A bust illustration of Queue with an esctatic expression.
27 | he/him

TLDR: Lovestruck himbo cupid


A lovestruck cupid. Super accident-prone. When he isn’t battling the butterflies in his stomach, he radiates himbo vibes. Panromantic.

Design Notes

Original designer is Caffstrink.


Art Fight page



A full reference of Queue’s design by the original artist Caffstrink.
A half body sketch of Queue, clutching his stomach with one hand with a nervous expression on his face.
A sketch of Queue with an excited expression. The top of the image has the words in meme format ‘I may be stupid’. There is no bottom text.

Gifted Art

Art from others!! heart icon

An animated gif of a nervous Queue holding his hands in his face with a cupid arrow also piercing his chest.

Art fight 2021 attack from Xsaucev!

A half body illustration of Queue with a lovestruck expression and making a heart symbol with his hands.

Art fight 2021 attack from SHIROASA!

A full illustration of Queue flying backwards with a giddy pose/expression.

Art fight 2021 attack from mince!

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