, army10, ifrit02, physicker15, titan07, courtyard15, drunkard01, long-lived06, auracite05, gridania03, kaichou04, knightmare07, nyu09, sociopath06. Received: computer02, grusserena17, sapientia10, april13, benefits17, cannon15, chefsknife20, chomp10, classical17, continental18, destreza05, destreza13, detect06, detect18, detectives08, detectives16, develop12, devils16, dhampir04, diariumejus04, dininghall07.

2024.06.09 - (+9, =19162) Received from Little Spell Academia 317: vespa11, viatrix05, pious05, hell19, pious06, pious08, pious09, vespa13, vespa14

2024.06.09 - Traded with Aru: leftfooted15, lyrical11, signlanguage11, tilltheend04, mizo19, pah-chin05, pah-chin10, drunkard12, drunkard18, guardia13, artisan10, familiar04, familiar16, guardia08, guardian02, guardian13, kaiser09, stinger10, zeal12, harpist18, kaijumovies07, neutralize07, oldersister10, theguard01, twinmoon18, videogames20, fleurdelys04, peshent10, aetheria20, alteregom17, argo20, artdirector16, avalken13, avalken16, aware03, aware16, b-503, beginning03, bicycle17, bicycle19, blackdirty07, blackdirty10, coarse19, cognitive11, cognitive20, dracometeor05, dracometeor05, dust03, dust19, dynamics01, dynamics03, edin04, ehime11, elementary01, elementary08, elementary09, elementary11, elementary14, encourage05, etude01, greatwhite01, greatwhite03, hagnos10, husbando02, ishikawa11, jpx4808, jujutsu01, kitakami13, knitted11, marksein12, marksein15, marksein17, medjed14, minami18, monomagia17, neferu04, noblesavage20, offering08, offering11, pester14, queen05, rages06, rages16, roadless11, roadless16, samekh03, shakanyorai08, shark01, shark13, shresta10, spinster15, successor11, tenyears06, tenyears08, tenyears09, theriot09, treachery10, unobtrusive10, unobtrusive20, urban02, wwwa11, wwwa11, zucchi03. Received: ampulla17, anatta01, bugkingdom01, cervus11, cervus16, cisoria07, computer18, duck18, fashion07, hachiko20, halfninja03, jovial12, knight01, memoir19, menhera04, monoceros16, phones09, prinzessin19, shattered12, shattered19, summerbunny08, summerbunny12, symphony14, uneasy14, woodsman10, woodsman12, alone18, androphilia08, aquacrew09, arrogant05, ashore17, bartender05, baumkuchen20, believer06, benefits12, benefits15, benefits19, bestfriends13, better18, bigpuppy09, blackswan11, bladerang08, bladerang15, bladerang18, blanket12, blanket20, blueangel09, blush05, bookseller07, bookseller13, broadway06, broadway15, brokenrose14, broom16, bunnybox14, cain09, canary04, canary13, candyhouse19, canvas10, capsule06, carry05, carry14, cathedral02, cauldron04, cauldron18, chessboard16, chimeraking01, circle03, cloudcrest11, collar08, collar10, collar13, collector02, combat03, commandant17, comnet20, continental15, converted17, copybot15, copybot17, crowds05, crowds07, cruxis11, cry18, cureange18, dance15, darkboots13, darkboots13, darkboots17, deathangel12, despair07, despair15, despair16, despair19, destreza12, detect03, devils15, devils20, dhampir06, dhampir14, dhampir17, dhampir19

2024.06.08 - (+4, =19153) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 5: fourteenate05, hell18, ghoul10, harumaki06

2024.06.08 - (+4, =19149) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - Day 4: fourteenate04, hell15, harumaki05, ghoul06

2024.06.08 - Traded with Gaelle: dopesketch19, dopesketch20,titan14, titan15, summons02, blackrabbit05, dee18, diamonds11, diamonds12, knave07, knave18, piercings06, bloodfang16, cetra17, jenova17, jenova20, loveless16, luckystars09, velvet18, ceruleum16, doma02, doma08, doma09, dotharl20, dragonhead16, entelechy16, garlemald11, knowing18, leftearring08, madbloom02, magiteknical13, manderville15, meol08, meol15, minfilia12, minions06, minions18, naeuri01, naeuri19, nidhogg14, nidhogg15, soulseer03, speaker06, steadfast15, suinosato16, thefirst03, uldah03, uldah16, viis13, viis17, aluminum16, beasts04, crucify11, firebuster10, firebuster19, level99913, ribbonbuster06, starhealer16, bodhi04, reverie01, setsuna01, thegold10, chameleon06, controlled05, fairgame20, fake01, graveyard11, leopardus16, luna16, neverland07, ragdoll15, unicornis02, unicornis09, wags15, cellophane09, class1-b07, earphone07, earphone17, herokiller06, jet-black02, prominence16, stealthhero05, stealthhero14, tailman10, zoom04. Received: gba16, minor02, needles04, needles09, ruby05, topmaid12, 10s06, 8-bit03, 8-bit09, anaru11, arcusprima05, aromatherapy12, asteria04, authors04, authors05, authors14, battleship13, bell17, bibliosmia08, black11, blacklizard05, blind13, canvas20, cardevolve14, chimeraking08, chimeraking11, chrysalis19, comnet03, copybot16, crossveins09, cruxis04, cureange11, cutetype14, darkside18, deathangel19, distracted16, diva10, dnn07, dqo01, electrifying18, embrasque13, failure06, failure09, femaleidols17, fetch18, fix08, floral04, fogdoor02, fox14, freckled01, freckled05, friedeggs04, g-1204, g-1216, galearc19, gentletype13, ghouls20, gigolo02, gigolo12, gigolo18, glasses07, gliese20, grandkid12, greatspirit15, guideahead09, gunpowder17, hairdresser16, hakama13, harrow11, haunt17, haven15, heirs12, hotel06, innovative02, innovative04, jr18, kacchon20, kagoshima03, kings06, kitsune17, kugimiya20, kuuderes01, lgbtgames12, lemu07, lenshunter08.

2024.06.08 - Traded with Rocky: corgi04, highking17, legendary14, wishes18, tanned07, grapefruit02. Received: ghoul13, animula20, onread20, scarabia06, worldcup06, bamboostalk06

2024.06.02 - Traded with PhiPhi: blessedelixir11, agi15, antisocial15, aqours17, avatar01, cowardly10, coyolles08, deargho05, deargho12, deduction12, deduction14, destined17, destiny08, diamonddust01, diepencil02, dollowner07, escape19, exercising01, exercising04, exercising16, exeter05, expergiscens16, expergiscens19, eyeball02, flirt01, food05, gemmy15, gourmand13, idolfangirl13, logic12, magatama07, minteye06, odysseus16, oils18, parallel17, parkour15, pressured18, remakes06, remakes15, remakes20, rocker08, scanner01, screentone09, shadowflash12, shadowflash17, slums01, starfall15, swearing12, thestars10, thestars18, touch16. Received: doloris05, minor18, online16, bachelor18, bangsineyes13, bigkitty16, blacklizard16, blackmagic07, bulb14, butlers05, cannon14, canvas18, cha-chomp06, drag20, emotion18, ewiwa05, fetch13, fukujun12, ghosts02, gracidea17, grandkid01, griefseed13, headangel03, iceprince01, immortality20, initiative09, jam15, jumprope10, liliubelt10, maella03, nailgun10, noriyuki10, o-568109, pentomo13, pharaoh13, purewater05, puzzlesp16, semi-angel20, skill12, soundless16, straylize16, synthesizer03, theend10, treasure03, tsundere18, tvmedium08, vacuum03, videogame06, wingedchild08, wirestripper16, yourbook19.

2024.06.02 - (+9, =19145) Mastery chain: iamdeath (FM), foxspirit, masks. Received: masks18, masks19, hell10, sinnoh02, song19, eating04, catsndogs16, traps08, withwind13, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon

2024.06.02 - (+8, =19136) Received from Little Spell Academia 316: masks13, masks14, neofantasy05, masks15, masks17, foxspirit19, neofantasy10, foresight01

2024.06.02 - (+22, =19128) Received from New Release 169: trinkets01, otherme01, senti01, 19thguardian01, foretell01, lifeforms01, sportymouse01, buttons01, poodle-like01, mysweet01, madeofcake18, sig_ange, daughters08, sons13, hell06, shamouti02, pious03, ghoul04, kid14, foxspirit18, commentator01, masks12

2024.06.01 - (+5, =19106) Received from Most Wanted 119: lapithai06, thekid03, smarthawk12, army10, consulting05

2024.06.01 - (+5, =19101) Received from No Context Theater 370: witchscastle18, cisoria02, tanned07, beautypath03, bonbon06

2024.06.01 - (+8, =19096) Received from Booster Bundle 178: movepoint08, idolfangirl13, skyknight06, elemio03, fiercewings11, wait20, papiyas11, stmichaels04

2024.06.01 - (+40, =19088) Received from Logician 028: auction05, jimuguri14, gigolo10, rocker08, logic12, biblestudy18, aquaforce15, jewelwitch18, gon04, ring09, dwn-03710, westwald17, dualhounds02, hat03, unown01, dhylec16, onorearcade18, kindly17, swordia03, thinking12, lettuce20, selfdefense10, firewhip19, libera16, djinn13, banana15, sweetsshop15, scanner01, treatment09, newborn14, control10, legendary14, incantations13, monkey10, monopolize14, jigenhaoh14, javelin18, suit02, mosin-nagant06, beauty17, 1 blue crayon

2024.06.01 - (+15, =19048) Received from Go Fish! 413: odysseus16, euphonium16, launcher06, pug17, bloodelf04, hakari12, ikaruga16, easygoing07, drumset07, darkness19, evolver07, buchou02, otter03, oils18, wishes18, 1 orange crayon, 1 blue crayon

2024.06.01 - (+6, =19033) Received from Colors TCG 14th Anniversary - day 01: darkaura02, doujigiri04, fourteenate01, hamburger04, obelisk18, stealth13

2024.06.01 - (+102, =19027) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 232: flirt01, crystal04, indifferent02, zombies05, blood05, deathgaze01, qishanwen04, fleurdelys04, midlander11, reiki18, gapyear04, rosecochon09, chase11, echoball03, tranquil08, outgoing10, kazoku15, otters03, queenbee01, konlulu16, secretshop13, alphonse07, chief17, engines18, viewpoint12, lfg07, beautymark18, grapefruit02, sandy04, zekken04, esmerelda03, harpy16, fearsome10, codfish05, council19, samsara07, shulshagana20, cigarette01, divina15, oilpaint15, lapistier09, curiosity01, highking17, satchel16, marginal14, ryouran09, mentalout01, orionbelt13, taxidriver11, charmer01, ecchi10, yomi17, meyvn08, brynhilde15, pediatrician02, sagittarius07, aurite09, hotmilk01, harder08, parkour15, snobbish18, swearing12, rifle13, drums17, musketeer02, accuracy18, guchu15, diepencil02, rosequeen18, allies19, android15, breaking14, antigen12, yorisouyuri12, monocle05, sandtribe20, lookalike19, eyeball02, metal13, yoiyami10, antics19, opposites18, pk17, easel06, vjedogonian09, sheep14, ghouls05, javelin03, bloodpact11, cowardly10, loleus02, corgi04, eldest09, sulk10, aqours17, mint06, hawk03, squad42202, dark10, piercedboy05, firebrand14, lordalberion16, 2 orange crayons, 1 yellow crayon, 2 blue crayons, 1 purple crayon, 2 gray crayons

2024.06.01 - (+30, =18925) Received from Release Roulette 025: childofgod06, cakepig17, toon09, gungnir02, patissier03, legend12, defeated14, cakepig05, melody03, defeated02, pluses03, fanboy05, melody14, basement02, barrels08, antisocial15, legend04, bushido02, hummingbird14, rumors04, genome04, salvation05, secondlife09, elegance12, pluviose19, boss10, sociopath06, legend12, vincent13, minuses16

2024.06.01 - (+30, =18895) Received from Release Roulette 024: darkloid09, screentone09, cosmogate17, tsukumogami10, goldking04, oshi15, goldking20, killyou05, argent09, infected01, blueimpulse10, flying18, righteous05, 4thbatter03, dubking14, multibug04, unemezoku01, triplehole03, celestizam02, demonhand12, soulgang15, infected01, pets15, huntingdog06, celestizam20, exposition05, sulfur04, guardians12, seawizard16, flying01

2024.06.01 - (+12, =18865) Received from Hi-5 Radio 240: negate08, incubus10, yoru13, bakes10, gutspunch09, eclipse14, buttcannon10, tsundere17, aurasphere11, rational03, alondite03, newkama12

2024.06.01 - (+6, =18853) Received from Hi-5 Radio 239: peshent10, clerks10, stronger20, hairloss09, hagyu02, blackrain02

2024.06.01 - (+6, =18847) Received from Go Fish! 398: motor15, thestars10, livestock12, apparitions20, persecution06, listentome07, 1 blue crayon

2024.06.01 - (+20, =18841) Received from Pick a Color 255: cogwheels05, four-eyes09, totheend10, oldertwin05, guardia13, sugoaku02, himbos05, ioka12, buttercream12, dollowner07, thestars18, windscythe17, badkitty02, draculor08, glalie02, punklorde12, kudayari18, dentist09, theandroid04, judicator07

2024.06.01 - (+40, =18821) Recycled Art (2024.05.25): bibliosmia09, bulb07, caged05, caged10, cards17, cha-chomp05, chessboard07, clothespeg05, cloudlancer16, cry02, cry15, dance05, ferocity17, firegod09, firstaid09, ghoul08, gungi01, gungi02, hex03, hitsuzen04, hmm02, hornet17, initiative04, listless02, listless04, lovey-dovey19, marry19, masks06, masks20, tragedies11, tragedies13, tragedies14, kinkan02, kinkan03, kinkan04, kinkan06, kinkan08, kinkan12, kinkan13, kinkan19

2024.05.28 - Traded with Ouji: creampuffs07, honkhonk01, cherrybomb16, micdrop15, superdevil11, suinosato05, beautypath04, mara-struck19, capitulation15, drip06, morikubos17, acceleraise06, animegirls10, biting03, buoyant14, buoyant16, buoyant20, changeas08, deception11, deception16, empusachain07, empusachain15, explomb12, haradhanu04, haradhanu11, itomori16, jaikaurava06, jerk18, killing11, kinich17, levios19, mathematical07, mathematical15, mess03, moose02, moose09, moose16, neferu09, neferu20, pelerinage09, pelerinage11, pelerinage14, puppy-mode09, scubagear11, seraphim10, silently02, stalks01, swordcane16, swordcane18, tobari17, transfigure19, valorstrikes10, yoiyami03, aaa04, baozi04, bojutsu11, enchanting06, esaka09, herculean19, joblistings17, kobujutsu19, koubai11, koubai12, luck-pusher17, narcissus15, psycho16, rebelspark09, rulestime18, shortfuse18, southtown13, storm09, teardown12, thistle05, wholebody04, wholebody19. Received: foxspirit20, ghoul05, ghoul07, henshin07, masks11, masks16, masks20, ukaku09, aphros15, arcella12, armorless18, binge05, binge12, binge20, fortis19, fugit06, gbc14, holypriest18, kinkan06, kinkan07, kinkan09, kinkan10, kinkan13, kinkan16, kinkan19, kotobukiya06, leptailurus02, lovey-dovey02, lovey-dovey05, marry03, prettygirls05, tragedies05, tragedies11, tragedies12, tragedies15, vultur15, yunduan10, allnight10, altena11, arcusprima03, arcusprima17, bamboostalk19, berries02, besieger01, better03, better16, blackharu10, blueangel11, bonbon08, bustersword14, candyhouse09, candyhouse18, caramels08, cardevolve16, cathedral06, cathedral11, cathedral13, chefsknife17, clothespeg03, collar16, color10, color15, color18, cosplays02, crisp09, crossveins05, cureblack01, dance17, dancer12, darkaltar16, darkones02, darkside02, darkside12, defy14, design12.

2024.05.26 - (-8, =18781) Gifted to Nyna: bloodscythe13, durandal16, emblems07, emblems20, empty14, falchion07, redeyes01, ronin10

2024.05.26 - (+11, =18789) Received from Little Spell Academia 315: masks07, foxspirit15, iamdeath20, cookbook01, foxspirit16, masks09, cookbook04, ghoul02, ghoul03, masks10, foxspirit17

2024.05.26 - Exchanged in Natsume's Book of Cards 194: preyseeker10, preyseeker11, preyseeker15, preyseeker15, redreaper06. Received: ignihyde01, ignihyde02, ignihyde03, ignihyde04, grandis01.

2024.05.26 - (+35, =18778) Received from No Context Theater 354, 355, 358, 359, 351, 350, 349: badanime17, blue-smocked06, deal02, deceit03, drip06, drunkard18, empusachain07, empusachain15, fly-by-night10, goofiness16, halfninja18, haradhanu11, hellomimmy06, highschool03, kinder16, kinich17, littleprince01, mathematical15, mizo19, neferu09, neutralize07, ogerpon02, pelerinage09, pelerinage11, shorty18, singlefather11, somersault04, starfall10, stelma17, summerbunny01, twistedtalon12, waxingmoon06, yoiyami03, yoiyami13, yuris12

2024.05.26 - Received from Advent Calendar Day 22: red crayon x2, yellow crayon x1.

2024.05.26 - (+5, =18743) Received from Advent Calendar Day 24: birdie20, deal07, halfninja15, shorty06, townbaker18

2024.05.26 - (+50, =18738) Received from Valentines 2024 Rewards Claiming: garrote03, robberfly06, luanzang01, public06, save02, o-568118, nothinggang14, memento17, demoness15, seawizard13, promqueen03, psyche06, cleaver17, avatar01, dwn-02212, charmed08, food05, mikishin05, electricity12, nagashi12, antoinette01, ribbonbuster04, hex08, countup08, redbean18, highwire09, fullest14, tearmoon19, phosphate11, knives02, snooze20, astraea07, tanlines14, theguard01, shinsengumi18, extractteam09, otherworld13, warpstar17, lewdness06, barrelroll09, folkvangr06, sakanade09, galland11, curiousdance04, shakanyorai08, mine03, pilebunker08, tactful14, tottori03, drunkenfist10

2024.05.26 - (+5, =18688) Received from Coloring Book 323: twistedtalon06, kinder02, noviceagent06, luckyegg14, somersault01

2024.05.26 - (+5, =18683) Received from No Context Theater 360: buoyant11, videogirl05, mara-struck19, photogenic14, memoir20

2024.05.26 - (+5, =18678) Received from Most Wanted 109: worldcup08, lorikeet20, mikos12, zappy04, pressured18

2024.05.26 - (+8, =18673) Received from Booster Bundle 173: myredemption16, dual-type13, mystery18, suinosato05, escape19, rhyhorn06, popstar11, nekomimi11

2024.05.26 - (+15, =18665) Received from Logician 023: agi09, longway19, grouchy06, gridania03, rosethorns04, elfhelm05, 4thchild11, dnn01, tackles19, certain08, ginnungagap11, megaflare19, triplethreat16, mipo03, superdevil11, 1 red crayon

2024.05.26 - (+10, =18650) Received from Most Wanted 110 - Special Round: agi15, negatives07, popular03, honorific05, buoyant20, honorific12, starfall15, buoyant16, pout08, rulerstruth18

2024.05.26 - (+5, =18640) Received from No Context Theater 361: nailgun02, topmaid04, luckyegg12, drunkard01, cuthair20

2024.05.26 - (+25, =18635) Received from Pick a Color 258: whispered01, abettor06, room13, ignore20, goldknight05, color01, bakery13, kingjj01, theinferno19, tobiume05, reincarnate20, neferu04, collider11, lostseraph19, sakurait19, easternmyth16, crazyslots07, nekopunch09, kahina19, rations02, oshiriz07, bloodline15, 72pillars02, bellossom20, marishiten09

2024.05.26 - (+6, =18610) Received from Hi-5 Radio 245: researcher11, meropide17, zombie01, minerals10, b-503, polar11

2024.05.26 - (+5, =18604) Received from No Context Theater 362: shishibone05, swordofstars18, crimsoncheer15, isotope14, blessedelixir11

2024.05.26 - (+9, =18599) Received from March 2024 character deck donations (iamdeath, twohalves, onewhole): homeworld18, condiments03, onread19, titanic20, 1stguardian06, darktact08, doma08, moose16, dynamax05, 1 blue crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 brown crayon

2024.05.26 - (+8, =18590) Received from Booster Bundle 174:queens17, lamentation11, disguise12, cows20, highly02, cutethings14, terrahammer16, waterelmt03

2024.05.26 - Exchanged in Switch It Up 241: asobot07, bianca20, butt12, adieu01, animalism07, affectionate02, airsoft10, bills01, a-hall11, all-seeing08, astrape01, ark02, acuity03, bolderfall07, build16, cytotoxic20, cuter12, cruel02, claw03. Received: fairyprincess05, skincare08, pressure10, dracaena13, destreza09, sorry06, littlekitty18, neoaikido01, probe07, ragingwave13, tsunderes19, ko11, vitality05, ghouls09, nightmares12, masks08, shattered02, aristocracy07, fujoshi02.

