A painted half body illustration of Lilianna in her purple outfit with her hair in two long twin tails.
aka Lilia or the purple devil
25 | she/her

TLDR: twintail VK musician girlboss


The second guitarist and keyboardist of visual kei band Resonance Dissonance. She’s arguably the most technically skilled of her bandmates, but Res Dis is where she performs with friends for fun on the side. She pours a lot more of her talent and time in solo projects, which does get her in occasional trouble. She’s not afraid to be loud and brutally honest, and is almost aggressively outgoing.


Art Fight page

Character relationships (WIP):

Kanon Ren


Ref sheet

A reference sheet of Lilianna’s 2 different outfits and notes for her two different hairstyles.
A sketched character design lineup of the members of the band Resonance Dissonance.


A rough lineless sketch of Lilianna singing into a microphone in her hands.
A limited purple and orange color palette sketch of Lilianna.

Commissioned Art

Outfit Designs!

Three different outfit designs with dark girly kei and gothic vibes.

Commissioned artwork by SwollenBabyFat @ tumblr!

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