LiveJournal Icon Pages


These are some aesthetic icon collage pages I made way back in 2008 - 2010 to decorate my 3-ring binders for school. (I am/was a big weeb, and way too shy/introverted to express my interests verbally lol.) These are made up of 100 x 100 LiveJournal icons that I collected starting around 2006.

The artsy aesthetic sides were for the binder front cover, and I did joke pages for the back. I switched these up every semester, so you can really see what I was into at the time. This was before the time of smartphones and easy to access weeb merch, so this was my fun DIY nerdy collection I could take with me!

Cartoon doodle of me with two decorated 3-ring school binders.

exlaimation bubble Note: Icons are not my own. I have more info and a dump of individual icons on my LiveJournal Icon Archive page.


The page that started it all!

Cover '08 Only


Spring '09 A - Cover Only

Spring '09 B - Cover Only

Fall '09 A - Cover & Back

Fall '09 B - Cover & Back


exlaimation bubble Beware spoilers for Umineko no Naku Koro ni!

Spring '10 A - Cover & Back

Spring '10 B - Cover & Back

Fall '10 A - Cover & Back

Fall '10 B - Cover & Back