2024.05.25 - (+40, =18582) Received from Logician 024: ufo12, hollyhock04, antigen08, spalding20, dogramagra15, southpaw01, folklore13, rubeum07, sexappeal06, ancienttimes20, class1-b07, timeslip04, oren02, lythos18, magatama07, formalcraft16, zanza02, dogending03, blood15, sour06, judge19, starcave13, harvard14, gemdust20, titan16, decadence04, sculpted04, betray20, titanic17, belittled10, sleeves17, neferu20, transfer18, seventeen07, isshu07, dancers19, kwaidan01, cookie14, irontiger13, littledevil06, 1 orange crayon

2024.05.25 - (+15, =18542) Received from Logician 021: 882313, succession04, 142cm16, covered18, convoy15, ninjaturtle14, leraje03, harp01, abyss02, vinewhip10, evilspywork07, pristo15, anklets04, kusegawa02, y-ko06, 1 red crayon

2024.05.25 - (+12, =18527) Received from Hi-5 Radio 247: courtyard15, quadcaster04, yorha07, dewford10, luckyegg15, idolwork13, hazard03, solarsect18, velthomer18, totty05, ironmask15, chartreux06

2024.05.25 - (+6, =18515) Received from Deck Lover 415: brushgods07, soldiers13, bara11, kazoku12, magvel15, mid-childa07

2024.05.25 - (+5, =18509) Received from No Context Theater 364: morikubos17, swordcane18, aegisshield08, seafairy04, cyberghost14

2024.05.25 - (+5, =18504) Received from Most Wanted 113: pomefiore02, drunkard12, henshin15, heritt03, striker07

2024.05.25 - (+8, =18499) Received from Booster Bundle 175: rhythmic16, scrapped19, x-ii20, thisisit11, saintess06, smarthawk01, beyondard09, mid-childa14

2024.05.25 - (+5, =18491) Received from Coloring Book 325: expergiscens19, whitedog14, puppy-mode09, wingtamer15, inlovewith13

2024.05.25 - (+12, =18486) Received from Hi-5 Radio 248: xylophone02, choir17, cattown03, rosesplash17, cr-s0105, chouki10, airheaded09, bathroom18, hapy01, rolling16, suffer04, cr-s0101

2024.05.25 - (+5, =18474) Received from Most Wanted 114: codec10, batto19, inheritance13, windmaster09, minerals04

2024.05.25 - (+35, =18469) Received from Pick a Color 260 - Special Round: wfd07, tuner11, dynast07, miroru13, containment08, lovedeluxe12, lubu04, headless18, overshadowed10, headache03, undernet05, pyuru19, esper13, admin02, yuris06, musashi03, romancekiss05, curator07, duplication03, chrysalis17, aburaage13, kittywitch05, klint18, woe09, nyanperona06, eel15, guardiansbow17, legwound01, swordofstars07, inlovewith07, paris09, quadcaster15, knees17, ancienttimes15, wingking05, 2 orange crayons, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon

2024.05.25 - (+5, =18434) Received from Most Wanted 115: distortion02, deathangel09, nightmare10, ifrit08, jovial17

2024.05.25 - (+5, =18429) Received from No Context Theater 366: beautypath04, signlanguage11, frieren20, limbs13, thegold10

2024.05.25 - (+5, =18424) Received from Coloring Book 326: fuu18, slow05, expergiscens16, isotope15, thundersfist02

2024.05.25 - (+8, =18419) Received from Booster Bundle 176: portmafia02, macrocosmos13, vlog15, joestar06, blackmist04, herculean19, cinder20, mikos08

2024.05.25 - (+5, =18411) Received from Most Wanted 116: otedama13, ignihyde09, bratty04, ifrit02, vow16

2024.05.25 - (+25, =18406) Received from Pick a Color 261: tbirdie04, heal13, pasta05, adonis09, ecstasy13, knuckles08, bow-wow13, bon20, 300iq14, pigeon07, veda01, qilinbow17, teardown12, lovestruck13, princess13, suit08, mahne20, assertive12, fencing12, hydrangeas07, sew15, qtpi03, dknight01, parallel17, austria18

2024.05.25 - (+5, =18381) Received from Most Wanted 117: thekid09, honkhonk01, tobari17, cookbook06, thedaybreak02

2024.05.25 - (+8, =18376) Received from Booster Bundle 177:cetra17, viis17, shard08, judgeblt06, thefirst03, thorshammer19, ur04, selfdestruct12

2024.05.25 - (+5, =18368) Received from No Context Theater 368: cisoria12, woof11, rr-owch01, gloria04, acceleraise06

2024.05.25 - (+5, =18363) Received from Most Wanted 118: deathangel05, ghoul09, solarsect06, striker05, leptailurus06

2024.05.25 - (+20, =18358) Received from Pick a Color 262: tanned04, endsuffering09, endsuffering10, frieren18, jaikaurava06, billionblast11, setsuna01, tanned02, physicker15, coyolles08, tilltheend04, brightorder16, frieren03, slums01, gloria20, reverie01, beautypath18, poisons14, maruthi14, newmaid19

2024.05.22 - (+11, =18338) Received from Little Spell Academia 314: iamdeath06, ghoul01, foxspirit08, foxspirit09, vespa04, iamdeath08, foxspirit10, iamdeath09, foxspirit11, cauldrons01

2024.05.22 - Traded with Rocky: fireball18, huge09, icebeam04, mintendo14, nekomimi10, newrecruit05, nintendo14, nurseschool16, perfume12, prison14, snotdrop11, snotdrop12, squeaks17, therapy15, upclose01, upclose07, upclose15, upclose19, venoshock19, whitebomber11. Received: iamdeath15, sullen15, auratus14, aureus11, cookbook06, lightmusic09, puppy08, rubeum14, squeak20, ukaku11, wakuwaku19, woodsman13, alloflove18, blacklion16, blackswan05, catacombs12, chaos07, commandant09, conjurer04, cosplays08.

2024.05.22 - Traded with PhiPhi: calories12, choker08, collected16, conqueror08, correct14, counselor12, dancers13, decbirthday08, doors13, entrance10, eon03, eon14, eun14, fake05, fake18, firefly07, flawless08, flawless12, furpelt02, furpelt14, gallant14, gallant17, gawds14, guitarist11, hallowwoe07, harus20, heartbuns18, hobbyist08, holmes02, holmes03, housekeeper01, housekeeper08, humanist12, humanist14, idolclub17, influencer02, ink18, internet09, loop08, loveless10, mercury07, miraizura03, miraizura05, miroru09, miroru15, munnypouch17, phonecalls09, phonecalls15, sailorcap12, secluded19, sensory02, sensory14, smokebomb15, solo07, strangemen07, strangemen20, substitute15, talkinghead17, trackstar10, variety12, varuga16, voidgear12, wildflower16, winter01, winter10, winter20, wiseking02, yellow19. Received: ballerina03, cementarii04, marry07, squeak08, striker05, tragedies01, transceiver02, ukaku15, wakuwaku08, 10s12, 14thmoon15, aquacrew20, attendant08, bartending13, battleship04, baumkuchen12, benefits18, besieger03, bestfriends10, blight03, broadway14, caramels10, chomp17, combat19, containment01, copybot09, darkside04, denpa11, dininghall08, dininghall15, diva05, dood06, dracula02, dtr18, dux03, egoist17, evasive07, firegod02, floatserve07, fourarts07, hornet13, howl11, iceprince06, inheritance12, innerpalace10, insectpillar13, kilenc05, landlord02, listless20, multibug04, naughtybear04, northkanto20, organum15, penguin17, pinkscarf11, protecting09, provisions13, rabbithole13, reddragon12, revolt20, royal15, saving02, seele11, straylize05, thieves12, tigers04, wildgeese04, woof17.

2024.05.17 - (+10, =18327) Received from Little Spell Academia 313: iamdeath06, ghoul01, foxspirit08, foxspirit09, vespa04, iamdeath08, foxspirit10, iamdeath09, foxspirit11, cauldrons01

2024.05.05 - (+47, =18317) Mastery chain. Mastered character decks: expergiscens, twohalves (FM), agape, automaton, bbq (FM), cursed, eyes, graveryl, paradisaea, sin, sullen, bloodbag, onewhole (FM). Received: onewhole08, onewhole09, onewhole10, onewhole11, onewhole12, onewhole13, onewhole14, onewhole15, onewhole16, onewhole17, onewhole19, iamdeath04, iamdeath05, name02, celestizam04, tachibana09, auracite05, kakyoin18, yao-er15, strain20, blackbook07, temsik04, ladyship10, loveless10, float15, variety12, overanalyze06, fireaxe09, trackstar10, taichou06, nyo12, rubber06, sopheria12, judge14, rulestime18, doorshrine08, hungerswitch15, melemele02, unseeable11, 4 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 1 yellow crayon, 2 green crayons, 2 purple crayons, 2 gray crayons. Mastered special decks: nonary, nonbinary. Received: foxfaced09, foxfaced11, goofy10, compact17, scarletfox13, paradise16, elfhelm18, jiji05, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon.

2024.05.05 - Exchanged in Natsume's Book of Cards 191: happiness01, happiness07, happiness10. Received: converted01, converted02, converted03.

2024.05.05 - (+11, =18270) Received from Little Spell Academia 312: iamdeath03, onewhole03, cheese06, onewhole04, foxspirit05, masks02, foxspirit06, foxspirit07, onewhole05, onewhole06, masks03

2024.05.04 - (+14, =18259) Received from New Release 168: memeow01, woof01, bonbon01, rr-owch01, patissiere01, honkhonk01, crisp01, forgery01, cisoria01, arcella01, kid07, kid12, kid13, sig_ange.

2024.05.04 - (+9, =18245) Received from Little Spell Academia 311: pious02, sullen11, sin09, sin12, sin15, sin16, sullen18, onewhole02, masks01.

2024.04.24 - (+9, =18236) Received from Little Spell Academia 310: sin05, blooddevil04, sullen08, foxspirit01, foxspirit02, foxspirit03, foxspirit04, sullen10, sin08.

2024.04.24 - Traded with Rocky: softspoken10, caterpillar02, ability09, badfuture16, badfuture19, blooming08, canterlot11, cheesedrop10, deathtrap18, dwarfmade04, grassland20, gyarus01, gyarus02, gyarus12, hyuponia16, neoarcadia05, neoarcadia18, seafaring08, solami08, stomp11, territory04, urusei20, usagimimi13, wealthy10, wise-crack08. Received: iamdeath02, iamdeath07, iamdeath16, onewhole07, 10years02, diasomnia15, kinkan15, logic03, marry18, minor09, overblot05, shamouti06, aesthetics06, archangels02, artificial18, baa07, baa16, bell05, blackmagic05, blight07, blight17, blueangel15, boyslove17, carla06, carry08.

2024.04.17 - (+11, =18227) Received from Little Spell Academia 309: flotsam01, expergiscens17, expergiscens18, bloodbag18, bloodbag19, expergiscens19, flotsam02, flotsam03, expergiscens20, graveryl16, onewhole20

2024.04.17 - (-5, =18216) Traded with Ally: deathangel20. Received: cookbook02. Gifted to Ally: e-ming15, ruoye06, ruoye12, amon11, amon17, and a crayon rainbow.

2024.04.17 - Traded with PhiPhi:aegisshield11, defending20, galland15, henshin03, landlord19, logicshow05, logicshow17, messiah10, niflheim04, noheart19, nothing06, paris18, parkour14, pathogens16, pocket06, pot08, producer07, salon02, sand09, sandwich18, scheming20, scum01, seasalt17, selfies17, shard10, shieikan08, shieikan20, shiny10, shrewd07, shrewd16, shrewd19, sinae14, starfall18, strip06, studio17, tart18, teases05, therapist08, throttle17, wild06, wild12, wild20, whitewolf20. Received: onewhole18, highschool02, holypriest01, onread11, vice-captain01, androphilia06, april16, bell14, corrine06, diamond18, dnn01, dreamland15, embrasque02, evasive14, expressive16, g-1212, gaps19, haggler10, heke14, hollie01, homeworld07, intimidating13, kanaan57917, lhantmanor19, luci-nee18, netnavi18, omoiyari08, pomeranian04, pressure11, prism04, robots04, royalties14, shiengumi18, skateboard13, sketch19, skincare12, snail02, snail15, sorry09, summon13, tiger02, violetwolf11, windwaker09.

2024.04.13 - (+30, =18221) Received from Glorious Green: bloodbag03, bloodbag06, bloodbag09, bloodbag10, bloodbag11, bloodbag12, bloodbag15, bloodbag16, expergiscens13, expergiscens14, expergiscens15, expergiscens16, twohalves16, twohalves17, twohalves18, twohalves19, twohalves20, automaton17, automaton18, bbq09, bbq15, bbq17, bbq18, paradisaea09, paradisaea10, paradisaea19, waka-sama08, waka-sama09, waka-sama10, waka-sama11

2024.04.13 - (+10, =18191) Received from April Fool's 2024: nonbinary03, nonbinary07, nonbinary08, nonbinary14, nonbinary15, nonbinary19, nonary09, nonary17, nonary20, foxfaced08

2024.04.13 - (+9, =18181) Received from Little Spell Academia 308: twohalves08, twohalves09, twohalves10, expergiscens11, twohalves11, twohalves12, twohalves14, twohalves15, expergiscens12

2024.04.13 - (+21, =18172) Donated to Coloring Book 324: gray crayon x1. Received: jet-black02, curse13, wrongs11, scarred14, shishi-oh14, 66707, smoking13, nag11, nailgun18, bigfall14, drillsaw01, starfall18, knightmare07, cherrybomb16, parkour14, yaiba19, crackers15, videogirl20, capitulation15, scum01, buoyant14

2024.04.13 - (+64, =18151) Donated to Coloring Book 325: yellow crayon x3, gray crayon x1. Received: candidacy06, champions01, fantasize04, kakyoin15, throttle17, debonair04, superluminal01, phantompain17, bigfall17, doublefang17, badgames08, badgames18, x-scissor19, imp13, stringer01, remembering05, martuba04, takarazuka17, insignia07, tokyoelite03, bearth17, billiards12, nature09, competitive16, desert05, swordcane15, swordcane02, twohalves03, spotter08, bell09, komachi09, roadroller15, kimurar02, teaparty04, inazma07, dln-00820, sandwich18, meruhen11, rhythmic05, hadoukyuu16, twohalves13, snotdrop09, guardiansbow17, swordcane16, doodles05, shresta10, pinkskull06, literary17, fairy01, pullcord07, 92fs15, mage17, redeyes01, motorola06, rap09, odysseus20, halfninja08, somersault03, indisguise13, stelma06, smirk18, embalming08, pasta17, overheat20

2024.04.13 - (+5, =18087) Received from Most Wanted 112: ifrit15, awaken02, minerals13, haradhanu04, henshin03

2024.04.13 - (+5, =18082) Received from Most Wanted 111: softspoken10, transfigure19, inlovewith02, creampuffs07, ikayaki08

2024.04.13 - (+20, =18077) Received from Pick a Color 259: slow04, eightball15, rieri20, evenkeeled16, valorstrikes10, caferoman18, animegirls10, evenkeeled02, merha17, oldersister10, riviera18, mantaray10, croptop10, seraphim10, onibaba01, evenkeeled18, swordcane18, eightball01, aegisshield11, mei-chan01

2024.04.13 - (+53, =18057) Donated to Coloring Book 322: gray crayon x2, yellow crayon x1. Received: susanoo17, champions04, theworld15, shinsou11, cosplayer04, whitebomber11, uzumaki15, strikers09, deathless08, mrstrong04, pelerinage19, mathematical07, uldah16, defending20, impetuous15, invaded11, magdalene15, oyaji20, jenova17, brutal05, paper18, theloyal17, pureromance10, 4thbatter10, pelerinage14, armorless03, shui04, kafziel06, sanction14, tsunderes15, usas15, zaku18, bounty09, hosoyan12, bookworm03, flowterrace17, translator04, spacepatrol10, maintaining15, vermouth07, possess11, pah-chin06, sarcophalon20, uneasy20, fimbulventr13, sorcery07, yuri14, cube15, yuris04, fly-by-night06, blight09, vlog07, krat14.

2024.04.13 - (+5, =18004) Received from Most Wanted 104: titan07, negatives20, swarm04, yorha14, messiah10

2024.04.13 - (+21, =17999) Donated to Coloring Book 321: yellow crayon. Received: ribika12, caterpillar02, eo15, desu15, easymode03, elquixote12, bounty14, affectionate10, thunderclap06, uneasy08, pah-chin10, pah-chin05, otakulife10, drawing01, greengirl05, toeflash02, dresser19, kafziel17, myosotis08, marketplace08, scubagear11

2024.04.13 - (+32, =17978) Donated to Coloring Book 326: yellow crayon x2. Received: extreme06, gambanteinn02, azazel15, floral13, magikoopa13, gemstone10, carefree14, steelpipe14, snotdrop11, riviera17, snotdrop12, paris18, witches04, itomori16, toxin02, galland15, noheart19, liumang14, jaunt13, theraijuu12, hiwa08, muru11, wiseking02, slob20, desert11, twinmoon18, iamdeath01, iamdeath11, ribblades02, bubble06, bigstar06, teases05

2024.04.13 - (+5, =17946) Received from No Context Theater 363: distortion04, harpist18, rupture06, ottomanbou17, babybottle15

2024.04.04 - Traded with PhiPhi: el06, el08, el13, el16, forlove15, gaedearg07, house17, influencer14, irondragon03, irondragon18, kaminomimi09, legends05, legends11, oversleeper04, pessimist07, ponytail12, quicksilvers09, quicksilvers11, quicksilvers18, rat12, rhythmia13, rhythmia20, ryuuseiken08, senza07, senza14, sexpistols12, steelpipe11, swordsmanship08, syringe02, taitobracer06, taitobracer09, taitobracer12, taitobracer14, taitobracer19, talentshow07, talentshow08, thunderbrand13, traverse09, wallachia13. Received: iamdeath13, iamdeath14, anatta02, lovey-dovey18, topmaid18, tragedies19, conman12, covert03, denpa18, dragons12, drunkenfist13, dubking19, endless19, fairness09, fetch06, floatserve06, friedeggs18, gestures20, ghosts16, granfaro20, hakama19, inazma12, isuppose17, kanaan57901, kawasumia09, kings11, kings15, laurentina03, lgbtgames08, mages08, mayonaka20, neshitteru07, otherside13, panepon01, securitycat10, stapler06, thecrows19, trickery04, windwitch14.

2024.03.31 - (+10, =17941) Received from Little Spell Academia 307: expergiscens03, expergiscens04, expergiscens05, expergiscens06, automaton16, automaton13, automaton14, expergiscens07, expergiscens08, expergiscens09, expergiscens10.

2024.03.31 - (+10, =17930) Received from Little Spell Academia 306: expergiscens02, graveryl13, twohalves02, bbq08, sullen06, twohalves03, twohalves04, twohalves05, twohalves06, twohalves07.

2024.03.31 - (+15, =17920) Received from Release 167: twohalves01, onewhole01, grusserena01, expergiscens01, iamdeath01, cyberghost01, shishibone01, seafairy01, hollyhock01, sekhmet01, rieri03, sig_ange, waka-sama02, waka-sama04, waka-sama06.

2024.03.24 - (+10, =17905) Received from Little Spell Academia 305: graveryl01, automaton11, dowser02, cheese05, graveryl03, graveryl05, automaton12, graveryl06, paradisaea08, graveryl07.

2024.03.24 - (+7, =17895) Received Valentine's chocolate and cards:
Purple chocolate and sullen01 from Emelie
Yellow chocolate and nonbinary17 from Jun
Gray chocolate and foxfaced05 from Aru
Yellow chocolate and eyes16 from Lenga
Yellow chocolate and eyes14 from Cherry
Yellow chocolate and paradisaea20 from Lex
Blue chocolate and nonary16 from Charlotte

2024.03.17 - Traded with PhiPhi: 0003901019, absolute11, aces18, agna07, akahebi11, amia19, antivirus15, aoitori03, arranged11, auction02, bangle13, barefists05, biggsnwedge14, biggsnwedge17, bikinis07, blacklambs08, blacklambs11, bladeking06, blonddevil18, burmecia18, byakko17, callisto20, candles06, casters20, cavalry01, cendrillon15, cheery05, cheery16, childlike05, chipmunk06, chocobo18, chocobos15, chpostal20, chronos01, chronos15, cids19, clotting02, complex08, complex15, complex20, confectioner16, contests07, councillor06, crowknights12, cursedtwin08, cursedtwin09, cuties15, dagda20, dancer08, danderes19, darkroad04, dawn03, daytimestar10, daytimestar12, dazzling05, dependent01, doggy17, dryjuice13, earthshaker14, editor05, elysian06, enanan16, everafter02, explosives04, fleeting06, forever13, guertena06, hamlet18, happyda09, hyperion05, kijin16, kitchen06, knowledge15, lightofgod13, lorikeet08, maiko03, maracas03, marionettes15, masamune14, masamune18, massacre04, moogle12, moogledoll03, naive09, nao16, natto05, netidol01, netidol07, nike09, nike11, noblest15, normalgirl04, number003, nyanperona20, oblivion07, oils09, oils11, opast07, outburst02, outlook11, panda06, panda16, partyguests01, partyguests02, petulant18, photobomb18, photos18, physician01, pie02, piercedboy07, pistol20, pity10, platitudes12, potatoes17, proven14, proven20, pupil07, radiance20, radio06, rain07, rain20, recipes06, reginleiva14, roserade17, roserade18, salamander12, silentway12, skyjack06, souffle02, souffle18, strategist03, succubus02, succubus09, succubus12, succubus19, surrender14, surrender20, taikodrums17, tenebrae15, theswift01, throttle14, timberowl10, tooth05, tooth19, trapped13, tusk05, ultima18, valentines03, valentines08, valentines13, valentines19, walkingheart09, walks06, weddings03, xxxx03, youthful01. Received: fimbulvetr16, planners03, planners09, 3-a04, 4minutes10, adapt14, aesthetics02, ambidex08, androphilia13, angelicwhip05, another12, apprentice15, aristocracy01, artificial09, asteroid01, astralartes13, baa02, bangsineyes04, bangsineyes06, bartending08, better05, butlers17, caliburn02, carry20, cathedral05, clown03, commandant13, conjurer11, crossveins08, crush03, cruxis09, cutlass05, darkangel20, denpa20, densecaress03, diamond03, electrifying06, elegance03, elegant19, emoticon02, emotion01, enigma08, escapesp09, escapesp16, fermata17, floral16, flying01, fourarts12, fox16, fulldrive16, genista12, gliese05, goodnight15, greatspirit19, haunt11, haven20, headangel14, horizons10, hymns19, hysterical05, hysterical08, hysterical20, inazma04, inazma13, inazma17, innovative12, isuppose14, jacks09, kanaan57918, kararagi11, kararagi17, kawakamit11, kawasumia02, kilenc18, kishow08, lamentation08, laser13, lazypigs11, liars19, lolita02, lolita08, mages06, mallet14, mallet17, masks20, meibe15, mindset20, momiji14, nomotivation15, obsidian07, occultism12, overelement04, overelement14, parasite03, pasta18, pedigree10, penguin06, penguin10, pooka03, pooka08, potential06, pretty07, prism20, puppetgirl14, purememory14, qliphoth12, qliphoth14, rabbithole09, reader11, realist20, reality03, remarried01, remarried20, replay08, restore17, revolt12, robots14, roseneedle14, royal01, ryouran11, sayo08, scuro05, self-help19, shiitake01, shou16, sidecharacter01, sigmund02, silverknife11, sketch13, sketch16, snowhawk18, sonycat09, spaceout01, tangelo13, tasla16, teru19, thecrows11, theend01, theundead03, theundead05, thunderclap10, tianzi03, tianzi07, tophat10, trickery06, umbilical14, vendredi12, vessel17, wisp06, wisp16, witch12, younger11, youtube04, youtube05, zither11, zombie11.

