An illustration of Eclair with a nonchalant expression, wielding several floating knives.
22 | she/her | Arknights
Ursus / bear kemonomimi

TLDR: sleepy bear daughter with KNIVES


Eclair is a caster operator affiliated with Rhodes Island. She can channel her lighting-like Originium Arts into knife and dagger shaped projectiles.

She was training to become a pastry chef when she became infected with Originium. Her hobby is daydreaming about food and the cafe she wants to open up someday. Typically sleepy and gets tired easily. Though she has an easy-going personality, you really don’t want to test her patience or wake her up from a nap.


Art Fight page


Ref sheet

A reference sheet of Eclair's design with expression doodles and her basic operator info.

Gifted Art

Art from others!! heart icon

A half body portrait of Eclair, with one hand resting on her hips.

Art fight 2021 attack from Ilikepony!

A full body illustration of Eclair with one knife raised. In a speech bubble she says: I won't hesitate.

Art fight 2021 attack from Susheii!

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