TOPHATCATS Art Commission Info

Updated 2023.08.02
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General Info

This page is long, but please read everything!

The following info is for personal commissions. For large scale or commercial projects (e.g. a series of visual novel backgrounds), please reach out via email (contact info at bottom of the page) to discuss.

I am comfortable working on pieces involving:

  • Humanoids - fanart, ocs, fan characters, ships (including canon x oc)
  • Outfit designing
  • Background designing & painting
  • Background painting based on provided layouts, renders, or photography. (These images must be your own.)
  • Matching styles to compliment existing art assets (e.g. character sprites for a visual novel).

I won’t do pieces involving:

  • Heavy gore
  • Explicit NSFW

I reserve the right to decline any commission.

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the following:


  • Prices are in USD. I send payment invoices through Paypal.
  • Payment is made in full after confirming scope of work. For pieces over $120, I will get your approval of a thumbnail sketch first.
  • If payment is not received after 48 hours of the invoice being sent, I will cancel both the invoice and commission.
  • If I am unable to complete your commission, I will offer a full refund.


  • Completion time will vary due to my schedule. Complex pieces such as detailed background paintings can take up to 3-5 weeks after payment for completion. I cannot do rush orders.
  • I will provide a WIP for feedback where you can request adjustments within reason. Complex or multiple revisions are subject to additional charges.
  • You will receive a high resolution digital file upon completion. No physical product will be delivered.


You agree that the commissioned piece:

  • Is for personal use only, unless we discuss otherwise.
  • Will not be used for NFTs or AI training.
  • Will not be altered without my permission.
  • Will be properly credited to me if reposted or shared.

I agree to the above Terms of Service

Pricing & Samples

Please agree to the above TOS first to view.

Contact Info / Sending an Inquiry

Please agree to the above TOS first to view.

Thank you for your interest!