2024.03.10 - (+15, =17888) Received from Little Spell Academia 304: cursed09, hell01, automaton08, agape16, agape17, paradisaea04, automaton09, agape18, automaton10, hell03, cursed15, cursed19, agape20, paradisaea07, eyes10.

2024.03.10 - (+4, =17873) Received Valentine's chocolate and cards:
Yellow chocolate and bbq14 from Kyuu
Red chocolate and harumaki04 from Lauren
Yellow chocolate and eyes08 from Ouji
Yellow chocolate and bbq10 from Mari

2024.02.27 - (+27, =17869) Mastery Chain. Mastered: feral, waltz, cookie, fivedays, information, resistance, jankenpon, lovefreak, brainwashing (FM). Received: brainwashing13, brainwashing14, brainwashing15, brainwashing16, brainwashing17, brainwashing18, brainwashing19, brainwashing20, bbq19, classrep01, elegy03, delusions02, aces18, substitute15, 0003901019, viis13, bazooka02, three07, gateau02, dirtyjokes13, modeling19, socialclub10, slob12, lyrical11, structure19, dwn-02117, survey19, 3 red crayons, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 2 brown crayons, 2 gray crayons.

2024.02.27 - (+10, =17842) Leveled up from Rainbow (+3) to Rainbow (+5). Received: brainwashing11, brainwashing12, eyeignite14, sumo20, juliet06, ctarl11, 58yearsold19, wealth05, witchparfait01, reversed01, 1 red crayon, 1 gray crayon.

2024.02.27 - (+9, =17832) Received from Little Spell Academia 302: agape15, brainwashing05, brainwashing06, brainwashing07, cursed14, kid03, brainwashing08, brainwashing09, brainwashing10.

2024.02.27 - (+14, =17823) Received from Release 166: brainwashing01, 10years01, summerbunny01, sexbobomb01, highschool01, halfninja01, memoir01, bernadelli01, photogenic01, topmaid01, sig_ange, brainwashing02, brainwashing03, brainwashing04.

2024.02.25 - Traded with Emo: boardgames11, breath16, camping14, happyworld19, inspirited19, lucifer07, moongold03, newyears15, softball15, sophia-chan10, sophia-chan12, sophia-chan17, tearmoon09, witchheart11. Received: multiflora10, nonbinary20, transceiver03, 3rdchild15, adapt19, artificial19, bachelor15, bartending20, cage10, capsule05, cards11, catsndogs13, color03, courage02.

2024.02.19 - (+12, =17809) Received from Little Spell Academia 301: jankenpon12, lovefreak11, lovefreak13, lovefreak14, jankenpon13, jankenpon14, agape12, jankenpon16, automaton19, sin03, jankenpon17, automaton20.

2024.02.19 - (+12, =17797) Mastery Chain. Mastered: masquerades (FM), artsguard (FM), figments. Received: figments18, figments19, nonary06, kijin16, mizuki13, teikoku14, winddance03, painting10, frausaphir06, kouhai-kun11, quick06, redrose04, 1 red crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon.

2024.02.19 - (+2, =17785) Received Valentine's chocolates and cards:
artsguard17 and grey chocolate from Byrd
automaton07 and yellow chocolate from PhiPhi

2024.02.18 - (+40, =17783) Recycled Art Trade (2024.02.11): antenna12, brokenrose01, coats04, coats10, coats14, dumbo07, eros04, euphonium15, friedeggs03, friedeggs09, friedeggs12, juuhachi-ban16, juuhachi-ban17, juuhachi-ban19, leaves01, lemu01, lemu04, lepus13, magiccancel17, maskchange15, meropide09, messhouen02, oripathy15, oripathy16, pomeranian01, provisions05, punklorde03, queenvirgo10, rollflash04, rollflash05, symmetry13, symmetry14, tableware19, tristan06, trumpeter08, tv01, tv04, tv19, uguu06, wildkat15

2024.02.18 - (+7, =17743) Received Valentine's chocolates and cards:
cookie20 & brown chocolate from Mini
automaton04 & yellow chocolate from Esa
automaton05 & yellow chocolate from Eli
waltz19 & purple chocolate from Len
artsguard20 & red chocolate from Rocky
bbq06 & yellow chocolate from Gaelle
automaton06 & yellow chocolate from Emo

2024.02.18 - (-25, =17736) Exchanged for Valentine's Event chocolate: 12thrank16, 15111, 2ofhearts12, 77716, a-hall05, ambitious18, animator05, catnoir08, cheery09, cheesyfood04, christianity19, coldnoodles12, complex20, compy18, countering20, crowanima10, dane09, dignity13, distanced06, doujinka14, drummer15, dum05, dystopia10, electricnet12, empath17.

2024.02.18 - Traded with Rocky: cousins18, longway13, otomeroad04, prison01, airhead18, atonce16, deathmetal03, destruction01, easel05, gainax18, houdai08, konpeitojar02, la-lakoosha14, overnight11, overnight17, rainbowroad18, songwriting17, sparky19, supporters17, toughguy14, vegitamura10, wife06, yoomtah04, coquettish20, gingerbread17, kindheart12, sailorfuku01, shinyrod15, solami09, solami12, submissive12, sweetscent09, sweetscent12, windelement20. Received: alatus02, cementarii02, lorelei09, affinity17, angeltoall07, aquarimms17, asteroid08, cyborg00909, daoshi07, detect10, duplication17, fiercewings14, galearc07, gigolo16, hellguide11, hysterical11, lenshunter13, musicians07, nico-nii19, noriyuki13, notlost15, reader12, revocs18, right17, risingsun04, ruinmode13, stepforward09, subservient10, tanpopo13, tenwolf16, troubadour10, umbilical01, worship12, yukis05.

2024.02.11 - (+14, =17761) Received from Little Spell Academia 300: artsguard07, artsguard09, artsguard11, figments08, nonary03, figments10, artsguard13, figments11, masquerades11, artsguard14, figments12, figments16, specialeyes01, nonary04.

2024.02.11 - Exchanged at Natsume's Book of Cards 179: hari04, hari09, hari15, hari20, thezombie07. Received: lust03, lust04, lust06, lust09, scarring01.

2024.02.11 - (+40, =17747) Recycled Art Trade (2023.11.29): april17, arcadia13, artificial02, attendant14, baumkuchen02, blacklizard18, blurry13, boilerroom09, brain05, brain13, cannon08, carry03, cry07, cureange04, diariumejus07, diariumejus17, dreamland01, dtr01, dtr06, dux19, evasive09, evasive15, evasive17, authors16, bubbleluna03, bubbleluna05, butlers01, butlers06, butlers13, butlers19, cardevolve07, cardevolve15, chefsknife03, containment10, containment15, cosplay08, divine13, divine15, dood13, dood20

2024.02.11 - (+32, =17707) Received from January 2024 Activity Rewards: investigate02, founding05, writings18, mold16, micdrop15, blacklizard10, front13, skyjack06, nomoney11, pioneers02, kuga-p13, chupa04, jiangzai13, turtleplush04, puku01, bal01, ghostroom01, harebare10, planet09, puissance18, knowledge15, chui03, miyagami18, prakk05, musical19, 3dgraphics09, silentway12, ancient08, jakob15, bewitching09, archpriest12, deadcenter10, 1 green crayon, 2 gray crayons

2024.02.11 - (+5, =17675) Received from Most Wanted 103: kitakami13, harumaki01, eternal11, punklorde16, councillor06.

2024.02.11 - Traded with Jun: curefelice10, curefelice11, curefelice12, destructive10, gouki02, gouki15. Received: masquerades15, couturier08, cursed12, jobko09, jobko16, symphony08.

2024.02.11 - (-2, =17670) Traded with Esa: 10seconds01, badcompany15, bornthisway01, catweed03, comicbook03, comicbook03, crazedmoon05, crazedmoon05, crazedmoon07, cream04, cream06, d4c20, darklord06, doves08, dss17, eggplant10 eggplant14, foundation09, foundation10, grandcruz20, harvest02, harvest20, heartattack08, heartattack20, hiddencurse16, horus06, legacy07, legacy08. Received: ffinity12, animula04, armorless09, ashore04, assertive03, attendant13, blackhole11, bridal18, bustersword07, confidants20, containment15, delusion03, densecaress13, destreza07, doodlesuit15, drag12, dtr08, electrifying05, electrifying11, gba10, heartshaped06, noctua11, planners12, shamouti07, shamouti15, shii06.

2024.02.07 - Traded with Ouji: andycane04, glitter03, leader12, marching13, y2kbug14, eagle05, fate06, goggles01, badda-boom08, barrage09, catalyst14, protective03, sockpuppet04, tamer14, felisalba18, kinich09, nahindenge12, noahsark08, papiyas12, scubagear20, joestar16, mrstrong07, mrstrong14, femmefatale13, moondreg19. Received: bestia01, blooddevil10, canis04, lotossomno05, uneasy02, yunduan04, 00s18, archer01, besieger19, bigkitty11, catcafe16, catcafe18, cendrillon08, crowds04, cruxis01, cruxis17, cureange02, cureblack03, cutlass01, cutlass02, dance02, dancer09, dancer13, darkaltar12, darkangel18.

2024.02.05 - (+1, =17672) Traded with Aru: bahamut15, quietus15, words18, driller20, honneamise18, ifrit08, margrace13, oils18, r-66y03, r-66y16, slurp19, bruteforce13, foxmask02, onthefloor14, onthefloor17, sassy18, bloodpact20, feathershine01, obsidian12, stormwatch18, testedone17, zumama02, timeleap17, twindevils03, hans05, kanaan57912, nada10, shangun03, shangun08, computerlit11, negotiation06, negotiation15, rockstar20, musicmatch16, pranking01, asrun08, atelier01, clouds01, herbamystica10, whiteraven04, babyshark12, egystagram14, formation14, grapefruit10, hacking09, illdoc17, newstar08, rightearring02, rightearring07, stratagems11, telophoroi11. Received: eyes13, pious13, ampulla06, critical02, diasomnia05, diasomnia14, dracaena01, feles13, folklorist14, folklorist15, foresight18, ignium01, jankenpon19, lagenaria17, lepus02, lepus04, lepus05, lepus11, lotossomno17, lupus07, magicae01, minor07, monoceros02, paradisaea18, planners01, rose12, rose14, rtawahist16, striker15, tarts01, trifolium05, umbrabilis09, viator17, victormare11, waka-sama17, wakuwaku18, yunduan05, angelo06, angelo10, angelpowder05, another07, aristocracy18, artificial15, ashore19, assassin03, assassin06, attendant05, attendant07, backlace03, bangsineyes01, battleship03, battleship19.

2024.02.04 - Exchanged at Natsume's Book of Cards 178: computerlit05, marker07, marker08, marker14, marker18. Received: canvas02, lulua02, lulua03, lulua04, lulua05.

2024.02.04 - (+13, =17671) Received from Little Spell Academia 299: cookie12, viatrix04, waltz15, lovefreak03, waltz16, cookie15, lovefreak06, cursed07, cookie18, automaton03, waltz18, lovefreak09, eyes07

2024.02.04 - Traded with Cami: dreamycrown12, filming04, influencer14, influencer19, rakshasa18. Received: masquerades07, bugkingdom04, dowser16, lapisdei20, twili16.

2024.02.04 - Traded with Kyuu: yearsafter14, yearsafter17. Received: artsguard18, bbq16.

2024.02.04 - Traded with Ouji: braver09, crybaby08, witchelny04, nature20, nso07, nso08, partner17, flapping01, flapping14, friendship07. Received: masquerades08, bestia16, hell11, henshin10, spiderweb11, twili02, twili04, twili08, twili16, woe16.

2024.02.04 - (+12, =17658) Received from Hi-5 Radio 237: android19, flamingo11, risingsun02, nods04, devilstrill09, onee-sama01, laevatein17, surgeon06, nomalice18, grumbly03, cheesedrop11, weak15.

2024.02.04 - (+12, =17646) Received from Hi-5 Radio 237: vulcangun09, xxxx03, gifts05, dystopia19, silkmoth15, talent12, cureyell15, neko-neko14, prison01, sunburst09, diamonds11, baseball20

2024.02.04 - (+11, =17634) Received from Go Fish! 396: candycane04, rosenberg10, amon17, eclair08, recipes06, kaichou04, paimon20, ancients18, kbt12, courtesan07, pioneer01, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon

2024.02.04 - (+20, =17623) Received from Pick a Color 254: shamblor19, treecairn09, gifts13, femmefatale13, firstsun02, somniel09, scubagear20, bigsky10, kinich09, yuris19, libraking11, rose-tai04, moondreg19, noahsark08, troiavelos05, tenma14, yuris17, nahindenge12, glitter03, felisalba18.

2024.02.04 - Received from Pick a Color 253: 2 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 2 yellow crayons, 2 green crayons, 2 blue crayons, 2 purple crayons, 2 brown crayons, 2 gray crayons.

2024.02.04 - (+15, =17603) Received from Advent Calendar Day 06: abis01, chiefmaid09, grudge18, magdalene08, macaroon05, tapir17, coupdetat10, unassuming02, aodaisho16, herbamystica10, fired-up02, otomeroad04, farsia15, childofgod07, honor08

2024.02.04 - (+32, =17588) Donated to Coloring Book 321: grey crayon x2. Received: killer15, stungun13, territory04, mari01, 3rdregiment14, pinkskull14, whiteraven04, go-ryu10, theloyal13, mrstrong07, mrstrong14, krat19, oxygen04, soapland14, blackrain18, crusnik19, timeleap17, lilies07, fogdoor20, pro13, weaponsmith04, necromancer20, gsleague09, grondement19, armorless14, armorless17, badkitty13, kourindou08, armored14, puririn11, starfish10, hatred09.

2024.02.04 - (+5, =17556) Received from Most Wanted 102: apron14, long-lived06, nevarl02, cousins18, dreamycrown15.

2024.02.04 - (+32, =17551) Donated to Coloring Book 320: red crayon x2. Received: rakuen15, hungrywolf14, esthar08, bitterherbs07, dwarfmade04, longway13, childsenpai02, papiyas12, totheend02, lythos19, informant10, jumprope15, crystalsaber19, meteo06, cureamour10, starboar04, hug08, wandering16, elemio14, neoarcadia18, kugimiya17, odasaku09, shirogamon06, musashi07, joestar16, blacklambs11, transceiver11, totheend10, chaosbrigade14, privatesign07, madainsari01, honkytonk10.

2024.01.28 - Exchanged in Natsume's Book of Cards 177: ancients07, ancients16, ancients16, ankle06, ankle09. Received: jankenpon06, jankenpon07, jankenpon09, election01, election02.

2024.01.28 - (+8, =17519) Received from Little Spell Academia 298: resistance03, agape10, resistance08, resistance12, resistance15, resistance18, resistance19, agape11.

2024.01.28 - (+16, =17511) Received from Release 165 - January: vlog01, armorless01, blight01, cathedral01, catacombs01, multiflora01, shardsword01, coats01, punklorde01, uneasy01, yukis19, sig_ange, yukis07, agape04, agape05, agape08,

2024.01.28 - (+5, =17495) Received from Most Wanted 101: liumang05, bodydouble05, rakshasa18, tv18, asterism03

2024.01.28 - Traded with Rocky: caterpillar07, forest13, goldfish15, icefield11, icefield15, kyrie07, kyrie08, kyrie17, sexybomber12, happyclap15, marketing17, meganekko09, meganekko19, polarbear02, postergirl07, postergirl08, postergirl09, repairs05, repairs08, sexybomber02, sexybomber03, submissive09, taiko08, theboss04, toughguy18, twirl16, twirl20, asturia18, egawa14, longway17, koopalings16, toyboat17, 70years09, 70years19, chaotix03, chaotix13, drums20, ecchi17, foreigner06, lacytanga02, lateshift16, la-lakoosha02, specials11, songwriting06. Received: menhera09, 10s09, alliance04, alone02, blood-maker04, chrysalis07, destreza20, dreammare09, emeraldwitch06, fractureray10, gunpowder05, homeland10, hysterical18, inazma09, jumprope02, jumprope18, justiciars02, kawakamit04, kuuderes15, lazypigs15, lonelymoon14, magicpaint08, magicpaint11, magicpaint18, manapower11, meido08, mistpillar05, notafraid17, offrecord11, petpals08, pulling18, purple04, royal07, saving09, snowhawk01, snowhawk05, symmetry06, trickery17, two-faced18, versicolor16, violetwolf06, vocalist06, wildgeese11, yaoi17.

2024.01.21 - (+12, =17490) Received from Hi-5 Radio 236: changban12, rabbithero05, tsukkomi17, vagabond11, mypast03, atlas03, mohawk16, horrorsp07, verycute15, hollowheart01, mazanma17, inspirited19

2024.01.21 - (+5, =17478) Received from Coloring Book 319 - Special Round!: himbos11, souledge18, salazzle08, rednose05, twindevils03

2024.01.21 - (+3, =17473) Received from Scrapbooks 288 & 289 Donation: resentment17, sanction14, hexed19, 1 brown crayon.

2024.01.21 - (+10, =17470) Received from Little Spell Academia 297: information09, information13, information14, information15, information16, bbq04, pious01, information17, cookie07, eyes06.

2024.01.16 - (+2, =17460) Traded with Byrd: argentea13, argentea15, arias20, thumbwar11, thumbwar18, dirtyjokes12, dadada06, robot20, mellowbeat07, jpx4804, vividcolor03, material02, material17, depression14, skytrainer17, skytrainer20, musical01, boke19, isshu17, house12, mtsilver15, girle10, girle12, swarm09, swarm15, cureselene13, cureselene18, veneer16, veneer17, fun-loving11, vegitamura02, vegitamura05, mop17, ishikawa02, ishikawa11. Received: sinae08, darkside08, divine08, embrasque12, evasive01, genista05, gliese15, gunpowder02, heartless08, homeland14, hunting08, intelligent04, kacchon14, lhantmanor02, littlebuddy08, littlekitty08, meido16, neshitteru10, noriyuki08, purple14, realist13, rekku20, roses07, sacredpower19, shou06, sunfish05, sweatdrops02, symmetry15, tidalelegy08, training11, uranohoshi17, waterpillar08, yahaha12, yorha08, zombie16. Received as a gift: masquerades13, masquerades03.

2024.01.16 - (+20, =17458) Received from Most Wanted 100 - Special Round!: ishikawa11, egawa06, ishikawa03, lyrics07, horizons13, horizons03, influencer07, ishikawa02, lyrics02, tv15, egawa14, influencer19, survivor07, animula17, streamer15, influencer14, baymax12, tv11, braver09, influencer02.

2024.01.15 - Traded with Koinuko: babbit15, buzzer08, crazyd11, deepsleep15, doggy12, doubleflat08, duck12, generosity04, huntress11, jazzdance06, tennis18, perseus03, perseus07, perseus17, sonar02, sonar04, sonar14, totodile14, aisu16, anklets01, archpriest03, averageness05, blackmist11, boardgames10, combatknives09, create09, crocodile04, crocodile06, crystal11, dashing14, dss05, evidol13, gasmask20, gemknight19, geta06, heartcross15, heartmask03, insect06, juicebat20, lovesongs12, mezzopiano17, muda07, muscular11, neongem20, nervous02, oneshot09, oranges19, penance06, raindance16, ritsu10, ritsu12, safetyfirst07, scheming15, tblock18, thechariot11, toon19, tune06, value03, volcanic09, whitewhistle17. Received: canis13, gba05, gba12, heartshaped15, lapisdei04, magicae06, paradisaea06, takumin12, visualnovel08, visualnovel19, 62412, 62420, acrobat16, aloupeeps02, androphilia12, artificial07, artificial12, assertive07, automail20, batsu06, batsu10, blanchefil16, bloodbank18, blueangel16, bookseller19, bustersword17, cain01, canvas03, chefsknife01, chefsknife13, combat07, comnet14, cosplays05, crowds19, cureange08, darkaltar03, darkaltar17, darkangel01, darkside01, dechuwa11, delusion08, despair18, detectives09, diamond20, dininghall12, divine08, domino01, dreammare03, dreammare14, drunkenfist19, dumbo11, dumbo17, egoist16, electrifying17, emeraldwitch18, endings03, endings16, europeans11, eyepatch14, firstaid01.

2024.01.15 - Traded with Ouji: yamazakura07, ooooo15, stamp17, keyward19, ayanon09, ayanon11, ayanon12, hayamin07, koyasut08, namidai11, namidai17, onoken04, onoken09, sakurait18, sugitan01, suzuken10, eruptions04, eruptions05, eruptions15, hallmonitor18, maki06, orphans20, protectors14, queenanne08, badbreath14, adherent17, bliss16, bratty03, bratty13, margrace04, theundying18, xfjproject10, diamondclan06, diamondclan16, halved07, pearlclan02, pearlclan07, abes07, abes13, herbamystica06, routes13, throttle08, auracite01, dearest02, false07, limsa03, limsa11, luckless10, rai-net06, riolu05, salieri04, tribunus15, vexed17, levincia06, finalproblem19, mew-chan18, vows06, vows08, joestar12, sophomore05. Received: ursed13, himbos06, menhera07, artists20, avilio11, bartending12, baumkuchen17, belderiver17, benefits05, benefits07, benefits10, better07, bitphones05, bitphones13, black18, blackharu13, blackhole08, blacklion01, blacklion03, bookseller02, bookseller11, boyslove13, brain16, breakerfist14, broadway02, broom10, caged03, caged11, cannon11, carry07, catbus15, chefsknife16, chessboard01, chessboard02, chomp02, clamp01, classical19, cloudcrest17, clow12, clubsgame16, collar07, collar11, collar12, color14, comakarma10, combat02, commandant03, commandant12, commandant19, conjurer19, conman20, containment16, copybot02, cosplay08, cosplay09, cosplay09, cosplay12, crossveins04, crossveins07, crossveins18.

