A half illustration of Odell laughing behind one hand.
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TLDR: I want a Genshin OC blorbo. That is all.


From the outside, Odell is charming with an easygoing attitude and charismatic smile. They have a tendency to come and go as they please, keeping others at a distance and shrouding themselves in an air of mystery. Without a doubt, Odell is always scheming or in the middle of some plan. By the time you realize how sus their actions are, Odell has likely already talked their way out of the situation and is looooooong gone.

It takes a lot to get under Odell’s skin (or see their true colors in a way that won’t get you murdered), but it’s not impossible to befriend them (in theory). They are far more true neutrally aligned than they want you to believe.

..I don’t have any of their backstory figured out yet LMAO.


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Key Art

A painted illustration of Odell with an autumnal landscape behind them.


Ref Sheet

A full reference sheet of Odell's typical outfit.
A reference sheet of Odell's typical outfit, sans the oversized teal jacket.

Additional Artwork

A doodle of Odell with an extremely menacing smub grin.

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