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A black, hot pink, and colorful pastel outfit inspired by Lynette from Cupid Parasite

Los York OL (Lynette from Cupid Parasite)

April 2023
Compact Cassette skirt - Emily Temple Cute
top - Big Bud Press
Amaryllis cropped cardigan - For Love and Lemons
tights - We Love Colors
boots - Demonia
Sensitive Bitch earrings - Kikay
Anxiety Angel necklace - Puvithel
Troubled Star ring - Dandy Puppeteer

A casual closet cosplay of Beth from Visual Prison.

Vampires wear Burando (Beth from Visual Prison)

June 2023
Gaard dress - Unif
Nebula top & Damiana stockings - Killstar
Bunny Hooded Fur Blouson - Liz Lisa
boots - Demonia
eyelet ring beret (not pictured) - Listen Flavor
choker - Creepyyeha

A pastel blue and off-white casual girly kei outfit featuring a Lumine inspired cardigan.

Traveler (light)

May 2023
Traveler cardigan - Steady Hands
The Forest Friends Floral Collar Blouse - Long Ears and Sharp Ears Studio
LOVESTRUCK heart buckle dress (starlight plaid) - Dreamily Apparel
tights - Snag Tights
Quince 02 sneakers - Anthony Wang
choker - Creepyyeha
rings - Holley Tea Time, Dandy Puppeteer

A casual dark fashion outfit paired with a Lumine inspired cardigan.

Traveler (dark)

May 2023
Traveler cardigan - Steady Hands
Bishop sleeve top - NUIT Clothing Atelier
shorts - Big Bud Press
tights - Snag Tights
Damiana stockings - Killstar
choker - Creepyyeha
bird cage necklace - Black Peace Now
boots - Unif

A casual black and pink alt fashion outfit inspired by Beth from Visual Prison.

Beth & OZ-inspired (Visual Prison)

February 2023
cold shoulder top - Superdry
shorts - Big Bud Press
Damiana stockings - Killstar
boots - Demonia
choker - Creepyyeha
birdcage necklace - Black Peace Now
rings - Dandy Puppeteer, Voodoodolly
Stabby Stab earring - Kikay

A casual alt fashion outfit featuring a long sleeved shirt with a spooky illustration of the vtuber Ironmouse.


January 2023
long sleeve shirt - Ironmouse
skirt - L’école des Femmes
boots - Unif
Looking Sharp earrings - Kikay
Anise choker - Creepyyeha
Poison Cupcake & Haunted Heart rings - Dandy Puppeteer
necklace - Black Peace Now
Oni horn hairclips - Mochioni (etsy)


A casual alt fashion outfit featuring a black and magenta palette Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Shadow Realm Dark Magician Girl

June 2022
Shadow Realm Dark Magician Girl shirt - iiii clothing x ReskDstroy
Flame cardigan - Iron Yokai
Anise choker & Jen cuff - Creepyyeha
Eye See You rings - Puvithel
Fatal Cupcake ring - Dandy Puppeteer x Sweet Poison Cupcake Boutique
Stabby Stab earrings - Kikay
holographic creeper shoes - TUK

Casual monochrome outfit with Demon Slayer inspired cropped jersey with butterfly hem print.

Slayer // Poison

April 2022
Crop Jersey - Creator’s Guild
shorts - Big Bud Press
Flame Cardigan - Iron Yokai
shoes - converse
Iridescent star ring - Holley Tea Time
choker - Creepyyeha
Lacewing earrings - Kikay

Pink and black casual outfit with Hunter x Hunter inspired character hoodie with card suit motifs.

Bungee Gum

April 2022
HxH Hisoka-inspired hoodie - The Kigu Stop
shorts - Big Bud Press
Whip Cream OTKs - Metamorphose temps de fille
Hook, Line, Sinker earrings - Kikay
Troubled Star & Haunted Heart rings - Dandy Puppeteer
shoes - converse


Lolita fashion coordinate with donut print dress and Collar x Malice inspired cat necklace.

Donut Date (Sasazuka simp coord I)

September 2021
Many Donuts camisole dress - Emily Temple Cute
chiffon top - Lady Sloth
Collar x Malice Unlimited inspired necklace - HoneydewPumpkin on Etsy
Lacewing earrings - Kikay
Ditto Mary Janes - unif

Casual black, green, and pink lolita fashion coordinate inspired by Alluka from Hunter x Hunter.
Detail photo of Alluka/Nanika and Killua character enamel pins.

Alluka / Nanika

August 2021
A la Carte Tea Time Salopette - Angelic Pretty
sage stripe shirt - Big Bud Press
good x 2 OTK socks, heart eyes shades - iiii clothing
shoes - TUK shoes
monster face button - Listen Flavor
Alluka/Nanika and Killua enamel pins - Toshikigirl

Casual outfit with a black cat theme, mint green accents, and fish bone earrings.
Detail photo of cat acrylic necklace, earring, and matching black and mint nail polish.

Baka Neko (Sasazuka simp coord II)

July 2021
Frida layered dress - Loud Bodies
Collar x Malice Unlimited inspired necklace - HoneydewPumpkin on Etsy
Hook, Line, Sinker earrings - Kikay
choker - creepyyeha
Reverb boots - unif

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