Rafflesia sitting with a blank expression.
Lesia (aka Rafflesia or “Hearts”)
26 | she / it / they

TLDR: aloof parasite magical girl


A taciturn lady who has become the host for a parasitic flowering plant. The exposed buds that grow from her body and bloom from her wounds can morph into armor or a sharp blade. Lesia can suppress the parasite’s shape into heart-shaped petals, but it’s a semi-conscious effort. If she loses consciousness in a fight or flight situation, the parasite will explode back into an irregular coral-like structure as it resumes control.

Lesia has long abandoned her old name and identity as a regular human. She claims her eclectic outfit just comes with the territory. (She definitely still has a soft spot in her heart for 90s shoujo anime.)


Art Fight page


Ref sheet (cw: mild/stylized gore, body horror)

A reference sheet of Raffelesia's main design.


A portrait doodle.
A limited color palette sketch in orange, yellow, and pink.

Gifted Art

Art from others!! heart icon

A portrait of Rafflesia smiling, with heart shaped petals fluttering from a wound near her collarbone.

Art fight 2022 attack from mourningfawn!

A half-body illustration of Rafflesia with heart shaped petals blooming from her fingertips while blood drips from her palms.

Art fight 2022 attack from sp1nningn4ils!

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