2024.01.15 - Traded with Lita: ahoy12, ahoy16, aloupeeps07, baerats03, blitzball02, caerula02, chihuahua06, chihuahua15, deadbeats07, deron07, deron20, dewville19, enkephalin10, enmember02, enmember13, enmember18, fandead19, fired-up19, geidontei13, harveston13, hiyamaru15, hiyamaru18, honeycakes16, kapu-min14, kapu-min15, kazama-tai13, kikkeriki05, kingswand19, komainu19, kronies11, melfriends11, melfriends15, mikopi12, moviestar06, moviestar20, onigiryaa18, overload01, poroneu04, preyseeker01, preyseeker04, requesters13, requesters18, robosa18, sharp09, sharp16, sialaluce04, starmap03, starmap11, stronghold07, survival03, survival12, svarog08, sylvestris07, teamates02, teamates20, videogames05, videogames15, yamabiko17, zumama18, sanpaku19, sanpaku20. Received: masquerades05, masquerades09, bridal02, couturier14, crazyslots18, cursed06, foxfaced19, gba15, jobko03, jobko17, kotobukiya10, lovefreak10, needles14, nonbinary04, sullen19, worldcup01, yunduan08, 10s10, 1stchild14, alone14, another18, antenna02, arcadia17, archaeology08, archer03, automail08, bamboostalk11, believer10, benefits06, berries12, bigkitty19, blackhole16, blankit03, boringworld17, bubbleluna05, butlers16, cards05, carry01, chefsknife09, clockland16, cocky20, color05, commandteam02, copybot07, crossdressm18, crush12, cureange09, cureblack12, cureblack17, dance06, darkaltar02, darkangel13, darkside17, design03, diariumejus01, distracted17, dogkeeper14, dqo07, dqo18, dreamland07, drunkenfist03.

2024.01.15 - Traded with Lenga: escaped05, breaking10, lettuce20, psychology07, stonefree08, anguished09, blossom02, blossom10, blossom14, blossom20, gaku-chan12, jaunt04, jaunt18, junglegym09, marine01, marine10, sunshine02, sunshine16, poisoned01. Received: gba05, dullahan04, liberation11, miyanom15, symmetry01, island19, monopolize09, monopolize10, parasite17, potential12, scilab01, scilab07, scilab20, torture17, trafficjam11, doloris09, iceprince09, iceprince17, iceprince20.

2024.01.14 - Traded with Lauren: butterfly05, lend15, notweak04, addict10, ark05, ark11, codec17, hide05, killer16, pikopiko04, pliskin13, trigger06, ubcs05, ubcs09, unlucky02, uzumaki15, uzumaki20. Received: alatus04, bridal12, carmendei04, carmendei06, ignium13, iracundus08, jobko19, konpeitojar12, noctua08, pristina06, puppy10, shii08, sin06, sinae10, specialeyes15, squeak18, yunduan18.

2024.01.14 - (+9, =17438) Received from Little Spell Academia 296: feral16, waltz14, fivedays14, feral17, fivedays15, waltz09, fivedays17, waltz11, fivedays20

2024.01.14 - (+30, =17429) Donated to Advent Calendar Day 9: bugs01, cutegirls11, cars04, godknows04, loud03, nyaa-chan09, muscular05, odd03, joblistings12, process06, sniff12, holyman04, holymilk09, holywater13, lizard02, spy17, piratelord02, attack05, build10, natural03, poopgod04, postergirl06, stalking06, seafood06, stops08, sheep07, skirt02, transfer05, parasitic03, secluded06. Received: vertex09, konpeitojar02, traditional12, viginti19, roommate01, install04, pompous16, kiseki-ou17, isenergy11, dempsey20, vicious04, luckycharm10, pagoda03, corazon18, longway17, wildgeese09, fallfairy01, criticrista07, greatwhite03, cthugha08, cureace01, following18, musicstart16, suwama20, songwriting17, regal05, abes07, 00718, mochimazui05, switchaxe15, popo17, oils09, abnormal14, traveler18, gardening17, sialaluce19, zelban05, wildbear17, fatherduma07, flowershop05, silverngold02, firstsin03, mooncell08, doumei16, sprout14, smokebomb15, townhall01, yourbook12, learning06, verbose01, glintarmor15, cuties15, demonrose06, haybales10, flamboyant10, airsoft11, villains11, daathic18, boisterous03, cahoots01.

2024.01.14 - Exchanged at Swap Station 226: foresight10, foxfaced14, masquerades12, perennial01. Received: foresight12, foxfaced04, masquerades04, perennial17.

2024.01.14 - (+30, =17399) Received from Release Roulette 022: acceleration16, mysweethome05, luxuria19, flea06, natsukodachi15, comedian03, nifl19, yamazakura05, laverre14, atonce05, fen06, stormwatch18, wags15, camouflage15, monge04, ningguang17, badcompany15, flea13, natsukodachi20, copycat08, ulaula14, shadowball04, ulaula07, mine20, usasan06, acceleration20, skytrainer17, mine04, monge06, yamazakura07

2024.01.14 - (+10, =17369) Received from Pokeradar 354: stamp17, stormflower09, forgive06, adopted15, pherae18, 3moles03, highspirited19, revolver08, angelichowl16, center12

2024.01.14 - (+3, =17359) Received from Scrapbooks 285 & 286 Donation: demonk17, madder03, never16, purple crayon x1.

2024.01.14 - (+10, =17356) Received from Most Wanted 98 & 99: magvel14, menhera14, horizons01, influencer14, huntress11, influencer02, tv14, blacklambs08, duck12, nightshade13

2024.01.14 - (+5, =17346) Received from Special Deck Donation (Univeil): prideful02, witchheart11, eagle05, goldenspark20, tenebrae15, 1 purple crayon.

2024.01.14 - (+65, =17341) Received from Release Roulette 021: selfiestick20, plusultra09, psychocut01, solami12, sophia-chan12, oils11, series14, bloodseals09, pastel13, elementary09, slumberland16, punctual08, punctual15, solami09, sophia-chan17, elementary01, shenanigans20, heavenshole07, aviator09, swarm15, punctual16, pinkyswear16, dramas14, pinkyswear15, innate03, heavenshole18, dramas16, sophia-chan10, bloodseals18, elementary14, slumberland17, heavenshole08, ohana09, 62408, 62417, positive-kun14, pinkyswear08, series10, punctual15, dramas06, ground15, slumber08, cytokine17, yume16, jaguar09, restrained01, slumber13, aviator07, studio17, pastel08, elementary08, elementary11, shenanigans05, aviator11, balmung18, restrained13, maria13, shenanigans13, meltylily19, heavenshole10, sweetscent12, meltylily07, sweetscent09, artdirector16, maria09.

2024.01.14 - (+12, =17276) Received from Hi-5 Radio 234: planeptune17, sacredpower12, swordvassal07, sepbirthday16, bewitching20, trickster18, buckler15, robberfly14, blademaster07, palemoon20, pear13, tristan01

2024.01.14 - (+30, =17264) Received from Puzzle Chains 293: scythe11, inherit01, logically20, buzzer08, attentive06, guild12, escaped20, 4702, mizuchi08, bro20, effort05, anguished09, pinkdevil13, uriah10, relife11, redshell13, pororin19, vertex05, sunk17, dependent01, flameking01, aesir11, befriend20, animalism07, laptop14, headboy14, trainride03, fine17, sai08, aluminum16, 1 yellow crayon

2024.01.14 - (+8, =17234) Received from Advent Calendar Day 08: chronojet20, aquaria18, descendant19, komainu19, bluethunder18, surrender14, r-66y16, dall08, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 purple crayon

2024.01.14 - (+13, =17226) Received from Advent Calendar Day 08: curbstomp04, badbreath14, underworld20, lindain15, hebihime06, generosity04, unfaltering15, nailbiter13, kitchenfist19, sciencelab06, innsmouth08, felisfuscus14, dread11, 1 red crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 gray crayon

2024.01.14 - (+9, =17213) Received from Go Fish! 392: kanaan57912, misandry04, fruitist09, planetarium20, phonecalls09, upperfive08, ragnell06, language02, curemiracle07, 1 yellow crayon

2024.01.14 - (+20, =17204) Received from Pick a Color 252: ioka19, artisan10, finalproblem19, latebloomer05, totodile14, eruptions15, joestar12, tenjiku02, dollowner15, croissant04, sonar02, zeal12, slurp19, libraking04, driller20, animula15, guardia08, notweak04, r-66y03, slurp05

2024.01.14 - (+20, =17184) Received from December '23 Activity Rewards: shinatsuhime20, petals08, charismatic16, iidako17, wardspell01, wormhole13, ringmaster16, native14, hypocrisy17, usagi11, singer05, exia10, strength08, successor11, microbes16, dearestwish09, guiltycross06, retakes14, stowaway20, designs03, 1 red crayon, 1 purple crayon

2024.01.14 - (+3, =17164) Received from Puzzle Chains 292: meltdowner17, losttrust17, kagemusha16, nothing06, rageblast16, alan10, radiohost04, amia19, discourse02, divine06, harihara06, aloupeeps07, etherrifle08, disorder08, believer02, vampa20, reglay16, right09, c-class01, labestia10, stratagems11, magicaltoy13, late04, lettuce20, complex20, myhero06, rukh06, mew-chan18, waiting17, karaoke18, 1 yellow crayon.

2024.01.14 - (+3, =17134) Received from September '23 Birthday Bonus: meibe12, animula07, light02, 1 blue crayon

2024.01.14 - (+9, =17131) Received from Deck Donation Rewards (Tresor, Stagecraft, Quartz): stellastage18, camouflage12, multilayered04, cutegirls08, surrender20, counselor12, recipes01, cendrillon15, witchgirl14, 1 orange crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 gray crayon

2024.01.14 - (+50, =17122) Received from Advent Calendar Day 21: multibug08, black08, fraujade08, catnoir08, hachinin-zato08, fishseller08, swordsmanship08, leadership08, throttle08, doubleflat08, narcissus08, reaper08, blazingyato08, promising08, djibril08, marker08, non-human08, vampirekiller12, beaker12, spy12, bringit12, elven12, protector12, seventeen12, musicians12, corneria12, starboar12, zealous12, volleyball12, aimo12, dodo12, construct12, prizemaster12, sexybomber12, pyrotechnics12, thirdperson01, positive01, partyguests01, forelock01, odblood01, netidol01, diamonddust01, klagen01, toybox01, puppy01, youthful01, swallows01, whitesilver01, fun01, vulpeszerda01.

2024.01.14 - (+24, =17072) Received from Hi-5 Radio 231 & 232: paulownia10, torment19, cupid08, vampirekiller15, oaths09, humanist12, killed12, unruly15, village19, postcognition07, diez12, questioning17, hallmonitor18, e-droid17, heritt18, defend16, shinya18, boardgames11, maskedg03, key08, mafioso19, queenanne08, fleadom12, journal14

2024.01.14 - (+5, =17048) Received from Coloring Book 317: youtube06, yunduan01, njorun04, grapefruit10, keyward19

2024.01.14 - (+5, =17043) Received from Coloring Book 316: pill16, well-meaning17, drinklink02, toei01, protectors14

2024.01.14 - (+20, =17038) Received from No Context Theater 345, 346, 347, 348: cursedwomb20, galvanic20, heavenspan14, herbamystica06, justiciars18, magvel05, njorun05, njorun18, nostrils08, pursuer09, saintess17, shrewd07, shrewd16, shrewd19, silverspoon05, taitobracer09, theswift01, youtube08, yunduan19, zither14

2024.01.14 - (+25, =17018) Received from Release Roulette 020: ecstasy17, wish04, spitfire09, fairy11, lemonade01, conquer18, reaper04, childish20, protective16, strategy14, bk-20118, maiden07, hadome11, part-time16, cipher07, cheri04, mercury07, kiss16, nyu09, thornqueen11, akatsubaki09, kenpo13, thepaper14, anchor05, psychiatrist04

2024.01.14 - (+3, =16993) Received from Scrapbook 287 Part 1: empty06, snowmaru17, theories04, 1 gray crayon.

2024.01.14 - (+30, =16990) Received from Release Roulette 019: irides10, resurrect01, jewelknight17, cornelia13, curtain13, shotgun18, snowy07, onii-chan16, branchgate17, blueribbon20, whistle16, wisteria02, fake18, escaflowne17, sekigan04, robotabuse08, fencing03, samurais10, sekigan13, shepherds17, whistle04, opening03, psychology07, superhuman10, florence15, wingly10, demoneyes05, snowy15, paladienne13, whitesilver19

2024.01.14 - (+25, =16960) Received from Release Roulette 018: blackbelt17, unicolyon15, zeus05, judecca14, mariposa14, boy-crazy01, geisha13, praetor11, feral09, epsilon12, marchenland12, jinchuu01, loligothic18, usagimimi13, hollywood10, quick09, judecca10, escaped19, syndicate09, hod15, starter05, throttle14, nazcaa07, blackdog10, praetor17.

2024.01.14 - (+30, =16935) Received from Puzzle Chains 291: teaparty02, dragonhead16, caelum10, lovequeen19, yharnam08, rules05, spirit11, imperatrix10, aboutus12, roundly14, hungary14, shoeless01, shakugan08, remakes20, inferior10, dategumi07, shower18, offering11, leaflands16, memphis09, hullabaloo11, silversword09, hatsushimo06, cauldrons04, procellarum12, sanctioned13, hypnosis01, lovesick14, waterslime01, grandcross19, 1 red crayon

2024.01.14 - (+25, =16905) Received from Pick a Color 251: soyokaze13, miss13, lecherous07, kaiyo15, kalosqueen12, adherent17, peripheral19, grudge08, proper20, inari19, ability09, honesty08, memoria19, infirmary19, 15109, left05, hesitant13, gyarus01, blooming08, sabbat01, hamelin03, immature07, meinya01, snowmaru06, cherryboy15

2024.01.14 - (+53, =16880) Donated to Coloring Book 318 yellow crayon x3. Received: lewd02, 3-e12, frilly02, crystals19, jolly10, tsukumogami17, astra16, kurogamon08, saintess03, bbq20, saintess17, saintess13, modlitwa03, erokappa06, issachar18, cybernetic14, amusement02, appmon17, koubai11, lookalike19, fensalir02, kaka07, sorry01, camera19, allcute05, saintess15, bbq13, allcute06, nebula01, resurrect09, fistfights19, chuunin14, bigbanana14, rainbowroad18, eris01, disguises16, happyworld19, chasing18, generous01, curepine10, levincia09, bbq12, quietus15, bratty13, mist06, thestar05, quack08, harness06, kudayari19, eruptions05, dimensional08, makeshift10, zweihander19.

2024.01.14 - (+30, =16827) Received from Puzzle Chains 290: onthefloor14, yearning01, potion17, trainride11, sleepwalker03, emptiness10, oneday16, durandal16, kuuhaku11, notapanda18, kuuhaku08, cybeast02, firepiece01, science02, plant15, smolder15, gardens13, whiskers11, round05, heights16, shotgunice14, solar05, saiyan10, society20, mretu14, requests05, questioning07, homerun14, 100friends09, virgo09, 1 green crayon.

2024.01.14 - (+10, =16797) Received from Most Wanted 95 & 96: enanan16, witchparfait08, bbq07, toei08, lend15, specialeyes03, blondie19, ratpatrol05, waltz17, worldcup16.

2024.01.14 - (+21, =16787) Received from Host Club Giveaway 245, 246, 247: excitable06, bum05, grandking09, el16, grudge14, create11, protector17, moe12, persuader16, god-striking16, front01, jetsam19, equable06, silverknife05, sand09, motion12, nitoryu04, fireworks01, crazyd11, labestia03, couch07.

2024.01.14 - (+23, =16766) Donated to Stamp Card 057: tresor04, seconds02. Received: coupdegrace10, destined17, misinterpret15, tonic14, controlled05, neoaikido11, pole13, mimic12, ratatouille17, asturia18, morningstar11, caerula02, reserve07, stg03, were-man15, vividkiss09, crimibear06, detention02, taitobracer06, sprout02, adieu09, tangerine17, contracts13, esaka19, samadhi20, 1 orange crayon, 2 green crayons.

2024.01.14 - (+30, =16743) Received from Puzzle Chains 289: fingersnap05, moviestar20, routes13, ahoy12, coldblooded10, zessen01, softball15, natsuo11, commander11, nightfall01, dancer04, maki06, fire08, matsumura20, legendum05, code05619, telekinesis18, heisaku20, spirits04, tsuruko17, tomochin17, bloodriot07, throat14, kobujutsu03, catlover04, lackadaisical04, minteye06, poisonbody18, confessions20, earphones03, 1 purple crayon.

2024.01.14 - (+60, =16713) Received from Mika's Quilting 184 - SPECIAL ROUND: convinced10, maleantags17, dannoura07, redaxe09, sulfur03, darklord06, friend14, loyalblade12, blazing09, carrots20, muga01, ragingwave08, interest11, hinadolls14, butterfly05, lugnica09, money16, gingerbread17, alteregom17, celestizam08, karayachief01, mosaicbuster03, cheesyfood07, passes05, leftfooted15, sugitan01, bobsons09, eddiecall14, bye-bye19, aquaforce09, smitten20, walks06, meol08, leiptr04, message16, dukeabel02, reunion08, gentle01, husbands05, chaoscalibur15, lycee18, nintendo14, rico10, ooooo15, absolute11, stubborn16, jimmies19, bobsons16, loneliness07, tohth18, advisors18, temper19, vinea02, schoollife15, realestate20, odette20, breaking10, diving03, 5thrank14, thecrows17

2024.01.14 - (+35, =16653) Received from Pick a Color 250 - Special Round: prelati12, scalpels05, excalibur18, lonesome07, fivedays08, taijutsu11, jumeau05, hakubaiko11, selece01, process12, stair07, erhu11, pistol20, slackoff06, machine01, firebuster10, mobile06, noblest15, steelclaws06, french15, rosetta08, batanima16, northitaly13, clowndrop04, bubble03, number003, regressor15, orphans20, pill02, taitobracer14, memoryark03, justiciars15, halved07, shadowflash12, nordion17.

2024.01.13 - Traded Charlotte: bigmom12, lovegauge19, mtooe19, babyls13, evidol11, lubu08, mtooe20, pandemonic14, rumormonger19, windblade07, fantasticdays01, iseeyou14, unowen01, wisdom02, apparitions03, apparitions15, backdoor16, barehanded05, briarvalley04, calculated04, clutch05, clutch13, collected17, damsel13, damsel20, darts05, dcn-03206, deadlines08, dln-00603, dwn-02017, earthquake02, flamenco08, flytrap10, gekokujou14, goldenduo06, handicraft09, hawkeye19, hazakura20, incapable02, inkblast05, journey04, journey08, mew-chan10, myths04, nightbird09, oldbailey11, performage15, performage17, pipemaze10, platitudes06, platitudes09, policeman02, policeman18, poseidon03, rootflare19, sakugarne06, sakugarne14, shikaisen15, sirens03, substitute20, takarazuka18, teamaqua12, teammagma02, thehand07, therat07, touou12, undefeated07, underground07, wotagei09. Received: fivedays09, pious07, waltz10, waltz12, animula15, bridal16, cervus07, cursed10, doloris06, foxfaced16, frozenlake17, heartshaped17, himbos02, himbos18, ignium09, konpeitojar16, kotobukiya05, kotobukiya11, lepus03, lupus03, magicae13, meropide04, meropide13, monoceros08, papilio01, parmacordis09, prinzessin15, resistance09, resistance13, rtawahist07, rubeum20, ruby01, sagitta08, sapientia20, sin14, specialeyes10, townhall05, transceiver10, tribulatio04, trulla10, umbrabilis04, umbrabilis07, umbrabilis12, usagi03, viatrix02, viatrix06, visualnovel11, vulpeszerda17, 00s14, 62418, acrobat12, acrobat13, action05, action18, aesir03, affinity20, alice19, all-outkiss02, allnight02, alone06, altena02, altena16, amarcian08, ambidex12, ambidex14, ambidex19, anaru20, angelysugar04, antenna14.

2024.01.07 - Traded Rocky: 199814, starry05, faintattack04, bearth04, bearth18, caps08, casanova14, drops03, facts08, facts20, sig_ange. Received: gbc06, gbc12, himbos16, feral08, bloodbag08, bridal10, magicae11, sapientia03, shamouti09, quartz14, sig_rocky.

2024.01.07 - (-5, =16618) Gifted to Rocky: fluffy01, fluffy17, gudegude12, hamha12, hamha17

2024.01.07 - (+12, =16623) Mastery chain. Mastered: gretel, whistle (FM), diy (FM), maschera. Received: diy12, diy13, feral12, feral13, datingsp18, burden07, sagami02, g-virus02, dunksmash06, bliss16, decision04, saillune16, 1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon.

2024.01.07 - (+14, =16611) Received from Advent Calendar - Day 15 - Presents!: maschera01, whistle07, maschera06, maschera08, diy10, maschera15, whistle12, maschera17, whistle13, whistle14, whistle15, maschera19, information08, whistle20.

2024.01.07 - Received gift from Koinuko: red crayon x10, green crayon x5, purple crayon x5.

2024.01.07 - (+10, =16597) Received from Little Spell Academia 295: feral04, gretel10, gretel11, gretel12, cookie06, gretel13, gretel16, feral06, diy09, gretel20.

2024.01.06 - (-2, =16587) Gifted to Koinuko: footman06, footman16.

2024.01.06 - (+32, =16589) Donated to Coloring Book 319 - Special Round!: 1 red crayon, 1 yellow crayon. Received: footman06, sonar14, automaton02, footman16, sophomore05, eruptions04, sonar04, gbc19, promqueen13, footman03, perseus17, menhera01, perseus03, perseus07, automaton15, gbc01, el06, bartending18, el13, ifrit01, densetsu06, el08, bartending05, svarog08, natto05, bigmom12, souffle01, el09, mama-san05, bartending09, aljeanne03, souffle02.

2024.01.03 - (+8, =16557) Donated to Stamp Card 058: blackrings13, yohane07. Received: follows01, process04, variabeauties08, kindheart12, nukes09, lovelorn03, psycho18, pester14, napolitan14, hypermonk08.

2024.01.03 - Exchanged in Swap Station 225: foxfaced01, liars05, masquerades04, masquerades16. Received: foxfaced14, liars01, masquerades13, masquerades12.

2024.01.03 - Exchanged in Swap Station 222: iseeyou09, sleepless05, sorry04, takumin04. Received: iseeyou14, sleepless12, sorry05, takumin20.

2024.01.03 - Traded with Ouji: acorn18, ancient19, bat-cat18, cakepops05, candycane08, candyviolin13, cheesedrop16, creamwolves16, darkfate19, fragrance11, fragrance19, gingerbread10, healspirits10, highvoltage07, highvoltage18, ivoryscale07, ivoryscale11, jellyhorn07, magnetic20, meringue18, micdrop08, mikrokosmos03, phantombleu18, root11, safetyfirst08, safetyfirst14, shadowwatch02, shadowwatch19, sugarcookie10, superdevil14, ephemeral07, clarinet02, neverwinter11, seaotter05, ploys17, bellboy05, callisto10, odysseus17, psyche11. Received: diy17, whistle16, whistle17, calamitas04, dowser19, gba07, gba17, menhera12, nyctereutes12, smilingcat18, trulla14, viator09, wakuwaku09, yohane19, youtuber20, yunduan03, aesthetics01, affinity10, all-outkiss14, alliance03, alliance08, alliance11, amikke02, apprentice05, aquacrew06, archer05, artificial17, asteria08, asteria14, astralartes01, astralartes09, attendant01, automail02, avilio06, bachelor04, bachelor16, bangsineyes19, barielle14, bartender09.

