Sarafumi Takashina and Tsuruaki Fujita

Jack Jeanne Canon x OC / yumeship

Fumi References

Design notes: he/him, SUPER PRETTY.

Tsuruaki References

Design notes: genderfluid, they/any pronouns, flat chested but binds anyway.

School Uniform References
Casual / Date Outfit References

Extra Info

Relationship Dynamics
  • Fumi and Tsuruaki are in a long-distance relationship.
  • The two of them would have been in the same graduating class, but Tsuruaki dropped out of the theater program freshman year.
  • Both are super competitive when it comes to dancing and acting.
  • Fumi is more charismatic, leader-like, and likes to tease. Very comfortable being the center of attention.
  • Tsuruaki is more reserved and snarky, but isn’t afraid to steal the spotlight.
Height comparison

(L:Fumi, R: Tsuruaki)
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