A full illustration of Spin, who has an ominous expression.
17 | she/they

TLDR: spooky fortunetelling ghost kid


A ghost. An omen? Spin is a mysterious figure often encountered in liminal spaces: apartment hallways at dusk, parking garages, desolate building lobbies. She comes and goes without a trace, always on the search for an item or destination she can’t quite remember.

After crossing paths a few times, it becomes very clear she isn’t tethered to our sense of time and space. She often references conversations that haven’t occurred yet, or gets comically confused with words like “yesterday” and “next week”.

She has a friendly and easygoing demeanor, but skirts around any questions about herself. But with enough prodding, she will divulge that her current goal is getting back her missing eye. It seems like a very complex ordeal from the hints she may drop.

If you’re willing to pay a fee, she would be happy to tell your fortune. She carries an eclectic assortment of divination items (mostly oracle cards or dice, but sometimes just... random.... candy wrappers or trinkets she has in her pockets.)


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A illustration of Spin in a darkened classroom. She smirks and leans on the desk in front of her, where a set of tarot cards are laid out. Light spills through cracks in the blinds behind her.

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A portrait of Spin looking offscreen with a curious look.

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A portrait of Spin at a table with a crystal ball, ouija board, and cards floating above her.

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