2024.01.02 - Traded with Nika: manager15, truecross16, wildfox13. Received: bbq05, foxfaced15, foxfaced18.

2024.01.01 - (+14, =16549) Mastery chain. Mastered character decks fallinlove (FM), juniorarmy. Received: juniorarmy14, diy05, kittydoor02, witchhunter18, yuanxian02, clever18, 1 yellow crayon, 1 brown crayon. Mastered special decks qingxiao (FM), blranking. Received: artsguard03, artsguard04, wrath09, falsewar13, redtiger13, loveberry06, wrathful17, hamlet18, 1 red crayon, 1 brown crayon.

2024.01.01 - (+12, =16535) Received from Little Spell Academia 294: whistle09, juniorarmy03, juniorarmy05, gretel04, fallinlove18, fallinlove19, fallinlove20, juniorarmy06, whistle10, whistle11, juniorarmy08, juniorarmy13.

2024.01.01 - (+64, =16523) Donated to Coloring Book 317: yellow crayon x3, purple crayon x1. Received: member-sheep03, viator18, fairiesstory20, microbes07, suihua07, netopia18, modeljob16, goldenspark01, youtube02, bbq20, levincia13, saintess07, revenge04, gainax18, jigenhaoh14, tanabata11, cyborg03, cake10, starry05, masterdojo02, heroes20, jizaikon10, toyboat17, equal09, taitobracer12, levincia06, bbq11, saintess17, bragi13, fraternity16, composed05, gyarus12, blindfold18, unkillable17, hungerswitch17, acepilot17, rivalry09, razril13, albhed07, longinus12, levincia06, bratty03, taitobracer19, allcute06, tarasque20, prima06, inheritance02, devilsmilk07, nobility05, wolfcurse06, auntie18, holykey18, dearest02, dullstown12, 12thpillar15, macaron09, magvel02, magvel08, heavenspan05, blood-maker14, seminar01, faintattack04, angelic12, shingetsu11.

2024.01.01 - (+44, =16459) Received from November 2023 Activity Rewards: girl-shy10, sister-type07, chocolatier19, wolborg05, betelgeuse14, therapy15, skytrainer20, calligrapher02, theta09, selfies17, hayamin07, tigridia05, spectral19, elysian06, ricewine14, dwn-03803, qrcode13, drippydance10, patients07, sculpted09, shieikan08, turtle05, theundying12, worldchain17, analyze04, banyue20, summons02, interested17, founder07, daylam03, express01, rodeo-star03, question13, napping06, sinae14, anatoray02, abh13, rhythmia09, childarmy17, madbloom02, banyue06, clow07, galaxian07, blaster16, 1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 gray crayon.

2024.01.01 - (+5, =16415) Received from Most Wanted 94mtooe19, foxfaced06, versailles16, punisher15, deathangel15

2024.01.01 - (+12, =16410) Received from Hi-5 Radio 229: gnaw17, mumei19, fafnir06, mounds06, suzunari11, echo11, milkymode03, murderhotel08, saturn18, pokepuffs19, bunnydoll20, elquixote07

2024.01.01 - (+12, =16398) Received from Hi-5 Radio 228: crater10, zantetsuken20, swordvassal16, seitokai04, dancers13, fourseasons10, origin17, naeuri19, reiiden19, bystander13, warpspace12, unowen01

2024.01.01 - (+6, =16386) Received from Hi-5 Radio 226: exia03, whitetitan09, loved19, deus15, seaotter05, earphone06, 1 gray candy

2024.01.01 - (+5, =16380) Received from Coloring Book 315: jaunt18, yearsafter14, poisoned01, musicmatch16, clarinet02

2024.01.01 - (+11, =16375) Received from Go Fish! 387: chaos09, right01, fired-up19, aniue06, xfjproject10, zodiva13, oarfish08, noproblem05, wing06, totohaha08, thrilled08, 1 yellow crayon, 1 brown crayon

2024.01.01 - (+89, =16364) Donated to November Pot of Gold 118: axiom17, isla02, lighter13, limited02, ohana12, robotics15, ruin05, separate15, tensides08, toadsage11, ueno16, awkward18, boneclub17, flighty04, motorcycle14, present16. Received: softspoken07, lightblue19, temperance04, affectionate20, paradox14, splat17, filming04, earthpulse14, deshite03, leopard11, lancer15, maleprotags20, page10, falling13, jpx4804, kyuudou17, agna07, demure20, wafu03, grudges14, digimon10, auction02, lionsguard10, youngmen16, ironmaiden07, palmatum09, detection03, birdcalls10, dwn-01418, gynoid03, bloodline14, tennis18, peacemaker11, enthusiast16, direction17, electrifying08, lumina06, irisphone13, gyarus02, beginning03, cruxis02, jikochuu07, pharmacy05, pilots17, agrabah20, greeneye16, delivers01, prefect11, psyche11, deepsleep15, miyanom19, wisdom02, fandead19, lyrical20, second15, abes13, littlebird18, piercedboy07, spikemuth04, buddha06, captivate02, mariposa13, videogames20, thesun05, gankutsuou17, smellya13, biggsnwedge17, dimwitted15, sin17, brickbreak10, magician19, suddenly12, lovegauge19, childlike05, barriera15, kagekage06, gluttony13, aries10, greed19, ghosthouse03, bench19, maou16, tribunus15, tontokoton17, jaded03, parfait15, bellboy05, fantasticdays01, secondbest01, twin14, running18, leader12, wolfman01, pixie13, thered07, shadowflash17, nasod09, canaria20, gouchin17, ifrit08, sawshark05, unbrilliant05, finehound01, bamboostalk12, ephemeral07, 4 orange crayons, 3 yellow crayons, 2 green crayons, 4 blue crayons, 1 gray crayon. Received coupon: +3 deck donations

2023.12.28 - (+3, =16275) Received from Advent Calendar Day 22: waltz08, fallinlove16, fallinlove17

2023.12.28 - (+3, =16272) Received from Advent Calendar Day 05: fallinlove13, fallinlove14, fallinlove15

2023.12.28 - (+7, =16269) Received from Advent Calendar Day 20: fallinlove06, fallinlove07, fallinlove08, fallinlove09, fallinlove10, fallinlove11, fallinlove12

2023.12.28 - (+2, =16262) Received from Advent Calendar Day 24: qingxiao11, qingxiao13.

2023.12.28 - (+51, =16260) Mastery chain. Mastered: felisalba (FM), daymare, daisuki, hesitation, koopalings, no, fabulae, heartslabyul, iseeyou, purin (FM), tokunaga, sohcahtoa, debut (FM), jaganshi, referee, terpsichora, lovetalk (FM). Received: lovetalk04, lovetalk05, lovetalk06, lovetalk07, lovetalk08, lovetalk09, lovetalk10, lovetalk11, lovetalk12, lovetalk14, lovetalk15, lovetalk16, lovetalk17, lovetalk18, lovetalk19, fallinlove04, fallinlove05, wayfarer02, bakushin13, chronicles19, mechapaniq01, littlekitty10, tamer14, workshop13, phoenicis05, casino13, glory11, doggy12, muramasa19, scissor14, irontail09, 77-b07, femantags11, memento16, henshin19, babbit15, imposter05, lazy04, siegmund05, humanoid17, sparky19, diy14, boxingring05, glassesfan06, brightlands12, coquettish20, fd3s05, dentist19, pranks08, overeat15, flameking12, 1 red crayon, 2 orange crayons, 1 yellow crayon, 3 green crayons, 3 blue crayons, 2 purple crayons, 3 brown crayons, 2 gray crayons.

2023.12.28 - (+26, =16209) Received from Little Spell Academia 293: jovial05, felisalba03, fallinlove02, qingxiao09, felisalba04, felisalba05, felisalba06, felisalba07, felisalba08, felisalba09, felisalba10, jovial07, felisalba11, fallinlove03, qingxiao10, felisalba12, felisalba13, felisalba14, felisalba15, felisalba16, waltz05, harumaki03, felisalba17, waltz06, felisalba18, diy03

2023.12.28 - (+6, =16183) Received from Advent Calendar - Day 23: felisalba19, felisalba20, felisalba02, lovetalk03, lovetalk02, lovetalk13

2023.12.28 - (+26, =16177) Received from Release 164 - December: transceiver01, menhera01, lovetalk01, fallinlove01, automaton01, animula01, felisalba01, felisfuscus01, judicator01, meropide01, gbc11, sig_ange, gbc15, himbos09, blooddevil19, charme03, sagitta01, jovial02, diasomnia03, computer01, eternalice05, rovingmedic11, aljeanne01, quartz02, bbq03, lovetalk20.

2023.12.20 - (+12, =16151) Received from Advent Calendar Day 12: daisuki02, daisuki03, daisuki10, daisuki11, daisuki13, daisuki14, daisuki16, daisuki18, daisuki19, debut13, debut15, debut16.

2023.12.20 - (+9, =16139) Received from Advent Calendar Day 18: heartslabyul19, fivedays06, terpsichora03, terpsichora04, jaganshi11, terpsichora06, terpsichora13, terpsichora14, jaganshi15

2023.12.20 - (+10, =16130) Received from Little Spell Academia 292: harumaki02, terpsichora01, waltz03, waltz04, heartslabyul10, heartslabyul11, heartslabyul13, heartslabyul14, heartslabyul15, heartslabyul18

2023.12.19 - (+3, =16120) Received from Advent Calendar Day 04: blranking03, blranking05, blranking08

2023.12.19 - (+2, =16117) Received from Advent Calendar Day 11: blranking14, qingxiao14

2023.12.19 - (+3, =16115) Received from Advent Calendar Day 13: purin18, purin19, waltz02

2023.12.19 - (+5, =16112) Received from Advent Calendar Day 14: referee05, referee07, referee13, referee14, referee15.

2023.12.19 - (+7, =16107) Received from Advent Calendar Day 16: purin15, debut11, waltz01, jaganshi12, debut10, diy20, jaganshi04.

2023.12.19 - (+6, =16100) Received from Advent Calendar Day 17: qingxiao12, heartslabyul12, debut12, blranking17, purin17, referee17

2023.12.13 - Traded with Lenga: salon04, broomstick10, code0301, code0501, code0517, sociopath08, whimsical01. Received: fugit19, rubeum10, shamouti12, yunduan13, aesthetics05, aesthetics12, aesthetics14.

2023.12.10 - Exchanged at Natsume's Book of Cards 170: brilliance06, brilliance12, brilliance18, brilliance20, bounce02. Received: ichijyokan02, ichijyokan03, ichijyokan04, ichijyokan05, hotel01.

2023.12.10 - (+7, =16094) Received from Advent Calendar Day 10: heartslabyul06, qingxiao06, heartslabyul07, qingxiao07, daisuki01, qingxiao08, heartslabyul09

2023.12.10 - (+9, =16087) Received from Little Spell Academia 291: iseeyou14, iseeyou16, purin12, jaganshi03, bbq02, iseeyou17, daymare18, daymare19, iseeyou18

2023.12.07 - (+6, =16078) Received from Advent Calendar - Day 7 - Fake Decks!!!!!: fabulae15, fabulae16, fabulae17, qingxiao18, qingxiao19, qingxiao20

2023.12.04 - Traded with January: analyzedata11, analyzedata15, honedfangs02, solarfervor06, twinsnipe08, eunuch05, half-born07, hikineet01, hikineet08, infinite17, kelkale06, noname14, sengokusp16, shinatsuhime06, sieglinde17, skycolor06, tireurdelite17, tireurdelite18, totohaha10, yakumo07, yearsafter01, yearsafter02, yearsafter04, yearsafter17. Received: daisuki09, diy02, artsguard08, artsguard15, aureus20, commentator02, commentator09, dowser04, folklorist08, folklorist13, foresight10, foresight10, foresight17, foresight19, jankenpon11, lagenaria02, leominor13, magicae08, maschera07, minor18, q20, rtawahist02, smilingcat14, striker16

2023.12.03 - (+9, =16072) Received from Little Spell Academia 290: heartslabyul02, purin11, iseeyou08, wizard02, heartslabyul04, heartslabyul05, iseeyou11, daymare14, daymare15

2023.12.03 - (+30, =16063) Received from Puzzle Chains 288: spinningcut02, geisha02, moirae18, domino10, miare19, 2-302, cureselene20, arlia15, babalon13, shinobi16, novice06, shikaisen15, helicotapuu19, starvation08, raijuu04, omega03, complex15, lacytanga02, bestfriend13, unobtrusive20, fabulae09, chipmunk06, neomu19, challenges14, soundpillar07, viator03, daytimestar10, oblivious01, loligothic15, redshoes10, 1 blue crayon

2023.12.03 - Received from Colorseum 63-1: Season Seven Finals begin!: red crayon x1, orange crayon x1, yellow crayon x1, purple crayon x1, brown crayon x1, gray crayon x1

2023.12.03 - (+8, =16033) Donated to Stamp Card 057: 99907, univeil16. Received: al-flame02, hellsgate10, hypnotist07, 77718, viola01, excluded06, unassuming05, mega15, ofthewhite05, valvrave13.

2023.12.03 - (+8, =16025) Exchanged at the Art Shop: red crayon x5, gray crayon x3. Received: tokunaga10, tokunaga11, tokunaga14, tokunaga17, tokunaga20, sohcahtoa13, sohcahtoa14, sohcahtoa18.

2023.12.03 - (+10, =16017) Received from Go Fish! 386: gensokyo02, starmap11, thunderer17, liaison15, idiotson15, apples03, whitespire06, embrasque17, perfecthero20, 72names12, 1 yellow crayon

2023.12.03 - (+5, =16007) Exchanged in Switch It Up 228: xrosheart01, triplefinish12, sunless12, wrecking20, ecchan08, jewelry15, palu08, songofjoy07, redlights20, poni20, maihime14, former03, brahman16. Received: cocky06, chaos16, laser17, eggshells17, shut-in12, friedeggs15, lgbtmanga04, voice13, magic06, purememory06, megamart19, crossveins13, genista18. Received additional: sandtribe04, chiropteran05, fistfights14, bandaged19, puyo17.

2023.12.03 - (+25, =16002) Received from Pick a Color 249: ubcs09, taisha10, mechanic15, gaiadragoon08, ryouran14, laughwithme06, venoshock05, pikopiko04, tanabata09, babyls07, shadows20, planting12, imanity11, sanbaka14, wired04, contests07, salon04, otome18, mister17, risingsun18, eclipse18, mask13, substitute20, un-sorcerer20, marksein17

2023.12.03 - (+32, =15977) Donated to Coloring Book 316: blue crayon x1, green crayon x1. Received: archest02, adrastea05, usss04, modelx19, thorn15, pessimist07, accessories05, lor02, watergod11, rabbithole18, rabbithole12, yearsafter01, snowdrop06, longyou08, waspsting19, glyphs14, merchant07, yellow19, kemari02, ousaka03, burnish06, natural03, pear11, brain20, fairygirl15, ilmilione02, bodyodor17, callisto10, neverland07, magician03, tenthousand18, albion14

2023.12.03 - (+30, =15945) Received from Puzzle Chains 286: bicycle19, schwert12, elegies03, hari15, utakata09, leading09, waterflail13, addict10, bills05, feles09, whitewolf20, oneesan12, glassesfan08, folseus16, zexen20, theundying18, soulunion18, materia01, besieger12, cosplays04, dwn-02117, dln-00603, krik13, bigeater14, breeder03, phan-site10, bund15, stomp11, revuesstar01, socialclub09, 1 green crayon

2023.12.03 - (+32, =15915) Donated to Coloring Book 316: gray crayon x2. Received: teleport19, ultimatex20, yohane07, hatsushimo05, touch16, limsa11, japan17, oldbailey11, finalmix07, nailbiter18, lubu08, thumbwar18, skillhunter06, sociable04, asterisk03, electricnet12, knifework13, need10, 12thrank16, darksun16, strategic16, sharpeye09, chalphy05, apparitions15, boringworld20, junglegym09, thumbwar11, protecting16, shipcountry19, tohth04, greatwhite01, dovlin03.

2023.12.03 - (+5, =15883) Received from Most Wanted 93: chococornet15, cendrillon15, jazzdance06, reunion10, pomeranian07

2023.12.03 - (+20, =15878) Received from No Context Theater 340, 341, 343, 344: bamboostalk05, bearth18, bellcollar02, candyhouse17, easternling03, eun09, jaunt04, magicae20, margrace04, nailbiter13, neverwinter11, purgatory18, ramuh12, rikutou15, souffle18, stagecraft17, thesword02, thrilled08, titan15, yearsafter17.

2023.12.03 - (+30, =15858) Received from Puzzle Chains 287: samuraifan12, dystopia10, proven14, goldilocks12, phoenix06, merman09, badjokes11, cosmoses08, nine10, drippydance20, kawayoo07, resolute15, hanamaru03, niflheim04, gudegude12, honneamise18, grumbly12, dojikko19, connected06, warlord11, galaxyidol02, publishing07, bluebeard01, fork01, resentment14, nthcolor02, viena02, crane05, receptors10, erebonia20, 1 green crayon

2023.12.02 - (+3, =15828) Received from Advent Calendar Day 02: no11, no12, no16

2023.12.02 - (+4, =15825) Received from Advent Calendar - Day 1: iseeyou12, iseeyou07, waltz20, iseeyou13

2023.12.02 - Traded with Ouji: painbreaker03, honeybeeinn07, uncouth16, bandekanone15, hosenka12, ixaba12, loveeternal07, greatwolf03, letus06, treachery05, arcedge20, bouncer08, fengshui11, fengshui20, kyokugenryu03, kyokugenryu10, teardown14. Received: no02, no19, no20, foxfaced07, minor19, nivis15, smilingcat20, terpsichora18, unmotivated03, unmotivated10, visualnovel05, 00709, 3-a06, 62416, acrobat04, aesir18, aesir19.

2023.11.29 - (+40, =15821) Recycled Art Trade (2023.08.27): acrobat05, angelpowder14, caged12, caged19, finalboss07, pipi01, pipi03, pipi04, pipi08, pipi12, pipi13, pipi17, pipi18, thecrow08, thecrow11, warheit03, warheit04, warheit10, warheit11, warheit12, warheit16, warheit18, warheit20, vacuum02, vacuum07, vacuum14, vacuum20, 3-a01, 3-a02, 3-a03, 3-a05, 3-a09, 3-a10, 3-a13, 3-a14, 3-a15, 3-a16, 3-a17, 3-a18, 3-a19

2023.11.29 - (+40, =15781) Recycled Art Trade (2023.10.05): acrobat05, acrobat07, aether20, all-outkiss19, ashore06, ashore14, cursed16, dozing19, escapesp14, foxfaced10, gigolo05, gigolo15, hakama02, hakama07, koopalings16, lust10, lust13, lust14, phones08, ringmaster12, ringmaster13, sinae14, spikemuth06, spikemuth09, tophat01, tophat04, tophat07, umbrabilis02, usagi02, usagi19, vassal15, wakuwaku15, artsguard01, artsguard06, artsguard12, blranking11, kotobukiya18, specialeyes02, visualnovel14, visualnovel15

2023.11.29 - (+40, =15741) Recycled Art Trade (2023.10.30): adapt02, adapt06, adapt11, alloflove12, avilio08, bachelor06, bachelor11, charm01, charm06, dnn18, dubking09, ensign15, hotel16, insectpillar17, juuhachi-ban03, juuhachi-ban06, juuhachi-ban07, juuhachi-ban08, juuhachi-ban10, juuhachi-ban11, juuhachi-ban13, allnight13, allnight14, authors07, bitphones02, bitphones04, bitphones06, bitphones07, bitphones08, bitphones10, bitphones12, bitphones15, bitphones17, bitphones18, crossdressm04, crossdressm05, crossdressm12, crossdressm13, crossdressm15, crossdressm19

2023.11.29 - (+15, =15701) Received from New Release 163: puppetgirl01, blood-maker01, memoryark01, bbq01, zither01, cloudcrest01, justiciars01, tangelo01, levincia01, shamouti01, yunduan01, sig_ange, fabulae14, no04, daymare13.

2023.11.29 - (+9, =15686) Received from Little Spell Academia 289: purin10, hesitation12, koopalings02, hesitation16, hesitation17, hesitation18, koopalings05, koopalings11, koopalings16

2023.11.29 - (+5, =15677) Received from New Release 162 pt4: bellcollar01, saving01, poisoned01, dracula01, qingxiao04

2023.11.26 - (+12, =15672) Mastered Tresor (FM), Whisper, Frog Curse, and Haymaker (FM). Received: whisper20, fabulae10, fabulae12, fabulae13, goron08, nosy15, silverarm07, gainax06, robotics15, blackharu09, taranis01, robosa18, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 brown crayon.

2023.11.26 - Traded with Mari: icequeen13, retro14. Received: tresor10, yohane15.

2023.11.26 - Traded with Kyuu: xfjproject08, bluemaiden06, courtyard10, embodiment04, lightmagic07, mammamia15. Received: tresor08, tresor09, charme14, gamer14, jaganshi02, jetsam01.

2023.11.26 - (-5, =15660) Gifted to Kit: honeybuddha12, triangles01, triangles20, cafeaulait12, osanpo03

2023.11.19 - (+5, =15665) Received from Most Wanted 92: sociopath08, cookbook03, honeybuddha12, resplendent16, waltz07

2023.11.26 - Traded with Lenga: shortcuts17, almavivo13, convey10, morikawa03, morikawa04, morikawa06, morikawa20, 43rdsong13, brigandia18, ddd16, debauchery03, debauchery09, dreiklauen17, lavaorb02, lavaorb08, lavaorb12, mirrorlake08, ritual10, salon06, salon11, silversword17, swordsaint10, tracker05. Received: fabulae11, cookie16, dowser11, jobko13, qingxiao03, vulpeszerda19, bluelock18, boyslove02, boyslove08, cauldron07, dubking17, firetruck17, firetruck19, floral17, hotel08, kuuderes09, lgbtmanga18, lolita14, lolita16, lust07, lust08, lust13, rollflash16.

