Dinocat Doodles


Dinocat Doodles was a series of journal comics published on tumblr from June 2012 to January 2016. What started as a crude way of documenting anime cons/adventures with my cosplay friends (Served With Rice) evolved to include college slice of life, peak 2012/2013 internet rambling, my brief foray into League of Legends, and post-graduate job hunting depression.

As it reaches its 10(?!!) year anniversary, I can’t help but feel super nostalgic despite the bit of embarrassment they evoke. I don’t think I meant these to circulate outside my immediate friend group, though I posted them online for the sheer novelty of collecting them together. Looking back at these haphazard scribbles now, I’m delighted to find a surprising amount of recurring threads/inside jokes and some punchlines that still hit me hard in the gut.


exlaimation bubble This comic is rated web 14 / teen, for occasional language and themes of depression later on. Sorry in advance for the painful handwriting. Comments and tags from original posting are preserved but non-functional. Slight edits have been made for better readability.

Viewing on desktop is highly recommended.

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Regarding the format/style: I was largely inspired by Jane Mai and the comics she posted in 2012-era tumblr. Mai’s work really tore my eyes open to how hilarious, heart-wrenching, wild, and cathartic comics could be without the pressure to make every panel Neat and Polished. (See the collected journal comics in See You Next Tuesday.) There is a small handful of panels/phrases more or less borrowed from her, because I was just not very creative or original then... /sweat

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