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Bastia / Sebastian

A half illustration of Bastia in a painterly style.
they/any | "mid 20s" or ~100+ in vampire years | Visual Prison
(Shipped with Beth)

TLDR: Local bored vampire hanging around Harajuku for the fashion, funsies, and EVIL VAMPIRE LOVE LIVE COMPETITION.


Sebastian is a vampire who has taken to the Harajuku fashion scene as a way to kill time and only has a passing interest in competing in the Visual Prison. They work as part-time shop staff/model in mostly gothic/alternative clothing stores, including Rougelian. They mostly go by the nickname Bastia these days.

Affectionally nicknamed Connoisseur of Dumb Bitch Juice (gender ambiguous).


Art Fight page

Character relationships (WIP):

fake anime art

An illustration of Bastia and Beth in their casual ouutfits sitting together. Bastia has their arms around Beth's shoulders while whispering something not very subtly.
An illustration of Bastia and Beth in their visual prison outfits. They are posing together in a backstage makeup room.


Outfits & Reference

A compilation of ten different outfit designs with various trends and fashion substyles found in Japanese street fashion.
An illustration showing Bastia's usual hairstyle and their visual prison hairstyle.

Additional Artwork

A painterly portrait of Bastia in a black and purple outfit against a dark background.
The full fake screencap style illustration of Bastia that is used as the header image of this page.
A fake screencap style illustration of vampire Bastia with one hand extended and a mic/sword in the other hand.
A painted portrait of Bastia, smiling with vampire fangs visible.
A doodle of Bastia, who looks exicted to spill some tea.

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