2023.11.21 - Traded with Xetka: intuition16, resplendent04. Received: cheese19, koopalings10.

2023.11.21 - Traded with Lex: cranegames20, holypriest10, judicial12, koukaotaku10, koukaotaku15, ladyoscar06, partners10, wonderboy13. Received: tresor11, tresor12, computer06, koopalings13, referee11, spiderweb04, striker08, tokunaga13.

2023.11.21 - Traded with Dahlia: 1stchild17, broomstick09, champloo07, cinqfleches10, seawitch13, starfighter18. Received: charme07, resistance20, scarabia04, castle11, dracaena07, fimbulvetr18.

2023.11.19 - Exchanged at Natsume's Book of Cards 167: mahdad01, mahdad02, mahdad17, accelerator03, accelerator12. Received: ironmaiden01, ironmaiden03, ironmaiden04, perennial02, perennial03.

2023.11.19 - Received gift from Lex: red crayon x1, yellow crayon x1, grey crayon x1.

2023.11.19 - (+8, =15660) Received from Little Spell Academia 288: frogcurse14, whisper17, whisper18, sohcahtoa04, whisper19, sohcahtoa05, fabulae18, fabulae19

2023.11.19 - (+1, =15652) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 232: frogcurse13

2023.11.19 - Traded with Lulu (C): rashomon10, eclipsezwei11, espgame14, macarons02, piratehat08, piratehat17, rapier05, teach02, teach17. Received: archer06, archer14, fingernails14, flame19, health-care04, lamentation14, oceanwave01, sponsored13, symmetry08.

2023.11.19 - Traded with Eli: blutgang05, friendships18, generous07, generous11, goody07, hardworking12, hopespeak06, hopespeak10, hopespeak17, illusions20, imposter01, lily04, mangaka18, mangaka20, minimum03, multilayered01, oasis03, oasis09, opening02, paperwork03, petdog16, player12, premonitions11, rod04, shorthair04, snobbish07, softness20, straysheep01, successeur19, surface17, swallows04, thebird06, thefool09, thehag02, tireurdelite05, tohth10, tuxedocat05, unemotional07, wolfsbane08, x-iii12. Received: tresor13, auratus02, commentator19, dowser01, jaganshi10, paradisaea16, alice08, bachelor13, bachelor17, bachelor20, believer12, arcadia18, archer14, aries02, baumkuchen08, baumkuchen10, baumkuchen16, belderiver15, bloodbank09, brain06, burgers04, chao07, chao11, chao18, chomp06, chomp09, colonel03, colonel20, coordinator19, coordinator20, design02, dood12, dood18, dubking01, fairyprincess15, floral14, haven01, haven03, haven07, haven14.

2023.11.19 - Traded with Arianne: tangerine14, 75th13, 999days01, admirabilis17, bandekanone12, beer07, bunnybox07, busking16, candidate12, candidate16, caribbean13, consulting10, dunscaith05, echoes08, ensoleille04, ensoleille20, fantail12, gridman10, highlife19, iceslides11, manchuria01, nameko12, normallife11, nova09, oasis10, oilpainting16, ragdoll02, ribblades02, rockbell08, roommate04, roommate11, submissive14, svarog09, tama09, twig20, ultimate03, whydunit02, younglings02. Received: purin14, alatus19, auratus15, aureus03, bloodbag07, debut14, feles06, fivedays07, fortis20, fugit09, gamer18, grandis04, imperatrix02, jankenpon02, laevatain07, leominor11, magicae07, mantichora11, matoi05, monoceros03, netrunner18, onread15, paradisaea03, paradisaea11, paradisaea12, planners13, rose18, rtawahist11, ruby12, terpsichora05, terpsichora07, terpsichora12, townhall15, trifolium20, victormare08, vultur04, worldcup05, youtuber10.

2023.11.18 - (+26, =15651) Received from Little Spell Academia 287 - special round: fabulae04, fabulae06, frogcurse06, diy01, tresor06, fabulae07, frogcurse10, whisper10, whisper11, aljeanne10, haymaker18, fabulae08, haymaker19, purin08, tresor07, whisper12, qingxiao01, tresor17, tresor18, tokunaga06, fabulae09, vespa03, whisper14, qingxiao02, haymaker20, wizard01

2023.11.18 - (-1, =15625) Gifted to Milo: shepherds11

2023.11.18 - (+5, =15626) Received from Most Wanted 91: bigmom06, tresor20, 1stchild17, saving11, shepherds11

2023.11.18 - (+10, =15621) Received from Most Wanted 90 - Special Round: intentions06, altena10, broomstick09, clamp13, intuition16, wisp03, broomstick10, shortcuts17, xfjproject08, rashomon10

2023.11.18 - (+32, =15611) Donated to Coloring Book 315: blue crayon x2. Received: bluerogue09, zhenjun16, iciclefall03, deckbuilder03, asrun08, bloodthirst16, otakus19, tama09, qingxiao17, tresor04, rabbithole16, watergod16, vows06, honor20, venomspray15, hornet10, composed13, cubes17, marks03, planetarium04, akahebi11, communication19, phandaria16, synthesis3020, yearsafter02, watergod19, drippydance14, tresor16, harborlands15, elucidator02, lucoa05, frogs19

2023.11.18 - (+15, =15579) Received from Stamp Card 055: occultism13, royal03, fen20, magicaloid4402, impostor15, magiteknical13, axiom17, kneel10, siren13, lighthearted12, icyblood09, sukeban11, loewe02, primeval19, everrising08, 2 orange crayons, 1 purple crayon

2023.11.18 - (+5, =15564) Received from Coloring Book 314 - Halloween Edition!: bearth04, saving14, myredemption18, eun14, odysseus17

2023.11.18 - (+30, =15559) Received from Puzzle Chains 285: shogi02, diana05, blacktempest17, piratelord06, provisions17, thedetective06, soapland05, malice17, roadrunner14, flagpole15, flamewyrm09, callisto20, swordstudent14, antivirus05, ostia20, chopping05, songforyou12, watashi07, tensides08, marchhare01, sassy18, backdoor16, vegetarian04, grasshopper01, lgbtmanga09, commoner13, sharp11, kirara04, wisteria02, manchuria01, 1 blue crayon

2023.11.18 - (+40, =15529) Received from October 2023 Activity Rewards: ninelives02, whydunit02, forest10, cheat20, regret12, knowledge06, catcafe06, levios19, forgive07, androphilia14, stylist02, turningtide13, omega06, lighter13, well-off01, promising20, leasing20, astronaut20, fontech05, fensalir05, jewelry15, deckbuilder07, starrysky06, tokimeki02, respirator07, almavivo13, aesthetics17, clock14, elven19, flighty04, kanahana09, pranking01, hylia07, junkshop15, sootopolis01, myshin10, killertennis10, sunless12, pipinghot15, fallenprince07, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 gray crayon

2023.11.18 - Received from Pick a Color 248: 2 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 2 yellow crayons, 2 green crayons, 2 blue crayons, 2 purple crayons, 2 brown crayons, 2 gray crayons

2023.11.12 - Traded with Lauren: azoth15, handcuffs15, heaven16, metatron04, metatron06, remaining13, ring08, ring13, safeguard12, safeguard20, shujaa11, shujaa12, wait03. Received: jetsam02, qingxiao05, qingxiao15, beinlove20, blankit20, clamp14, deathangel03, devils19, dracula08, drag16, dragonkick11, half-elf09, hollow10.

2023.11.09 - (+6, =15489) Mastery chain: Stagecraft (FM) and Sleepless (FM). Received: sleepless16, tresor05, eterna12, scythes02, sirens03, relaxed09, 1 red crayon, 1 green crayon

2023.11.09 - (+1, =15483) Received gift from Shiranna: stagecraft11.

2023.11.09 - (+10, =15482) Leveled up from Rainbow (+1) to Rainbow (+3). Received: sleepless11, sleepless12, jr07, cranegames20, toon19, sunless20, shepherd14, dioxide20, choice09, lavaorb10, 1 red crayon, 1 purple crayon.

2023.11.08 - (+10, =15472) Received from Little Spell Academia 286: stagecraft15, fabulae03, stagecraft16, tresor04, stagecraft17, stagecraft18, stagecraft19, sleepless02, whisper08, stagecraft20,

2023.11.08 - (+30, =15462) Received from Puzzle Chains 284: west14, mustasim15, doggy17, setz14, blutgang05, condor14, animenow03, beer07, cybercrimes17, yousei13, chainsaws07, mypast05, writing03, timetravel04, fox17, awkward18, bow18, oversleeper04, keepon06, chemballs14, palicoes05, ensoleille04, pillars09, clockland19, bloodsucking19, moongold03, velocity19, protective03, xrosheart01, 15120, 1 red crayon

2023.11.08 - (+50, =15432) Received from Release Roulette 017: coils11, musketeer13, isla02, beanie20, rogueship03, gasoline14, aces13, rogueship02, aces01, musketeer19, luck-pusher13, channel4206, luck-pusher08, captains19, dunscaith05, isla17, utakata18, thecoolest11, aces05, luck-pusher17, musselback11, candidate16, bouncer08, separate15, present16, playgirl16, former16, limited02, former03, nyaa-chan12, 99907, hairstyles17, navigator12, utakata10, thecoolest06, diamonddogs04, kaijuidol01, cookpal17, luck-pusher16, tentyris05, bouncer16, 23705, triplefinish12, nikushogun17, former19, beanie06, fc3s09, disith01, playing04, supremekai14

2023.11.08 - (+12, =15382) Received from Hi-5 Radio 224: nephew12, killerslide17, fantail12, juicebat20, cobble16, boneclub17, expressive14, ruin05, destined19, nightmares18, half-born07, perfectpitch05, 1 brown candy

2023.11.08 - (+12, =15370) Received from Hi-5 Radio 223: al-rosary10, comakarma12, rapier05, plugin01, paperwork03, almenan11, palu08, embrasque20, stapler08, twig20, georgie20, 00710

2023.11.08 - (+4, =15358) Donated to Stamp Card 055: aljeanne05. Received: instincts17, fourthson20, disorder16, nephilim16, sanzenri13.

2023.11.08 - (+88, =15354) Donated to Pot of Gold 117: thesword08, thesword10, thesword13, thesword19, vaisravana04, vaisravana08, vaisravana10, short07, queen01, natto14, disaster17, letus20. Received: zelban13, standup09, baker02, inazma20, brahman10, cheesedrop10, jrpremier20, mallet02, snakesword20, ola12, commentary03, bailang07, motorcycle14, otouto01, ganja04, yamainu06, novelist16, wildflower16, avalken16, touchthis14, flapping14, foundation10, 500yen15, salt19, phantompain20, desire02, pucchan16, trifolium10, comicrelief20, echoes08, heisaku07, iceslides11, painbreaker03, incivil20, starplasma17, erosalom03, arcedge20, bard20, kanai17, archpriest03, mounds11, fairiesstory11, cheery05, fimbulventr08, propagation19, handshake14, bojutsu11, cellophane09, taikodrums17, ueno16, seer06, bunnybox06, budget15, nightmare05, wolfskin09, herbaltea03, evangelion01, ichi-go04, blackmagic15, brigandia18, barrelroll11, bouncer08, yami08, explomb12, toadsage11, forcefield15, lancecorp06, cuckoo16, deathgod02, hatshepsut10, yearning01, fuxue10, niconico11, gridman10, nandemo02, arsnova07, candlestick01, timid09, toluca15, chiropteran09, rebuke16, odin09, finalmix02, dowser13, sidecharacter04, hegemony07, reunion06, nasod15, potatoes17, aljeanne05, candyhouse02, yorisouyuri10, quartz04, unichord13, trielemental10, sayuri09, trielemental05, letus06, gaku-chan12, poisoned07, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 4 purple crayons, 4 brown crayons, 5 gray crayons, 2 red candys, 1 yellow candy, 1 green candy, 1 purple candy.
Received Grand Prize B: Special deck donation coupon.

2023.11.08 - (+32, =15266) Donated to Coloring Book 314: blue crayon x2. Received: mythicals06, bobcat08, masquerades04, create09, redlights20, variable17, a-hall11, calculation02, worship18, tresor19, qingxiao16, tresor14, maracas03, biscuit14, quinx16, kimari06, complex08, shocking09, ohana12, kuuderes04, blizzard12, bluemaiden06, winglet02, aoikishin15, worship08, yearsafter17, drippydance18, tresor20, magedom01, triangles20, clanhonor11, nameko12.

2023.11.08 - (+32, =15234) Donated to Coloring Book 314: blue crayon x2. Received: futuring02, auspex20, yosuga19, takasugi18, succubus12, normies20, curewhite08, conceited03, drippydance09, rabbithole03, worship05, tresor15, incantation20, swim20, coroner09, corrupted02, daymare05, welfareteam10, yamainu03, gardentower09, underwater07, cauldrons07, diagnostics09, swordsmanship16, sawshark17, watergod18, rabbithole10, yearsafter04, highlife19, hitoriomou04, mangaka18, attorney03, 2 blue candy.

2023.11.08 - (+5, =15202) Received from Coloring Book 313: shiva08, poni20, muscular11, margrace13, nasod10.

2023.11.08 - (+5, =15197) Received from Most Wanted 89: jetsam07, resplendent04, bara20, babalon16, svarog09.

2023.11.07 - Traded with Xetka: bobsons11, trackrunner07, berlint02, bobsons07, gymnastics09, regenerate06, wolfcurse16. Received: diy11, dowser03, dowser12, dowser14, dowser17, prettygirls08, vespa12.

2023.11.07 - Traded with Esa: grandcruz05. Received: tresor19.

2023.11.07 - Traded with Kyuu: etheirys12, perky07, perky09, spiteful04, courier03, courier15, ifrit04, mixer17, shiva09, soultaker15, topgun12. Received: stagecraft10, tresor03, sleepless15, whisper05, daymare20, doodlesuit14, fashion09, feral11, feral14, fivedays18, frozenlake08.

2023.11.07 - Traded with Lenga: thrilled03, 43rdsong01, afraid20, bigsis18, blacksword06, catweed02, druid11, drumset13, salmon06. Received: stagecraft13, sleepless14, stagecraft14, magicae12, mantichora06, rtawahist17, splitcard12, bell04, donuts17.

2023.11.07 - (+1, =15192) Received from New Release 162 pt3: thrilled03.

2023.11.07 - Traded with Mini: amber05, avoiddeath18, bullying19, chroma19, coupdegrace04, lumina08, wayfarer02. Received: whisper16, bloodbag04, bloodbag14, carmendei05, daisuki04, fashion12, lorelei11.

2023.11.07 - Traded with Skye:familiars14, darkdjinn02, darkdjinn05, katamari01, killer16, marknicht20, ousaka12, sakigasuki11, starplasma17, starplasma18, swordspirit14, thecoolest16, timeleaps16. Received: sleepless14, whisper13, prettygirls06, usagi14, alice03, aromatherapy08, baa12, believer05, believer20, bluelock06, emoticon19, floral08, rollflash15. Received as a gift: red crayon x5.

2023.10.31 - Traded with Ares: 5thrank18, aetheria06, alphonse15, leblanc07. Received: sleepless08, konpeitojar20, spiderweb09, sullen03.

2023.10.30 - Traded with PhiPhi: acting15, cellphones11, chu214. Received: sleepless05, sleepless07, sleepless18.

2023.10.30 - Traded with Eli:bara09, almyra19, crossplay13, energized09, enigmaboy04, enigmaboy13, enigmaboy17, nutcracker07, kozukioden04. Received: sleepless10, ampulla01, blranking18, lagenaria12, lepus01, monoceros19, rtawahist03, smilingcat11, stagecraft08.

2023.10.30 - Traded with PhiPhi: intentions03. Received: stagecraft12.

2023.10.30 - (+2, =15191) Received from New Release 162 pt2: kozukioden04, intentions03.

2023.10.30 - Exchanged at Natsume's Book of Cards 164: stepbrother08, stepbrother16, stepbrother16, coarse09, coarse11. Received: doloris01, doloris02, doloris03, hairdresser09, hairdresser17.

2023.10.30 - Traded with Lauren: herbs16, herbs18. Received: stagecraft09, tresor02.

2023.10.30 - (-1, =15189) Gifted to Lauren: umbrella06.

2023.10.30 - (+7, =15190) Received from New Release 162 pt1: stagecraft01, tresor01, quartz07, sig_ange, aljeanne20, eyes01, information03.

2023.10.30 - (+10, =15183) Received from Little Spell Academia 285: purin07, whisper03, stagecraft02, whisper04, stagecraft03, haymaker17, stagecraft04, stagecraft05, stagecraft06, stagecraft07,

2023.10.30 - (+30, =15173) Received from Puzzle Chains 283: perky07, petulant18, dinosaurs11, partners10, wrecking20, tosei05, queen01, fifth11, summerfairy08, crownsguard20, espgame14, chlorophytum09, swimmer12, isolation14, macho13, royalsword20, spinster15, hobbyist08, delivers19, links17, silvana15, maihime14, land09, rovingmedic16, ecchan08, brahman16, prosecute20, direct13, gekokujou14, remind04, 1 red crayon

2023.10.30 - (+10, =15143) Received from No Context Theater 337(9/24 & 10/1): bahamut15, bobsons11, crowknights12, incantation09, oyassan13, rebuke07, stormflower13, titan14, trackrunner07, vaisravana07.

2023.10.30 - Exchanged at Swap Station 221: dozing17, fashion11, heavenguide20, iseeyou19. Received: dozing03, fashion04, heavenguide04, iseeyou09

2023.10.30 - (+32, =15133) Donated to Coloring Book 314 - Halloween Edition!: red crayon, orange crayon. Received: meganekko09, logistics04, noblecause16, caster07, octava14, judicial12, erratic16, sharering03, letus20, bartending07, ifrit04, natto14, clear07, gadoria17, barielle16, sevenstars02, heavensdoor20, mascots15, circus01, suzumushi03, energized09, cooking09, laidback09, groosenator03, vaisravana01, thesword18, thesword15, magnhild11, fenia11, ragingtiger02, schoollife18, mellowbeat07, 1 red candy, 1 orange candy

2023.10.30 - (+3, =15101) Received from Colorseum - finalist spotlight 1: klutz15, savage14, world-class10

2023.10.30 - (+5, =15098) Received from Most Wanted 88: hawk02, bara09, ragdoll02, perky09, ennui14

2023.10.30 - Received from Pick a Color 247: 2 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 2 yellow crayons, 2 green crayons, 2 blue crayons, 2 purple crayons, 2 brown crayons, 2 gray crayons

2023.10.30 - (+23, =15093) Donated to Stamp Card 054: braingum06, saitama06. Received: hawking12, windaquario17, conscious06, consulting10, ushiushi04, blood04, collar14, redcomet06, holypriest10, conclusions16, songofjoy07, familyinn19, fightingqueen15, jeanpaul08, short07, specialeyes18, bloodseals03, videogames05, continental08, tristan05, mimics14, slender12, bigpuppy17, instinct01, danceflame12, 1 red crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 purple crayon, 1 orange crayon, 1 gray crayon

2023.10.30 - (+30, =15070) Received from Puzzle Chains 282: bloody01, armor17, meat13, bionis11, knifework13, smelt10, ayanon11, bandekanone12, appraiser16, witchelny04, neozeon16, psychometry12, herokiller06, 2ofhearts12, kuruma05, propagation20, gekko16, honeybeeinn07, nutcracker07, busking16, seele19, sakurairo13, junes01, cerulean18, records14, paint10, ais08, aesir17, salmon06, divine19, 1 orange crayon

2023.10.30 - (+8, =15040) Donated to Silly Blanks 184: falling02, piratehat03. Received: analyzedata13, barusu01, hunting16, lgbtgames15, lanling19, taurus12, natsu20, esaka07, bartending04, strongwill13

2023.10.30 - (+9, =15032) Received from Go Fish! 381: oils18, student01, babied02, iceland19, 5thrank18, bakes06, therat07, foxflame11, border09, 1 orange crayon

2023.10.30 - (+12, =15023) Received from September 2023 deck donations (Al Jeanne, Jack Ace, Sleepless, Shadow Duo): attract17, drumset13, drunkenfist09, meringue18, diamondclan16, theater07, bokken12, race13, maskedg08, maleprotags02, zoidwarrior04, submissive14, 1 red crayon, 1 green crayon, 1 blue crayon, 1 gray crayon.

2023.10.30 - (+12, =15011) Received from August 2023 deck donations: combatknives09, disaster17, divinelaw10, hyuponia16, kurokami01, left10, paint10, pranks19, propagation20, queenvirgo04, saionji16, stfreya11, yellow crayon x2, purple crayon x1, brown crayon x1.

2023.10.30 - (+5, =14999) Received from Most Wanted 87: soapland03, pumpkinking15, fleeting06, 9ofswords20, skydream20

2023.10.29 - (+23, =14994) Mastered 13irthday and received prize A (instant mastery) for Quartz (FM). Received: arcadia04, crystaldust17, minimum08, quartz01, quartz02, quartz03, quartz04, quartz05, quartz06, quartz07, quartz08, quartz09, quartz10, quartz11, quartz12, quartz13, quartz14, quartz15, quartz16, quartz17, quartz18, quartz19, quartz20, blue crayon.

2023.10.29 - (+1, =14971) Exchanged in Switch It Up 226 - Trick-or-Treat Edition!: muramasa02, king11, quick19, color17. Received: easyr01, laughwithme10, necklace14, sleepless13, believer11.

2023.10.29 - (+1, =14970) Received from An Idol's Acrostic Trading Post 231: sleepless06

2023.10.26 - (+1, =14969) Traded with Lenga: suwabe08, tearcut20, gokujou19. Received: barielle12, bartender17, besieger10. Received as a gift: whisper15.

2023.10.22 - (+3, =14968) Mastered Shadow Duo (FM) and received: sleepless05, skullhaven04, tusk05, 1 gray crayon.

2023.10.22 - (+12, =14965) Received from Little Spell Academia 284: shadowduo16, shadowduo17, frogcurse02, purin03, purin05, sleepless03, sleepless04, frogcurse04, purin06, shadowduo18, shadowduo19, shadowduo20.

2023.10.22 - Exchanged in Swap Station 220 (Special Round): crazyslots07, dozing20, haymaker12, heavenguide05, iseeyou09, purin20, sleepless19, tophat11. Received: crazyslots12, dozing17, haymaker04, heavenguide20, iseeyou19, purin13, sleepless17, tophat04.

2023.10.22 - Received from Colorseum 61-5: blue crayon, red crayon.

