An illustration of Eklesia seated and waving casually. Her crystal-like demon wings and a halo with horns are visible.
aka Klesia or “Sleeves”
22 | she / they / he / any pronouns

TLDR: My whiny and extravagant demon daughter who lies about being a vampire


A capricious demon who’s taken a liking to the human world. Her hobbies are napping, having afternoon tea, reclining on fancy sofas, and fooling humans into thinking she’s a vampire. Despite her appearances, she is surprisingly bubbly and generally well meaning in her actions (maybe not her words). However, there’s a rumor that she’s been on the run after committing one to many petty crimes in the demon world.

She loves ridiculously ornate clothing and is never without a signature (overly) long sleeved blouse. She will go to great lengths to cover her hands and arms, outwardly joking about a really bad skin condition. In truth, both her arms have been afflicted by a curse — a price to pay for a heist gone wrong.


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A full portrait of Eklesia sitting with a cheery and mischievous expression.

Art fight 2022 attack from amettrine!

A full portrait of Eklesia reclining in an elegant room.

Art fight 2022 attack from EdenVix!

A bust portrait of Eklesia with lots of elegant clothing details.

Art fight 2022 attack from zero0810!

A half body illustration of Eklesia with floral designs behind her.

Art fight 2021 attack from sweetbready!

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