2023.10.22 - (+1, =14953) Received a gift from Dahlia: doodlesuit04.

2023.10.22 - (+18, =14952) Received from Deck Lover 382, Deck Lover 385, Deck Lover 388: barhara17, brushgods01, ecchi17, femprotags18, johns16, kawasumia08, lightbearers04, maleantags10, minions06, newyears20, plusultra16, ponytail12, projected17, scars06, secretrealm17, waterelmt06, winter01, ylisse20.

2023.10.22 - (+6, =14934) Received from Hi-5 Radio 222: animus14, breegull04, miraizura05, acting15, aldan05, surface17.

2023.10.22 - (+5, =14928) Received from Coloring Book 312: thesword13, purgatory02, bobsons07, hakkenden02, skydream09.

2023.10.21 - (+25, =14923) Received from Pick a Color 246: maid-chan14, wandering13, merge08, dirtyjokes12, radiance20, watchguard04, avoiddeath18, liberation18, adherent10, warpstar19, kittydoor16, speech14, destreza11, brassband06, almyra19, thirdroom10, hitwoman06, greatspirit17, crossplay13, chick03, westwald09, unwritten18, catcafe06, training03, yosuga01

2023.10.21 - (+64, =14898) Donated to Coloring Book 313 orange crayon x3, blue crayon x1. Received: moongold02, wrath03, hamha17, inspired20, masquerades16, nervous02, saiyawoman17, 66810, vaisravana04, thesword08, array14, thesword07, regeneration02, evilone14, neoarcadia13, showaidol14, seawitch13, occidental17, roro13, abcsoflove12, puku10, aoizone14, bolverk11, zmei02, muscular18, muscular05, synthesis3002, planetaria08, bananasushi07, friendships18, fluffy17, aurastorm06, nervous18, badpun09, tenderthief03, gadgeteer16, polarbear02, aquajet19, kishow11, chopping19, monks03, thesword01, vaisravana10, magnhild01, leblanc07, shiny10, vines01, no7905, davinci19, firefist09, kanazuchi03, lawnmower01, marchhare11, subjecta03, tianzi20, skydress18, thesword19, monks09, magnhild19, thesword10, breast04, deadman18, defend15, silverblade08.

2023.10.21 - (+25, =14834) Received from Release Roulette 015: observer12, bakuzan06, badgrades16, sheltered17, nande08, highland15, pursue07, soldiers05, blurball07, odoru03, panzer17, habu15, dadadadan08, nande06, dane04, housekeep06, tableware07, manly05, odoru11, luckless10, flamenco08, nonomori12, tenkuu11, evenodd06, housekeep20.

2023.10.21 - (+6, =14809) Received from Hi-5 Radio 221: godsplit05, chiropteran10, respectful04, abysswalker10, folseus20, paruru18.

2023.10.21 - (+44, =14803) Received from September 2023 Activity Rewards: fontech07, lulua18, porsche19, gastronomy17, favoring10, throwdown13, starrysky09, hard-rock01, sexyguilty06, dln-00302, machine15, dcn-02720, patriot15, undertaker09, patience08, lovecupid19, overelement07, volatile06, ragnell15, shepherd09, christianity08, muromachi13, lasangre14, yoshiro15, uldah03, sickness02, melemele08, vault10, thejoker18, engineer20, neighbor03, ruoye06, vodka05, tragiccomedy05, microbes20, momo06, peaks07, burninghouse06, hagurotonbo16, accelerator12, canaan03, make-up10, lavaorb12, erebonia05, 2 yellow crayons, 1 brown crayon.

2023.10.18 - Traded with PhiPhi: 1000needles12, abuse03, abuse11, aeons16, art07, barefists06, barefists09, barehanded07, barrettes08, bass12, bassclef03, bicycle07, blacksheep04, bloodyrose15, blue13, bluekimono20, bobcat06, bornthisway18, calamityhawk09, calamityhawk18, cannoneer04, cospro02, cospro11, cowardly11, cowardly13, cowardly16, cowardly18, cuties05, dattebane02, erebonia11, erebonia17, false18, farseer20, gakuenk03, handicraft07, hapiara07, icerose02, jaderook06, kaleido10, kaleido11, lovely11, misty11, misty14, misty16, mypartner11, notthinking11, oblivion16, paisleypark15, peaky02, pessimist08, pessimist15, pessimistic11, photos03, platinum16, pranking13, radiantwaltz17, repaired03, salamander09, samurai08, samurai11, samurai17, sarcastic15, shugo06, skyjack11, speedking11, stastraia08, ukki14, undertaker10, undertaker18, undying04, unemotional09, unemotional13, urbanlegend17, values01, values08, values14, verdancy10, wallcrusher13, wardspell01, whitewolf05, wrecking07, yesyesyes19, zeref19. Received: specialeyes12, wakuwaku14, archaeology15, besieger20, blanket03, brokenrose17, broom15, carry06, cauldron15, chrysalis16, clamp16, comnet11, cosplays11, covert10, cutetype07, cutlass15, dood16, endless01, fairness10, g-1202, games17, goldenapple17, hillock09, hitsuzen19, imanity07, inazma18, insectpillar01, insectpillar20, jam03, javelin17, kanaan57910, kotowari01, kotowari02, laser07, lewd13, liars02, libertine04, lieutenant15, mail12, marionette14, meanies03, mofu05, momiji16, notlost13, o-568112, openings06, oren14, playboy09, precure12, purememory05, pyu01, remarried03, ribs07, robber10, roses18, seafriend02, semi-angel04, sharilton09, shou18, skateboard10, skillhunter08, snail08, spaceout02, subservient03, successor16, sweatdrops10, sweatdrops12, sweatdrops20, tanpopo18, tasla15, terrified06, terrified13, teru16, thestinky11, thieves09, thundergod06, tsunderes06, vacuum14, windangel09, yahaha03, yahaha19, yanderes16, yeming08.

2023.10.16 - (+9, =14759) Mastered: Jack Ace (FM), Pavo, Pomfiore. Recieved: shadowduo13, shadowduo14, shadowduo15, benois11, witchheart01, rabbitcurse04, swordlike16, superhero12, scissor11, 1 orange crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon

2023.10.16 - (+10, =14750) Leveled up from Himalayan to Rainbow (+1) and received: shadowduo11, shadowduo12, tailman10, destructive04, america05, lovesick03, tradition11, farethere18, secondverse13, jenova20, 1 orange crayon, 1 purple crayon

2023.10.16 - (+9, =14740) Received from Little Spell Academia 283: shadowduo08, pavo15, iseeyou06, pomefiore18, debut07, shadowduo09, pomefiore20, pavo18, shadowduo10.

2023.10.15 - (+1, =14731) Received from Most Wanted 86: endless14, councillor06, arcana20, tireurdelite18, mylove14.
Gifted to Dahlia: endless14
Gifted to Lex: councillor06.
Gifted to Xetka: arcana20.
Gifted to Andie: mylove14.

2023.10.15 - (+3, =14730) Received gift from Eli: juniorarmy09, ratio16, science02.

2023.10.15 - (+1, =14727) Received gift from Cami: lapisdei01.

2023.10.15 - (+1, =14726) Received gift from Xetka: alatus16.

2023.10.15 - (+5, =14725) Traded Lex: rightcure14, trilingual01, undercover11, 80s07, momo10, sticks06, wayward16, baboo02, backpack13, barefists06, bastion02, bastion12, beastmaster05, beastmaster08, belly08, bluebear11, chupa12, cosplayidol12, dawn19, earthshaker03, fake02, flamboyant11, girls08, goathorns11, greatchief19, heartcross06, horrormare03, iceslides16, ikayaki13, inugami12, invibelle11, ise13, ise18, jian11, lucis19, mikorin12, musicbox07, musicbox20, mustache19, organization18, persian19, photos09, photos19, pikapapow10, popsinger17, prizemaster17, pumpkinking08, seductive13, sneakers08, sneakers12, snowynight04, sonofman04, stealsouls01, streetrat03, submit10, supersize07, traverse15, truehero04, tsuki15. Received: pomefiore17, commentator12, crater14, divina03, divina04, eros07, eros18, feles10, feles11, feles15, feles16, fimbulvetr09, fimbulvetr11, fugit03, graveryl04, graveryl14, graveryl17, hell17, hesitation11, jankenpon10, king11, koopalings01, koopalings07, lovefreak08, matoi19, minor05, neofantasy02, neofantasy08, neofantasy09, no06, onread06, overblot01, phones08, phones10, phones12, planners07, resistance02, rose04, saturn07, sohcahtoa20, spiderweb05, spiderweb19, splitcard14, squeak19, sullen07, sullen12, takumin03, terpsichora08, terpsichora19, trulla05, trulla17, unleashed03, unleashed13, usagi05, vassal13, vespa19, viator07, yohane06, yuegui17. Received as gift: jackace16, jackace17, jackace18, jackace19, jackace20.

2023.10.08 - (+3, =14720) Traded with Ares: bladedragon04, foresight15, hairloss14, jujutsu01, megaphone02, misery16, punisher06, spouse15, takeout09, typhoon13, unpopular11, valor07. Received: diy08, diy18, purin04, calamitas17, hesitation11, ironmouse11, jobko01, no10, shii05, shii07, sin18, splitcard16. Received as a gift: tokunaga16, vassal09, wakuwaku10.

202310.08 - (+30, =14717) Received from Puzzle Chains 280: mamushi17, vampirecat05, friends08, umeboshi01, overshadowed07, planners06, greaves13, exercising16, songwriting06, 5stars06, drug03, napa14, carsick10, paramedic11, icefairy12, niconiya06, bouncing17, firstaid08, boom20, oblivion16, prototype05, pranking13, glacies12, sheep18, fulldream06, upperfive06, stonebody05, theundead08, manager15, invisibility06, 1 purple crayon.

202310.08 - Exchanged at Swap Station 219: blranking02, crazyslots03, crossdressm08, iseeyou02. Received: blranking15, crazyslots07, crossdressm09, iseeyou09.

2023.10.08 - (+8, =14687) Received from Go Fish! 379: treachery05, bandekanone15, boyish17, canada04, chibidragon07, cureflora03, howl07, namidai11, 1 purple crayon.

2023.10.08 - (+7, =14679) Received from Host Club Giveaway 244: ribblades02, darknights05, ashcat03, blueswan11, shiden14, windwitch05, code66618.

2023.10.08 - (+30, =14672) Received from Release Roulette 014: bananasushi04, bunnybox07, betelgeuse18, cockatoo06, sleipnir16, satella15, stitching09, schoollife14, opposites09, locodol17, paisleypark15, belittled09, mikazuki09, hiroshima14, pipemaze10, satella02, deadman03, ark02, hokage13, ark05, schoollife03, decbirthday08, schoollife11, suwabe08, lessons19, greatfox13, sarcastic15, corneria05, blueswan04, talentshow10.

2023.10.08 - (+12, =14642) Received from Hi-5 Radio 220: starclip02, totalwood06, sox03, priderock04, simple11, blossom02, swordfish07, gnaw05, beretta11, cryogenic01, moderator01, pyo12.

2023.10.08 - (+24, =14630) Received from Lady Luck Slots 124: deployment04, pinkscarf10, tigridia18, ixaba12, bianca08, laevatain18, homicide11, gravity15, zanbatou09, candidate12, troublesome06, wealth06, skipping17, holysword14, glide05, king01, chairman15, hadoukyuu06, nuvema12, tekkadan07, biker05, crocodile04, cheesedrop16, riches16, 1 yellow crayon, 1 brown crayon.

2023.10.08 - (+2, =14606) Received gift from PhiPhi: sleepless09, sleepless19.

2023.10.08 - (+5, =14604) Received from Coloring Book 311: shinatsuhime06, enigmaboy04, starplasma18, mixer17, lucifer07

2023.10.08 - (+8, =14599) Donated to Silly Blanks 181: burly13, basement01. Received: acorn18, shikon19, fieldops05, defender10, xinye12, gekkooin10, silverstar10, restorative11, gorgeous13, ragingtiger19.

2023.10.08 - (+20, =14591) Received from No Context Theater 333, 334, 335, 336: 777sisters13, 777sisters19, 999days01, aetheria06, berlint02, cookingtime02, cookingtime03, cospro02, generous11, nocturnal18, spectral05, starplasma11, subdirector04, subdirector18, timeleaps16, truehero10, truehero18, truehero18, univeil16, wonderboy13

2023.10.08 - (+20, =14571) Received from Pick a Color 245: boardgames10, everrising15, maskchange08, autumnnote09, everrising10, sapphireowl05, rainymoment13, tireurdelite05, peacekeepers09, starblasting08, gymnastics09, bobcat06, wallcrusher13, testa-rossa16, rainymoment19, vivadonuts12, repaired03, cospro11, nocturnal10, highvoltage07

2023.10.08 - (+9, =14551) Received from Little Spell Academia 282: shadowduo04, shadowduo05, pomefiore12, pomefiore15, debut06, sleepless20, jackace15, shadowduo06, shadowduo07.

2023.10.08 - (+1, =14542) Traded with Agatha: actress07, actress11, bride15, complete15, filth01, filth03, headless01, loftwing20, skyworld01, snowfield05, snowfield11, thepaper07, trigger08, trigger12. Received: scarabia02, smilingcat06, archer10, bachelor19, dumbo10, flying12, flying18, hyper06, lotus20, loyalty03, loyalty13, lumberjack17, mail06, right04. Received as a gift: nonary13.

2023.10.04 - (+4, =14541) Received from Most Wanted 85: swallowtail20, heretichunter01, abuse12, vespa17, 00703.
Gifted to Skye: vespa17.

2023.10.05 - Exchanged at Natsume's Book of Cards 160: facup09, facup16, paggy02, paggy08, paggy13. Received: foxflame01, foxflame02, harrow02, harrow03, harrow04.

2023.10.04 - (+32, =14537) Donated to Coloring Book 312: blue crayon, orange crayon. Received: biometals19, skycolor06, a-hall04, singing06, false18, chao16, 80s07, hyzante01, icerose02, rightcure14, lakefairy01, shiva09, clear18, song03, bjd02, alloflove03, bombraid07, legends05, tall02, wakuwaku16, kouhai02, kikkeriki05, heretic09, bullying19, sleepless19, monks08, array11, vaisravana08, brickbreak06, artista03, tablesalt13, gastanets07.

2023.10.04 - (+9, =14505) Donated to Crazy Colors 257: taguel09. Received: whither14, ashore12, twirling16, speedking11, candy05, electriceel02, kaziklibey10, domineering14, build10, shikinjou06.

2023.10.04 - (+32, =14496) Donated to Coloring Book 312: blue crayon, gray crayon. Received: lindain03, drawings01, debauchery09, secondson13, bornthisway01, farseer20, crossdressm08, kuuhaku03, undercover11, lumina04, nocturnal17, lumina08, rico03, dragonclaw04, lilikin15, shounen13, talent03, voi09, mothermila05, holywar04, hardcandy16, boke19, deadly20, horror12, aetheria20, rumormonger18, enigmaboy13, killer16, sir06, relaxed14, bitphones16, magicclothes03.

2023.10.04 - (+18, =14464) Donated to Stamp Card 052: soleheir16, bananas02. Received: fuuma10, iinodoue03, cautious15, trumpet20, magicpaint07, founding11, tasla12, galactic04, visualnovel10, cider11, steak20, forgetful14, reforest07, fingertip19, tentacult10, mornings08, circle12, asakawa17, righteye01, ancients16.

2023.10.04 - (+1, =14446) Received gift from Koinuko: jackace09.

2023.10.04 - Traded with Lita: incantation07. Received: jackace14.

2023.10.04 - (+1, =14445) Received from Release 161 - September part 6: incantation07.

2023.10.04 - Traded with Selena: shieldhero03. Received: jackace13.

2023.10.04 - (+1, =14444) Received from Release 161 - September part 5: shieldhero03.

2023.10.02 - Traded with Lenga: vaisravana04. Received: jackace12.

2023.10.02 - (+1, =14443) Received from Release 161 - September part 4: vaisravana04.

2023.10.01 - (+8, =14442) Received from Little Spell Academia 281: pomefiore05, jackace10, pomefiore06, jackace11, shadowduo03, pomefiore08, purin02, gretel02.

2023.10.01 - (+2, =14434) Received from Most Wanted 84: 00716, anathema15, perky16, cybele20, sun14.
Gifted to Kyuu: perky16.
Gifted to Dahlia: cybele20
Gifted to Andie: sun14.

2023.10.01 - (+25, =14432) Received from Release Roulette 013: highspirited13, alternate18, chomechome20, part-timer18, ridiculous02, oneesan09, homicide18, benefits03, amarcian07, hypermonk05, sports09, bandit05, christianity19, hyakume01, heartless14, sopheria17, dattebane02, starfighter18, companion18, impossible19, starhealer16, razril07, hyakume08, capsule08, robin06.

2023.10.01 - (+100, =14407) Donated to Release Roulette 012: dcn-02602, dcn-02610, dwn-01020, dwn-01707, dwn-03418, dwn-03911, dwn-04204, dwn-04418, dwn-03302, dwn-04502. Received: kalosqueen11, sweatdrops19, subway14, deathdrive05, subaru-kyun19, megastone01, softbuns05, curemagical10, enmity08, demonhunter12, sweatdrops14, troublesome17, curefelice12, technology01, onoken04, postergirl06, lazying06, lioncurse05, postergirl12, megastone16, lazying10, softbuns11, oceandepths17, princesskey10, sinbad05, oceandepths10, exp01, troublesome17, desudesu03, oceandepths18, cannoneer04, clamp09, megaring01, technology14, upclose01, technology14, poodle04, momo16, traps03, aeons16, megastone12, curemagical19, deathdrive20, subaru-kyun20, oceandepths17, analyzing16, curefelice10, poodle17, poodle20, traps02, subaru-kyun14, exp05, buttcannon17, clamp06, wolfcurse13, sidecut02, kalosqueen18, universe619, sourkonbu17, demonhunter16, terrified02, subway08, flowercrown07, curemiracle13, desudesu03, clamp17, momo05, subway14, oceandepths19, postergirl09, rabbitcurse03, deathdrive11, curefelice07, exp19, subaru-kyun10, cuisine01, dormouse03, cuisine16, momo10, desudesu11, makuhita13, battlebond14, upclose19, tsuki12, deathdrive03, troublesome12, sidecut05, clamp20, curemiracle09, chespie09, troublesome06, low-key11, technology01, sticks06, demonhunter11, sidecut07, flyingpress15, rabbitcurse01, desudesu17, sticks03, deathdrive04, wolfcurse16, makuhita02, sidecut19, deathdrive04, supersonic15, ratclan11, upclose07, toughguy18, exp15.

2023.10.01 - (+9, =14307) Donated to Crazy Colors 257: kicks08. Received: song02, sunfighter09, shinai10, wayfarer02, septette06, drums20, tearcut20, arphage09, solchakram13, counterarc08.

2023.10.01 - Traded with Tsukinio: svarog04. Received: jackace08.

2023.10.01 - (+1, =14298) Received from Release 161 - September part 3: svarog04.

2023.10.01 - Traded with Zezette: huidol06, berlint16, chivalry08, crystaleyes09, daimonas16, darknight01, darknight12, darknight15, darknight18, darksun09, descendant04, descendant06, descendant07, duskmaiden06, gestalt15, gestalt16, hiraikotsu08, hundred03, legalwife03, method12, misandry09, olderlover03, parfaits18, photoshoots06, priestess03, priestess13, psychic03, punish11, samuraifan03, samuraifan18, shinma02, shinma04, shinma09, skullbrooch12, spirited04, spirited11, spirited17, sunshade19, supermodel13, westwald03, westwald19, winds12, escaflowne03, fairy-tale01, sig_ange. Received: bestia11, 8-bit04, archaeology13, aromatherapy16, authors06, bigpuppy01, containment02, continental14, daoshi01, darkones18, duplication07, embership10, ensign07, eo08, fogdoor16, ghouls02, ghouls14, gunman13, kamui17, konkoyo02, kuuderes03, livehouse18, looping06, magiccancel18, maskchange10, mischievous19, ookwee03, pentomo16, pink11, pizzicato01, plankton17, precure07, purewater15, robots03, rumraisin03, shattertide11, shou03, smoker13, summoner12, treasure07, yorha19, blranking02, nonary02, nonary08, sig_xetka.

2023.09.30 - (-3, =14297) Gifted to Koinuko: huntress12, murderhotel08, veteran07.

2023.09.30 - (-1, =14300) Traded Tsukinio: ahoge03, pithos15, boardgames03, channel12, channel18, flask10, homeroom02, inarticulate02, kindheart19, reliable04, small11, sophia-chan11, spacestation11, yumeiro15. Received: pomefiore11, planners16, ratio03, referee03, visualnovel17, 7thheaven02, ambidex01, amikke05, aromatherapy07, broom04, cardevolve13, catsndogs19, cauldron10.

2023.09.29 - Traded with Cami: silvermane03. Received: jackace06.

2023.09.28 - Traded with Eli: lagenaria02. Received: jackace07.

2023.09.28 - Traded with PhiPhi: rosenberg03. Received: jackace05.

2023.09.28 - (+7, =14301) Received from Release 161 - September part 2: rosenberg03, lagenaria02, silvermane03, sig_ange, shadowduo02, pavo12, pomefiore04.

2023.09.28 - (+33, =14294) Mastery chain. Mastered: burnish, dribbling, abusive, antoinette, bungee, chocolate, juliet, mineral, quick, ecchan (FM), aljeanne (FM). Received: aljeanne13, aljeanne14, aljeanne15, aljeanne16, aljeanne17, aljeanne18, aljeanne19, aljeanne20, jackace02, jackace03, jackace04, fincutter14, locodol16, challenge05, spear04, hankouki18, charms04, changing15, lyricist03, hikkikomori02, jellyhorn07, moonprincess09, bondage17, ancient19, serenade11, fox02, souls04, damsel13, hanagumi17, hawking06, fluffy01, hosenka12, illusions20, 1 red crayon, 1 orange crayon, 3 green crayons, 4 blue crayons, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon.

2023.09.28 - (+55, =14261) Leveled up from Water to Himalayan and received: aljeanne02, aljeanne03, aljeanne04, aljeanne05, aljeanne06, aljeanne07, aljeanne08, aljeanne09, aljeanne10, aljeanne11, aljeanne12, jewelthief08, taguel07, wayward16, freelancer13, impostors10, peachpie15, doujinka14, foul01, gotham19, brahmastra17, hakunon01, memorywipe03, djinn05, photos03, rainbow01, dual-tipped05, entertainer12, argentea15, newmoon12, astrape02, samurais14, distaste02, filthy12, genuine15, hadouken18, argent17, ouji09, tomb08, lapisdei11, shii15, smoker08, shogi09, chinatown19, leasing14, dwn-03305, newyears15, vows08, heartmask03, voidgear12, lightbearers11, teardown14, salamander09, kamisarizuki01, stinger15, 1 red crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 3 green crayons, 2 blue crayons, 1 purple crayon, 2 brown crayons, 1 gray crayon.

2023.09.28 - (+4, =14206) Received from Release 161 - September part 1: aljeanne01, jackace01, sleepless01, shadowduo01.

2023.09.24 - (+5, =14202) Received from Release 160 - August part 6: continental01, rovingmedic01, dribbling20, haymaker03, iseeyou04.

2023.09.24 - (+12, =14197) Received from Little Spell Academia 280: dribbling10, pomefiore03, dribbling12, dribbling14, whisper02, debut04, dribbling16, pavo10, debut05, dribbling17, pavo11, dribbling19.

2023.09.24 - (+1, =14185) Received from Most Wanted 83: bride15, kensei16, fighter17, starplasma15, striker02.
Gifted to Skye: kensei16
Gifted to Kyuu: fighter17
Gifted to Eli: starplasma15
Gifted to Charlotte: striker02

2023.09.24 - (+24, =14184) Received from Hi-5 Radio 218 & 219: chouki02, tasco18, yumehanabi17, killyou09, isla17, neutral13, mirror12, dln-00415, enigmas19, 99907, lovely11, pessimist15, magikazam19, speciala06, weddings19, wonderland09, analyzer03, treachery10, kitchenknife16, moondestiny02, braves14, pyroqueen18, saneprince12, taiko08.

2023.09.24 - (+60, =14160) Received from Colors Concentration 027 & 028: egoism04, class19, gainax11, snow03, nocturnal13, dmv14, mercurius07, pocket06, hatcher06, evidol11, igajima06, geostigma07, starrysky12, selfish12, cloudwine04, weed12, spiderwebs08, suit12, petdog16, corratec10, kyokugenryu03, taranis03, dutiful15, shorthair04, bolt17, chess20, weapons09, ladyoscar13, makuhita09, falena19, 1 orange crayon, sophia-chan11, chaldeas11, poisonapple11, yakisoba07, winter10, microbes15, incapable13, smellya15, accurate13, harass04, fullbringer17, bladeking06, megadeus10, thunderbrand13, silpheed15, unfaltering07, chuunibyou08, 2-d20, gateau04, disarm14, astrape15, girl-shy09, odd03, minfilia12, kasshin09, lightningorb04, enigmatic03, schwarzer03, tooth05, minstrel19, 1 green crayon.

2023.09.24 - (+30, =14100) Received from Puzzle Chains 278: angelysugar06, wives20, candycane08, sopheria07, yamazakura02, kids19, convict16, scorching11, ise13, swallows04, bolderfall01, guns10, bloodlust19, ban15, similar14, fourarts19, bossun02, bulletfool08, sexybomber11, highland13, listener06, cosplay01, money04, nanza17, estabul18, moondestiny15, powder20, visualizer17, fightingqueen08, mastermind09, 1 gray crayon

2023.09.24 - Received from Colorseum 61-1: red crayon x1, orange crayon x2, blue crayon x1.

2023.09.24 - (+8, =14070) Received from Go Fish! 377: hyakume03, thetower01, beauteous19, trilingual01, firebuster19, ball17, curesoleil06, suzumori19, 1 purple crayon

2023.09.24 - (+32, =14062) Donated to Coloring Book 311: gray crayon x2. Received: etheirys12, accelerator17, apocrypha17, darksun09, clutch05, whitewolf05, kanamoney07, chiefmaid03, johns10, inarticulate02, rumormonger19, baldness17, shaman10, life-giver20, totem-pole15, 4thbatter02, enigma05, earthelmt09, cuter16, shakushi20, wafu02, midlander18, cinqfleches10, online20, besieger11, killer16, johns06, enigmaboy17, nadeshiko20, landlady14, highlander19, mayor11.

2023.09.24 - (+5, =14030) Received from Stamp Card 051: takeout09, vikingtiger05, zettai01, collision02, jabot07

2023.09.24 - (+14, =14025) Received from Host Club Giveaway 242 & 243: jyuuken17, cursed11, ahoge03, silkmoth19, thavas10, favorite18, asterisk16, brilliance12, ams16, 1stguardian07, dattebasa07, mega20, harrow14, motion13.

2023.09.24 - Received from Coloring Book 310: 1 yellow crayon, 1 green crayon, 2 blue crayons.

2023.09.17 - (+3, =14011) Mastered ligament (FM) and received: pavo09, curewhip07, seiyuu13, 1 orange crayon.

2023.09.17 - (+8, =14008) Received from Little Spell Academia 279: pavo06, pavo07, ligament14, whisper01, ligament15, ligament16, ligament17, ligament20.

2023.09.16 - (+5, =14000) Received from Most Wanted 82: boardgames03, pomefiore07, ride01, abuse11, comicbook03.

2023.09.16 - (+12, =13995) Received from Mika's Quilting 179: nico-nii10, adore15, naptime03, x31s09, thieves14, normalgirl04, no707, hoomans04, alchemists17, longyou17, kicks06, penchant19.

2023.09.16 - (+30, =13983) Received from Puzzle Chains 277: space03, lindain04, reversing05, hamha12, choker08, dialect13, ronin19, prima01, discipline04, hornetsting19, inlove13, gokujou19, safeguard20, demons15, island02, treats20, leaders05, lapistier19, blackpearl14, barrettes08, poltergust19, gakuenk03, shikabane02, shark13, doma02, attached08, mew-chan10, herbs18, method12, empathy13, 1 orange crayon

2023.09.16 - (+10, =13953) Received from Go Fish! 376: cutting04, edelweiss16, nyaa-chan09, flowersong07, firetruck13, binbougami08, wolfbeil05, room03, text08, kcpd07, 1 purple crayon.

2023.09.16 - (+20, =13943) Received from Pick a Color 244: starplasma17, deltafield15, comicbook03, huidol06, erebonia17, berlint16, evilspywork10, moonshot17, spacestation11, highvoltage18, plushiemaster05, rainymoment13, sharespoils08, uncharted01, rainymoment14, headless01, deltafield19, moonshot04, erebonia15, erebonia11.

2023.09.16 - Traded with Zezette: bite06, ki19, lugnica06, lugnica18, pes14, primo04, wise08. Received: univeil15, ligament18, purin16, imperatrix16, nubis16, vultur03, aromatherapy05.

2023.09.14 - Traded with Lex: 80s01, beatboxing06, headless03, headphones14, honorific05, lagoon17, marks16, member8306, paperwork02, paperwork04, parlor17, rainfell14, redscorpion19, robo-nene14, silicate13, silicate15, substitute07, twinned12, undercover10, wonderboy12, wuzhang03, yuki19, sig_ange. Received: blranking04, blranking10, cookie05, cookie09, daisuki17, dribbling18, feral02, fivedays10, frei16, frei20, frogcurse08, frogcurse16, frogcurse19, frozenlake13, frozenlake18, gretel05, gretel08, gretel18, haymaker09, haymaker16, henshin03, univeil20, sig_lex.

2023.09.14 - Traded with Tally: student09, student14. Received: terpsichora17, yohane10.

2023.09.14 - Traded with Cami: 2wink18, brainwash03, broadcast10, combine12, combine19, detnerat09, duplicates16, herculean03, lemillion10, oneforall01, oneforall12, oshi-san16, procellarum10, procellarum17, purewhite11, rooftop03, scan13, scan14, scan16, sidekick01, sixgravity20, stealing19, strategic16, sugarman13, warpgate01, warpgate02, warpgate11, yaksha11, yukimin06, sig_ange. Received: belderiver08, bunnygirl04, dubking14, eros04, firetruck01, fivedays11, hospital09, information01, innuendos18, laevatain09, laughwithme13, lorelei12, lorelei15, marionette05, marshmallows02, octavinelle05, overblot07, papilio09, parmacordis05, planners06, shii01, splitcard04, tarts09, tokunaga15, univeil16, unleashed12, unmotivated05, waka-sama20, wizard05, sig_cami3.

2023.09.13 - (+32, =13923) Donated blue crayon x2 to Coloring Book 311 and received: aisu01, honedfangs02, ricky01, crossdressm10, break10, artificial06, moonside13, commodore15, tireurdelite17, starblasting02, courier11, undercover10, nso08, mahapralaya06, copying09, spy17, girlsnames03, steed07, coordinator17, material02, girlinblack18, birdcrash14, dwn-02017, lorasia04, nocturnal04, sapphireowl18, lumina19, courier15, huge09, ihwedding04, iseeyou02, dynasoldier06.

2023.09.12 - (-1, =13891) Traded with Dahlia: ashcat09, bride17, brokenrose13, carefree16, charmer06, cinderella07, corrupted05, distrust01, dragonhead20, faintsmile08, failnaught06, figurine19, forelock09, grondement03, grondement08, iceheart12, kismet16, lifeenergy01, lifeenergy07, loner11, lunartear17, maguskiller05, maguskiller13, maguskiller16, military06, military14, misandry04, mute02, ofruin01, quindecim03, sadako13, scarred13, secretary06, secretary13, shattered16, shikon13, silverarm12, silverarm18, songstress04, versailles12, voiceless12. Received: acrobat15, amarcian19, attendant02, bigkitty14, bladerang03, brain11, bunnygirl11, combat13, comnet05, cursed18, cutlass18, dawnfly11, detectives15, eats07, evasive03, firstaid15, ignium17, immortality14, junbirthday11, kaze08, maintenance06, mallet06, musicians18, objection13, ogata16, overlord07, probe19, rollflash07, sawashirom16, scissor11, scooter08, self-help10, shepherd09, skullstomp05, sleepwalker14, tableware04, two02, versicolor08, wilkis18, youngmen03.

2023.09.10 - (+11, =13892) Received from Little Spell Academia 278: burnish18, ligament07, ligament08, dribbling09, pavo03, ligament09, sohcahtoa01, ligament11, ligament12, pavo05, ligament13.

2023.09.10 - Exchanged in Natsume's Book of Cards 157: popgun04, popgun07, potter11, potter18, potter19. Received: resentful01, resentful02, avilio01, avilio02, avilio04.

2023.09.10 - (-6, =13881) Gifted to Tally: agile04, eager03, eager14, kcpd12, shade06, whiskey13.

2023.09.10 - (+4, =13887) Received from Most Wanted 81: abuse03, accountant20, fflove02, whiskey13, games05.
Gifted to Lenga: accountant20.

2023.09.10 - (+24, =13883) Received from Hi-5 Radio 215 & 217: fieldwork10, reformed14, deck09, replay18, trains04, maracas07, hari04, huntress12, park04, jakob05, trapnest12, potion02, massacre04, sensory02, roodbearer06, horizons08, crossword13, promiscuous14, perlite09, puzzlesp11, genma19, shoeless13, kisses20, medjed14.

2023.09.10 - (+12, =13859) Donated to Stamp Card 051: hammer10, smokyjail19. Received: retaliate06, sprightly05, pikori18, player12, bananasushi18, jaderook03, subdirector05, burning16, koyaku19, head17, heron19, housecat17, clown17, member8306.

2023.09.10 - (+30, =13847) Received from Puzzle Chains 276: kajiyuu02, orifiel08, bounce02, crocodile06, eldest14, perfume12, emishi10, bjd17, hypnotist11, littlewomen07, overpower19, subordinate02, julia03, playful19, xiuhcoatl19, airstrike17, inspired17, hypnotist03, sorry04, megaphone02, whitecat05, cavalry01, demoneyes17, shamisen19, xgp16, silentboy03, meganes16, kleio04, securitycat14, twinsnipe04, 1 orange crayon

2023.09.10 - (+15, =13817) Received from Go Fish! 375: panda06, batsu18, valor16, tidalelegy17, bookoflaw10, countup02, launcher08, fetishes20, royalprince18, violet15, 1 brown crayon

2023.09.10 - Received from Colorseum 60-4: orange crayon x1, yellow crayon x1, green crayon x2.

2023.09.10 - (+15, =13807) Received from Stamp Card 050 - Special Round: icefield15, loveletter02, lovesongs12, curestar06, goodnight06, magickey17, dualkagune16, frozenlake04, goody07, tengu05, baerats03, shinyrod15, rinmeikan02, haiku04, trigger12, 1 orange crayon, 1 brown crayon, 1 gray crayon.

2023.09.10 - (+12, =13792) Received from Mika's Quilting 178: mindreader18, countering04, topknot09, gridman11, kamichama05, goldenduo06, handbag18, saiko16, organum06, horn11, vacation04, meganekko19.

2023.09.06 - Traded with Lenga: berlint05, woodensword07, coo05, accountant17, usurper14, sailorfuku11, mikoshiba03, amamiya11, cool15, grenades05, mikoshiba19, scissors09, sins08, wolborg03, unapologetic07, charmed11, headmistress08, starcadia04, cottoncandy07, cottoncandy18, fantastical04, fantastical20, fastball06, firststring15, folgore15, infield09, leeks14, puns15, shishou02, sticker19, swearing05, swordswoman14, tabarzin05, vermouth18, warden06. Received: feles17, fivedays08, lepus15, rtawahist06, science09, townhall19, 2ndchild13, 3-a10, 3-a20, acrobat19, adapt16, albhed12, amarcian18, ambidex03, ambidex06, ambidex20, angelpowder15, angelpowder16, angels16, angels18, angels20, aquarimms11, archangels01, assertive08, assertive16, automail19, baa11, barielle18, battleship09, baumkuchen13, blacklion09, blacklizard14, blackmagic13, blackswan12, blankit04.

2023.09.06 - (+1, =13780) Received from Release 160 - August part 5: fallenprince02, wallcrusher01, peacekeepers10, berlint05.
Gifted to Cami: fallenprince02.
Gifted to PhiPhi: wallcrusher01.
Gifted to Ares: peacekeepers10.

2023.09.05 - (+12, =13779) Mastery chain. Mastered special decks: josei, ayanon, univeil. Received: univeil17, univeil18, nonbinary11, argo20, kouhai03, astronomer15, shogiclub12, iceheart12, cerinia01, senkukogetsu14, pi-su08, tomochin19, 1 orange crayon, 1 yellow crayon, 1 blue crayon.

2023.09.05 - (+11, =13767) Received from Little Spell Academia 277: figments06, univeil09, univeil10, ayanon06, univeil11, linefaced01, henshin11, nonbinary13, univeil15, univeil16, linefaced02.

2023.09.05 - Traded with Cvrsed: perky14. Received: univeil20.

2023.09.05 - Traded with Raie: 80s18, godaime17, herooftime13, lullaby04, sacredpower04, scouter20, tuxedo13, xgp13, zoom07, charmbuster08, darkpower05, firebuster07, heartbuns18, osa-p16, shortsword20, solitude14, class1-b13. Received: univeil19, auratus11, diasomnia10, graveryl20, heartshaped18, hell09, hesitation19, honest15, imperatrix15, juniorarmy19, koopalings06, lotossomno14, mantichora09, maschera13, specialeyes06, victormare15, waka-sama03.

2023.09.04 - (-1, =13756) Traded with Milo: divinedragon01. Received: univeil13. Gifted to Milo: ride02.

2023.09.04 - (+2, =13757) Received from Release 160 - August part 4: divinedragon01, ride02.

2023.09.03 - (+6, =13755) Received from Most Wanted 80 - Special Round: interviewer13, 00709, scheming15,bodysack10, yuki19, interviewer12, 90s11, dungeon01, scheming20, recitals13.
Gifted to Ouji: 90s11
Gifted to Zezette: 00709
Gifted to Lina: interviewer13
Gifted to Kyuu: recitals13

2023.09.03 - (+91, =13749) Donated to August 2023 POG: skullhaven05, tiny09, a-rank0513, raccoons03, ladypoison08, insects10, gravity09, hana-chan09, tenseiga09, fromuruk04, promotion01, unrequited04, antigen15, hideandseek02. Received: uncouth16, happyda09, xenian18, ubiquitous16, unapologetic07, lovehug09, supervisor03, blanket04, fruitist20, darkhunter06, photos09, aoitori03, nichirin14, kishinami08, swallow14, madnautilus01, enkephalin10, raindance16, shadowgift20, treats11, nude16, boughs09, fivefoxes03, dramatic16, hammer-on10, wendel15, genius12, cyber05, foresight15, sunrune20, ascilia04, regal08, arsene04, recessive14, mushi03, takumin04, kumarin20, waspsting08, 3-a01, loveeternal07, organization12, hans05, star19, shard10, jaguar04, busty17, extar12, spiteful04, karlan01, kei04, powerful13, code0517, neatfreak03, boundary02, enkephalin06, dirt15, iracundus07, meido06, mahne12, isshu17, otherworld01, liberator12, doodles16, tsuruko16, camping14, 1000needles12, warheit10, phoenix11, xel04, adieu01, pupil01, smolder20, dousing06, sol13, imposter01, commandteam01, volcanic09, generous07, coach18, rewind15, xel03, boomerangs05, bomberrod02, amber05, rots07, curator04, hornless16, cruiser09, harder17, tigerlaguz11, superrookie11, vanargand19, haku07, smokyjail19, dullahan11, greenlion09, jaderook11, wonderboy12, wise08, spectral16, flanprince18, successeur19, root11, peacekeepers15, truehero04, 2 red crayons, 2 yellow crayons, 2 green crayons, 5 blue crayons, 2 brown crayons. Received grand prize B: coupon for +2 deck donations (5 uses)

2023.09.03 - (+30, =13658) Received from Puzzle Chains 275: ifraid09, heal05, stops08, senza14, counterarc08, fullmetal13, confectioner16, wosemi03, crystal11, risingshot01, ducati15, rashly10, antares03, digipad03, vixen15, western06, listentome18, cheat10, firefist03, outcome17, ophelia05, malasada17, lessons09, blacksword02, thehag02, floriography17, sadistic01, trapped13, jiji04, demifiend07, 1 purple crayon.

2023.09.03 - (+28, =13628) Received from August 2023 Activity Rewards: sensei13, kusanagi15, parlor13, irondragon03, doha19, demoness20, a-hall17, greatwolf03, poppo01, pikapapow10, gigacity04, crt08, airslash16, zoidmodels05, sworn13, initiative11, fafnir14, affinity08, kitchen06, tetsuo03, liebestraume12, bite06, raven12, fantail12, waterspirit02, austria13, speech01, obsidian12, 1 yellow crayon, 1 purple crayon

2023.09.03 - Received from Coloring Book 309: 2 yellow crayons, 1 green crayon, 1 purple crayon.

2023.09.03 - (+11, =13600) Received from Go Fish! 374: minidragon10, perky14, admirabilis17, gutspunch15, fascinated16, ragnell09, normal20, tsukuyomi09, sister15, wind-up16, goodfortune18, 1 orange crayon, 1 green crayon.

2023.09.03 - (+6, =13589) Donated to Stamp Card 050 - Special Round: adventure11. Received: glace13, lancers05, blacktempest05, rai02, loftwing20, jaderook06, testa-rossa03.

2023.09.03 - (+25, =13583) Received from Pick a Color 243: cureselene18, nocturnal08, neofantasy16, bewitching04, crystarium13, coupdetat20, unlucky02, upperfive13, shakti20, childsenpai13, levelseven18, 1stguardian12, seaotter09, rougeschool09, doorknocker05, sphinx108, t-shirt02, water11, defends01, fishseller08, nagashi02, pairs08, killing11, cham09, replica03

2023.09.03 - (+20, =13558) Received from No Context Theater 329, 330, 331, 332: 12thrank17, agile04, al-rosary14, bat-cat18, bladedragon04, bluelock20, cafeliebe13, eager03, eager14, greeneye01, mikoshiba03, pandemonic14, plover14, receptacle06, sickhack06, student09, student14, urban02, wildfiring07, wildfiring09.

2023.09.03 - Traded with Ouji:. Received: ayanon16, ligament10, ligament19, blranking07, blranking13, cheese18, figments03, juniorarmy07, king18, leptailurus16, masquerades18, matoi13, no07, sohcahtoa06, spiderweb13, unleashed17, vassal05, waka-sama07, wakuwaku12, ignihyde19, rubeum04, smilingcat08, symphony18, townhall12, whisper07, 00714, angelo05, baumkuchen15, beehive08, blind15, caged04, chessboard17, commandteam05, corrine08, crossveins19, cyborg00915, elegance07, europeans09, europeans20, eyepatch06, fujoshi09, games11 .

2023.09.03 - Traded with Cami: scarecrow02. Received: univeil02.

2023.09.03 - (-1, =13538) Traded with Noelle: vivadonuts04. Received univeil08. Gifted to Noelle: 777sisters13.

2023.09.03 - (+2, =13539) Received from Release 160 - August part 3: vivadonuts04, 777sisters13.

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Shopping Street 2024 Spending

Updated Candy/Choco balance:
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04.13: Glorious Green: spent red x8, orange x4, yellow x14, green x4.

04.13: Ravishly Red: spent yellow x2, brown x3

04.13: Gray Gifts: spent blue x6, purple x5, gray x4

Valentine's Day 2024

Received Chocolates:
[ x 2] [ x 0] [ x 12] [ x 0] [ x 1] [ x 2] [ x 1] [ x 2]

Halloween 2023

Received Candies:
[ x 6] [ x 4] [ x 4] [ x 4] [ x 5] [ x 3] [ x 2] [ x 2]

Main DW Halloween Log

Bonus Gifts

  • 2023.11.18: - Gifted to Whitney red crayon, orange crayon
  • 2023.11.18: - Gifted to Aru orange crayon, yellow crayon
  • 2023.11.18: - Gifted to Lenga red crayon, orange crayon
  • 2023.11.01: - Gifted to Noelle red crayon, orange crayon
  • 2023.10.29: - Gifted to Mari red crayon, brown crayon
  • 2023.10.25: - Gifted to Agatha red crayon, yellow crayon
  • 2023.10.19: - Gifted to Xetka orange crayon, brown crayon
  • 2023.10.19: - Gifted to Nika orange crayon, yellow crayon
  • 2023.10.19: - Gifted to Ares red crayon, yellow crayon
  • 2023.10.19: - Gifted to Eli red crayon, brown crayon
  • 2023.10.19: - Gifted to Lina red crayon, orange crayon
  • 2023.10.18: - Gifted to Mini red crayon, brown crayon

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